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  1. A Wasted Hymn is sooooo good.
  2. Yep, don’t know how they do it. Another banger from them. Can’t wait to give it some intense listens this weekend. I totally agree and I’ve only been able to listen to it while getting ready for work and in the shower so far.. luckily I don’t need an incognito tab while I’m in there hahaha wtf idk why it added that face.. made it seem a ton different. stupid mobile
  3. That was so good wow
  4. Show is phenomenal. Total surprise for me and perfect for this time of year. I didn’t hear about it st all until I saw the trailer on Netflix.
  5. These comments have me excited because I really liked what they had released so far.
  6. This keeps growing and growing with each listen. Have to say The Hype is the standout for me, had it on repeat a lot over the weekend. Morph is real solid.. and Neon Gravestones/Bandito are great as well.
  7. Had a chance to give this a listen once, on not so great speakers, and I really enjoyed it. Definitely didn’t go mainstream. While I couldn’t pick one sure fire standout(need a better listen) I felt it was very solid overall. One complaint is it did seem a little samesy at times from song to song.
  8. Gahhhhh I don't know if I can wait till Friday for this one..
  9. He ain’t lying! You wouldn’t be disappointed
  10. Please tell me I am not the only one to watch this masterpiece? By far my favorite new series of this year and my favorite King adaptation. Great new addition to the sci-fi/horror genre.. very lost/leftovers ish
  11. This sucks. Hope it doesn’t change completely but it has me worried. Hope the changes make it similar to Louder Than Life
  12. I think if you think of this whole album as a concept album, and listen to it all front to back, it all will make sense. Their message is really apparent. I personally cant wait for the whole thing to drop.
  13. Him and Anthony Green are such good promoters of the genre because of that
  14. that and the new warhammer vermintide.. gamepass keeps getting better and better
  15. Have been eagerly waiting for this to drop on spotify, this song sounds so good. Can't wait to give this a listen