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  2. heldjc received reputation from Embee in sad news from joan red camp   
    Made me miss Joan Red all over again
  3. heldjc gave reputation to slack1018 in Temple Agents: Rise   
    Never heard of these guys...I just cut through this album, and its pretty awesome.  I hear Alterbridge and some Candlebox influences going on.  If anyone knows who One Time Mountain is, this sounds similar to them as well.
  4. heldjc gave reputation to NinjaNick101 in World Cup 2018   
    May the force be with you today, Croatia.
  5. heldjc gave reputation to BreakTheAgony87 in World Cup 2018   
    2 teams left (England & France) who have previously won a WC.

    0 countries left outside of Europe (UEFA) left.

    Probably one of the best WCs I have ever seen (and I haven't been able to watch most of it )
  6. heldjc gave reputation to Lucas in Beartooth - Disease   
    Release Date: September 28, 2018
    1. Greatness or Death
    2. Disease
    3. Fire
    4. You Never Know
    5. Bad Listener
    6. Afterall
    7. Manipulation
    8. Enemy
    9. Believe
    10. Infection
    11. Used and Abused
    12. Clever
    Looks like the first singles, released at the same time on July 24, will be Disease & Bad Listener.
  7. heldjc received reputation from Paul in Like A Storm - 'Catacombs'   
    Yoooooo, totally agree this album is phenomenal! I love the heavier approach this time around.
  8. heldjc received reputation from breanna. in Cold Kingdom - Rock - (Minneapolis, MN)   
    I am finally starting to catch up on some new music since it's summer and stumbled on these guys. Wish I would have saw this thread sooner.. this song particularly stuck out for me. 
  9. heldjc gave reputation to BreakTheAgony87 in Bullet for My Valentine - 'Gravity'   
    "Under Again" and the bonus track "Crawling" were two standouts after listening to the entire album.

    My second time through I started to enjoy "Leap of Faith" a little more than I did the first time.
  10. heldjc gave reputation to breanna. in Bridge To Grace calls it quits   
    Here's what the guitarist, bassist and drummer have been up to.
  11. heldjc gave reputation to BreakTheAgony87 in Daughtry 2018   
    Did I just listen to Daughtry or Shinedown?
  12. heldjc gave reputation to Follow the Hollow in Stone Sour - 'Hydrograd'   
    “Stone Sour have announced a deluxe edition of their 2017 album Hydrograd.
    The new version will feature a total of 27 tracks, including all 15 songs from the album along with 12 previously unreleased covers, b-sides, alternative versions and live cuts.”
    Disc 1 is the Hydrograd we already know and disc 2 has the extras.  I’m down with this, Hydrograd was my favorite record last year.  I still listen to it sometimes. 
    Disc 2
    1. Burn One Turn One
    2. Bootleg Ginger
    3. Live Like You’re On Fire
    4. Subversive
    5. Unchained
    6. Bombtrack
    7. Outshined (Live at Sphere)
    8. Song # 3 (Acoustic)
    9. Mercy (Acoustic)
    10. Rose Red Violent Blue (This Song Is Dumb & So Am I) (Acoustic)
    11. The Witness Trees (Acoustic)
    12. Mercy (Live at Sphere)
  13. heldjc gave reputation to BreakTheAgony87 in World Cup 2018   
    "Germany, we hate that you came in last in your group and got knocked out of the tournament.  But please.... oh I got nothing, you came in last in your group and lost to South Korea"
  14. heldjc received reputation from Lucas in Got (Movie/TV) News   
    I think you will all enjoy it! I finished it this weekend and really liked the direction they took for season 2 like Mike said. It’s a bit slow as far as the story goes but the visuals and all that make the slow burn worth it for sure. 
  15. heldjc gave reputation to pLuizZz in World Cup 2018   
    The hard work paid off......well done Mexico...
  16. heldjc gave reputation to BreakTheAgony87 in World Cup 2018   
    There was some amazing soccer in that Spain v. Portugal game.  
  17. heldjc gave reputation to Keystone in Nothing More- 'The Stories We Tell Ourselves'   
    This article is a year old, but Jonny Hawkins mentions that Clint Lowery helped write "Tunnels" and "Funny Little Creatures". Haven't seen that anywhere else.
  18. heldjc gave reputation to NinjaNick101 in New Death Cab for Cutie   
    Thank You For Today out August 17th:
  19. heldjc gave reputation to Ruiner II in sad news from joan red camp   
    Well this is very weird and unexpected. Assuming this is all legit (not to be insensitive, it's just extremely random you showing up here, in a nearly abandoned forum with like ten active users years after the fact, and making a quintuple post mostly repeating the same thing), I'd like to offer my condolences and assure you that nobody here was trying to spread false news. Again, barely anybody uses this site, and whenever a well-respected public rock figure passes there's usually some morbid speculation about the cause--which is somewhat insensitive to be sure but nobody here would expect in a million years a loved one of the deceased to come here and read it. Casual discussion of that sort of thing isn't uncommon when everyone involved is a complete stranger, several degrees separated from ever knowing the departed. 
  20. heldjc received reputation from Vigo in Got (NHL) News   
    Lets gooooooooo!!!! Finally the caps pulled it off. Hope you are downtown enjoying this @Vigo
  21. heldjc gave reputation to TaNbULL in Tremonti - 'A Dying Machine'   
    I haven't seen this leaked yet. However, my vinyl came in the mail today and I gave it a very detailed first listen. What a fucking record this thing is. My standouts are Trust, Traipse, The First The Last, and Desolation. There wasn't a single song I disliked. 
  22. heldjc gave reputation to Ruiner II in Got (Gaming) News   
    This is must-watch. I could hardly breathe. How did I not know about this?
  23. heldjc gave reputation to pen in Got (Gaming) News   
  24. heldjc received reputation from Vigo in Got (NHL) News   
    So pumped for game 3 after that amazing game 2. Holtby’s save could go down in history as one of the best, if not the best, save on Stanley cup finals history. Totally puts the Caps in command for the series and can only imagine what the atmosphere is going to be like tonight