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  1. The first single from the new Broadside album, Paradise, dropping June 16th.
  2. I don't totally hate it or love it. I think I'd be more of a fan if the chorus didn't go on so long. Half the length would've been fine for me.
  3. Throw The Fight dropped this today.
  4. Once the first track kicked in, I was already feeling this album. It's something I see myself coming back to - especially the songs Nausea and I'm Serious, I'm Sorry. The only thing I didn't care for was All Blissed Out.
  5. I actually started enjoying this album more after the first 3 tracks. While I did like Shave The Pride, those songs ran together a little for me and I hoped that the rest of the album wouldn't. La Uva definitely switched things up and it was a track I really enjoyed, as well as the one that followed. I also added The Hitch Hiker to my favorite songs playlist so I think it's safe to say that I enjoyed this album. Wasn't crazy about the last song but I really enjoyed everything in between.
  6. I'm listening to this right now and I'm pretty excited about it. I loved everything they played the few times I've seen them.
  7. If I had listened to the suggestion of two of my friends and listened to this album earlier, this album would have easily by in my top albums of the year last year. But I didn't get into this album until early this year. I finally listened to them because Pretty Little Thing popped up on a 'related to' playlist on Spotify and I liked it. I was especially drawn to his voice, mostly because he reminds me of all three singers in Isles & Glaciers all rolled into one. When I saw who the artist was, I had a 'definitely should've listened to them earlier' moment and then dove into the rest of their songs. Not long after that, I ended up buying a ticket to their show with Waterparks because I was so impressed with their stuff, especially Haven't Been Myself. To me, the album is like what Dissonants is to Hands Like Houses - while the music that came before it is still good, the new stuff completely blows it away. Sympathy is such a good song and an even better album opener. It does such a good job of setting the tone for the rest of the album, both in terms of the music and the lyrics. Easily one of my favorites, and it's followed by a song that I like slightly more - Crooked Smiles (even though there's some lines where I struggled to figure out what he was saying). Every song that follows is great. There's some songs that maybe I like less than the others, but I wouldn't consider this album to have a low point. Too Close To Touch is good at doing not only songs that hit hard but softer songs as well. The Art Of Eye Contact is a great example of that (and I love how they left the ocean waves on that song - they recorded it while they were on the beach, taking a break from recording). Modern Love Affair is also in my top tier of songs from the CD. Eiley is probably the peak for me. The lyrics are heartbreaking and the way that they're delivered just makes them so much more effective. For me, it's easily one of the best songs to come out of the past year.
  8. Three songs in and I started wondering if this album will ever end. It definitely drags along for me. Royal is a bit of a nice change of pace but, like the songs before it, it didn't stop my mind from wandering. The ending of it and the beginning of the next song kind of undid any good feelings I toward it. It just came off as "noise" to me and I really didn't like Approach. I did, however, actually like Lament - probably because that song seemed to get to the point without any extra flourishes.
  9. This is the band with the guys who were in We As Human (one song is very obviously about that singer). Nothing as religious as 'I Stand' on here but there's bits and pieces of it. It also features Brad Arnold and everybody's favorite member of Shinedown (on what is one of my favorite songs). Nothing groundbreaking but it's still a good album.
  10. I've been listening to this album on a weekly basis for the last couple months. Love it. I'll be back with my thoughts later. And I'm going to try to remember to get to the other one but I'm honestly as not as good with albums that aren't on Spotify since they're harder to listen to at work.
  11. Going to try to remember to check this out. I really liked Hiding With Boys when I saw them with Too Close To Touch and Waterparks.
  12. "As we mentioned in our live stream, there are some changes happening with From Ashes to New. Unfortunately, Tim and Chris decided this wasn't for them anymore and have ultimately stepped away from the band. That being said, we are more excited now than ever before with the new music we are writing! To us, (Lance, Branden, Matt) change brings opportunity. We would like to personally thank Mat Madiro for stepping in on drums, as he is a force to reckon with behind the kit! Keep an eye out for updates and awesome news moving forward. We can't thank everyone enough for all of the amazing support you continue to show us as we grow. We love all of's to the future!!!" Other statements in this link
  13. Didn't he hit most of the big rock festivals last year? I know he was at Northern Invasion.
  14. Gave this one a spin. Nothing really stuck out immediately. I'm sure I'll listen to it more this week since I'm seeing them on Friday.