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  1. That is a killer song. I'll be seeing these guys in Atlanta in April.
  2. I'm actually going to check them out, because of this thread. Hoping for something good.
  3. Agreed. Plus, 'The Pact' is an EXCELLENT album closer.
  4. It's VERY good. Coming from someone who wasn't really a Slaves fan before.
  5. I also have had family members say something similar to me. I turn 30 this year and still hate country with a fiery passion.
  6. Saw Nothing More in Atlanta back in September; Great show. Seeing them Friday in Philadelphia for this tour. Then seeing them again in April in Savannah, GA and then the next night seeing them in Myrtle Beach with Papa Roach. Nothing More is the best live band in the business right now.
  7. I think Cousins is going to get significantly higher than that Smith deal. The only thing that can make this okay for Washington is that they take the money they saved by getting Smith, and using it to improve the teams other areas... Something Washington hasn't been good at recently. Cousins being younger is definitely an upside for him, but this really came down to them bungling the extension talks the last 2 years. They should've locked him up 2 years ago, but since it got to this point they had to move on. That front office is a disaster. I just hope Cousins doesn't go to the Broncos. I hope the Jets make a serious run at him.
  8. I do think it was more of a lateral move for Washington. That being said, since it's such a lateral move, it works out a little for them since they save a ton of money. I do think they got taken for a ride a little with the inclusion of Fuller.
  9. Another great song.
  10. Well, this is where I completely and officially bow out of 30STM fandom. They've been going downhill with me since 'This is War.' I was giving them this album to see what they had left for me personally, and the answer is definitely a resounding "nothing." At least I still have those first two albums.
  11. I think this is more evidence that Lyra is an intro.
  12. Keith Wallen is insanely talented, so definitely disagree with this.
  13. I kinda mentioned it.
  14. Also, 'Torn in Two' was apparently a 'Dark Before Dawn' song that was on the advance copy of the album that got cut before release.
  15. Panthers promoted Defensive Line coach Eric Washington to Defensive Coordinator to replace Wilks.
  16. You can't say that, since there is no evidence either way since its has never happened.
  17. Minnesota making it would be a GREAT story for the league, as they'd be the first team ever to play in a Super Bowl in their home stadium.
  18. Mike is right. These younger GM's realize that signing big free agents to these super long deals rarely works out, so they're waiting until the demands come down.
  19. Yeah, it just didn't make the album for whatever reason.
  20. I wish "Never Gonna Let Go" would've been on Amaryllis like it was supposed to be. I'd have gladly replaced "I'm Not Alright" with it.
  21. This is why he was traded. He was causing the offense to slow down. Benjamin being out forced Cam to adapt to the other WRs, rather than the passing game relying on Benjamin to make plays. It's not a coincidence. Take it from someone who watches every Panthers game; the offense is indeed better without him. Benjamin couldn't separate from DBs, he just simply isn't fast enough. He's a great redzone threat, though. And in other news today, the Panthers fired OC Mike Shula and QB coach Ken Dorsey. I'm pretty glad they're both gone, as I have had issues with Shula even during the 2015 season. That year Cam bailed him out almost every game. Dorsey being the QB coach hasn't exactly worked any wonders with Cam's mechanics. Edit: Read this for more background on the Benjamin trade.
  22. Lol. This is wrong. He didn't have a concussion, but when you have to leave the game for injury per rules, players are instructed by their coaching staff to go down in the field of play to give the backup QB time to warm up on the sideline before coming into the game. I wanted to touch on these: The first one, if Clay catches that TD, we undeniably get the lead. The Saints very next drive they scored a TD, so that was worst case scenario points wise. if Clay catches that TD pass and we make the XP, and the Saints STILL score on their next drive the only change in the game would be we had 33 points instead of 26. And if Gano had made the FG and the Saints still score the TD on their next drive and they do end up punting on that 4th down, we would have only needed a FG. Granted there's no way of 100% knowing what would've happened if we do score the TD, but essentially a point swing there. Also, I don't fault you guys for saying maybe don't trade away Kelvin. I don't expect non-Panthers fans to watch many Panthers games, but it isn't a secret the offense actually GOT BETTER once he was traded. It's not a coincidence that in 2015, the year he missed with the torn ACL, we were the best offense in football, but adding him back in 2016 threw the offense out of sync. The signs were there again this year that he was causing the passing game to suffer. Once we traded him, the offense started playing better. As far as the ref thing, when you have someone saying they actually heard the officials trying to tell the head official it wasn't a penalty yet they don't listen, how is that not harming the other team? You can say "well maybe they helped the other team on some of them" but you don't KNOW they did. We know on this one. Even if you don't believe Olsen, Rivera said he asked multiple times for an explanation and they couldn't provide one. It sounds like the ref threw the flag and didn't want to pick it up and admit he was wrong on that one.
  23. It did indeed end up being the best game of the weekend. If Kaelin Clay catches that perfectly thrown pass in the endzone early in the game, or even if Gano makes the 25 yarder on the same drive, we likely win the game. But, essentially having one egomaniac official take the game away from you is incredibly disheartening.
  24. Man, Cam needs some help. He tried his absolute best to win us that game, but no one else, except Christian McCaffrey, could be bothered to make a play. Plus, the absolute bullshit grounding call on that 2nd down on the Panthers last drive. He was out of the tackle box, ball got passed the line of scrimmage, and Devin Funchess was actually near it. Greg Olsen said he was listening to the refs huddle about it and all the refs were trying to convince the head official that it wasn't grounding, but he wouldn't listen. Need WR help badly.
  25. This pretty much sums up my thoughts. It's a fine song, but far from their best.