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  1. I like One Less Reason but Beartooth actually converted me into a fan with this album so I'm gonna go with them.
  2. I could see myself getting into Twin Atlantic but I can't see myself voting against one of my top albums of the year.
  3. I enjoyed both albums a lot but it's hard to vote against Highly Suspect.
  4. New video dropped today. I'd say this is one of my favorites but it's so hard choosing one on an album this good.
  5. I need to listen to this more but I'm really digging it. It's heavy but, at the same time, not as heavy as I was expecting. A great comeback. Spit and Picture Perfect and my favorites so far.
  6. Still can't really get into Pierce The Veil but Dive In is such a good song.
  7. The Cage9 album was solid but Islander put out another solid effort. They'll always be one of my favorites.
  8. No album on the way, this is just a standalone song to go along with their signing to Hopeless/UNFD.
  9. I saw them with the new guy once and haven't had anything to do with them since. He added 'fuck' to the chorus of Homecoming Queen for no reason and sang 'coming on the lips of an angel'. Don't even remember how he sang.
  10. Emarosa not only put out my favorite album of the year but one of my favorites of all time.
  11. TCTT put out a great album that I constantly find myself going back to.
  12. I'm not a fan of ADTR (although I didn't hate Paranoia), so this was an easy vote for me.
  13. Honestly not a fan of either band but I can't get into Deftones at all so I'll give Megadeth a vote.
  14. Set It Off for me. While it wasn't as good as their previous release, it was still a solid one. Hypnotized will go down as one of my favorite SIO songs. Failure Anthem was very forgettable to me, with the exception of 3 AM and Carousel.