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  1. This was tougher then I thought it was going to be. Sylar took it for me simply because it is more my style of music, but the Nothing But Thieves album was really good as well. Stumbled upon their live concert from Reading when watching those songs. Dude's vocal range is insane
  2. Nice! Completely forgot about these guys. This sounds a lot different than their EP, but it still sounds good.. hear some Breaking Benjamin influence in this song for sure. One problem I noticed is that the music really drowns out the singing at times.
  3. Westbrook's acceptance speech made me like him even more. Happy he won.
  4. day one buy for me. This was my first console and I have wanted to find one so badly the past few years.
  5. I don't think it was too bad either, he even went on to say how he thinks Jareds is funnier than Erlich which honestly I have totally thought this season. Going to be weird not having him on the show though.
  6. Well that really sucks. I wonder if Mikey is in more legal trouble of some sort, or if there are more rumors or actions that made the rest of the band not want him around them.
  7. So first, this EP is fantastic. Second.. so is this
  8. Yeah agreed, good return to form for them with this album.
  9. So I just got back and I'm trying to catch up on new stuff and man this is such a nice surprise. Can't wait to hear more. Which song based on the title do we think the mystery vocalist will be on? My guess is Happy Ever After(Zero Hour)
  10. There could be another instance of this in the next few days. Ray Tensing here in Cincinnati is on his second trial and jurors have been in deliberation for 15 hours. The first one took around 25.
  11. Still showing up broken for me on my phone and computer, no idea why. You can still see it? Maybe try just linking me a site to copy it.
  12. Not sure if its on my end but the image seems to be broken, try posting it again
  13. Can't wait! Hope its a good one
  14. Man this is a surprise album for me. Although I've been a fan of these guys for along time they haven't really released a complete album I fully enjoyed all the way through in some time. That really changed after listening to this over the weekend. My favorite is by far Politics of Love and I also really enjoy How Many Walls and Far From Perfect.