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  1. Wow was just thinking it would be awesome if they released a new track. What a groovy song
  2. Definitely agree, but I also think that is hindered by some pretty muffled sound at times that unfortunately takes away from how good the songs are. Still a great release though. Float is killer
  3. Pretty good find!!
  4. Excited for this based off of the first single. Hope we get more stuff like that
  5. Holy shit this is phenomenal! Lots of Tremonti vibes
  6. Season postponed because of the virus. Have to feel like all other sports are about to follow suit
  7. Fixed for you 😋
  8. Have to echo what everyone else is saying, such a good album. By far the most mature from you guys with the unique element that makes you guys great. Extremely diverse as well.
  9. Yeah this is a electric version that was made because of a kickstarter goal. Not gonna lie this song is one of my favorite Parabelle songs now. Love the heavier elements
  10. I liked it as well! Consistently good throughout. I was a bit distracted when I listened but there wasn’t a song I can say I hated.
  11. I feel the same way about World Keeps Spinning. Ted Bundy being followed by that is my favorite part of the album. Heck of a one two punch.
  12. Really? I’m actually really enjoying it. I feel like it’s a lot like how @Lucas said it might be a more back somber sound. I’m digging it a lot more then their most recent albums and it seems more relatable
  13. It’s crazy I’ve been getting bored pretty quickly with games as well. Really contemplating getting a gaming pc because of Escape of Tarkov and I’ve never really been a PC guy. I think I’m going to go with a Switch for now though and just wait for the new consoles later this year. that being said I have been playing Huntshowdown on Xbox and it’s a ton of fun. Similar style to Tarkov but it’s a western with Zombies. Both PvP and PvE elements.
  14. This is some good stuff!
  15. Absolutely terrible. This one hurts