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  1. Dang great find Lucas! Finally got around to listening to this tonight and I'm really enjoying it. Gonna be spinnin this a lot for sure
  2. Yeah without a doubt! One thing I never thought I'd say, I hate Wendy so much more then I hated Skylar in BB. I cannot wait either, that last episode was awesome.
  3. They just announced it will be free for people who owned the first edition which is good news. Also, right when I talk about for PUBG on Xbox, it will be releasing late this year exclusively for Xbox One! Extreeemmmelly pumped for this, and I think it could be a big get for the Xbox exclusive list.
  4. December 👍👍👍👍 I'm enjoying this for sure.
  5. Ok not going to lie I never had a chance to even listen to this and assumed it was going to be horrible, and it's actually WAY better than I expected. Yes the lyrics are dumb at times, but the tone and acoustics of the song along with melody actually sound really good in my opinion. I know we will most likely never get another gem like Santa Monica, but this track actually has me a little more excited for this then I was prior to actually hearing it.
  6. Same here. My friend had it and loved it and it just looks fun in general.
  7. Yeah that's a great track, the whole album is phenomenal. Def recommend it.
  8. When you talked about Sam being on this I knew I had to check this out, which I will be doing tonight for sure.
  9. Sounds good!!
  10. Watched it, that ending though... setting up for a doozy of a season finale( )
  11. Yeah thats how it was but it was on my Xbox haha. Gonna check it out tomorrow
  12. The only one I can find is the one that's on a laptop and the audio is kind of shotty. Is that the one you guys watched?
  13. Wow.. how in the world can they make money from that haha. Might have to give it a shot.
  14. Hahah that's what I am hoping too! So I started my Hulu trial last weekend and started Six that is on History. Nothing amazing story wise but I'm enjoying it. Some really good action scenes at times and Walter Goggins is amazing in it as always. If you are looking for a pretty good navy seal show I recommend giving it a shot.
  15. Sounds like a damn good mixture of bands. I'll check it out soon