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  1. Been there, done that 😀
  2. Lots of good reviews on this album. I’ve never listened to her music but will indeed check this out. I’ll add that she is nice to look at 😀
  3. Anyone know what happened to these guys? I know they release another cd as Go Van Gogh...but curious as to why they fizzled out? Did anyone ever get a physical copy of ‘Bridges for Burning’?
  4. That’s a great find! Is that the self-titled ep from 2001?
  5. I had no idea Zeitgeist was released with so many different covers!
  6. Nice! Thanks for sharing. Human Clay is a solid album. Creed gets a bad rap in my area for some reason but I feel it is mostly people j7mping on board as “Creed isn’t cool”. To each their own. Love that album!
  7. For those who still collect physical copies of music (CDs, vinyl, etc.), what is your holy grail item? That one piece that has eluded you for years or that you were finally able to add to your collection. Mine would have to be the CD Defiance Pointe - Until the Dawn. Great Missouri band that released this one fantastic cd. I’m sure it was mostly a local release and I have had no luck tracking a copy down. How about you guys?
  8. Yep, I believe the songs were written like 14 years ago and just now being released
  9. Great album! Anyone else listening?
  10. That would be great! Send me a PM when you've had a chance to look.
  11. I'm looking for harder to find cds (at least in my neck of the woods) from Defiance Pointe, Shaman's Harvest, Kopek, Cinder, Adelita's Way, 32 Leaves, Royal Bliss, Bulletproof Messenger, Hurt, Arco's Angel, Mercy Fall, Depswa, Element Eighty, Dark New Day, Dead Sara, Tremonti, Alter name a few. If anyone is looking to part with cds from these artists or similar artists, let me know.
  12. One mans junk is another mans gold haha. Love throwing a bunch of great cds in my disc changer and playing full-discs all the way through. Little old school for sure. Any discs you're looking to sell? 😀
  13. Y
  14. Anyone know of a good online site to pick up/trade cds? I've used discogs, eBay, amazon, etc., but I'm thinking more along the lines of an online collecting message board or community or Facebook group. Figured I'd see what you all can recommend.
  15. I am searching for a physical copy of Defiance Pointe - Until The Dawn album, if anyone has one they are looking to part with please let me know.