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  1. EP called The Thing WIth Feathers is due out November 29th. This song is like a mix of The Contortionist and Tori Amos.
  2. New Sleep Token. Next song out 10/10.
  3. The same guy behind the viral Taylor Swift/Tool mashup is just having way too much fun making these mashups
  4. New Sleep Token Next song September 26th.
  5. Title track of an album out on August 9th.
  6. Next song from their album comes out August 15th.
  7. Render came out this past Friday.
  8. Epic Tool cover.
  9. Next song release is August 1st.
  10. I'm generally not into poppier stuff, but this suits them...and it doesn't sound so out of place with the stuff from their last album. In fact, I think in this song alone, it references some of the heaven and hell references of the last one.
  11. New Sleep Token. Next song release is 7/18.
  12. I've been following the band now for three years. They have never put out a single I don't like. This is the 10th song I've ever heard from them. They just keep pouring them out. BTW, the name of the album is now called Sundowning. This band has a new album coming out July 19th. I really like them. They have an awesome cover of Rag n'Bone Man's Human.
  13. This band Sleep Token is putting out an album called The Night Comes Down Like Heaven, the first song of which came out today. Going on their website, there are 12 symbols indicating songs that have been and will be released in two week intervals all the way down to November. The next song will be out on July 4th.
  14. This has got a little Tesseract vibe to it.