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    Yeah. I know two people with suns that look a lot like the Godsmack sun... And I wanted a sun, but I didn't want it to look like that. I guess I wouldn't mind, since I like them, but jeez... only so many ways you could draw a sun. It's hard to pick out a design that looks cool.
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    Free song here:
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    Their music is catchy, but not really my bag, all in all. I honestly can't listen to them. One of my closest friends loves them and for all the right reasons. I'm sure the day will come where I jump on board, just not now. I agree, they will expose many people to a genre of music they are really missing out on, but as of now, that's all I see them as, a "gateway band," if you will. That's really the point I'm trying to make, in a nutshell. They're just a gateway. Perhaps they will be the most defining band in progressive, djenty, polyrhythmic, complex music. Maybe they will begin a movement amongst musicians that defies the definition of "popular" music (a stretch), but plausible idea nonetheless. That would be sweet. They're certainly doing it the right way. They're a metal band that shreds with sick sound polyrhythmic riffs, lyrically speaks to a very large demographic, and vocally reaches out to both angsty (metal, in general) and soulful singers/ music listeners . They're music is good, but until they move into my music library, all their music is, is good. So, although this is not Periphery... Here's to peace, truth, and forward thinking; all ideas supported, preached and practiced by bands like Periphery:

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    Ugh, I really don't like the rep Periphery gets. I saw them once and they're just not that impressive. Don't get me wrong, they're talented musicians, but they are not pushing the envelope or even remotely as credible as other bands that can be thrown into their genre. They're really gimmicky, too lol It is understandable how widely appealing they are, though considering their image and vocal style.
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    Drip drip