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  1. #fakenews
  2. My latest pet peeve: people griping over a band's change of style in their latest material. Get over it.

    1. RainbowDragon


      Well if its a style that I like then Im ok with it. If its a style I dont like then I will complain about it. I like lots of styles tho.

  3. AFI's Davey and Jade are back in Blaqk Audio. "The Viles" is up:
  4. I'm glad the site is back. At least this shutdown is a lot shorter than the federal one.
  5. I went 4 for 4 last weekend. My predictions for next week: Chiefs and Saints.
  6. New Norma Jean video. It's a Polar Similar B-side:
  7. Wow, this is amazing.
  8. Drop everything! New song "Low" is out.
  9. This will be the next radio single. Was hoping for "The Dark", though.
  10. Of the three new songs I've heard, "Arrival" is the best. This is getting me stoked.
  11. Predictions for next week's matches: Pats over Chargers (I like the Chargers more than the Pats, but New England's experience and homefield advantage will rule over Chargers playoff history.) Rams over Cowboys (I'm not fully confident the Rams will win this because of Goff's latest struggles, but my hatred for Zeke and Jerry Jones has pushed me to root for them. May the better RB win. Please let it be TGII.) Saints over Eagles (Nick Foles will make this a much closer game than Wentz did in New Orleans, but I think Brees will have enough weaponry to outduel the Eagles.) Chiefs over Colts (Colts defense might be good enough to slow down Mahomes, but I trust the Chiefs enough to win at least one playoff game, no matter who's coaching. The louder the crowd, the better the chance, right?) Going 0-4 in this postseason. That's what I get for picking conservatively.
  12. I no longer think Parkey lost the game for the Bears. The fingertips of Hester blocking his kick won the game for the Eagles. I had to watch the replay a dozen times for clarity.
  13. Nick Foles must be the luckiest player in the NFL since December 2017. #fact