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  1. Time, The Valuator
  2. New Haken album called Vector is out October 26th:
  3. Featuring Bobby Amaru? How can he be a feature on a band he's already the lead singer of? Unless he's not the main singer?
  4. These guys just put out an EP recently. Love their sound:
  5. Had no idea these guys put out new music, this album was released two weeks ago.
  6. Did that album ever officially come out? 'cause i don't see it on any digital services.
  7. New single called "Luminary" drops tomorrow. My body is ready.
  8. It's a different show, but having gotten the chance to see Nothing More headline (with the Contortionist) last night was awesome. If you get a chance to go to this tour, please go.
  9. Anyone watch Wrestle Kingdom 12? Omega/Jericho was pretty fantastic, I thought.
  10. Temple is probably the catchiest song I've heard all year.