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  1. I'm still here. Just busy with life. It's not as easy for me to post here as it was before at the moment. I've seen people on hiatus for months amd come back like Cfw and Koldes etc. It's too bad the forum isn't as active. Is there a better way to recruit new members or younger ones? Otherwise it will be us and maybe 1 new person a year, which seems to be the trend in the past 3 years or so. I will be participating in voting for music madness. I hope we get a lot of discussion there. I have discovered some great bands recently, so I'm psyched about that.
  2. Does tiny hands have dementia? Also, the Russian collusion is very real and Spicer continues to not understand reality.
  3. Love this band.
  4. This albums is amazing. AOTY tied with Art of Anarchy right now for me. There is definitely diversity on the album. A Way Out is my favorite song.
  5. This album is the best one I've heard this year next to the Righteous Vendetta one. My expectations were low, but there isn't one bad track and I actually liked this better than the new AB album.
  6. Russia has already hacked news programs and/or conspiracy fake news sites, especially during election time. The story is getting crazier and crazier, the more we all are finding out the collusion information.
  7. This is great. I remember their single "This Pain" from a few years ago. I will be listening to more of this album for sure.
  8. I just discovered this band and am digging them. They released their newest album 'Nomad' January 6.
  9. Just discovered this band and am liking them. Here is the newest from Chasing Safety.
  10. Both songs are great. Really liking this a lot. I will definitely be buying this album when it comes out.
  11. I agree. This is a turn in the right direction for them because they were certainly losing it in the last few years. I like how the subject matter ties into the political climate we have. Now I'm actually interested in this album.
  12. Good stuff!
  13. I've got a million little triggers ......
  14. I just checked up on them a month ago and was wondering if we'd hear much of anything new from them. Well here is something. Good stuff as always. I haven't heard a bad song from this band yet. The Mercury EP was some great stuff. They deserve so much more than they have gotten thus far.
  15. This first single sounds great. Looking forward to the album now.