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  1. One of the best new albums in awhile for me holy crap...
  2. Rarely do these guys disappoint, good as always! What a good birthday present with the new album
  3. Nice! I will check it out!
  4. The worst part is the country is going to shit and they aren’t funding and looking for things that CAN make a difference. How about funding schools to teach more about race relations and importance of mental health at a younger age? How about actually TEACHING kids history and why it’s important that things have changed and why they happened instead of arguing about fucking statues and shaming police officers And instilling more fear in children then they already have? How about trying to instill traditional values in the younger generation instead of making it even worse by degrading each other All over the news. People can’t even have conversations in public about important issues anymore without someone blowing up on someone. The people who run this country, on both sides of the isle, obviously don’t give a shit because most of them are going to die soon anyway.. and Most have been there for an eternity. It’s just sickening to be honest, and makes me feel bad for the younger generations that are growing up right now during this shitty time. People our age obviously are set in their ways, they aren’t going to change. So much for “leaving the world a better place”.
  5. This needs to blow up
  6. Easily one of my favorites from the album
  7. Dang this is some good stuff! Thanks for the post. Really hear the Cornell in that track
  8. Had no clue this was coming out today... Pretty much classic 10 Years to me! I like it
  9. Nice release from Alien Ant Farm
  10. My friend absolutely loved that game. I've been waiting, hoping it comes to game pass, because I bought Nier:Automata (fun game) and then of course two weeks later they released it on gamepass.
  11. I did the same awhile back. I have to agree it was almost overwhelming at first. I really enjoy the games, but I am kind of wishing I would have waited and just spent the little extra for the actual switch. The one nice thing is that Nintendo does often have a great sale on high quality indie games
  12. I'm really excited to see what happens tomorrow, hoping for some new juicy stuff. Halo/Perfect dark would be awesome to see tomorrow. Made me go install Halo 5 for the first time in forever
  13. Maybe they'll surprise us with a new song
  14. More so then ever, the elections of senators, judges, governors, etc is going to be so important this year. I wish more politicians were like Ohio's Govenor. Even though he is Republican, he has done a lot of things that have pleased both sides. He has definitely shown that he put peoples health and security before politics.. and most people can't tell if he is republican or democrat. Now he has the right up in arms here in Ohio because they think the director of health (that has done a great job in my opinion) is keeping the state closed for too long. I believe he's doing it right.. 3 phases this month, not all at once. I'm all for protesting if you want, its your choice, but there is no reason to show up and protest at a doctors home with guns demanding change. Save that bullshit for the state house.
  15. Release date: May 1st 2020 1Lifeblood4:37 2Ferryman4:44 3Whispers3:47 4Cruelty3:55 5Shimmer4:46 6Wolf3:46 7White Ghost4:35 8Sleep4:13 9Water4:17 10Long Gone4:25 11Tying Tongues4:30 12Brushstrokes4:00 13Love Will Tear us Apart4:02 14Mountain4:47 15Iron Heart3:27 16Synaesthesia (feat. Richie Allen)4:43 These guys just released an album and I instantly became a fan. This has quickly jumped up there in my top albums of the year so far. Sorry about the formating by the way, had to leave for the day but I really wanted to get this posted! They were on tour with Deftones before all this stuff happened, and I can see why. Especially on "Sleep"