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  1. Trust me. This is one monster of an album. 1. Innocent Until Birth 2. Bite Marks 3. Picture Day 4. The Best Songs Are Dead 5. I Lost My Mind (In California) 6. Rated R 7. All Drugs Go To Heaven 8. Montreal 9. 24 Hour Revenge Therapy 10. Sunspots
  2. Russ' speech was so epic. Even his former teammate KD congratulated him. Now that's all over, we await on who wins the Paul George sweepstakes that 10 or so teams are participating.
  3. Norma Jean has put out one of my favorites of the year. They easily get my vote.
  4. Nothing But Thieves are good, but Sylar are a touch better.
  5. This should be a tough decision, but it isn't. DGD!
  6. Got Crown the Empire winning this.
  7. One band impressed me while the other doesn't. Voted for Hacktivist.
  8. I'll give I See Stars the edge there.
  9. That awards show was quite a hit.
  10. This song is pretty good.
  11. I like "Don't Stop" a little bit more, too. "Go To War" is also a great song.
  12. And it's broken. Let's get the next set going.
  13. Anyone want to break this tie?
  14. It's playoffs or bust for the Timberwolves. The West still looks packed, though.
  15. Mania drops out September 15th. First single "Young and Menace" is out. It was good despite the annoying chipmunk vocals. More top 40-ready.
  16. They renamed part of Yawkey after David Ortiz, too. Awesome.
  17. New EP out June 27th. This song is so crazy good.
  18. Much better than Y&M.
  19. Since nobody posted the video. Yep, it's good.
  20. "Don't Stop" was pretty heavy, yet catchy. The high-pitched vocals turned me off a bit, but it's better than chipmunks. Musically, it's good.