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  1. Fuck yes, this is so cool. I've always been waiting for a band I like to do a release like this. Will dive in with open ears very shortly Here's the Youtube stream
  2. That song is fantastic. Super emotional, the story behind it only adds to how heartbreaking it is. This album is quickly ratcheting up my most anticipated for the year.
  3. So I somehow managed to get a ticket to see Tool in June. That's pretty cool.

    1. Tilley


      That's awesome!  Have fun. 

    2. RainbowDragon


      They must get tired of playing the same old songs over and over again.

  4. One of my favorite songs from the record
  5. Just saw these guys on their US headlining tour. Best live metal band in the game, hands down. Every individual performance was spot on with the record, except for Sam.... who is somehow even better. Can't recommend seeing them enough
  6. Both these leaked songs are better than "Let You Down" imo. Drums sound a little better as well. Hopefully they're more indicative of the album
  7. the production or the Chevelle thing? EDIT: so I did a little research and apparently this album was co-engineered by Matt Hyde.... I know he did Deftones' Gore, and I know people were complaining about the drum sound on that one too....
  8. Not to sound like an Omar here but I'm not really enamored with the production of this song. The bass drum is too quiet. When the drums come it it just sounds mushy and kinda flat. Song itself is ok, not one of the better singles they've had. As someone else already mentioned it does sound a lot like Take Out the Gunman
  9. Just saw Get Out. Immediately into my top 5 movies of all time. Incredible
  10. That's a bold statement. Phantoms is an album that is very near and dear to my heart and has a lot of good memories attached to it for me so I can't see it being toppled by this new one just yet. But this is about as good and engaging an album I could have asked for from them.
  11. Yeah, this is a great great album. Love that they didn't try to pick up the pieces right where they left off and make a faux-nostalgic "punky" record. This sounds like Acceptance, but what they would have sounded like if they got huge and kept progressing over the last 12 years. Love the vaguely 80s-ish vibe on a lot of these songs, and Jason Vena's vocals are supreme
  12. Y'all are bozos. That's the worst song on Phantoms.
  13. For the record, I think the Kings certainly do give a shit, just all the wrong shits
  14. They're busy overvaluing their assets so they can not trade for Jimmy Butler *knocks furiously on wood*