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  1. New Like Moths To Flames album No Eternity in Gold out October 30.
  2. 45* on Covid-19 death toll: "It is what it is". *facepalm* 13 more weeks until we give his much-needed defeat "it is what it is".
  3. "The Sinner" out August 21. Here's a new Kill the Lights song.
  4. All those new songs are great.
  5. New album We Are Chaos will be out September 18th. Title track is below. Tracklist: 01. "Red Black and Blue" 02. "We Are Chaos" 03. "Don't Chase the Dead" 04. "Paint You With My Love" 05. "Half-Way & One Step Forward" 06. "Infinite Darkness" 07. "Perfume" 08. "Keep My Head Together" 09. "Solve Coagula" 10. "Broken Needle"
  6. Corey Taylor, you know who he is. He's got a couple new solo tunes out. Out 10/2/20
  7. Marlins have 13 members tested positive. Games already postponed. The dominoes are falling. Not good. They really should've started a bubble league of their own like the NBA and NHL. Newest cases have been fewer in those leagues.
  8. Jamal Adams traded to the Seahawks.
  9. New Chelsea Grin.
  10. New Sleeping With Sirens from the deluxe edition of How It Feels To Be Lost.
  11. Release the Kraken!
  12. New Badflower.