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  1. The Simulation out January 11:
  2. It's not the heaviest, but it's still catchy. I enjoyed it. Wish it were 5 minutes longer, though.
  3. What is this??? Oh, yes. A new music video.
  4. I'm ready for it!
  5. Acuna and Ohtani are rookies of the year.
  6. Wow, November has some monster albums. This is one of them.
  7. New Fever333 album drops out January 18th. They're supporting Bring Me the Horizon on their winter tour. New song is below.
  8. Every day is a lie, every mile a mountain.

  9. NEW As Cities Burn:
  10. Democrats take the house. That's the only good news I can give you.
  11. Agreed. He was quite impressive.
  12. Coach Joel Quenneville let go by Blackhawks.