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  1. They hint at it every season, multiple times this season. And it's hinted at even stronger in the books. He killed his mother during childbirth (which Targaryans do, also see Snow), he dreamed of flying dragons as a child, the dragons didn't bother him in the dungeon, multiple seasons ago Dany had the vision of Rhaegar saying "the dragon has 3 heads," Tywin's hatred of him and constantly saying "you're no son of mine," the freakin' symbol for House Targaryan is a 3 headed dragon, etc.. He's the child of Aerys Targaryen and Joanna Lannister. Book it.
  2. There are 3 Targaryans, 1 for each dragon.
  3. I'm firmly convinced that 90% of the people who saw THE WITCH couldn't even tell you who that title was in reference to and why.
  4. I saw Clint Boge, the old Butterfly Effect frontman in there.
  5. The video description is wrong (just isolated vocal track), but the greatness still stands. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uMQb9LCNGxs
  6. THE MARTIAN - 8.0 WILDLIKE - 6.5
  7. SICARIO - Villeneuve is one of my favorite directors working and this one cements it as to why. Deakins cinematography is impeccable, as is the sound design. And, finally, Benecio del Toro signed on to a film that gave him something to do. - 8.8/10
  8. 6. Crimson Tide/Training Day 5. Cry Freedom 4. Inside Man 3. American Gangster 2. Philadelphia 1. Man on Fire
  9. if it gets to 400ww, which is still doubtful, it won't be the first film in history to do that, just the first US film. The French film, THE INTOUCHABLES did it just a couple of years ago. the Chinese market is all smoke and mirrors for press releases. the studio take, if they are lucky, usually maxes around 26% of the gross.
  10. I hope the record is good, but I think they made a mistake switching management.
  11. Robin was always a great live vocalist
  12. I quite enjoyed the live version from his farewell tour, where he just slowly walked his way around the stage, up the stairs and...
  13. The only way he'll ever be Blade again is if he dresses up as him for Halloween. Maybe in a dream.
  14. In the history of all rock music? Probably 1969.
  15. Yes and no. This is sort of their band farewell. Joe, the singer/songwriter, will be a professor at Washington State University starting in the fall, so this is a release and show before he leaves Cincinnati.