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  1. Last i had heard, a few months back they kicked stephen(lead singer) out of the band... So honestly if hes not with the band i have no interest.. i think his unique voice made these guys
  2. i just posted the topic so people can hear about this guys, probably my favorite song by them, thats why i chose to post it
  3. what the hell i searched for wovenwar and nothing popped up thats why i started a new topic
  4. JORDAN MANCINO (drums), NICK HIPA (guitar), PHIL SGROSSO (guitar) and JOSH GILBERT (bass/vocals) of San Diego, California based metal act As I Lay Dying, have teamed up with vocalist SHANE BLAY (previously lead guitar/clean vocals in Oh, Sleeper) to create the new band WOVENWAR. Over approximately the last year, the band completed work on new material recorded with producer Bill Stevenson (Descendents, Black Flag) with mixing duties currently being handled by Colin Richardson (Slipknot, Machine Head, Trivium). On Monday April 21, fans will get their first full listen of WOVENWAR’s debut single "All Rise". While not the final mastered version, the song will be a proper representation of what’s to come when WOVENWAR’s self titled debut drops late summer 2014. Stay tuned to and for more information regarding album track listing, album artwork, touring, preorder info, new music, videos, social sites, etc.
  5. the only problem i have with the video is... you know damn well, if they video was of a white rock/rap group, and they were shooting up black people... This video would be all over the news, throwing out how racist it is, but because its not, its perfectly acceptable
  6. Office music video is up
  7. deftones have finally released a song off of eros! for those that dont know about eros - it was the last album with chi cheng who was severly injured in a car accident. so they shelved the album
  8. can never get enough of spencer... this excites me
  9. I found Lorenzo (lead singer of Pulse Ultra) of facebook and added him awhile back, messaged him to see if he had done anything since pulse ultra and he never responded, taking that as a no haha
  10. yea it really is a shame... but these guys are still pretty bad ass... wish i could embed the first single off the new album... make it easier to listen to for all the lazy ones out there
  11. Couple of other songs from their first album
  12. these guys haven't really been discussed on this board ever... They had an album out in 2007 called starborn, Tome 1.. Seriously an album everyone should check out... The lead singer and founder of the band Dominic Cifarelli has played with pulse ultra and plays bass for scars on broadway. Anyways the first single off their second album "a trillion lights" that comes out later this year has been released, Check it out! its a pretty bad ass song
  13. tell him to buy one on craigslist or something haha, then he doesn't need the background checks n shit
  14. This..... Holy shit that part was insane.... By far the best show I've ever seen