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  1. Agree with this, the vocals are really the highlight for me. I would be hard pressed to not regard it as AOTY material for myself.
  2. Been eagerly awaiting this, so I finally got a chance to listen to it a couple times, and I love it! A terrific, solid listen all the way through. Filled throughout with solid songs, no need to cherry pick songs on this one. Of course there are highlights, I think all four of the singles were great, and Never Here and Carry the Weight jump out at me too. Going to get a lot of mileage out of this one! End to end listens will be a pleasure! Terrific stuff!
  3. Do these guys know how to make a bad, or even a marginal song? I think not! Four really terrific songs, as I've already said, I cannot wait to hear the whole album!
  4. Nothing firm, and not news per se, but there are definite indications that there could be a new Secret and Whisper album coming. First there was this interview with Jordan Chase (Jordan is great, the interviewers, not so much, IMHO), from a couple of months ago, where he hints/states that they have been talking about doing a new album. The bad news (for me) is that he says this will delay the next Shreddy Krueger album. Then, about a month ago this came up on the Secret and Whisper Facebook page. Encouraging signs in my book...except for the delay in the new Shreddy Krueger album.
  5. Can't wait for this album! For me they are three for three with the songs they've released. October 6th sounds like a long, long time away at this point!
  6. Been anxiously awaiting this one, and it doesn't disappoint! "Something", the first single off of their upcoming full length. Cannot wait!
  7. Couldn't find any mention of these guys, sorry if this is a duplication. They're from Atlanta, and just released their first EP called "Kid". Here's one the singles they've released "Thirty Six".
  8. Just saw this, really enjoyed their self titled, and was a fan of Dorydrive too. Add this to Miss Fortune imploding, and it's not a good music news day for me! Message From Sylvia June 15 at 12:50pm ยท We have parted ways with our singer Matthew Nevitt. We would like to thank him for sharing his talent with us and contributing in creating some music that we are all very proud of. We wish him and his family the best. Unfortunately that means that we will have to drop out of tonight's show in Springfield, IL as well as the upcoming shows scheduled in the near future. Continue to stay tuned for further updates. Cheers! LikeComment Chronological Joel Dickson, Chuck Salazar, Jessica L. Marsh and 20 others like this. 2 shares Comments View all 26 comments Comments View all 26 comments
  9. These guys are two for two on outstanding songs! Cannot wait for them to put out a full album!
  10. That was really good! Need to check these guys out. Thanks for posting!
  11. Been playing this one to death! Really look forward to hear more from these guys.
  12. Outstanding! Great find, I'm really looking forward to hearing more from them.
  13. Agree on both counts. They usually drop in a song or two that mixes it up a bit, but I'll cut them a world of slack since I like just about everything Pete Murray has done. Anxiously awaiting the new album. Have not heard of anything, but I sure hope there's some new Lo Pro on the horizon.
  14. New album "Higher" is out January 31st!
  15. New song, sounds great! Getting VERY excited for LOPN!