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  1. heldjc gave reputation to Lucas in RED - new album 'Gone'   
    Yeah I forgot the base was only 10 songs (thought it was 12) so heck we may still get a good 3-4 legit bonus tracks for sure. Can't wait for next month w/ this and 10 Years coming out!
  2. heldjc gave reputation to NinjaNick101 in RED - new album 'Gone'   
    Double the pleasure.
  3. heldjc gave reputation to BreakTheAgony87 in Nothing More- 'The Stories We Tell Ourselves'   
    Actually it's their 5th.  I obtained a physical copy of Save You/Save Me from @Cliffo when he was still posting on here
  4. heldjc gave reputation to Kalt in Nothing More- 'The Stories We Tell Ourselves'   
    You know what he means...we all do.
  5. heldjc gave reputation to JasonG in Nothing More- 'The Stories We Tell Ourselves'   
    I don't think I've heard a better song than Fade In/Fade Out in at least the last 3 years. Amazing.
  6. heldjc gave reputation to revlongoo in General Discussion   
    I don't think for one second you were joking when bagging on her looks. Rude is rude regardless what year it is. You have a long history of ignorant thoughts and beliefs. 
  7. heldjc gave reputation to Embee in Thousand Below   
    Do these guys know how to make a bad, or even a marginal song? I think not! Four really terrific songs, as I've already said, I cannot wait to hear the whole album!
  8. heldjc received reputation from American_Idiot in General Discussion   
    Really hoping the storm calms down but from the looks of it that doesn't look like it's going to happen. Stay safe man!
  9. heldjc gave reputation to American_Idiot in General Discussion   
    I guess this is becoming an annual thing as this is the third year in a row I'm posting about a hurricane hitting my area. People have been going nuts preparing for Irma and stores were out of water, bread, chips, etc for the last week. Lines at gas stations have been at times 2-3 hour waits and most don't have gas anymore. I have shutters up on my house, filled up a bunch of containers with water, and have enough peanut butter and jelly for a week or two 
    This storm is a freaking monster as just about everyone in Florida will get a chance of hurricane force winds and it's expected to hit as a Category 5 with wind gusts over 190 mph. That's over 21 million people affected. The forecast track has been changing every few hours as it was supposed to go east of the East Coast two days ago, but now is expected to hit the Middle Keys and then go to the SW Coast where Naples and Fort Myers are before going north up the state. For where I live, they were saying we'd get 130 mph winds this morning, but has now gone down to 80-90 mph. A massive difference.
    Things can change at anytime before it makes landfall very early Sunday morning. If any of you are also in Florida, please stay safe and I hope you took the proper precautions for what could be a devastating situation for millions. 
  10. heldjc gave reputation to Jamie in Got (NFL) News   
    I was certainly relishing it. It's stupidly rare for them to lose a nationally televised game at home. September does tend to be their most vulnerable month though so I know not to get too comfortable and just enjoy this for what it is as one game (I also quite like the Chiefs so I'm not just sadistically enjoying the Patriots' defeat; I'm happy that Alex Smith gets this national "FUCK YOU" moment to the football fans who take him for granted when he's shown that he can win big games and play big when needed).
  11. heldjc gave reputation to NinjaNick101 in We Came As Romans - New Album October 2017   
    New song premiering September 10th!!!
  12. heldjc gave reputation to Kalt in RIP Chester Bennington   
    This guy, Jay Ray, he could totally fill in for Chester in LP.
  13. heldjc received reputation from Lucas in Got (Movie/TV) News   
  14. heldjc received reputation from Lucas in Possibly New Breaking Benjamin.   
    Album's finished! Hope to hear more details about when it will be out soon
  15. heldjc received reputation from Lucas in Nothing More // The Stories We Tell Ourselves   
  16. heldjc received reputation from 2ndkrueger in Ozark   
    Started this on Netflix today, Bateman is great in this. Totally recommend this to fans of Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul, etc. Curious if anyone else has checked this out yet?
  17. heldjc received reputation from 2ndkrueger in Ozark   
    Yeah for sure, Ben Mendelsohn is especially good in it. Haven't had a chance to watch the third season yet but I enjoyed the first two quite a bit.
  18. heldjc received reputation from Lucas in New Silent Season   
    Sounds good!!
  19. heldjc received reputation from Lucas in General Discussion   
    Congrats dude!! Happy to hear the court made the right decision for you and your daughters. Can only imagine how tough that was for you all as a family, only up from here!
  20. heldjc gave reputation to Lucas in General Discussion   
    I haven't posted about it in a long time as it has been consuming my life the last several months and thus why I was not on here much since the fall. But I finally won full custody of my girls today. I'm pretty humbled by it finally being ruled in my favor. 
  21. heldjc received reputation from Lucas in Picturesque - 'Back to Beautiful'   
    Dang great find Lucas! Finally got around to listening to this tonight and I'm really enjoying it. Gonna be spinnin this a lot for sure
  22. heldjc gave reputation to Omar in General Discussion   
    Geez, I've never seen someone hate eclipses more than this guy. 
  23. heldjc gave reputation to Andrew in General Discussion   
    I'll just get the DVD when it comes out
  24. heldjc gave reputation to Koldes in Game of Thrones   
    Right - but if Jamie can't swim, due to the heaviness of the plate, it would just make it equally as hard for someone else to swim and pull him. The same gravitational science would apply to someone trying to help him. It's not really a big deal, it's just kind of sloppy and I think they could have addressed it a hair more. 
    I brought this up to my wife who said "In a world of magic and zombies and dragons THIS is what you care about?" My response was "Although those things are sci-fy, they still have rules of math and science to regulate them!" 
  25. heldjc gave reputation to RainbowDragon in New Downpour (Shadows Fall singer)   
    So far they have just released random songs. No album news yet.