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  1. Wow. What a great album. I love their shift in sound, which especially shines in Stage 3 of the album (tracks 7-9). The Two Tongues and The Reaper are the biggest standouts to me, but every track is super solid. The Great Depression is, well, a great opening song.
  2. How are Hardees and Carl's Jr. ranked differently?
  3. Interesting that the tracklist is different on Spotify. On this version, the last two tracks are my favorites - especially The Silence, which ranks pretty high on my favorite songs by them from any album.
  4. They all came together in the same house because they're brothers. And they've been doing the music thing for a little while. They get put on the most interesting tours. I first saw them with Islander and there was no fan overlap there.
  5. New album coming October 12th.
  6. 311 also covered The Offspring to promote this tour.
  7. He was also in Letters From The Fire and he started dating her around the time those two bands toured together.
  8. They just did The Silence here and it was a pretty acoustic ballad. Hope it's like that on the album.
  9. They just released a follow up EP with some reimagined songs and two covers.
  10. Here's what the guitarist, bassist and drummer have been up to.
  11. I'm not sure how exactly I'd rate it but it's definitely higher than a 2/5.
  12. Had Enough came up for me after an album I was listening to. That was a song I wasn't expecting someone to cover.