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  1. That is a killer song. I'll be seeing these guys in Atlanta in April.
  2. I'm actually going to check them out, because of this thread. Hoping for something good.
  3. Agreed. Plus, 'The Pact' is an EXCELLENT album closer.
  4. It's VERY good. Coming from someone who wasn't really a Slaves fan before.
  5. I also have had family members say something similar to me. I turn 30 this year and still hate country with a fiery passion.
  6. Saw Nothing More in Atlanta back in September; Great show. Seeing them Friday in Philadelphia for this tour. Then seeing them again in April in Savannah, GA and then the next night seeing them in Myrtle Beach with Papa Roach. Nothing More is the best live band in the business right now.
  7. I think Cousins is going to get significantly higher than that Smith deal. The only thing that can make this okay for Washington is that they take the money they saved by getting Smith, and using it to improve the teams other areas... Something Washington hasn't been good at recently. Cousins being younger is definitely an upside for him, but this really came down to them bungling the extension talks the last 2 years. They should've locked him up 2 years ago, but since it got to this point they had to move on. That front office is a disaster. I just hope Cousins doesn't go to the Broncos. I hope the Jets make a serious run at him.
  8. I do think it was more of a lateral move for Washington. That being said, since it's such a lateral move, it works out a little for them since they save a ton of money. I do think they got taken for a ride a little with the inclusion of Fuller.
  9. Another great song.
  10. Well, this is where I completely and officially bow out of 30STM fandom. They've been going downhill with me since 'This is War.' I was giving them this album to see what they had left for me personally, and the answer is definitely a resounding "nothing." At least I still have those first two albums.
  11. I think this is more evidence that Lyra is an intro.
  12. Keith Wallen is insanely talented, so definitely disagree with this.
  13. I kinda mentioned it.
  14. Also, 'Torn in Two' was apparently a 'Dark Before Dawn' song that was on the advance copy of the album that got cut before release.
  15. Panthers promoted Defensive Line coach Eric Washington to Defensive Coordinator to replace Wilks.