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  1. I'm going to need some more listens to figure out my favorites but this is another solid album from these guys.
  2. New Too Close To Touch
  3. I agree with this being not what I expected but it's a very pleasant surprise. Every track is great but Miracle is a real standout that is quickly becoming one of my favorite things they've ever done. I'm actually hoping to hear more pop-oriented things in their future.
  4. Saw then with Seether as well. Thought they easily put on the best show of the night.
  5. I didn't listen to metalcore growing up and so I'm just starting to get into it now in my mid-20s. I guess I've only appreciated it more as I've gotten older.
  6. Little bummed that The Relentless isn't a real band.

  7. New Versus Me featuring Eric from I Prevail
  8. Definitely bummed to see these guys go. Hoping the songs that they were working on get released soon because they were so good.
  9. Emarosa put out one of my favorite albums of all time so it's an easy vote for me. If it's going to be taken out, at least it's going to be done by a great band.
  10. Really enjoying this one. Say What You Will (that key change!) and Moon and the Shadows are my favorites but there's not a song on here that I want to skip, unlike previous albums.
  11. Anyone else watching this? I'm only a few episodes in but I'm loving it. It has Will Arnett, Aaron Paul and TL's favorite, Alison Brie and a ton of others.
  12. Sure would have been so heartbreaking. I couldn't even narrow down which songs I would want because I think the whole album would've sounded great reimagined. I'll be catching them in Des Moines, equally stoked.
  13. September 15th can't get here soon enough.
  14. Dallon Weekes (Panic! At The Disco) and Ryan Seaman (Falling In Reverse)
  15. New Throw The Fight
  16. I'm on my second listen of this and it's easily my favorite Kesha album and it will probably end up pretty high on my end of the year favorites. She's dabbled in rock songs before but the two that she did with Eagles of Death Metal on this album are what I consider to be her best yet and were immediate standouts. There's also a good mix of pop songs (but nothing as poppy as her older stuff) and country. This is the album she's always wanted to make and it shows.
  17. These guys dropped a new EP today and I highly recommend it.
  18. I didn't. That's how they've chosen to describe themselves and I don't think they're wrong.
  19. Oof. I listened to both of these albums a lot. Gonna give the nod to Islander.
  20. As referenced in their video for Casket.
  21. New Islander.
  22. I just cannot get into I Prevail so easy choice for me.