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  1. What a dang good surprise. This song is on par to a lot of Korn’s newer stuff for me, if not better. Really excited for this now
  2. Man I actually think this is their best lead single that i have heard in awhile! It has a little bit of everything that I love about Sevendust. Give me more!
  3. this is really good! totally see the deftones comparisons.
  4. that's some good stuff right there
  5. Nothing groundbreaking, but seems to be pretty solid so far. Looks like there will be a few songs I add to my library.
  6. Been playing the shit out of Fortnite. Really jumped on the hype train here, love how they keep it fresh so often. Some of the most intense moments I’ve had in video games in a long time. I also finally picked up Shovel Knight when it was on sale on Live and can’t believe I waited this long. Such a great platformer, and almost as equally frustrating at times haha. Most of my other time is being spent on my NHL Ultimate team with a few PubG games mixed in. The friend I game share with bought Monster Hunter as well and it seems like a blast but haven’t really had a chance to dive in yet. Was a bit overwhelmed when I first played.
  7. Feel Nothing is for sure the first song that sticks out to me, big BMTH vibe. The other stuff Branches out from that, and I mean that in the best way possible.
  8. Very solid, can't wait for more
  9. DAMN
  10. Wowww yeah that was intense as hell. Reminded me a lot of the part of True Detective which was shot in one shot, I'm pretty sure this one was too. What show was that even?
  11. I listened to them both on shuffle the first day I saw both these threads. They both are extremely good and actually go really good together when listening haha. If you have Slaves up there for AOTY I don't see a reason why you wouldn't enjoy this as well!
  12. Yep this album is by far their overall best for me. Have only listened to it a few times on shuffle but man there are some really good songs. "Petty Trappin" is catchy as hell to me for some reason haha. I'll have to give it some more listens over the weekend to pick out some favorites but the album is realllllly good. There is a ton of variation here too which I felt like their last album was lacking a bit. Hope Jonny can keep his shit together because I feel like this album could really help them expand their fan base.
  13. You got that right! Killer song
  14. All this talk about this album has me extremely excited to give this a listen
  15. Patiently waiting for this to hit Spotify. Hoping for big things