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  1. Spencer Sotelo has another project.
  2. It's crazy how good these new songs are. Really digging the released songs and I remember loving a different new one that was played at The Dells show (speaking of that, the live version of Puzzle Pieces is even better).
  3. Debut single from Adam Hall (ex-Another Lost Year)
  4. The album is titled Midnight and will be out February 1st.
  5. Surprise! Cane Hill has a new song (another surprise - it's probably not what you're expecting). New album out 1-18-19.
  6. Emarosa and Hands Like Houses tonight.

  7. I'm so here for pop Emarosa.
  8. Video drops tomorrow, actually!
  9. These guys and gal just dropped their first full length on Friday and it's pretty dang solid.
  10. I liked this show tonight better when I thought Framing Hanley would be headlining it but I'm still very excited.