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  1. I don’t get the Glorious Sons comparison but I definitely recommend listening to them. Panic Room, Sawed Off Shotgun, Everything is name a few killer tracks. And they are Canadian eh! 🇨🇦🤣
  2. Thanks DocBrown! I’ll email you.
  3. Great album!! Does anyone know if the first album can still be purchased on CD? Or if anyone has a copy they’d be willing to part with, PM me.
  4. Yep, I’ve held out from preordering the vinyl release thinking that there will be a CD release. Hopefully a few days before the release date, much like the new Tool album.
  5. Still no physical cd release for this new album?
  6. Wow! What a great video for a killer song!
  7. Anyone got a physical copy of 32 Leaves - Fik’shen that they would consider selling?
  8. Really enjoying this album so my physical copy ordered and should be shipped soon! Wish I could find there early albums on CD format.
  9. Anyone know if Matt’s band - boynamedcircus ever released a physical cd? The song Nevermind was epic!
  10. I’m learning so much about this album! Anyone else want some popcorn? Lol
  11. Agreed!
  12. I saw that one. I placed it in my cart to watch it a week and a half ago as it was priced at $12. Needless to say a week later the price jumped up to the current $103. I see that often with Amazon CDs. Strange and frustrating.
  13. Much appreciated! Let me know what you find.
  14. Thanks, those are the two I have so far
  15. That’s right, I still collect physical CDs! I have a few I’d really like to add to my collection. If you have any of the below and don’t mind parting with the physical CDs, let me know and we can work out a price. Atomship - The Crash of ‘47 Papercut Massacre - If These Scars Could Talk Herotide - Herotide (formerly Track of Time) Greenwheel - Electric Blanket Soma Holiday - Soma Holiday Six Side Die - That F’n Album Injected - Hammered and Enamoured Bomb32 - Brain 10 Years - Into the Half Moon Lo-pro - Letting Go Wil Martin Project - The Outlier Left Pencey - Sythetic Parabelle - pretty much any CD