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  1. Really enjoyed this after one listen. All the songs on this album flow together so nicely, which I don't think was the case on the previous ones. The lyrics are also better and this sounds so fresh, unlike the last album where they rehashed parts of the first. I hope they keep this sound up.
  2. Too Close To Touch released the last song in their trilogy. "I'll leave you lovely before I cave in and watch us burn."
  3. Just gave this my first listen. It didn't grab me immediately like their last release did but I enjoyed it. TANTRUM was the one song that really stood out, an aggressive departure from their normal sound. This album almost feels like how the new Fall Out Boy album should - there's definitely a lot of experimental stuff going on but it's still pop punk at its roots.
  4. Patty Walters from As It Is is now the band's bassist.
  5. If everything comes in 3's, Elton John rounds out the group.
  6. I love this album. They definitely branched out their sound more. A song like Why? wouldn't have fit on Smile but this is still very much a Cane Hill album. There's not a bad song on it and I think I have a different favorite every time I listen.
  7. It's not often I find myself wishing I was listening to Pink Floyd but that cover made me do it.
  8. If you like Papa Roach's Help, you'll probably like this song.
  9. I don't think it'll take much to be heavier than the last album. I hope they remembered how to write a chorus again. There's a lot I didn't like about TTS but what got me most were the songs that just repeated the title over and over.
  10. Issues have parted ways with Michael Bohn because of a change in their musical direction. Statements here:
  11. TENLo has members from DoryDrive.