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  1. Burning Alive is out on December 14th.
  2. Great to see Silent Season still doing their thing and still killing it on stage.

    1. Vigo


      tell Dave we said hi!

  3. Album Odyssey: The Founder of Dreams is out on Friday.
  4. Really digging this band. I posted a relatively recent song, but they just posted a video for a new song that just came out today. It's got a Periphery vibe to it, but it's female-fronted.
  5. Time, The Valuator
  6. New Haken album called Vector is out October 26th:
  7. Featuring Bobby Amaru? How can he be a feature on a band he's already the lead singer of? Unless he's not the main singer?
  8. These guys just put out an EP recently. Love their sound:
  9. Had no idea these guys put out new music, this album was released two weeks ago.