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  1. The song is growing on me and I think that acoustic version helped.
  2. The extended version dropped today. This is probably my favorite from the new songs.
  3. Beautiful Death drops January 12th.
  4. With Confidence also had something like this come to light. They got rid of the guy pretty quick.
  5. Maybe because they kind of sound like another band?
  6. I think this one is going to end up in my Top 5 of the year. So damn good.
  7. One of the best new pop punk bands drops their sophomore album on January 26th.
  8. I'm going to need some more listens to figure out my favorites but this is another solid album from these guys.
  9. I'm going to have to take that survey. Definitely don't want Po Mouth hitting the radio. Hearing it once was more than enough.
  10. I've seen them do this cover a few times and I don't mind it. I think it's pretty cool of them to do a song where Crispin's vocals aren't always the main focus.
  11. Wicked Game is fine and I didn't totally hate Glass Jaw. Po Mouth is awful.
  12. The Hands Like Houses track is out.
  13. Gave this a listen today. Really enjoyed Pet Names and 111 Winchester (the story that song tells us awesome to me) and I'm sure that won't be my only listen.
  14. The live version of Young and Menace that FOB is doing on this tour is so much better than the recorded version.

  15. Listened to this once and wasn't too impressed. This may end up being my least favorite release of theirs. I thought the chorus of You're Not The Holy One sounded like a mess.
  16. Spencer Sotelo dropped another song from his side project, ENDUR. Album comes out on the 27th.
  17. A Silverchair tribute album is coming out and here's the first taste. Track listing here
  18. From their EP.