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  1. Yeah, those 4k movies I stream are real crappy quality. Educate yourself.
  2. Why don't you stream the content instead of downloading it?
  3. I know Dave Moreno from his time with Earshot.
  4. I posted that more as a jab at DD's comment.
  5. The under 40 crowd will never know about this.
  6. That is quite an attention grabbing statement. If you read the AP news story it links to there is no mention of how much anyone was paid.
  7. I don't think for one second you were joking when bagging on her looks. Rude is rude regardless what year it is. You have a long history of ignorant thoughts and beliefs.
  8. I'm curious as to whether you've ever shared a picture of yourself?
  9. There were several streams to choose from. I had 1080i in my room, but for some reason I could only get 720p for my dad. There were close to 20 different servers, along with the same amount of time zones to choose from.
  10. You paid the $100? Sportsaccess servers were overloaded and not working for most of the undercard fights. Finally it was fixed for the last undercard and worked seamlessly the rest of the night.
  11. Did you download or stream it?
  12. There are these newfangled things called wills. I'm sure he had one in place with his wife and kids as beneficiaries.
  13. What about Viagra?
  14. I'm not sure. Possibly it was inadmissible. I was a victim of rape when I was 15 and I was afraid to report it. I cannot fathom what these women are going through in today's day and age. They are being violated again by internet and the press, not even having stepped in a courtroom yet where it will happen all over again.
  15. He admitted during a deposition he drugged women to have sex with them. Page 9