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  1. They're Republicans so it's not really difficult to see why.
  2. Loved it! I had avoided as much as I could so seeing Tarkin again was a real shock. I expected Leia but only a cloaked figure & Carrie Fishers voice. I thought there was lots of nice touches without banging people over the heads with it. For me, that's what I wanted from the prequels, loved the huge battle at the end. The outcome wasn't really in doubt of course.
  3. Rogue One was amazing! Better than The Force Awakens and is everything Revenge of the Sith should have been. Try and avoid the spoilers though, there's so much going on I'll have to see it again.
  4. 1. Black Stone Cherry- Kentucky 2. Blackberry Smoke - Like An Arrow 3. Kentucky Headhunters - On Safari 4. Chevelle - The North Corridor 5. Cadillac Three - Bury Me In My Boots 6. 3 Doors Down - Us In The Night 7. Thousand Foot Krutch - Oxygen: Exhale 8. Monster Truck - Sittin' Heavy 9. The Rolling Stones - Blue And Lonesome 10. Gemini Syndrome - Memento Mori
  5. It's not their opinions matter more than Joe Blow, it's that theirs are portrayed as being so. I do wonder how much of it is genuine and how much is virtue signalling? Having a new album, tour, movie, TV show seems to increase celebrities being vocal about their views. It's a wonderful way to get some cheap PR and perhaps an award for your efforts. I'd rather rich and powerful people used their money to benefit society rather than cynically exploit situations for personal gain.
  6. Exactly, time to learn that wealthy celebrities are off putting to many who see that their privileged lifestyle has no relevance to the lives of regular people.
  7. Potentially good news with today's comments on the return of Sir Winston Churchill's bust to the Oval Office. Improving relations between our nations is important especially with heightened terrorism alerts.
  8. This seems directed at Baby Boomers and deliberately misses out Generation X who are the ones usually criticising Millennials.
  9. Brighton, currently pushing to win promotion to the Premier League. And yourself?
  10. And if you guys aren't ready to do that, feel free to come home and make America Great Britain again!!
  11. This is the problem: 231,556,622 eligible voters 46.9% didn't vote 25.6% voted Clinton 25.5% voted Trump
  12. I think that relying on young people to keep the same views as the move through their lives is hopeful at best. There probably needs to be some soul searching as to why such an experienced politician couldn't beat a reality TV star.
  13. Young people chose to stay at home, old people went out to vote. Likes on Facebook don't win elections.
  14. 'If you’re not a socialist before you’re twenty-five, you have no heart; if you are a socialist after twenty-five, you have no head.'
  15. I hope Trump supporters feel the same way.