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  1. Thank God Ledger won today's Battle of the Buzz on RadioU...over a crappy dance song that had won five in a row. 

  2. Used to be so judgemental. Now I respect the ones who dare to be sinful. Always searching for my pride. Now I know it's all fleeting. Just glad to be alive.

    1. Relic


      Now you’re on a midnight crusade?

  3. I'm not a Code Orange fan, but their new album makes me want to reconsider.

  4. This California heat wave sucks. 

  5. Gotta love California. Smoke from fires coming in all directions just like every summer caused by stupid people.

    1. American_Idiot


      We get brush fires down here occasionally too in the Everglades where the smoke drifts into the metro area. Mostly during the dry months in the Spring since it starts to heat up into the Summer. Sure. Dry conditions don't help and lightning can start a fire, but it's almost always caused by idiot people not being careful with their actions.

  6. I just got back from my Arizona vacation. First time I've ever been in that state.

  7. You know what's wrong with this country? Bands getting their stuff stolen. First Fit For a King and Islander. Now Blessthefall? That makes me sick.

    1. RainbowDragon


      Dont leave the van unlocked ?

    2. Follow the Hollow

      Follow the Hollow

      People suck.  You shouldn't mess with stuff that someone makes their living with.  

      Not too long ago in Houston area, people were going to work at one of the plants there and came out to have their vehicles missing.  These guys were targeted while they were working, that's some low shit.  Also, the motel we stayed at someone kept vandalizing and breaking into vehicles.  One guy I know had his tool box stolen out of a locked truck and another guy had someone randomly deflate his tires and unscrew his lug nuts.  

  8. I'm amazed with all the rain in this state lately. Makes me the recent news feel 10% less gloomy.

  9. Been jamming to A War Within's latest album Believe lately. It's so addicting.

  10. Words of war become acts of war.

  11. So come rain on my parade 'cause I wanna feel it. Come shove me over the edge 'cause my head is in overdrive.

  12. If love's a sin, I'll become a heretic.

  13. Indian summer and I hate the heat.

  14. Those T-Mobile commercials have been getting extremely annoying ever since Carly Foulkes' last appearance.

  15. The Olympics have been amazing so far.

  16. I saw Fall Out Boy tonight in concert. Great stuff.

  17. I seem to freak out each time I load these forums lately. My laptop went BSoD on me twice in the last couple of days. Weird.  :blink:

  18. R.I.P. New Rock 107.3. You will be missed. 

    1. Manuel


      And another one bites the dust...

  19. There's a hole in my soul.

    1. Koldes


      It happens to all of us over a period of time. Just get a brand new pair of sneakers and don't worry about that hole in your sole! 

  20. Dear USPS, 

    You're useless. I've been waiting two weeks for a pre-ordered Beartooth album and I'm still waiting for it.

  21. It's dark! It's cold! My mind is not my home!

  22. What a weekend I had: Vegas, Underoath, and the endless road trip Sunday that ended my vacation. I deserve to chillax now.

  23. So excited to see Underoath: Rebirth this weekend.

    1. Chris.
    2. Three Libras

      Three Libras

      Don't get pushed up against the wall, up against the wall.

  24. Hard to imagine that it's almost 90 degrees today on a February. #makeitstop

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    2. jman3000


      Now we're finally getting the El Nino storms. Have been getting cooler temps. and tons of rain consistently for the first since I've moved here. I've never seen the rivers as high as they are right now.

    3. jman3000


      Also, CA is still in a drought, and more than likely will still be by the summer, I'm glad we;ve ben getting some precip. to help, though.

    4. NinjaNick101


      Great for you. Approximately 300 miles south of your place, the local lakes are still shrinking to practically puddles despite near-average rainfall. Might be facing a long summer here. 

  25. If I start to fade, gone without a trace, who will pray for me tomorrow?