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  1. I agree. I like the song, but it sounds weak from a production standpoint. It doesn't have that punch I'd expect.
  2. I agree with Ruiner. Played the beta some, it seemed decent at best. As far as the best thing you guys have seen graphically... Really? Battlefield 1 looks WAY better than this game does from a graphical standpoint. This game is pretty, though.
  3. I thought the same thing about the comparison to 'Take Out the Gunman.' The riff is very similar.
  4. I forgot how much I enjoyed this album.
  5. This is how I feel. If the album doesn't grab me, fuck it maybe they'll get me on the next one.
  6. Haha. I was going to post a video, but it there wasn't one to be found that wasn't missing parts of the song. It's out there on the web somewhere. Found this one:
  7. There is a new Papa Roach song out there called 'Help' and it is awesome.
  8. If that's not how you meant it, then cool. I'm just saying from my perspective, it read that way. Not trying to argue with you, I don't think the song is particularly good.
  9. Your comment made it seem like just because Chester doesn't sing literally the entire song that it wasn't a Linkin Park song. Chester isn't the entire band.
  10. You know there are 5 other members of Linkin Park, besides Chester, right? They made all the music, too.
  11. I am interested in the full song. I liked a lot of 'The Hunting Party' but I haven't really dug anything a ton since 'Minutes to Midnight'
  12. Again, having been to the Georgia Dome, it's a piece of shit. That place sucks. The "handicapped" restroom stalls aren't even wide enough to get my wheelchair into.
  13. Turner Field was not built for the Braves. It was built for the Olympics in 1996. The Braves just took the lease after the Olympics were over. Turner Field is in a super shitty part of Atlanta, where you wouldn't want to be caught after dark.
  14. Atlanta date, here I come.
  15. I cannot wait for that game.