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  1. Temple is probably the catchiest song I've heard all year.
  2. New song from Crossfade lead singer Ed Sloan:
  3. Thrice is always good for B-sides. I'll take their B-sides over other bands' A-sides.
  4. The Synthesis version of Bring Me to Life leaked. It officially will be released tomorrow at most digital outlets. This album is a greatest hits album of sorts with two original songs. Album is currently rumored to be out sometime in November.
  5. This happened on what would have been Chris Cornell's 53rd birthday. There's really no other way to cut this. This is horrible. This is a nightmare.
  6. New White Moth Black Butterfly. Album out in September.
  7. LMAO!!!!
  8. Sleep Token released a new song called "Nazareth", the second song off of their new EP called Two. Two is out on July 21st and will have three tracks, all with different locations as titles "Calcutta", the first single, "Nazareth", and the yet to be released "Jericho".
  9. Downstait is releasing "Redesign, Rebuild, Reclaim", a lyrical interpretation of WWE wrestler Seth Rollins' theme. The song itself is apparently unofficial and will probably not be used as his own theme. The song releases tomorrow officially, but you can listen to it right now. This is the first song they've released since Cody Rhodes' new theme called "Kingdom".