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  1. Sooooo I’ve been listening to this since yesterday, and this totally hit the spot for me. I feel like it’s definitely better then their last effort.
  2. Pretty sure that ToG isn’t currently a thing? Or did I miss something? I’ve heard good reviews as well but I was kind of hoping for some ToG elements for this album so we’ll see
  3. Only had a chance to listen to half the album so far, but LOVE Critical Darling. Gonna peep the rest Saturday but definitely enjoying this so far!
  4. I’m definitely digging this! Seems so fresh after all these years
  5. Time to brew some coffee and dive into this one! Perfect day to have off work! Looks like a madden/music night is in the works.
  6. Listened to this last night before work.. this guy is a genius.. still..
  7. That song was really good
  8. Me likey
  9. Didn't realize this was coming out so soon, but I just heard Blurry on my way home from work on my Discover Weekly on Spotify and it was freaking great. Definitely giving this a immediate listen tomorrow when I get off work.
  10. Definitely digging it as well.. shows that they are willing to still have a bit of Times of Grace style songs in their music too which makes me happy since I absolutely loved their stuff.
  11. I heard this the other day and I’m not gonna lie I was definitely thinking the same thing. It’s a fun song. Hoping they put out a good effort with no crazy melt downs leading up to its release
  12. By far my most anticipated album that isn’t rock this year. Dude is the realest.
  13. Now I can see it with confidence. It keeps improving on rottentomatoes too.