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  1. Listened through twice now. I, personally, think this album is excellent. There are a ton of people who won't like this, because it isn't as "heavy" as their previous stuff, and their subreddit is a mess right now with people pissed that it isn't "Architects." A TON of clean vocals on this, but it still goes hard. My favorite song at the moment is 'An Ordinary Extinction'
  2. Well, my morning listening routine is set for today. Will report back after I finish this.
  3. This was the song that blew me away during their Live at Royal Albert Hall livestream. The video used is the footage from that show.
  4. What a banger.
  5. I didn't really enjoy this, but Justice League is way worse.
  6. Both Ends of the Rope is a fucking KILLER song.
  7. It isn't about a position group being affected. It's the fact that the Ravens had an outbreak, where the Broncos didn't.
  8. Yeah, the song wasn't supposed to go up yet and was quickly taken down. They played 2 other new songs during their livestream over the weekend: Discourse is Dead, and Dead Butterflies. Both were excellent, but Dead Butterflies is on another level.
  9. You never hide your bias. Developers didn't hate working on the PS4... It was the same goddamn architecture as the Xbox One.
  10. Beat Spider-Man: Miles Morales. What a phenomenal game that was. Fighting with Miles' powerset is a ton more fun than fighting as Peter.
  11. Yeah, I'm all about this. Loved that first record, Lo Lamento, and now this song too.
  12. I have been playing my PS5 for about 3 hours now, and goddamn Miles Morales is a hell of a game so far. Astro's Playroom does everything needed to show you everything the DualSense can do. Feeling the triggers tighten depending on what you're doing was wild.
  13. My PS5 should be here in the next hour or so.
  14. I'll second Discord. It's rad, and I use it every day.
  15. Well, this is some welcome good news given what's been going on today. I cannot wait for this. That first record is incredible.