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  1. Digging it. Good videography and a catchy tune.
  2. Just got off of the road and back to the interwebs. I want to say thanks to Koldes for hanging out at the shows and I'm sorry that I couldn't connect with Jay. But, there's always the reunion show to correct that. Touring with Evans Blue has been awesome. Their entire team was so inviting and we've learned a lot from them. -Bill
  3. Koldes [^]: I think it's a decent idea, but it definitely has to be an "epic" band that has a great size following, or is becoming very, very popular. Not to say that SYC isn't, but that would mostly be the qualifications for me, if I were to ever buy one. I agree. Again, I'm thinking out loud here. If we had a VIP only shirt/poster/whatever combo and upcharged $10-15 bucks, it seems somewhat doable for venues within a couple of hours.
  4. I'm wondering about the general opinion is about VIP packages? I just picked up a ticket for Collective Soul. I'm more interested because of SYC. Perhaps this is something we should think about offering in the future. Clearly I'd be at a different price point, but I could see getting a surcharge for a couple of exclusive items, meet and greet, etc. Just thinking out loud. -Bill
  5. My two shirts just arrived.
  6. Love me some Ben Folds.
  7. Yep. Just waiting to see you if had enough for an order. If so, I'll PayPal ya today.
  8. white | 3600 | M | red black | 3600 | M | heather grey
  9. Hum... I have you in there and I double checked your number?!
  10. Yey! My place is just over a mile from Crew Stadium.
  11. I just created it and added you to it lens. it's "tunelab rotr". it's a private group. feel free to add anyone to it that you may already have in your phone...
  12. I propose setting up a group in I've PM'd my number to a few of you. Once I get a couple of the people in the group anyone can add new people, so we should be able to catch everyone. There's a free app for iphone/android/windows/bb, so everyone should be good. Thoughts?