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  1. First track with the new vocalist.
  2. New Dayseeker. Dirty Beautiful dropped their first song. You might recognize his voice from the second Bedlight For Blue Eyes album.
  3. Here's the song they wrote for Connor.
  4. Wow. What a great album. I love their shift in sound, which especially shines in Stage 3 of the album (tracks 7-9). The Two Tongues and The Reaper are the biggest standouts to me, but every track is super solid. The Great Depression is, well, a great opening song.
  5. These guys have reimagined the whole album which they'll be dropping in four parts to go along with the four stages of the album.
  6. 1. I had a friend who tried to get into them and just couldn't. Saw them on the BMTH tour and walked away from it saying they stole the show. 2. I bought a ticket this week to their headline show at Varsity. Don't need a big tour to go see one of the best live bands out there.
  7. It's a busy week for the vocalist of Throw The Fight. Their new single drops Friday and his new band dropped this. The other members are Moose, formerly of Bullet For My Valentine, Still Remains’ Jordan Whelan and Threat Signal’s Travis Montgomery, and Glamour Of The Kill’s Davey Richmond.
  8. I had a very causal friend message me to tell me to check these guys out a couple weeks before this album came out. I dug it and was stoked when this album showed up in my release radar shortly after. There's so many good tracks but Knukles is my number one.
  9. They just redid an acoustic track from the album.
  10. I'm obsessed with this album. This sound works so well for them. I've had this on repeat petty much all day and it's impossible for me to come up with a favorite track because they're all so good.
  11. These guys put out an album last year that I enjoyed very much and their next release, Better View, is coming out 3/29.
  12. They're now with Silent Majority Group.
  13. Australia’s alt-rock outfit Awaken I Am have revealed details behind their upcoming EP, The Beauty In Tragedy, a tribute to their late guitarist Connor Verner-Oakley set for release on Oakley's birthday (4.26.19).
  14. To Whom It May Concern: It's with a heavy heart that we announce that Jonny Craig has been removed from the band Slaves. We all have struggles in our daily life, but for some, those struggles are personally and physically dangerous. It is no secret that Jonny has battled with addiction in his personal life, sometimes those battles are won, and most recently lost. It's also unfair for a band to rely on someone who just can't rely on themselves. Addiction is a disease, and we hope Jonny gets the help that he needs. Unfortunately, Jonny chose his addiction over the band and left them high & dry while checking in for their international flight while he boarded a plane back home. As a band we've worked too hard to stop now. Fans that have been touched by our music, everyone that has enjoyed our songs, to anyone that has met us as a band we will continue on with Slaves. Unfortunately, due to this, we are forced to cancel our Bristol, UK show tonight. Never fear, thankfully, our good friend Matt McAndrew (who you’d recognize from The Voice) will be filling in on all remaining England & European dates to help us in this trying time. We also have some exciting news on the future of Slaves (we think you will be excited) coming soon. To everyone, thank you for your continued support. -Slaves
  15. After one listen, I wasn't super into it. I listened to it after FEVER 333's album and, maybe it's because it was right after, it kind of felt like I watered down version of that. The only track that really stood out to me was I Suffer Well. Album looks real cool on Spotify.