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  1. It should be out November 13th, since it's a Friday.
  2. I wonder what I should be more outraged about: 100K U.S. deaths from a virus or another cop getting a slap in a wrist for killing an African-American dude?
  3. Another new Make Them Suffer tune.
  4. New Versus Me song.
  5. New In Hearts Wake.
  6. R.I.P. Jerry Sloan. One of the best coaches of all time.
  7. New Currents song.
  8. New Northlane from their deluxe edition of Alien.
  9. New song. Album Levels out September 4th.
  10. @It's Harty! RUN! Sometimes, you're not bad at all. Chris Brown (Mr. Trapt) is literally a dumb person. Dude can't think straight.
  11. Yes, I should listen to this one. "The Lottery" is a banger.
  12. First album from them I'll take a hard pass to. I'm okay with bands going a certain direction, but I've heard bad reviews on this on some sites and videos.