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  1. I supposed those two songs will be a metal one and a radio-friendly hard rocker. I'm ready for some new KSE.
  2. Sudden Sky out July 19th. Tracklist: 1. (X) 2. 20/20 3. What I Am 4. BLURRY (out of place) 5. Red Pills 6. MZRY 7. Under the Skin 8. Sequ3nce 9. March of the Ignorant 10. Sudden Sky
  3. Official video drops tomorrow. Can't wait for it.
  4. Finding God Before God Finds Me to be released August 2nd.
  5. The field is wide open next year.
  6. "Wouldn't You Rather?"
  7. Those two songs are very good.
  8. Speaking of teams winning their first title, how about those Blues???
  9. Raptors deserved it. Warriors' luck just ran out. Can blame them for trying to fight like Warriors.
  10. KD's done, but the Dubs aren't...yet. I think I've aged another year tonight.