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  1. Love this song. Can't believe it's been 2 years since TBEITBN already, feels like that album came out yesterday. Ready for the new stuff though, and very excited to see them again in October
  2. Good quality any day now plz
  3. That's unfortunate. I will continue to support the plethora of metal bands I listen to that have not attempted at any point to have their respective spouses murdered
  4. Monster song. I've been engaged throughout all of these despite being completely instrumental which I wasn't expecting it all. It's not going to top ITVL for me but it's gonna be damn good either way
  5. I had work that morning so my friend who I was going to go with went to get tickets. He's a pretty smart/savvy ticket buying guy so I assumed he knew he would need to get there pretty damn early to not have to be in line all day. He did not. (buuuut luckily we found some resale tickets for a pretty reasonable price so I'm still going!)
  6. fuckkkkk me this song is amazing. Could not be happier right now. My favorite band!
  7. that's a banger. bummed I missed these guys when they came to Chicago last week, I was out of town. Only gonna get bigger from here
  8. This is really, really fucking sad. When I first was introducing myself to indie rock however many years ago a friend showed me "Things" and it's stayed in rotation for me ever since. I hope Scott can find the piece that his music gave so many people.
  9. Tickets for this are expensive as shit but I've been way more into NIN the last year or so and don't think I can pass up the chance to see them in a GA venue
  10. have fun!
  11. will do! I saw they're on tour with Underoath right now so I was probably gonna get around to it at some point
  12. I would love to check this out! Some names on here I've been meaning to get around to and others I've ignored for a long ass time.
  13. well it's a good thing the album is out on June 8 then
  14. 2 for 2. Love both of these songs more than anything on Mothership pretty much. Love the little extra rasp in Tilian's voice
  15. LOVE the new song. Totally ready for this album also no matter how she's marketed/how hot she is (very) how about we don't objectify her k thanks