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  1. Should I plan my vacation to Texas in '24?
  2. Come and get it:
  3. Incredible.
  4. I'll give it a listen this weekend. It can't be that disappointing.
  5. I see what you did there.
  6. I didn't make the same mistake. Bastille gets my nod.
  7. Finally, it cleared up a bit. A bit too late.
  8. It's a close call, but I'll give my vote to Yellowcard this time.
  9. Cloud cover is too thick. Oh, well. It's best to save my eyes and see the eclipse on the TV.
  10. I know Sixx AM may win, but I'm voting for the mighty Wovenwar. Such a terrific album.
  11. Voted for Issues. It's quite a close call, though.
  12. Stephen's good, but Against Me! put out my Top 10 record of the year.
  13. I like Phantogram, but I've been a Chili Pepper fan for a long time so they get my vote.
  14. Go, Sick Puppies! Avenge Capsize.
  15. So, when's Set 8 coming?
  16. That P.O.D. song was solid.
  17. New My Ticket Home album unReal out October 6th:
  18. The only concern about the eclipse is the cloudy mornings here. Other than that, it's often sunny in my place. 2/3rds of the sun will be obscured.
  19. No kidding. This album is great.
  20. Well, since this is Pen's tournament. The rules do apply in his time zone. Sad but true.
  21. There's barely any standout tracks, but it's a good album.
  22. Now we need an American Winter and American Summer.