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  1. I just wish Valve would come out with another Day of Defeat mod for Counter Strike, or port it to Xbox like the OG xbox. Put so many hours into those games back in the day. Still have Day of Defeat from 2002 or whatever since my PC can actually run it haha
  2. Liking the second one much more then the first
  3. So glad you posted this. I saw them with Tremonti and Sevendust and hadn't even heard of them, they were phenomenal. So much energy and some really good hooks/guitar riffs. Totally forgot their album was coming out and finally did when I saw you posted this and it did not disappoint. My personal favorite
  4. I heard this come up on my release radar and my first thought was "who is this? Not a bad song". I'm sticking by that but nothing amazing from them, it's crazy I couldn't even recognize them even with how much I have seen them/heard them over the years.
  5. Watched The King on netflix last night. Awesome movie. Robert Pattinson was fantastic as the "bad guy" in this one. Slows down in the middle but really picks up in the last half with some amazing fight scenes. Chalamet was fantastic as King Henry as well. Definitely recommend it.
  6. This is VERY good. Love the unique sound of this. Forgot it was even coming out after hearing and enjoying the first few songs they released from it. Only one listen but I really enjoyed “End over End”, “Something”, and “Angry Man”
  7. Yeah I owe @Andrew an apology, this album is killer and hella unique. Definitely not disappointed besides being so upset it took me this long to listen to it
  8. Great world series! Had a bit of everything
  9. Meh..
  10. 100% agree. There are a ton of great series that I started and cant remember where I left off because I got drawn into a new one. Succession has been my drug of choice lately, just finished season 2. That's some great television right there, went in not knowing what to expect and it quickly jumped up to one of my favorites. I'm really enjoying Watchmen, but I went in with no backstory at all. Haven't seen the movie nor anything else related to it. Episode 2 confused the hell out of me though.
  11. Man game pass is amazing. I’m always shocked when people don’t atleast give it a try, especially with all the deals they give you for the first few months. I’ve played so many games that I ended up enjoying that I would not of even heard of if it were not for it. The only thing I really need to do now is buy a damn hard drive, I’m still with my OG 500gb one and that’s no where close to what I need, especially with how big games are nowadays. It shocks me how many good games actually end up on game pass in a pretty short amount of time too, I always wonder how the companies are reimbursed when they put the games on there. I feel like it must be a pretty good amount considering how so many good games are ending up on there.
  12. Outer worlds is awesome. Really enjoying it so far. Just wish the stealth was harder.. it’s too easy to steal/pick pocket/lock pick. Always loved that in Oblivion.
  13. Pretty solid album, a few really catchy tracks. Hadn’t checked these guys out in awhile and I’m glad I did. “All the Way(stay)” stood out for me.
  14. I’m rooting for the Nats solely because they are doing this right after losing Harper haha. Plus they have never won it. Won’t be mad with either team winning though, Altuve is one of my favorite players but I don’t really dislike anybody on either team. I’m gonna go with Nats in 7 just for the heck of saying it.