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  1. After almost 2 weeks of hunting, I finally got a Switch this afternoon. So far, I love this thing.
  2. Good god trying to track down a Switch is difficult. Haven't had this much trouble tracking down a console in my life. I knew not pre-ordering would come back to bite me.
  3. The song is 'Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea.'
  4. Was sort of hoping it would be 'Born Again.' Damn. I want a studio version of that song, dammit!
  5. Was this song released as a Deepfield song? Or is it one they wrote, but never released?
  6. Right, but I'm saying they aren't going to use Cooks to go over the middle. They got him to take the top off the defenses. Dude runs a 4.3 40. You don't waste that speed sending him over the middle to make contested catches.
  7. Isn't Edelman a go over the middle type of WR? I don't watch a lot of Patriots games, but that's how he strikes me. The Pats haven't had a true deep threat in a little while. Cooks is not the over the middle guy. Cooks is a guy that will take a screen 70 yards. He's a guy that will take the top off a defense, just by running by everyone. Watching him twice a year for 3 years and that's what he does best.
  8. I was hoping the Panthers would make a run at Cook. We made a run at him last offseason, but GB offered him more.
  9. Panthers have signed TB WR/ST ace Russell Shepard. They also signed ex-Vikings WR Charles Johnson, who will be replacing Ted Ginn in the offense. And the one that just happened that I got really hyped over besides Peppers: They have agreed to terms with ex-Vikings CB Captain Munnerlyn WHO IS ALSO COMING BACK HOME!
  10. No... You don't understand. This guy is WORSE than who he's replacing.
  11. Vikings are finalizing a deal with ex-Panthers OT Mike Remmers... @Mike I am so sorry. This guy is absolutely garbage.
  12. Panthers have traded Kony Ealy and a third round pick to the Patriots for the Patriots second round pick. See ya later, Kony. I'll remember you for having ONE good game, which happened to be the Super Bowl.
  13. I just went and found my old Peppers jersey from when I was a teenager. It still fits. We don't currently have a #90 on the team, so I hope he takes his old number back. Panthers also just signed Mike Adams, SS from the Colts. They're also eyeing another reunion; Captain Munnerlyn from the Vikings. I loved Captain when he played for us before, and I'd be stoked to get him back now to play the nickel.
  14. Panthers signed Julius Peppers. WELCOME BACK HOME, BABY. I'm super excited about this. The dude can still bring it.
  15. I should've preordered a Switch. At the time they announced preorders were available, I couldn't do it. Wish I'd found a way to make it work. I have my copy of Breath of the Wild already and it's just sitting on my desk. Taunting me.