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  1. I Prevail's was better.
  2. From Ashes to New: the best album of 2016.
  3. 2/2 for me too. Apparently Losing Control was co-written by Dustin Bates (Starset lead singer). Great stuff.
  4. Wow already! Yes, Still Alive rules!
  5. Is Fred Durst their official video producer? That's two produced by him now. Either way, I love this band. This is my AOTY and it's going to be hard to beat. I hope they get really giant because we need more of this kind of music!
  6. My favorite albums seem to be going against each other.
  7. I didn't know they were still active. I really like these songs from them.
  8. This is tough, but I have to go with Korn.
  9. This was a throwback album for BSC to the first 2. It was easily one of my favorites. This is tough, but I have to go with BSC.
  10. Tiny hands lies and says he had "talked" to the generals. Then the generals all call BS. Oh yeah and let's think of all the tax money that was burned because the military was already prepared medically for transgender people per the last year's initiative and then Tiny hands decides a day before implementation on his own to tweet that he is banning this. Not to mention that it won't stand in court and will create tons of unneeded lawsuits. He can't even make an announcement in person. He's too busy thanking 12-17 year old boy scouts for voting for him in wasted speeches. This is the face of a madman. Please get him out.
  11. Same here Koldes. Loving this!
  12. I love this album. I can play through the whole thing except for the country song, which is okay. Great job!