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  1. Another solid album from these guys.
  2. I really enjoy this but I also feel like it's very top heavy. The last tracks didn't grab me nearly as much.
  3. I got into them through their last album, okay.. Here's two of the tracks that sold me on them. And here's one from their first full length.
  4. Dang. I got excited when Patty debuted his new look and this did not disappoint. Also, they mentioned on Twitter that Aaron from Underoath lent his voice on a track.
  5. New 3 Years Hollow
  6. Lots of local stuff but I'll just leave the bigger names here. Saturday - Rivals and The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus June 30th - Jake Rose July 1st - Harry Styles July 28th - Throw The Fight August 4th - Bobaflex, Alien Ant Farm, Lit, P.O.D. September 9th - 5 Seconds of Summer October 27th - Goo Goo Dolls Plus Rock Fest in July and Rock Rally in August.
  7. I'm still hyped over The Fever 333's set yesterday. Probably the best live band out there right now. 

  8. These guys were probably the best band that I saw at Northern Invasion yesterday. Good songs, great energy, and they're probably one of the best bands out there with an actor for a singer.
  9. As ready as I'll ever be for my first festival of the year this weekend.

  10. Here's what the ex-members of From Ashes To New are up to.
  11. Mikey said there's plans for an album in fall. Didn't say if this (or Summer) would be on it.
  12. The first release from Awaken I Am with their new lead singer.
  13. The first few songs are pretty same-y lyrically but I really enjoyed this. Put almost all of the songs into my best of the year playlist. Warrior, Foreigner and Ruins are my top 3. The latter is a nice piano ballad that does a nice job of breaking away from the style of the other songs while still feeling like it fits in.
  14. According to Facebook, he's not the ex-Framing Hanley vocalist anymore. The band is back and the album will be titled 'Sumner Roots'.
  15. New Adelitas Way.