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  1. According to sources, the upcoming album is titled Simulation Theory. Song is okay, but not as good as "Thought Contagion" was. Or most of Drones.
  2. Nice. I like this one.
  3. Very good.
  4. New album out November. "Something Human" is up:
  5. Darrelle Revis retires.
  6. Kawhi and Danny Green traded to Toronto for Demar Derozan and Joel Poeltl.
  7. That song is awesome. There's a countdown on Beartooth's website to July 24th. It could be a new single/video/tour announcement.
  8. My Ticket Home just covered one of my favorite NIN Fragile tunes.
  9. This is "20/20". Can you feel it?
  10. New Metric. This gets me hooked.
  11. I need a proper dose of a new song.