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  1. It's a busy week for the vocalist of Throw The Fight. Their new single drops Friday and his new band dropped this. The other members are Moose, formerly of Bullet For My Valentine, Still Remains’ Jordan Whelan and Threat Signal’s Travis Montgomery, and Glamour Of The Kill’s Davey Richmond.
  2. 1. The Silver Scream - Ice Nine Kills 2. The Great Depression - As It Is 3. Anon. - Hands Like Houses 4. Too Far Gone - Cane Hill 5. Youngblood - 5 Seconds of Summer 6. Burning Alive - CrazyEightyEight 7. Outsider - Three Days Grace 8. Only Rocks Live Forever - The Zealots 9. Giants - Dividing Eden 10. Living Proof - State Champs
  3. Whoops. That's what I get for just searching their name and not double checking in here.
  4. These guys and gal have found themselves up pretty high on my favorite supergroups list after this album. What a killer. All the songs are based on movies and there's definitely a cinematic feel to it.
  5. Agreed. None of these new songs have grabbed me like they did on that album.
  6. They just released this today.
  7. Just saw these guys open for Adelitas Way and they killed it.
  8. Here's Acid Rain.
  9. Spencer Sotelo has another project.
  10. It's crazy how good these new songs are. Really digging the released songs and I remember loving a different new one that was played at The Dells show (speaking of that, the live version of Puzzle Pieces is even better).
  11. Debut single from Adam Hall (ex-Another Lost Year)
  12. The album is titled Midnight and will be out February 1st.
  13. Surprise! Cane Hill has a new song (another surprise - it's probably not what you're expecting). New album out 1-18-19.
  14. Emarosa and Hands Like Houses tonight.

  15. I'm so here for pop Emarosa.
  16. Video drops tomorrow, actually!
  17. These guys and gal just dropped their first full length on Friday and it's pretty dang solid.
  18. Wow. What a great album. I love their shift in sound, which especially shines in Stage 3 of the album (tracks 7-9). The Two Tongues and The Reaper are the biggest standouts to me, but every track is super solid. The Great Depression is, well, a great opening song.