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  1. "Speaking of album sales, the top-selling album of the week is NeedToBreathe’s H A R D L O V E, which debuts at No. 1 on the Top Album Sales chart and at No. 2 on the Billboard 200. The set earned 50,000 units, of which 46,000 were in traditional album sales. H A R D L O V E is the band’s highest-charting album on the Billboard 200, surpassing the No. 3 debut and peak of its 2014 album Rivers in the Wasteland. That set bowed with the group’s best sales week: 49,000." http://www.billboard.com/articles/columns/chart-beat/7446707/drake-views-no-1-billboard-200-11th-week Pretty lame that the Billboard 200 isn't purely a sales chart anymore, these guys would have a number 1 record. Instead it's Drake for the 11th time.
  2. Interesting trade, can't imagine New England pays Cooper's option year (which has to be decided on next month) so he could basically be a throw-in. 2nd round pick is good value though.
  3. Ha! Yeah I'd thought it was something else in Spanish but I wasn't sure. I remember reading someone translating him after an Olsen TD and they said it was basically "Dance, Greg. DANCE!" The emotion is great. Think they're a father-son team, I know one is named Luis Moreno. We have a decent sized Spanish-speaking contingent out here, and it's kinda cool seeing the Morenos make an impact on the "speak American" crowd. EDIT: Uncle-Nephew. Luis and Jaime (NOTE THE SPELLING!!)
  4. That and what sounds like "Finally! Finally! Finally!" My favorite may be from Domenik Hixon's division-winning TD catch vs. the Saints a couple years back: https://youtu.be/LE74Xudijsc
  5. I don't know if he does soccer games, but he does all the Panthers' Spanish broadcasts. He's built a collection of great soundbites this year.
  6. The time it takes before you can actually play a new game is just absurd. I've had the game for 2 hours, and I'm still just sitting here. Finally finished the install only to be stuck on a 9 GB update. Ridiculous.
  7. Well, tried to do the lite draft for my other league but it never showed up. So this could be fun.
  8. So I guess 10 pm is full or something, so the draft is set for 10:15. Draft order is set to randomize at 9:15.
  9. I'll officially set the draft time for tonight at 10 EST once we get everyone in, still waiting on one more confirmation email.
  10. I think you have to go both or neither, and I'm cool with either of those options. Pick: Yes; Keeper: No - Big advantage for us at the top of the draft as those picking later can't protect a player, and the "reward" for finishing well last year is further enhanced by a complete draft pool. Hardly a "start fresh" option. Pick: No, Keeper: Yes - Kinda defeats the purpose of our round-based keeper system. The randomized order could cause someone to change their keeper. You could potentially see someone "win" the first pick but their keeper was a first rounder. Basically I'm saying all or nothing, though I guess if I had to pick I'd keep everything the same since we only have 2 new players. The new guys could pick a keeper from the older teams or start fresh entirely. Because it's round-based the keeper incentive isn't as great anyway.
  11. If we're starting over wouldn't it make sense to go with a randomized order?
  12. New guys should have emails to join up now.
  13. Also: we're returning 8 players but you guys wanna forego keepers? Should we do a randomized draft order then too?
  14. So Baron and "Cory" are taking over for Jason and Kyle? I'll need this Cory person's email (got Baron's). What about tonight at 10 EST? I've actually got another draft at 9, but it's a dynasty auction and few teams actually have cap space, shouldn't take long.
  15. If we have an odd number I guess we can do the roto format? I think...I've never done it before.