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  1. In a just world Night Verses would have smote FATN with a mighty blow
  2. Hell yeah. This is almost assuredly going to be their best since In Waves
  3. Saw these boys with Volumes last night and they were absolutely killer (both bands). Highly recommend seeing that tour if it stops in your neck of the woods
  4. All I've heard from this album is "In The Middle of It All" but that song is easily the best I've ever heard from them. Will check out
  5. Kyle Hendricks: 0 ER in 2017 postseason Kershaw: 4 ER in 2017 postseason Now is Kyle Hendricks better than Kershaw? Not for me to say. But I will say, you tell me....
  6. New song. I'm flabbergasted at how good it is. What a great fuckin band
  7. Weekends are best obv but weekdays are probably good past like, 10 PM Central time
  8. @Omar draft when?
  9. gimme gimme gimme
  10. I'll probably catch them on their next tour, nowhere near me this time but thankfully they'll be in Chicago in Feb. They were great when I saw them with Periphery 2+ years ago. What a bizarre lineup that was....
  11. Really enjoying this album. Dude has a fantastic voice, maybe my favorite in today's current music world this side of Dallas Green
  12. I have a free download code for this album, anyone want it?
  13. Definitely a thread for this one fam
  14. So where does this stack up with the self titled for y'all? I wanna say I like this one a little more after like 10 listens but I can't decide if it's because it's more fresh in my mind or if I actually like it better. Time will tell. Also why are we not talking about "Funny Little Creatures" yet, that song is fuckin awesome and has some of their best vocal melodies, verses and chorus
  15. It didn't for me either, at first. Try Garden Window maybe, it's their consensus best