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  1. I'm still trying to wrap my head around this. Suicide is never the answer...I find it troubling that Chester still went through with this even after seeing the confusion and devastation that followed with Cornell. I just don't understand it. Anyway, it is nice to see you guys, circumstances not withstanding.
  2. That really sucks. I hope they've cleaned up their act since then. 12 Stones is one of those bands that are really overdue to be successful imo.
  3. Well, I copy and pasted that from a facebook Pm conversation I was having. Don't know how to make it not highlighted.
  4. Why does a Trump presidency seem so "obviously" liberating to all the white supremacists? What gives them such a big advantage with supporting Trump in comparison to Clinton? I honestly would like to know why racists view him as "the savior".
  5. That's... crazy. You never know when people will have a change of heart, I guess.
  6. Gemini Feed is pretty dope. I've been listening to that ever since the video dropped.
  7. Oh, and of course the song is catchy.
  8. He's a fantastic artist. I'm slightly annoyed by how cool he thinks he is, but I guess any artist that is big enough to perform at the Superbowl...twice..has reached the level where they're allowed to act that way. It still annoys me a little, though.
  9. I'm in. Sounds great!
  10. The Resistance absolutely blew my mind. I like a few other tracks like "Burn it Down" and "Out of Hell." "I Want to Live", while decent, just seems like they tried to recreate "Awake and Alive."
  11. *sigh* I'm coming to the realization that I've outgrown this band.
  12. Sounds like they *really* don't want to get back together.
  13. After hearing a couple of singles from the new album that I liked, I finally decided to give this one a listen. Looks like this band has finally found their mojo... just got done hearing it, and I'm pleasantly blown away.
  14. Smashing Satellites is the group with the dude that left My Darkest Days
  15. Just got tickets for Ring of Honor Baltimore! Excited.