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  1. I agree. He definitely deserves to be up there again.
  2. Haha Iceberg. Yeah, I'm still around, just have become a lot more busy with life these days.
  3. I'm really liking this album. I didn't listen to them much before this, so this is what has gotten me into listening to them.
  4. I'm liking this so far, I need to listen to the whole album.
  5. In my opinion it is their best since Cold Day Memory.
  6. Loving this album even more than the last two. I'm glad they keep getting better with age unlike some other bands.
  7. I'm addicted to this song.
  8. I agree 3 for 3. The guy's a master at the trade and the rest of the band is pretty good as well. It's pretty much half of Submersed.
  9. I agree. I hope it's good. I keep thinking they are breaking up because they haven't released anything new since that song last year and let's face it, they aren't exactly blowing up the concert scene in the US.
  10. Where is Sevendust on this? I guess they just keep getting better with age. I haven't listened to the whole Shinedown and Godsmack albums. I've been listening to BB. I agree, there are good songs, but nothing like what was on the last album and I felt like they cut the album short by only having 10 full songs on their album.
  11. I was listening to a random list of music today and Janus came up and I was like, wow where have they been? Anybody know? They haven't posted anything since 2 years ago and it still says they are together on the sites, but they are outdated.
  12. Anyone know what the song was that was playing during the opening promo for the women's elimination chamber match? Bothering the crap out of me right now. Roman Roids is going to have a lot of fun explaining about the story that Jon Bravo will be presenting about how he obtained roids illegally in the coming weeks. He keeps denying it, but I'm beliving the evidence from the court case. If you're not familiar, look up the WFN steroid ring bust. Anyways, I see WWE pushing Roman int he next few months, but they are also making Braun look really strong, so I think he will be the next one to win the title come SummerSlam or next Wrestlemania. I really hope Elias is up there too, he is really over. Also, Cena's post-match interview was really strange. I wonder if he is turning heel finally?
  13. It's all about Drake Maverick.
  14. Yeah, would be nice to have something that is similar to what was happening on here 4-5 years ago.
  15. Tick tock, tick tock for Tiny Hands. the dominoes are falling one by one.
  16. I'm glad they are fighting. I was at Virginia Tech during the shootings and it still effects me to this day. Unfortunately, the issue has gotten worse since then. I hope that politicians do something for once.
  17. This is a great rendition of this song. I'm looking forward to their new album.
  18. They were always way heavier than Saving Abel and Hinder, not to mention they had some rap elements mixed in. The 100 in a 55 is what did that when they first came on the scene. They've been hit or miss for me, but I like the majority of their stuff and their live shows are great.
  19. This is some good stuff.
  20. Yeah!
  21. Not bad. I'm just glad they are finally getting to producing the rest of this album. They have been on hiatus for awhile and I can't blame them for everything that has been going on with Kyle's life. I hope they tour again soon.
  22. Forgot this came out. I may get it. I've heard the songs as well and love them.
  23. Loving these songs. I'm not expecting much else from them other than to sound like Breaking Benjamin and they have not disappointed.
  24. I'm loving this song. I had no clue this album was coming out soon. I'm now excited.
  25. I believe I saw something saying he was going to make an announcement next month. He's an idiot if he thinks recreating the XFL is a good idea, he needs to go a different route with this league if he wants it to be successful. I think Vince is also losing site that lot of people are also tuning out of the NFL because of the concussion issue. I have a feeling that Tiny Hands is definitely talking to him about this because of the kneeling during the anthem thing, which is stupid. Welcome back Ruiner V 2.0. I'm glad you didn't fade away and classify yourself as obsolete.