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  1. Man, I was super disappointed in this album. Tilt is the best song on it, Sick is good, Through Glass is good. Everything else is kind of meh.
  2. Delivery is a cover.
  3. OH MAN! Check out 'Unimagine.' It's their second album. Has one of my favorite HLH songs in 'A Tale of Outer Suburbia.'
  4. This is my favorite of the new songs so far. Debut as in Ground Dweller? I'm the opposite. I think Dissonants is their best work.
  5. Yeah, Nordic Games rebranded themselves as THQ Nordic a couple years ago.
  6. Yeah, I can't say that I struggled much with the enemies in the game. Gunshots in particular are easy to avoid.
  7. I beat the story last night, and holy shit what an incredible game. The ending is super emotional.
  8. They're not. They are story missions.
  9. I finished collecting all the backpacks today. The story for me has been excellent, and I just made it to the Sinister Six part that was in the E3 this year. I know what you're saying about the MJ stealth missions, as they've been mostly annoying, BUT there is one really cool one in particular that I've done. This is shaping up to be my game of the year as of now. It really depends on if it can nail the ending.
  10. This game is phenomenal. According to the in-game percentage, I am 46% done with the game. Now, that likely includes all the collectibles, etc. so I don't know how far I am in the actual story. I spent an hour last night just swinging around activating the Oscorp surveillance towers and collecting the backpacks.
  11. It's a Type O Negative cover.
  12. I am only about 30 minutes into Spider-Man, but man this game is fun.
  13. I actually really dug 'That's the Spirit.' It would've been my album of the year that year had City and Colour not released an album. This song as far as vocals, lyrics, melody does nothing for me. Guitar riff is dope.
  14. I dig the guitar riff in the new song, but not much else.
  15. Holy shit this is awesome. This is VERY 30 Seconds to Mars debut album-ish.