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  1. Over halfway done with this and man this thing rules.
  2. Checked this out yesterday, and DAMN it's good.
  3. I woke up to read this news, and this is absolutely awful. This shit needs to stop.
  4. This was hard for me. I voted TCTT, as I feel their album was slightly better.
  5. What the hell? Dude, Periphery and Nothing More on the same show? I would have loved that, as odd as it definitely sounds.
  6. I saw these guys on Sunday opening up for Nothing More. They were really good.
  7. They're young, and Jonny is in incredible shape.
  8. Saw them on Sunday. Best show I've seen in like 9-10 years. Flying to Philly to see them in February.
  9. Yeah, I heard this the other day and it's incredible.
  10. 'Funny Little Creatures' is my second favorite on the album behind 'FadeIn/FadeOut.' As you said, the vocals on that song are absolutely incredible. As for how it stacks up with the S/T; I don't know. There is really only ONE song on this that I find myself skipping and it's 'Just Say When.' It breaks up the momentum of the album too much. The S/T I skipped 'First Punch' a lot, as well as 'If I Were' a lot. I like both songs fine, but they are weaker than the rest to me.
  11. Probably since this is their third album.
  12. It made me want to call my parents, because the first verse about it being the first time he'd noticed his dad had grown old reminded me of something similar that happened to me pretty recently.
  14. Definitely give their self-titled a spin. It's really good.
  15. Particles is the gem of this to me. I dig the entire thing, but I don't know if it's better than the self-titled. Still a great album.