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  1. I liked this show tonight better when I thought Framing Hanley would be headlining it but I'm still very excited.

  2. New Glass Houses
  3. Another video was added to their storyline today.
  4. I'm actually really digging this album. It didn't grab me like Dissonants did but there's still so many great tracks. I think Black is one of the coolest songs they've done.
  5. He throws some previews in his Instagram story once in a while and they've all sounded great. He also tweeted that the album has 11 tracks.
  6. Really digging this one. Not a bad track on it.
  7. New album coming October 12th.
  8. Anyone else watching this? I'm only a few episodes in but I'm loving it. It has Will Arnett, Aaron Paul and TL's favorite, Alison Brie and a ton of others.
  9. I'm very excited to hear more. Already digging that little clip a lot.
  10. Cane Hill is dropping a live album tomorrow.
  11. Songs That Saved My Life compilation out November 11th. Track List:1. Neck Deep - Torn2. Movements - Losing My Religion3. Stand Atlantic - Your Graduation4. Dance Gavin Dance - Semi Charmed Life5. Against Me! - People Who Died6. Taking Back Sunday - Bullet With Butterfly Wings 1. Dream State - Crawling2. As It Is - Such Great Heights3. Oceans Ate Alaska - Shape of my Heart4. Too Close To Touch - Let It Be5. Dan Campbell & Ace Enders - Broom People6. The Maine - Transatlanticism
  12. Closer “Super Hero” (featuring M. Shadows of AVENGED SEVENFOLD and Aaron Gillespie of UNDEROATH) conjures visions of “ATREYU meets QUEEN meets Disneyland meets E.L.O.” with its cinematic orchestration, horns, flutes, and grandiose production. “It’s about being your kid’s superhero, so we invited other singers who are fathers to join us,” Brandon explains. “Everyone wrote his own respective part and gave perspective on what fatherhood meant to him. I wanted it to feel like the music from the Soaring Over California ride at Disney’s California Adventure park. It ends on such a huge note and offers a breath of fresh air.”
  13. The Minneapolis scene gave us two Punk Goes Pop kind of covers this week.
  14. I have been very hyped about this band without even knowing anything about them. The three songs they released before today were all great. Anyways, this is a group that includes the vocalist from letlive., as well as someone from The Chariot and another from Night Verses. Travis Barker and John Feldmann are also both heavily involved.
  15. The first few songs are pretty same-y lyrically but I really enjoyed this. Put almost all of the songs into my best of the year playlist. Warrior, Foreigner and Ruins are my top 3. The latter is a nice piano ballad that does a nice job of breaking away from the style of the other songs while still feeling like it fits in.
  16. Wow. What a great album. I love their shift in sound, which especially shines in Stage 3 of the album (tracks 7-9). The Two Tongues and The Reaper are the biggest standouts to me, but every track is super solid. The Great Depression is, well, a great opening song.
  17. How are Hardees and Carl's Jr. ranked differently?
  18. Interesting that the tracklist is different on Spotify. On this version, the last two tracks are my favorites - especially The Silence, which ranks pretty high on my favorite songs by them from any album.
  19. They all came together in the same house because they're brothers. And they've been doing the music thing for a little while. They get put on the most interesting tours. I first saw them with Islander and there was no fan overlap there.
  20. With Sonny Moore on vocals once again.