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  1. I'm still hyped over The Fever 333's set yesterday. Probably the best live band out there right now. 

  2. As ready as I'll ever be for my first festival of the year this weekend.

  3. The live version of Young and Menace that FOB is doing on this tour is so much better than the recorded version.

  4. Little bummed that The Relentless isn't a real band.

  5. I don't know how I'm going to sleep tonight when I know that two of my most anticipated releases of the year come out tomorrow.

  6. Iowa may not be my favorite state to drive through but, man, does it have some sweet venues. 

  7. Avenged Sevenfold just announced they're dping a free show at First Ave tomorrow, which is amazing on so many levels. Hoping like crazy I'll get in. 

  8. So far my fall shows include Cute Is What We Aim For, Sum 41, Yellowcard and Good Charlotte. I'm very much appreciating this little time warp. 

    1. Chris.


      I got Taking Back Sunday, Thrice, Coheed and Cambria all within the same week...I feel the same way!

    2. NinjaNick101


      I got two concerts planned for early November, both in NorCal. I'm excited.

  9. Excited to go to Summerfest today for the first time. Seeing Midnight Mob, Cold Kingdom, Andrew McMahon, Panic! At The Disco and Weezer. Excluding Cold Kingdom, I'll be seeing everyone for the first time so I'm doubly stoked.

  10. Hands Like Houses was so good. Day 2 of Northern Invasion tomorrow. 

  11. A year ago today, I saw Framing Hanley for the last time. That also means it's been a year since I've seen Heartist and that's just as much of a bummer. 

  12. Six bands on a bill is way too many (especially when it means a band has to cut my favorite song).

  13. Kicked off my 5 shows in a week with Melanie Martinez last night and I'll be ending it with Starset. Most excited to see Failure Anthem on Sunday. 

  14. Is there any state more boring to drive through than Iowa?

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    2. Bladenit09


      I'm going to agree with rev here. Kansas is easily the most dull state I've ever been through.

    3. breanna.


      I went through Kansas on the way home and, yeah, definitely boring. Not a fan of the Kansas/Nebraska/Iowa stretch.

    4. revlongoo


      Eastern Colorado is pretty ugly too.


  15. Orgy tonight.

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    2. breanna.


      Orgy wasn't that bad, really. A little repetitive but I was feeling it. 

    3. Matt
    4. Manuel


      Where was I? damn

  16. It's 2016 and I'm going to a sold out Saving Abel show. Did not see that coming. 

    1. breanna.


      Update: I did not enjoy that.

  17. Bummed that the venue I went to most this year said yesterday they're closing at the end of the year. POV's definitely wasn't the nicest venue around but they got some great national shows and they were just as good at showcasing the local bands. 

  18. Get to sit in on Bridge To Grace's acoustic performance at my local radio station today. So stoked. 

  19. "We gave it our all." RIP Fifth Hour, I'm going to miss you a lot. 

  20. I would have been all about that Hinder and Saving Abel tour years ago. Too bad that new Hinder singer is awful.

  21. Rock Allegiance tomorrow! The drive out here has been amazing and the stop at The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. 

  22. So bummed that Stone Temple Pilots had to cancel their appearance on Saturday. I was really looking forward to it but at least the other bands I saw were great. Less than two weeks until the next festival! 

  23. Very pleased with the new Letters From The Fire singer. Super stoked for their new CD all over again. 

    1. jman3000


      Sounds really great. 

  24. So glad to have a "local" scene that had so many good bands in it. Just got back from Cold Kingdom and Emergent. Dani is without a doubt my favorite female singer and Aaron from Emergent is one of the best frontmen in rock. Even sitting down, he manages to capture your attention. 

  25. At a show where a band covered Semi-charmed Life and 99% of the crowd didn't know it. I'm too old to be here.