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  1. This has come out of nowhere and jumped up pretty high on my AOTY list. I thought I was over this kind of band and sound by now but this is easily their most varied, dynamic and well written album to date.
  2. Another new tune. Absolutely loving the Chevelle influence on this one
  3. the chorus on this absolutely unbelievable. not trying to jinx it but this is certainly looking to be their best album since Good Apollo I
  4. On the contrary, I do not like this song one bit
  5. "Upside Down" is floating around out there in the wild and honestly it's probably my favorite song of the year so far
  6. Awwwwwww yeah baby
  7. >from America >Beatles, Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, David Bowie
  8. Pretty different song for them, almost sounds like Angels and Airwaves or something. They definitely needed to change it up, though
  9. A refresher for those still sleeping on this:
  10. These two songs are both so good. I loved The Color Before The Sun and think it was a nice break from the Amory Wars concept for them but this is exactly how I wanted them to come back. So excited for this era of Coheed
  11. I know a lot of people probably aren't expecting much from this album after the departure of Doug, but I'm completely blown away by what these guys have managed to do as an instrumental unit. So, so good. These two are my favorites so far:
  12. Love this song. Can't believe it's been 2 years since TBEITBN already, feels like that album came out yesterday. Ready for the new stuff though, and very excited to see them again in October
  13. Good quality any day now plz
  14. That's unfortunate. I will continue to support the plethora of metal bands I listen to that have not attempted at any point to have their respective spouses murdered
  15. Monster song. I've been engaged throughout all of these despite being completely instrumental which I wasn't expecting it all. It's not going to top ITVL for me but it's gonna be damn good either way