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  1. One of the best new pop punk bands drops their sophomore album on January 26th.
  2. They've released another song from their album which drops January 19th.
  3. It's not often I find myself wishing I was listening to Pink Floyd but that cover made me do it.
  4. If you like Papa Roach's Help, you'll probably like this song.
  5. I don't think it'll take much to be heavier than the last album. I hope they remembered how to write a chorus again. There's a lot I didn't like about TTS but what got me most were the songs that just repeated the title over and over.
  6. Issues have parted ways with Michael Bohn because of a change in their musical direction. Statements here:
  7. TENLo has members from DoryDrive.
  8. My favorite new songs of the year. I did my tops to look good on Instagram, hence 9 instead of 10 (top 10 album would either be Papa Roach or Kesha) Top 9 EPs 1. Cold Kingdom - Cold Kingdom 2. 131 Reimagined - Emarosa 3. Family EP - Jake Rose 4. Terminal - Marina City 5. At The End Of The World - Sleep Signals 6. Revenge! Of The Nearly Deads - The Nearly Deads 7. Conclusions - Bridge To Grace 8. Sunday Brunch - Chapel 9. To Be Or Nothing At All - Anson Top 9 Albums 1. The Beast Inside - My Enemies & I 2. okay. - As It Is 3. ALL SMILES - Sworn In 4. XVIII - Eighteen Visions 5. Mis·An·Thrope - Ded 6. American Parasite - Endur 7. Message From Sylvia - Message From Sylvia 8. Free Minds - Redeem/Revive 9. After You Drown - Via
  9. Now dropping February 16th.
  10. Featuring Lukas Rossi (Rock Star Supernova), Mike Orlando (Adrenaline Mob), John Moyer (Disturbed), and Jordan Cannata (Adrenaline Mob).
  11. I could drop this is any 3 of their bands to know topics but I'll leave this here. The Fallen State released a new version of Nova with Chris from Black Stone Cherry.
  12. Still killing it.
  13. The latest from Another Lost Year.
  14. I can't recommend these guys enough. They're a top 3 band for me. I prefer the first song they released off this album but they've never written a bad song.
  15. I need to give their EP a spin but from the little bit of The Ghost Inside I listened to, I think I'm more partial to the band they used to be.
  16. More new Too Close To Touch
  17. The song is growing on me and I think that acoustic version helped.
  18. The extended version dropped today. This is probably my favorite from the new songs.