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  1. Holy shit this is awesome. This is VERY 30 Seconds to Mars debut album-ish.
  2. I got so excited when I saw this thread. I had no idea that this was a thing. Finishing up my first listen now, and it's another solid album.
  3. James Gunn's were from a decade ago, and he had already apologized for these in the past, and acknowledged they were in poor taste. Disney hired him after the tweets were made (I don't for one second believe they didn't vet him before hiring him.) Roseanne's were made more recently, which means she's still that same person. Gunn being fired basically says that it doesn't matter if you've grown as a person, you will still be fired for the person you were 10 years ago. Especially since he had already apologized for these in the past.
  4. This just jumped to the top of my most anticipated list.
  5. ... how on earth is it complicated...
  6. I'm not in this league, but just wanted to give a ringing endorsement for Discord.
  7. Interesting. I looked up his twitter and it says he's a member of Seether, and his Wiki page says he has officially joined the band. I also didn't know Corey took over that role when Clint went back to Sevendust.
  8. For the second time: It isn't a graphics engine. It's a GAME engine. That can be used over the course of the next several games. The Halo games have been using the same ENGINE since Halo 1, just with upgrades made here and there.
  9. The bolded part.... How is that a waste of time? That's EXACTLY what they needed to be doing. Now, we have an actual up to date engine for them to use for future Halo games. Also, not the entire studio is involved in creating the engine (which isn't just a "graphics" engine. It's the entire foundation that the game is built on.) so it's entirely plausible that they've been working on the game this entire time with the engine.
  10. Joel is in the announce trailer, and the infected are in the trailer from last year.
  11. I don't think Naughty Dog is low-key anything. They're WIDELY regarded as master of their craft. They are hands down the best dev in the business right now. Also... Resident Evil 2 is my favorite Resident Evil game, so when they said they were remaking it a few years ago I got really excited... This trailer ratcheted that excitement up to 11.
  12. Holy shit. I played Halo 3 with him way back in the day and he was such an asshole that I never played with him again.
  13. 1) I don't believe it 2) The Halo Infinite title revealed at the beginning of the Xbox conference is made by 343.
  14. It is insane how many stories Jason Schreier breaks.
  15. This is out there now for you all to dig into.