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  1. http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p061k8m4 wow this new Sleepwave song sounds great
  2. I'm so miffed this isn't within 4 hours of me
  3. I like, but don't love this song. The lyrics are a little simplistic, not that Spencer/Aaron were ever Shakespeare or anything, but I felt a little underwhelmed, and the chorus is a small step down from the awesomeness that was Disambiguation to me god does it feel good to hear this band again though
  4. Ascend is still just so weird to me. Like, what caused them to make it? They clearly don't think that highly of it or they wouldn't have returned to a heavier sound so quickly
  5. That album art is *terrible*, but I like the new song. Certainly much better and less meandering than "The Doomed"
  6. This album rules, as did their last album. They keep refining their sound and getting more tasteful/focused with the songwriting but keep the crazy math rock guitar parts that make them so special. (also they kick ass live and if you can go see them you should do that)
  7. As someone who has followed this band for a long long long time I can see where you're coming from. When they started they were very much cut from The Starting Line-ish pop punk cloth but the singer/lead songwriter AJ Perdomo has always made it known he's a big fan of 90s rock and that style of pop-rock songwriting and that's definitely crept into their style. Still, they have a sound that's almost completely theirs imo
  8. fuckkkk me this album is everything I wanted. No filler, just straight gold from tracks 1-10. "Live Forever" might be their best song ever though. I missed this band so much and am so happy they can be a part of my life again.
  9. Just put out their first release as an instrumental band, 3 song EP called "Copper Wasp". Full album to come later in the year
  10. oh man that cover is not good
  11. I wasn't aware you started listening to Converge :^)
  12. Not sure if this is the EXACT order but it's something close to this: 1. Glassjaw - 'Material Control' 2. '68 - 'Two Parts Viper' 3. Circa Survive - 'The Amulet' 4. Converge - 'The Dusk In Us' 5. Kelela - 'Take Me Apart' 6. Nothing More - 'The Stories We Tell Ourselves' 7. Anna of the North - 'Lovers' 8. Hundredth - 'RARE' 9. I The Mighty - 'Where The Mind Wants To Go/Where You Let It Go' 10. SZA - 'Ctrl' Shout outs to Trivium, Propagandhi, The Smith Street Band, AFI, Eidola, Hundred Suns, and Turnover, who also released killer albums. Sure I'm missing some
  13. New song is pretty decent, maybe a tad above the usual BB fare. Can't see myself falling too in love with a new album but it will get some spins for sure
  14. new Dangerous Summer song is incredible. I missed this band so much the last 4 years and it's so cool and wonderful having them back in my life again