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  1. ..... and Larry's getting larger.
  2. Wow, this has gone quiet for almost a month. Where is Ruiner? I'm excited for the NXT call ups and the new wave of indy talent in NXT. I believe I called the ROH invasion angle over a year ago on here and Ruiner thought I was crazy.
  3. I don't think the tax reform is going to actually be implemented. Once mid-term elections happen, plus an impending government shutdown, plus the potential for impeachment or indictment of more members or Tiny Hands himself will nullify this. If the GOP loses their majority vote they won't be able to do anything. Plus the senate bill has to be reconciled with the house, which hasn't been done yet. I also don't understand how it's appropriate for a bill to be amended and passed in the span of a few hours where not every person can review it. That is insanity and the GOP becoming desperate because this is the last thing they could possibly get passed because everything else has been a failure for them.
  4. I Prevail's was better.
  5. From Ashes to New: the best album of 2016.
  6. 2/2 for me too. Apparently Losing Control was co-written by Dustin Bates (Starset lead singer). Great stuff.
  7. Wow already! Yes, Still Alive rules!
  8. Is Fred Durst their official video producer? That's two produced by him now. Either way, I love this band. This is my AOTY and it's going to be hard to beat. I hope they get really giant because we need more of this kind of music!
  9. My favorite albums seem to be going against each other.
  10. I didn't know they were still active. I really like these songs from them.
  11. This is tough, but I have to go with Korn.
  12. This was a throwback album for BSC to the first 2. It was easily one of my favorites. This is tough, but I have to go with BSC.