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  1. Guy at work is 21 and he showed me a video while saying he hates his generation. GMA had a story about colleges with students needing support therapy dogs, tests were cancelled, free hit chocolate was given out and students were allowed to take off classes a few days of need to be. I told him "yeah, your generation is a bunch of pussies." He had to agree after seeing this shit.
  2. All I said was hopefully Trump does a good job. I doubt it would be the same of it were changed. Especially if it was Trump that didn't address her own fans that night. CNBC was ripping her apart for that last night. One guy did have the balls to say of Trump did that, it would have been all over the news and Hillary fans.
  3. Haha I'll admit Wannabe was a catchy song. And Ginger was really hot!
  4. It happened so we can just hope Trump does a good job.
  5. "SmackDown LIVE has a new addition to its announce team: Tom Phillips. The announcer joins play-by-play commentators Mauro Ranallo and David Otunga, and color commentator JBL, giving Team Blue a four-man booth every Tuesday night at 8/7 C on USA Network. "Phillips made his WWE debut in 2012 on NXT, where he announced NXT ArRIVAL, WWE Network's first live, in-ring broadcast. "Fear not, NXT Universe, in addition to joining SmackDown LIVE, Phillips will still call the action on WWE NXT every week." 3 Man Commentating Sucks, so why not add one more! WWE is on a roll!
  6. Are you working with him? Who cares
  7. Probably cause WWE is boring as shit right now I'll take any classic star
  8. People wonder why fans are crying that they won. It really hit me during the parade and they mentioned a few past names, who were retired but still loved the Cubs throughout the years, who died and didn't see it. We think about loved ones who didn't get to see this.
  9. Brooke Hogan has said to TMZ that Hulk has gotten phone calls about WrestleMania!
  10. Here’s a list of the latest polling numbers in the five states where voters will decide whether or not to legalize marijuana for recreational use, based on reports from Ballotpedia. Arizona (Proposition 205): 48% in favor; 47% opposed; 4% undecided California (Proposition 64): 58% in favor; 37% opposed; 5% undecided Maine (Question 1): 50% in favor; 41% opposed; 9% undecided Massachusetts (Question 4): 62% in favor; 33% opposed; 4% undecided Nevada (Question 2): 47% in favor; 43% opposed; 11% undecided
  11. Come on. He has been in some shitty movies. It's not a a knock on him though as he has made a Tom of films and they all can't be winners. But "rare"?
  12. Mostly to make TNA look bad. Of course they do a good enough job of doing that themselves. I don't think it's an empty threat as what would he lose? He would get paid for the stock and TNA is paying him back the $ he "loaned" them.
  13. Corgan just said if he's not paid today he will sell his 36% stock to WWE.
  14. CM Punk is part of the TV hosts for the parade and hrs rocking the shit out of it! He needs to stop MMA and look into broadcasting.
  15. If that game was in chicago he wuld have been booed when he was taken out