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  1. flyfreak, what DND demos do you have? I've found: Anywhere Fiend Fist from the sky Goodbye Hail Mary I don't need you Saddest song Simple Vicious thinking You have any different?
  2. the bands Silvertide, Wolfmother, Thornley and High Holy Days? Any news on these bands? Are they still together?
  3. Hey all, Not sure if you will be able to help, but couldn't think of anywhere better to give this a shot. I have memory (though faint) of a band a couple years ago that had a few kick ass tunes. I believe the name started with an 'S'. Maybe's driving me crazy. I remember they were heavier rock but not quite metal. I seem to remember hearing the lead singer used to be in another well known band a few years before this band. I think they have 2 cd's out now, I recall the cover on the first cd had the band name with a background of a mixture of greans and yellows. Man not much info to go on....any help would be great.
  4. That is why this is the only music site for me. Thanks everyone.
  5. Hoy F*@k that is the band. How did you get that? Thank you, thank you, thank you......
  6. I wish I could remember. I sleep on it, maybe I will remember.
  7. Check out 'Stone the Crow' from NOLA. Kick ass tune!!
  8. My itunes has over 300 albums on it but my ipod is now only syncing 80 songs (7 or so albums). Whta has gone wrong, am I screwed? I really hope I don't have to start from please!!!!!!!
  9. <cite>salastna - 30 minutes ago ยป </cite> Restore it!!!!!!!!!!! I did restore it with no results. I will just redownload all my albums, should take awhile. Where does everyone that uses itunes store there downloaded albums? I don't want to take up much room on my computer...maybe a external storage drive is best for me?
  10. The albums/songs stayed on my ipod when I deleted the albums in the past, but since I had to reinstall itunes they deleted from my ipod. Frustrating because the albums still show in my itunes library but won't sync to my ipod. Strangely the 7 albums that are currently on my ipod are not on my computer and were not synced after the reinstall so I don't understand why they are still working and not the other 300 plus cds. Confused.......
  11. I have an 80GB ipod, all these songs were on at one poit. Open Itnes earlier and AVG said some type of virus was on itunes. I uninstalled itunes, then reinstalled it. All the albums are still there but won't sync. Is it because the albums are not on my computer anymore? I delete the albums once I upload them to my ipod. Do I really have to save tunes on my computer and on my ipod, seems like a waste having the tunes on computer and ipod. God I'm frustrated and worried....
  12. I sent it to the email you provided, not a PM.
  13. Sent a message to you adamfsu32 and Eitan.
  14. I have a mediafire link for Bitter Black Water if you are interested....
  15. Sorry dude I don't have itunes. I hope relic is helping you out.
  16. I am Canadian!! Why don't you just download it from Fred's website?
  17. I'd like the link. I can't wait for this album.
  18. Some of my personal favs: Greenwheel - disappear Default - blind Deftones - passenger Revelation Theory - selfish and cold Element eighty - slackjaw Nickelback - one last run
  19. Just want your opinion on a couple of Canadian bands and wondering if anyone had heard of them before. Jack Union (as far as I know they have broken up) recommended listen: I am, the stand, fingers greco, whispering Joshua's Habit recommended listen: Dirty, drama queen, pointing fingers The Travezty recommended listen: Coming clean, nothing less, holiday