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  1. I expected Thrice to win, but not by this much. I applaud you all either way.
  2. Ron Gardenhire takes manager job for Tigers. Dusty Baker out as Nationals manager.
  3. New album drops out November 3rd. Here's the music video to "Nowhere Left To Sink": Tracklist: 1. New Plagues 2. Nowhere Left to Sink 3. Shallow Truths for Shallow Minds 4. Dark Divine 5. Empty the Same 6. From The Dust Returned 7. Even God Has a Hell 8. Mischief Managed 9. Instinctive Intuition 10. The Skeletons I Keep 11. False Idol
  4. Sounds like a great plan.
  5. Here's another one!
  6. "Feels Like Summer" is up. New album (Black Album?) and date TBA. Yeah or meh?
  7. Lyric video for "World Away" is up.
  8. This one is going to alternative radio:
  9. Bobby Portis suspended eight games for punching teammate Mirotic, who suffered a broken jaw. Story of a dysfunctional team.
  10. The Beast Inside out November 3rd. This has nu-metal influences all over the place.
  11. All we need is one more vote.
  12. Draymond Green also injured tonight. Not a good day for Dubs fan.
  13. Astros, don't choke like the Indians. I know you're intimidated.
  14. Hayward got voodoo cursed by Jazz fans, I believe. Hope he'll be back.
  15. What a shame that it's going down to this. That's life.
  16. New song is excellent.
  17. "Betrayer" sounds awesome. Can't believe it's a few days away.
  18. Not the best song from them, but it's really good.
  19. Alpha out December 8th.
  20. Digging that chorus.