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  1. After the Burial released an absolutely monstrous record but there is no comparing to Norma Jean. They just get better and better on every album when it seems like they have nowhere else to go. Easy vote for me
  2. DGD may have released their weakest album yet imo, but am I voting against them in this matchup? Hellno i'll see myself out
  3. Both these songs are pretty jammin' but "Don't Stop" has the slight edge for me. I'm actually real excited for "Let Em Burn", super badass groove on that preview clip
  4. Album out August 11! New single here.
  5. I wasn't aware Bon Jovi were still kicking, which is admirable of them I guess, but er, I can't envision any scenario in which I vote for them
  6. This is hilarious and I'm totally on team Chad in this feud. Not because I agree with him or something because I respect his commitment to the slander and well, someone needs to root for him
  7. I gave this a jammy jam in the car this AM and enjoyed it immensely. I always thought these guys' heavier output was a bit on the standard side for me but they really hit the spot with the sound on this one imo. "Vertigo", "Disarray" and "Youth" are the highlights for me.
  8. Oof. Rough, rough draw for Dayshell, who released a very enjoyable album
  9. The album is 48 minutes long, so I don't think it'll suffer from lack of content also this song is funky as hell
  10. Bold prediction: this album, as is the case with every other QOTSA album, will be awesome
  11. The game with the mouse looks like it could be fun and adorable
  12. Yeah, Days Gone is a pretty game but doesn't seem nearly as innovative/exciting as they're trying to sell it as.
  13. Yeah, Emarosa have truly become a great band. Rarely can few bands undergo a sound transformation/lineup change like they have and somehow be even better than before. Also, they're incredible live and you should go see them if you get the chance.
  14. I neeeeeeeed new Spiderman PS4 footage tonight. Pump it into my veins.