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  1. 2 for 2. This album is gonna fuck me uppppp
  2. Been digging the new VOLA record lately, like some Deftones + Depeche Mode type stuff? Depechetones, if you will Also the new album from Vein is fucking ridiculous and probably my fav of the year. A heavier take on modern metalcore but with a very very early 2000s nu-metally twist. @Ruiner II you would almost certainly dig
  3. "I Am Above" = great "This Is Our House" = .....woof
  4. I really love "Peace" and don't really love "On My Side". Feel like these days they're better leaning all the way into the heavy sound or all the way into the melodic sound and not trying to be somewhere in the middle
  5. I did! In fact, I went to that show. Easily my favorite set of the three they played across the three nights so I felt very fortunate. Was completely losing my shit during Somewhat Damaged and Burn
  6. I already did! Caught the 2nd of two nights in Chicago. They were unfuckingbelievable
  7. I've been REALLY into this album of late so I had to check to see if you had listened to it yet. I should have anticipated that it would be at (or at least near) the top of your list, heh
  8. Pretty ridiculous lineup, so many good bands (also Architects being on means we're probably gonna get a tour around that time so weeeeee)
  9. I'm alive! I love this album. My fav since GA1 without question, and easily their most consistent album all the way through since then. There are so many mind bendingly awesome parts: the chorus of Toys, the bridge of Queen of the Dark, the heavy verses of True Ugly, the synths in Night Time Walkers, and It Walks Among Us (holy FUCKING shit this song). I love this band. I'm so impressed that they can continue to amaze me almost 10 years into them being my favorite band.
  10. Had to log back in specifically to say how hard this song fuckin bangs
  11. This has come out of nowhere and jumped up pretty high on my AOTY list. I thought I was over this kind of band and sound by now but this is easily their most varied, dynamic and well written album to date.
  12. Another new tune. Absolutely loving the Chevelle influence on this one
  13. the chorus on this absolutely unbelievable. not trying to jinx it but this is certainly looking to be their best album since Good Apollo I
  14. On the contrary, I do not like this song one bit
  15. "Upside Down" is floating around out there in the wild and honestly it's probably my favorite song of the year so far