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  1. I get what you're saying in that there's no Ape Dos Mil or anything of the like. I know they've voiced some dissatisfaction with how that album was recorded/the major label pressure thing (I personally think it's brilliant, but whatever). I think this record is the most accurate representation of who they are as a band; this is what their live show sounds like, with no real bells and whistles attached. Personally, I love it and a heavy, groovy GJ record is exactly what I wanted from them. The hooks are still there though, for me (see: Closer)
  2. UPDATE: yep
  3. this is going to be my album of the year, almost 100% sure
  4. I kinda wanna say yes but I love Jokic more than I love myself so I'll have to think about it
  5. well, my team is really taking the dick. Of course, also drafted under the assumption that Kawhi Leonard was going to play at some point this year. Whoops
  6. This album fucking rules. The perfect blend of all their music, super catchy songwriting but also some of the heaviest shit they've ever made. They always change it up from album to album but this time I really think they hit on something that works for them. Also I know they've had a revolving door of drummers the last few years but they absolutely cannot afford to let Alex Bent go. He dominates this album
  7. Really really dug this after one listen. Definitely a slightly poppier direction from them but it totally works in their favor, reminded me of Anberlin a lot of times. I will say that there are too many lyrics on this one about phones lol
  8. In a just world Night Verses would have smote FATN with a mighty blow
  9. Hell yeah. This is almost assuredly going to be their best since In Waves
  10. Saw these boys with Volumes last night and they were absolutely killer (both bands). Highly recommend seeing that tour if it stops in your neck of the woods
  11. All I've heard from this album is "In The Middle of It All" but that song is easily the best I've ever heard from them. Will check out
  12. Kyle Hendricks: 0 ER in 2017 postseason Kershaw: 4 ER in 2017 postseason Now is Kyle Hendricks better than Kershaw? Not for me to say. But I will say, you tell me....
  13. New song. I'm flabbergasted at how good it is. What a great fuckin band
  14. Weekends are best obv but weekdays are probably good past like, 10 PM Central time
  15. @Omar draft when?