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  1. That would be great! Send me a PM when you've had a chance to look.
  2. I'm looking for harder to find cds (at least in my neck of the woods) from Defiance Pointe, Shaman's Harvest, Kopek, Cinder, Adelita's Way, 32 Leaves, Royal Bliss, Bulletproof Messenger, Hurt, Arco's Angel, Mercy Fall, Depswa, Element Eighty, Dark New Day, Dead Sara, Tremonti, Alter name a few. If anyone is looking to part with cds from these artists or similar artists, let me know.
  3. One mans junk is another mans gold haha. Love throwing a bunch of great cds in my disc changer and playing full-discs all the way through. Little old school for sure. Any discs you're looking to sell? 😀
  4. Y
  5. Anyone know of a good online site to pick up/trade cds? I've used discogs, eBay, amazon, etc., but I'm thinking more along the lines of an online collecting message board or community or Facebook group. Figured I'd see what you all can recommend.
  6. I am searching for a physical copy of Defiance Pointe - Until The Dawn album, if anyone has one they are looking to part with please let me know.
  7. RIP

    Received a reply from Fred... "i saw that the site hosting the forum closed, but this also happened last year, and after some weeks back. i had warned everyone that this would happen again, i proposed creating a new forum in a more reliable site, but few agreed. I hope the forum come back soon, but if this does not happen i will take appropriate action with the other administrators." So no timeline but there is still hope that the site will return someday.
  8. I had to do it for work a couple years back. It doesn't hurt per say, it's just very uncomfortable. As long as you keep yourself calm, don't panic and remember that it will all be over soon, you will be fine. The guy in the first video didn't remain calm and made things a lot worse for himself.
  9. RIP

    It's groundhog day!! Biaaatch!! Unite fellow groundhogs!!
  10. RIP

    Nothing from Fred yet. Fred if you are out there, I miss you!!
  11. RIP

    Mike [^]: I'm not gonna keep jumping through hoops just cause you can't provide a damn link. I'll just wait for bdog to post back. Will let you once I hear back Mike
  12. RIP

    Not finding anything on Google. I've been away from a computer for just over a week and I come back and RIP is gone...thought someone might have a quick and easy explanation. Not looking for any links. Will check with Fred.
  13. RIP

    Kalt [^]: It's still up: Hahaha!! Nice!
  14. RIP

    Anyone in the know about what is going on with the RIP board? Is it permanently down?
  15. Some solid tunes and some that I really don't like at this time. A few more listens and I'm sure all songs will grow on me, it is Chevelle after all!!