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  1. Panthers grabbing Christian McCaffrey is pretty sweet. Maybe his skillset will force our OC to implement some quick hitting pass routes, rather than these long developing routes that get Cam killed waiting for them to come open.
  2. While I agree, overall ESPN's baseball coverage isn't what it used to be, Jessica Mendoza does a damn fine job in that booth. She knows her stuff. Plus, you know, Curt Schilling being a racist piece of shit.
  3. Yes, it gets much better. Season 2 especially.
  4. I will be checking this out, but dude... Watch Hannibal.
  5. It's not just running the game. It has to emulate the PS2 hardware, and then run the game as well. It's pretty taxing on hardware.
  6. This just means your computer can't handle it. Is it a laptop?
  7. That song is awesome.
  8. He is.
  9. Simms is far, far worse than Nantz.
  10. You're underestimating how bad the facial animations are in Andromeda. That, and it's some movement ones, too.
  11. I agree, the movie was actually really awesome. Loved the nods to the show from when I was a kid.
  12. After almost 2 weeks of hunting, I finally got a Switch this afternoon. So far, I love this thing.
  13. Good god trying to track down a Switch is difficult. Haven't had this much trouble tracking down a console in my life. I knew not pre-ordering would come back to bite me.
  14. The song is 'Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea.'