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  1. Second this. SwiftKey is AMAZING.
  2. "Go To War" is definitely the better of the two. "Don't Stop" has meh lyrics, but I think the music behind it more than makes up for it.
  3. And they're coming to Atlanta? September is getting even better.
  4. If I lived anywhere near Chicago, I would.
  5. I'm not going to go that far, but this is a giant step back in the right direction. This thing is solid.
  6. I know what he's saying. Demo's that I've heard typically have a really rough mix and some things get drowned out. With a demo it's alright, because the demo is there just as a template for them to work on in the studio. This song just sounds rough regardless. The mix is really bad. Now, there are some bands that record sweet sounding demos, just to throw that out there.
  7. Pledge accidentally made a new song called "Don't Stop" available to pledgers for a few hours yesterday. I was lucky enough to get it before it got taken down. It's pretty good. We are supposedly getting 2 new songs next week.
  8. I enjoyed this album a good bit. 'Hole In Your Heart' is my favorite on first listen.
  10. I was fine with Sony's conference, and thought it was the strongest one so far. I want almost every one of those games. Spider-Man is an IP that can close the show, especially since it's an exclusive, standalone game.
  11. Digging into this now.
  12. Yep
  13. 1. If they natively make 4K textures you can absolutely tell the difference. 2. Today's Low Tier gaming PC's can run whatever game you want. It just won't look as good, or run as well. And the Xbox One can run all the new games* *Until a new system comes out and they stop making games for the Xbox One.
  14. Yes. The One S can't run the games at native 4K/60FPS. That's sort of the point of the One X. This is different. They've been more than up front that ALL of your current games, accessories, etc. are compatible with each version of the Xbox One. It's just a PC approach to consoles now. Low tier PC (OG Xbox One)/Mid Tier PC (Xbox One S)/High Tier PC (Xbox One X.) That is, until they really do release the next system that isn't in the Xbox One family.
  15. Yes, this is likely what it is. Think 'Inside' last year, or 'Rise of the Tomb Raider' before it. Also, if they say Console Exclusive, that means it's not coming to any other console, but it will be on PC.