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  1. Death to your movement! Wait, wrong "Cutthroat". This is really good, too.
  2. New album Hard Feelings out March 23. This is "Melodramatic":
  3. From his upcoming solo album, here's "What It Is":
  4. Underoath, Sevendust, blessthefall, Breaking Benjamin, Jack White, and Pennywise are my Top 6 most anticipated right now.
  5. Retail is starting to become an endangered species. Big box stores and Amazon have stepped up against the competition lately.
  6. Heard it this morning and it's a good one. Not the best of leadoff singles, though.
  7. If you love '90s alternative, you'll love this album.
  8. New RJA song is here and it's awesome.
  9. Reverence out May 4th. New song "The Void" is below: And "Wishing Wells", but you've heard it already.
  10. New song "Can't Deny Me" is below from their upcoming album sometime this year.
  11. "The Void" is a nice hard rocker. I personally like "Wishing Wells" a little better.
  12. Amendola to the Dolphins.
  13. Yup, they could compete with the Nationals better than the other three NL East teams.
  14. Jake Arrieta is now in the Phillies.
  15. I'm pretty sure drug dealers aren't any worse than Russians rigging elections.
  16. Richard Sherman is signing with the 49ers. Wow. I'd be excited if not for his recent Achilles injury.
  17. Hopefully, the official video will be up Monday.
  18. "...above to get heavy" lyric is becoming a cliche. I'm fine with the "Devil" as a title.
  19. Aqib Talib traded to the Rams.
  20. So good.
  21. New album out April 27th. Here's their new song "Pink Hearts":
  22. My state is at #32. Nothing really special.
  23. Good song. I do like Brent's new look.
  24. Give this one a listen: