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  1. I'm curious if you agree with my issues, as I haven't really been able to talk to many people about this movie just yet. 1) Leia getting blown out into space and then using The Force to survive and basically fly back to the ship really irked me. I get that she's Force Sensitive, but something about that scene bothered me. 2) I didn't like how easily Snoke was defeated. They built him up in Force Awakens like he was this super badass, he's super powerful with the Force, but he couldn't see that Kylo was going to kill him? For someone as strong in the Force as he appeared to be and not be able to sense the lightsaber beside him moving was pretty lame. I have no problem with him dying, just wish it had been something cooler. However, the ensuing fight scene where Rey and Kylo take out the guards was amazing and kind of made up for it. 3) I felt Fin was severely underused. His entire mission seemed pointless in the grand scheme since nothing he set out to do got accomplished. Not to mention Rose was extremely annoying. Maz felt shoehorned in to say HEY THERE IS ONLY ONE PERSON THAT CAN DO THIS, and then you find out later that wasn't the case. 4) Laura Dern's character (cant remember her name) could have just told Poe what her plan was all along and he never would have sent Fin and Rose on their mission. He was a pretty high ranking guy in the resistance and she withheld information from him for what? Then we're supposed to feel for her when she sacrificed herself to let them get away, when if she had just been honest with him in the first place they'd all be alive. 5) Phasma was underused AGAIN and then seemingly killed off easily. It felt like the only reason they had Fin go on this mission was so they had an excuse for him and Phasma to meet up and fight. And the fight wasn't even great.
  2. Saw this last night. I like it a lot, but man it does some stuff that I really hated.
  3. I'm pretty excited for this. I hope it's great.
  4. I see Ruiner on his PS4 every now and then. Not sure why he hasn't come by here in a while.
  5. They definitely deserve Best Rock Album.
  6. Eli Manning has been benched. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/giants-bench-eli-manning-for-geno-smith-will-eventually-play-rookie-davis-webb/
  7. Damn, man. That's a hell of a run.
  8. Shit.
  9. Damn. I hope Omar didn't go with the Bills.
  10. Finished the first season in one day. Hilarious.
  11. This comment made me go on a HIM binge. Forgot how great that band was.
  12. Norman got shipped out because his agent wasn't telling him the full story from our front office. He fired his agent after we let him go. We tried to resign him multiple times. The excuse for trading KB is to get more speed on the field, and Funchess and KB were too similar. Both big, physical WRs. I don't see Cam going anywhere, as he's by far the best QB we've had in the teams history.
  13. This reads like you don't know it's a cover?
  14. Yep... Kinda mad? We already didn't have a good offense and we trade one of our playmakers? Not good.