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  1. Sarcastic quote of the day.
  2. Yeah these bands are really similar in style. I'm giving the nod to Korn, but good debut Cane Hill.
  3. I saw enough on his girlfriend's video. It was cold-blooded murder, He did nothing to get shot at all. Yep, our justice system tries to hard to protect the wrong people.
  4. Apparently people in Georgia don't like livable wages. SMH
  5. Yeah, they are torching SD after having the best programming of the two until the shakedown. Very sad.
  6. This just in ................. you're under investigation hahaha. He couldn't figure that out from Comey's testimony apparently.
  7. I have to listen to this one still.
  8. I'm liking this so far. One of my friends actually told me about this band.
  9. I'm really liking this song.
  10. This was tough, but I definitely had BSC playing more than Evans Blue, so I gave the nod to them. It was a great album from them.
  11. Love me some I Prevail. One of the new bands I discovered last year.
  12. I'm really surprised that they changed their sound this much. It has created a divide with fans, but I really like it. It is an extremely dark and heavy album. The sounds are mostly dissonant, almost like Korn or Love and Death style, but I like this. Their old sound was getting stale and I think they realized that. What a pleasant surprise from this band.
  13. Funny how the tides have turned for Ivan Moody and Motograter at the same time.
  14. Looking forward to this one. I liked their first one. Sounds like John's vocals have gotten better as well.