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  1. BECAUSE I HAVE RETURNED!!! That's what makes everything so awesome.
  2. I love them. So am I cool too?
  3. Why am I so sexy?
  4. Those were the good old days. The days of Motley Crue!!
  5. ChosenOne [^]: Just waiting for Dec 7th and the All American Nightmare release. I know, I'm still waiting. I hate waiting!!!
  6. Have you guys noticed how great Hinder's music is? Or is it just me? You guys are all stuck in the past and need to step into where I'm at.
  7. How did I make it to the finals? I believe Salas TNA TNA TNA should have made it here.
  8. Because I'm awesome, right?
  9. I wasn't kicked out of TL, I'm still here
  10. The next two years
  12. F*ck is a pretty good song.
  13. Listen if you haven't heard it
  14. "Visions," "FUCK," "Don't Go," and "Crucify Me" are all really good songs