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  1. Choose wisely. Choose bravely. Choose Night Verses!
  2. Demon Hunter is probably a better comparison than any of the bands I listed there, but I'd say these guys are a little less in on the screaming vocals. Still, Cory Brandan has a real ear for melody and it's nice to see him have an avenue to explore that when he's not screaming his lungs out in Norma Jean. Granted I haven't really kept up with active rock radio these days but I feel like "Last Apology", "Fractional", "Infinite Winter" could all be super successful on active rock radio if pushed properly.
  3. Y'all need to check this out immediately. One of the best hard rock records of the last few years at least. Any fan of Deftones/Chevelle/10 Years/Red should be super into this (looking at you @Koldes! and yes there is variety)
  4. You can preorder the vinyl, CD, or buy a digital download here: http://www.procrastinatemusictraitors.com/products/598731-brand-new-science-fiction Kind of excited for this. Never been a big Brand New fan really by any stretch (just haven't "got it" I guess) but I know this is supposed to be their last album and they're super important to a lot of people so maybe I'll find something in this one
  5. Hey! The album's out. It's called Science Fiction. Weeee
  6. I'm impossibly stoked for this album. Saw them front row in Grand Rapids the other day with maybe 400 other people and it was one of the best shows I've ever seen
  7. That song bangs. Might have to make the drive to Joliet for that co-headliner, never seen 10 Years or Red before.
  8. I want to see this live so bad ugghhhhh
  9. Basement are very accessible, in fact I would say that this album is easily their most accessible and catchy yet. And they're on Fueled by Ramen now so they've got big things ahead
  10. Well this is an incidental battle given that these guys are going on tour together in a couple of months, heh. Either way, gonna give the slight edge to Periphery here
  11. WARNING: the quality is kinda quiet. Sounds OK but you have to crank it up. Still, excited to give this a jammy jam
  12. This album has been a pleasant surprise for me. I always thought these guys were closer to the death metal side of things so I didn't get into them much, but this is a really neat metalcore album with awesome vocals and tons of interesting stuff in it. Love the piano
  13. Oh hell yeah. I liked SITS but this is the real good stuff.
  14. I am all over this damn tour. See ya in Chicago boys. That will be my 3rd time seeing Circa this year, 2nd time seeing Thrice, 2nd time seeing Balco, and maybe 3rd time seeing Chon lol
  15. Great cover by Spencer/Matt from Periphery in memoriam