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  1. Show is insane. It made me want to immediately start of Red Dead Redemption and start playing again.
  2. This album is good but doesn't surpass their previous one.
  3. Only song I don't like is Flossie Dickey Bounce. Every other song is truly amazing. I will have to listen to Dayshell's new album more but this probably beat The New Low's album for my AOTY. Katatonia is right behind though. hmmmm
  4. Deception is a hell of a song.
  5. Got my first girlfriend 1 year ago and we are having a blast together so far.
  6. KTED 100.5. Look for it. Based out of Casper, WY. Best modern rock station I have seen (and actually maybe in the country as my biased self says). You can get their app on your phone or can listen to them on the net too.
  7. Heh, yeah. I will come back eventually! I am jus traveling a lot on Friday-Sunday and am quite busy with my first job. But this album brought me out of the woodworks haha
  8. Amazing album. Just, wow
  9. Ah, I have missed this place.
  10. Hey, I'm back! I finished the Pathologists' Assistant program and am now working in Boston. So yay, no more tests for me!
  11. Black Saucers is still my favorite
  12. Ouch
  13. I like it! Thanks
  14. And by had... I mean has
  15. Rishloo is offering their latest album Check the Rishloo thread