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  1. AllAccess revealed one song "What's Wrong" coming to alternative radio. Anyway, we're getting close to something.
  2. Poor bunnyman needs help.
  3. Deadweight drops out August 4th. Plus another new song.
  4. This is pretty good.
  5. Mania drops out September 15th. First single "Young and Menace" is out. It was good despite the annoying chipmunk vocals. More top 40-ready.
  6. Great songs.
  7. New Hundredth from their upcoming album Rare out June 16. New song is so awesome, yet different from their other songs.
  8. Ark drops out on May 26th.
  9. It needs its own thread. I liked the new song. Been playing it on repeat today.
  10. So good. 3/3.