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  1. Yeah, I wouldn't double pay either.
  2. Yep, I noticed as well. Like you said, it has done it in the past before, but never for this long.
  3. I was wondering what happened with that Hoobastank tour. This is extremely exciting news.
  4. The album doesn't actually come out until March 1st.
  5. Ant-Man was a confirmed survivor at the end of Ant-Man and The Wasp.There was no "implication." He was 100% shown to have survived the snap.
  6. I have a feeling that if the Panthers don't win out, and we miss the playoffs, that our new owner is going to fire him. With the amount of talent we have on the team, there is no excuse to be losing to the teams we have lost to. Rivera fired 2 defensive coaches yesterday, and he is now taking over the defensive playcalling duties, so he is clearly coaching for his job.
  7. Man, I'm the opposite on the screams. I think Sam did a phenomenal job once again.
  8. Fuck.
  9. I can't stop listening to this album. I think it has overtaken the #1 spot on my AOTY list.
  10. It's so fucking good.
  11. I am one of the people that would give them shit, if I didn't know beforehand that Diablo 4 was not going to be revealed. They had Diablo as the closing act of the opening ceremonies, which is where something major should go as announcements go. You put a franchise that hasn't had a new game in 6 years at the end and got people hyped up for something, only to close your show with a mobile game that isn't even developed by Blizzard. All they had to do to ease the blow was show a Diablo 4 logo and say "Hey, we know you're excited for this, but we aren't quite ready to show it yet, BUT it is coming." They really should've moved Diablo to the middle of the conference, and closed with Warcraft 3 Reforged.They KNOW the audience that goes to these events are HARDCORE PC gamers. A majority of these people DO NOT CARE about a mobile game that is just being pushed out as a way to monetize a franchise. The issue is that Blizzard was so tone deaf to their audience. How they thought closing with a mobile game was a good idea shows how out of touch with their consumers. Imagine if Bethesda had closed their 2015 conference with Fallout Shelter, instead of revealing Fallout 4? ALL Blizzard had to do was just come out and be like oh, and yeah, we're making Diablo 4, and this wouldn't have been a big deal. You don't end a show with a mobile game that is outsourced to a Chinese company as a cash grab.
  12. If you have a cable service, you can try watching it on Fox Sports Go. They let you sign in with your cable provider to stream stuff.
  13. Man, I was super disappointed in this album. Tilt is the best song on it, Sick is good, Through Glass is good. Everything else is kind of meh.
  14. Delivery is a cover.
  15. OH MAN! Check out 'Unimagine.' It's their second album. Has one of my favorite HLH songs in 'A Tale of Outer Suburbia.'