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  1. It can't be Starset without the interludes tacked at the end of some tracks.
  2. New Bayside single. Thoughts and...
  3. It's a well-deserved #1 album.
  4. I think it deserves its own thread.
  5. New song is up. I like it, but I hope the new album has a couple heavy songs.
  6. Am I the only one annoyed by the excessive spam in here?

    1. RainbowDragon


      Well Im more annoyed that so much good music goes unnoticed but I see your point.

    2. pen


      It's getting a little tiring banning all these people.

    3. Follow the Hollow

      Follow the Hollow

      Is there any way to stop new users from joining?  I doubt we’ll have anyone new join that’s not a spambot anyhow. 

  7. Sounds nothing like classic Incubus, but I'll give it a full listen once it's out.
  8. New single "16" is up. Album MCID has no release date yet. If this doesn't satisfy you, then this will...
  9. I'm stoked already.
  10. Chocolate Chip Trip might be one of their best song titles ever.
  11. New song is up. Beautiful Oblivion out October 4th. This song will also be included in this album. Tracklist: 01. Here’s To You 02. Drink About It 03. Find Forever 04. Tapping Out 05. Without You 06. Rain 07. Downfall 08. Second Best 09. Get It Right 10. Flexin' 11. No Problem (Keep It Alive) 12. Your Sake 13. Beautiful Oblivion
  12. Wow, this album has lived up to hype.