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  1. heldjc gave reputation to RainbowDragon in Within Temptation - The Reckoning (feat. Jacoby Shaddix)   
    Off the new album called 'Resist' out December 14th.
  2. heldjc gave reputation to pLuizZz in General Music Discussion   
    New Architects, from the album 'Holy Hell,' available November 9th
  3. heldjc gave reputation to Lucas in Songs That Saved My Life   
    1.    Neck Deep – "Torn" [Natalie Imbrublia]
    2.    Movements – "Losing My Religion" [R.E.M]
    3.    Stand Atlantic – "Your Graduation" [Modern Baseball]
    4.    Dance Gavin Dance – "Semi Charmed Life" [Third Eye Blind]
    5.    Against Me! – "People Who Died" [The Jim Carroll Band]
    6.    Taking Back Sunday – "Bullet With Butterfly Wings" [The Smashing Pumpkins]
    7.    Dream State – "Crawling" [Linkin Park]
    8.    As It Is – "Such Great Heights" [The Postal Service]
    9.    Oceans Ate Alaska – "Shape Of My Heart" [Sting]
    10.    Too Close To Touch – "Let It Be" [The Beatles]
    11.    Dan Campbell & Ace Enders – "Broom People" [The Mountain Goats]
    12.    The Maine – "Transatlanticism" [Death Cab For Cutie]
    Here's the first song released on it—"Torn" by Neck Deep. Pretty good cover and look forward to the rest and LOVE this idea. Maybe could be an interesting topic here to discuss what songs have affected you personally and gotten you through some bad times like these guys.
  4. heldjc received reputation from Vigo in Starset - 'Vessels'   
    I miss downplay 
  5. heldjc gave reputation to pen in Rock on the Range name change   
    I hope not. There are more than enough multigenre festivals out there. Let this one stay a rock destination. 
  6. heldjc gave reputation to Lucas in New Twenty|One|Pilots   
    That's true, and all the songs have taken time to grow on me with more listens such as the latest one. The lyrics are actually a bit more emotional on "My Blood" so it's grown on me in that regard. I still think the musical hooks are missing that something extra they had on 'Blurryface,' but hopefully the whole thing together will make that a little less of a problem as a concept album and not needing the hooks to get the message across. Only about a month left!
  7. heldjc gave reputation to breanna. in Atreyu - In Our Wake   
    Closer “Super Hero” (featuring M. Shadows of AVENGED SEVENFOLD and Aaron Gillespie of UNDEROATH) conjures visions of “ATREYU meets QUEEN meets Disneyland meets E.L.O.” with its cinematic orchestration, horns, flutes, and grandiose production.
    “It’s about being your kid’s superhero, so we invited other singers who are fathers to join us,” Brandon explains. “Everyone wrote his own respective part and gave perspective on what fatherhood meant to him. I wanted it to feel like the music from the Soaring Over California ride at Disney’s California Adventure park. It ends on such a huge note and offers a breath of fresh air.”
  8. heldjc gave reputation to pen in Default Making a Comeback?   
    I hope this is true. Maybe they can help bring Theory Of A Deadman back to the side of righteousness.
  9. heldjc gave reputation to Lucas in Atreyu - In Our Wake   
    Remember these guys?! I do! New album 'In Our Wake' drops October 12!

    1. In Our Wake
    2. House of Gold
    3. The Time Is Now
    4. Nothing Will Ever Change 
    5. Blind Deaf & Dumb 
    6. Terrified
    7. Safety Pin 
    8. Into the Open
    9. Paper Castle 
    10. No Control
    11. Anger Left Behind
    12. Super Hero
  10. heldjc gave reputation to Omar in Default Making a Comeback?   
    all I have so far, but this would be awesome. I was just listening to them a couple of days ago. 
  11. heldjc gave reputation to Chris. in Tillian (Dance Gavin Dance) New Solo Music   
    New album “The Skeptic” out 9/28
  12. heldjc gave reputation to Andrew in Tillian (Dance Gavin Dance) New Solo Music   
    Acceptance Speech - 2013
    Material Me - 2013
    Instant Gratification - 2015
    Perfect Enemy - 2015
    Mothership - 2016
    Patient EP - 2017
    Artificial Selection - 2018
    The Skeptic - 2018
    This dude's work ethic is fucking insane.
  13. heldjc gave reputation to TaNbULL in Hands Like Houses - 'Anon.'   
    This just jumped to the top of my most anticipated list. 
  14. heldjc gave reputation to NinjaNick101 in For The Emarosa Fans Out There   
    Can't wait to hear it.
  15. heldjc gave reputation to NinjaNick101 in New Thrice   
  16. heldjc received reputation from Embee in sad news from joan red camp   
    Made me miss Joan Red all over again
  17. heldjc gave reputation to slack1018 in Temple Agents: Rise   
    Never heard of these guys...I just cut through this album, and its pretty awesome.  I hear Alterbridge and some Candlebox influences going on.  If anyone knows who One Time Mountain is, this sounds similar to them as well.
  18. heldjc gave reputation to NinjaNick101 in World Cup 2018   
    May the force be with you today, Croatia.
  19. heldjc gave reputation to BreakTheAgony87 in World Cup 2018   
    2 teams left (England & France) who have previously won a WC.

    0 countries left outside of Europe (UEFA) left.

    Probably one of the best WCs I have ever seen (and I haven't been able to watch most of it )
  20. heldjc gave reputation to Lucas in Beartooth - Disease   
    Release Date: September 28, 2018
    1. Greatness or Death
    2. Disease
    3. Fire
    4. You Never Know
    5. Bad Listener
    6. Afterall
    7. Manipulation
    8. Enemy
    9. Believe
    10. Infection
    11. Used and Abused
    12. Clever
    Looks like the first singles, released at the same time on July 24, will be Disease & Bad Listener.
  21. heldjc received reputation from Paul in Like A Storm - 'Catacombs'   
    Yoooooo, totally agree this album is phenomenal! I love the heavier approach this time around.
  22. heldjc received reputation from breanna. in Cold Kingdom - Rock - (Minneapolis, MN)   
    I am finally starting to catch up on some new music since it's summer and stumbled on these guys. Wish I would have saw this thread sooner.. this song particularly stuck out for me. 
  23. heldjc gave reputation to BreakTheAgony87 in Bullet for My Valentine - 'Gravity'   
    "Under Again" and the bonus track "Crawling" were two standouts after listening to the entire album.

    My second time through I started to enjoy "Leap of Faith" a little more than I did the first time.
  24. heldjc gave reputation to breanna. in Bridge To Grace calls it quits   
    Here's what the guitarist, bassist and drummer have been up to.