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  1. What a bizarre ending. LOL
  2. Sad to see another great actor gone.
  3. They do have the top 5 right, but my order is Cubs, Indians, Red Sox, Dodgers, Nationals. Giants might be #6.
  4. Your ears need checking.
  5. This is a banger:
  6. Much like From Ashes To New.
  7. Yep, sounds like vintage Seether.
  8. Wonder if this song is about Denis (who used to be in this band before his short stint in Asking Alexandria)???
  9. Poison the Parish out May 12th: Tracklist: 1. Stoke the Fire 2. Betray and Degrade 3. Something Else 4. I'll Survive 5. Let You Down 6. Against the Wall 7. Let Me Heal 8. Saviors 9. Nothing Left 10. Count Me Out 11. Emotionless 12. Sell My Soul 13. Feels Like Dying (Bonus Track) 14.Misunderstood (Bonus Track) 15. Take a Minute (Bonus Track)
  10. In-ter a-li-a out May 5th Tracklist: 1. No Wolf Like the Present 2. Continuum 3. Tilting at the Univendor 4. Governed By Contagions 5. Pendulum in a Peasant Dress 6. Incurably Innocent 7. Call Broken Arrow 8. Holtzclaw 9. Torrentially Cutshaw 10. Ghost Tape No. 9 11. Hostage Stamps
  11. Whatever makes the Lakers great again. They sure won't be better than the Warriors until next decade. Speaking of, Lou Williams traded to Rockets, making Houston even more dangerous.
  12. Can't wait for new He is Legend!
  13. Destroy and Rebuild EP out 4.21: