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  1. This album kicks ass!
  2. This band just came up on my playlist on youtube. Liking them a lot so far.
  3. Happy they're back!
  4. Yes!
  5. Looking forward to this album!
  6. Almost thought they were done. Glad they aren't.
  7. Both songs are amazing. Much better than the last album so far.
  8. In no particular order ...... 1. Sevendust - All I See is War 2. Parkway Drive - Reverence 3. Light the Torch - Revival 4. From Ashes to New - The Future 5. Bad Wolves - Disobey 6. Breaking Benjamin - Ember 7. Tremonti - A Dying Machine 8. Cane Hill - Too Far Gone I've discovered some bands as well, but haven't listened to all of their new albums.
  9. Solid album.
  10. I'll have to check this one out. I liked their last few.
  11. I'm disappointed in this one. The first 2 were great and this one only has about 2 songs I like.
  12. Fantastic song and video!
  13. Great album!
  14. I'm still wondering why they haven't released a full album since forever ago. Their stuff is great, though. Very underrated band.
  15. Loving this album. It blasts the bass in my car and it is glorious.