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  1. 1. (Ambition; Destruction) 2. Do You Really Want It 3. (Convict; Divide) 4. Let ’em Burn 5. Ripping Me Apart 6. Don’t Stop 7. Funny Little Creatures 8. (React; Respond) 9. The Great Divorce 10. Still In Love 11. (Alone; Together) 12. Go to War 13. Just Say When 14. (Accept; Disconnect) 15. Who We Are 16. Tunnels 17. (End; Begin) 18. FadeIn; FadeOut
  2. For the second time: It isn't a graphics engine. It's a GAME engine. That can be used over the course of the next several games. The Halo games have been using the same ENGINE since Halo 1, just with upgrades made here and there.
  3. The bolded part.... How is that a waste of time? That's EXACTLY what they needed to be doing. Now, we have an actual up to date engine for them to use for future Halo games. Also, not the entire studio is involved in creating the engine (which isn't just a "graphics" engine. It's the entire foundation that the game is built on.) so it's entirely plausible that they've been working on the game this entire time with the engine.
  4. Joel is in the announce trailer, and the infected are in the trailer from last year.
  5. I don't think Naughty Dog is low-key anything. They're WIDELY regarded as master of their craft. They are hands down the best dev in the business right now. Also... Resident Evil 2 is my favorite Resident Evil game, so when they said they were remaking it a few years ago I got really excited... This trailer ratcheted that excitement up to 11.
  6. Holy shit. I played Halo 3 with him way back in the day and he was such an asshole that I never played with him again.
  7. Release Date: June 8th, 2018 01. Bringer Of War 02. From The Sky 03. A Dying Machine 04. Trust 05. Throw Them To The Lions 06. Make It Hurt 07. Traipse 08. The First The Last 09. A Lot Like Sin 10. The Day When Legions Burned 11. As The Silence Becomes Me 12. Take You With Me 13. Desolation 14. Found
  8. 1) I don't believe it 2) The Halo Infinite title revealed at the beginning of the Xbox conference is made by 343.
  9. It is insane how many stories Jason Schreier breaks.
  10. This is out there now for you all to dig into.
  11. I haven't seen this leaked yet. However, my vinyl came in the mail today and I gave it a very detailed first listen. What a fucking record this thing is. My standouts are Trust, Traipse, The First The Last, and Desolation. There wasn't a single song I disliked.
  12. if they'd at least offered a base game Nightfall, and an expansion nightfall I'd have been fine. They also locked me out of regular Crucible just because the new maps were in the rotation. The same company that made Halo 2 with matchmaking that only put you in matches on maps you had. Instead of taking that same approach, I was locked out of all crucible except some garbage list. So they can kiss my ass.
  13. I stopped playing when after the first DLC came out they locked me out of content I'd paid for in the original game. The weekly nightfall one week was a strike from the base game, but I couldn't do it because the playlist was locked to people who had the expansion only. Haven't touched the game since.
  14. They tell you to keep it away from metal objects, close to the router, etc. because wifi signals don't travel through objects (like walls, etc.) very well and weakens the signal when they have to. Obviously the further away you are, the weaker the signal will get.
  15. I can't say I've ever experienced that issue. Mine never drops from my wifi.
  16. Yeah, I didn't understand that comparison, either.
  17. Heard this yesterday and it is fantastic.
  18. It really is SUPER satisfying to win in those kinds of games, PUBG in particular.
  19. If you take the time to get good at it, you'll consistently place higher. I was in the top 5% of all players in the First Person Squad in Season 4 of PUBG. I love the genre.
  20. I build like crap in Fortnite, but I still win games, BECAUSE I can shoot better than my opponents. I prefer PUBG, because that's more my style, but I enjoy Fortnite as well. Fortnite is what I go to if I want a more laid back Battle Royale game, and the games are much faster. PUBG is what I play if I want to be intense about it. I have a feeling you haven't played much Fortnite if you think they don't constantly add weapons into the game. They add weapons more often than PUBG does.
  21. Fortnite has a TON of updates and Epic is constantly adding items and weapons into the game. They haven't made a second map, but they have made changes to the map for Season 4 when the meteor hit it. Fortnite is a better supported game than PUBG. PUBG is not constantly tweaked, it takes Bluehole forever to fix anything (This coming from someone who has played over 240 hours of PUBG.) Not to mention, Fortnite runs like a dream and PUBG runs pretty inconsistently still.
  22. I think the album as is should have been marketed as an EP, since those little departures really only serve as an interlude and such. I don't want them removed by any means.
  23. Harty's quote is what I was going to say. IF anyone wanted to complain, it would be Nintendo due to the button placement on the SNES controller before the PS controller.
  24. In what way are they the same?
  25. This isn't the same. Scuf has been making those kinds of controllers LONGER than the Elite Controller has existed. Also, drawing inspiration from something is not the same as copying. As Ruiner said, there are things in Fortnite Battle Royale that they blatantly just took.