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  1. I'm listening to it now and I'm loving it so far, definitely enjoying it more then I did when I first listened to The Last Hero to be honest. Loved "Godspeed" and how Myles and Mark's vocals blended together. Like @Omar said I have always enjoyed AB's songs when they have a good blend of hard rock/alternative rock, and I really think this fits that bill so far. There are still some sick Tremonti solo's in here too, "Take the Crown" has a great one at the outro of the song.. it kind of reminds me of a Shinedown song at the beginning too. I could see this becoming one of my favorite AB albums if they keep this up the whole album. EDIT: Ok wow, it sounds a lot like a Tremonti Song, but damn is Forever Falling good.
  2. Don't know if this was posted when it came out on Youtube/amazon, but it came on my release radar on Spotify and a great cover from The Wonder Years
  3. Ahhhhhhhh!!! Can I wait a few hours? That’s the real question.
  4. This made me laugh 😂
  5. One can only hope
  6. Telekinetic is definitely the standout for me!
  7. Agreeeeed, love both of those and Without You and Quiet Now... only one listen through, and I'm loving it.
  8. Wow.. im pretty speechless to be honest. These guys have never disappointed in their music, and in their messages. The video just adds to it.
  9. This album is all I wanted and more.. holy crap
  10. Sooooo I’ve been listening to this since yesterday, and this totally hit the spot for me. I feel like it’s definitely better then their last effort.
  11. Pretty sure that ToG isn’t currently a thing? Or did I miss something? I’ve heard good reviews as well but I was kind of hoping for some ToG elements for this album so we’ll see
  12. Only had a chance to listen to half the album so far, but LOVE Critical Darling. Gonna peep the rest Saturday but definitely enjoying this so far!
  13. I’m definitely digging this! Seems so fresh after all these years
  14. Time to brew some coffee and dive into this one! Perfect day to have off work! Looks like a madden/music night is in the works.