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  1. Wow. This exceeded my expectations.
  2. Best tracks: the first three songs, A Branch in the River, and Blood on Blood. Might be AOTY frontrunners.
  3. Shake it.
  4. New Emery song from their upcoming album Eve.
  5. This song is so good.
  6. I'm liking the new Pumpkins so far.
  7. Holy hell yes!
  8. It's still impressive, no matter who's fronting the band.
  9. I've got to hear this one. (And the new Thrice, too.)
  10. Sorry to hear about it, Harty. I hope karma gives a spike strip to the thieves' vehicle.
  11. There's something fishy about Kavanaugh. I wish the Dems could do the same thing the GOP successfully did in 2016, but they're still at a disadvantage. We are still doomed.
  12. 3 for 3.