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  1. Add me to that list. I was extremely disappointed by this.
  2. I feel in the minority, but this song did nothing for me.
  3. It wasn't really leaked. Octane is playing it.
  4. Just a venting post here. I don't know who I pissed off in the last month, but damn I wish it would stop. In the last month 1) My car needs significant repair. Thankfully, my dad was able to replace the part it needed himself. Saved me labor costs. 2) Both of the bathroom sinks in my house are now leaking for whatever reason. 3) Fridge is leaking from the freezer into the fridge. Just puddles of water in the fridge, ruining food sometimes. Can't get a new one yet, because of the following issues. 4) My wife's car had an issue 2 weeks ago. Took it one place, they diagnosed it for me, and said take it to Toyota if the light comes back on, as it might be a warranty fix. Light came back on, took it to Toyota. I gave them the diagnostic codes from the other shop, and explicitly told them if they got the same codes, DO NOT perform the work the code says, as another shop had moved the parts that it said was bad to another place and replaced them with known working parts. I get a phone call from them from someone who isn't the mechanic saying it needed something done. They used a different word for the service than the other shop, so I didn't know it was the same. Come to find out, they got the same codes in their diagnostic and the person that took the car in didn't give the codes to the mechanic. $700 later, Wife gets the car back, light comes back on, car is now overheating. Took it back up there, and they still have it. No call from anyone with an update in 3 days. 5) And finally we come to today. I work from home, and have been sweating my ass off all day. Realized my A/C unit is just running, but isn't actually cooling the air. All of this in a month. I need this shit to end. Rant over. How's everyone else doing?
  5. They've been at it just a tad longer than this. This is the first time they're actively recording AND writing at the same time.
  6. The first episode is great.
  7. You wanna go run in a stream?
  8. This is a band made by some developers of League of Legends. The band name, and each song title comes from the game. They have guest vocals throughout the album. Tommy Lee plays drums on 'The Hex Core mk-2.' Do not let the fact that this band and album are League of Legends related deter you. This is some fucking awesome metal, it reminds me of 80s metal. One of the vocalists sounds like Dio.
  9. 01. Cull02. Mortal Reminder03. Tear of the Goddess04. Infinity Edge05. Dead Man's Plate06. The Hex Core mk-207. The Bloodthirster08. Frozen Heart09. Rapid Firecannon10. Blade of the Ruined King album is available for FREE here: http://pentakill.leagueoflegends.com/en_US/
  10. My man!
  11. The album isn't coming out tomorrow. It got delayed to the 25th a few weeks back.
  12. While I'll give you 'Minus the Machine' being a step down, 'From Birth to Burial' was incredible.
  13. Also, just plug a mouse into it lol. Mice can be had for pretty cheap.
  14. It lets you bail as soon as you die.
  15. It's fun. It gets pretty intense the longer you survive.