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  1. New My Epic song featuring a familiar voice. Violence EP out May 10th.
  2. New Frank Iero song and it rules.
  3. Bless this mess!
  4. That one slays.
  5. New song from Saudade.
  6. New Baroness. Gold/Grey out June 14th.
  7. @Follow the Hollow I just made a Hellyeah thread last night. Anyway, new Carousel Kings song. Plus Ultra out May 31st.
  8. First taste of new Hellyeah, album out later in the year. "333" is real heavy.
  9. Lamar Jackson can rush, too.
  10. Big name moves: Le'Veon Bell going to the Jets; Beckham traded to the Browns, Longtime Raven Terrell Suggs signs with the Cardinals.
  11. For the first time in 5 years, we got a new song from The Black Keys.
  12. It's confirmed to be a suicide.