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  1. Dallon Weekes (Panic! At The Disco) and Ryan Seaman (Falling In Reverse)
  2. New Throw The Fight
  3. I'm on my second listen of this and it's easily my favorite Kesha album and it will probably end up pretty high on my end of the year favorites. She's dabbled in rock songs before but the two that she did with Eagles of Death Metal on this album are what I consider to be her best yet and were immediate standouts. There's also a good mix of pop songs (but nothing as poppy as her older stuff) and country. This is the album she's always wanted to make and it shows.
  4. I didn't. That's how they've chosen to describe themselves and I don't think they're wrong.
  5. These guys dropped a new EP today and I highly recommend it.
  6. Oof. I listened to both of these albums a lot. Gonna give the nod to Islander.
  7. As referenced in their video for Casket.
  8. New Islander.
  9. I just cannot get into I Prevail so easy choice for me.
  10. I listened to this at work yesterday (and will probably do so again today) and loved it. Took me back to watching music videos on Fuse after school and downloading stuff on Limewire.
  11. Nice to see Lesley Roy in there. Added a few, will add more when I get home.
  12. This album is great. Loved every track with FMFY, Beautiful and Hate Me being my standouts. I like these guys for the same reason I love Cane Hill so much - their sound is familiar yet seems totally fresh all in one.
  13. Going to listen to this one at work tomorrow and I'm pretty stoked for it. I've loved everything they've released so far. Stream it here: