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  1. This album succeeded my expectations, and they were pretty damn high
  2. I hope to give this a listen soon
  3. Twins and Dbacks for me
  4. Appears that he is still clinging to life
  5. Extremely jealous of you all
  6. Ooooohhhh excited for this one!
  7. Their energy is CRAZY. Don't know how they can do it night in and night out
  8. I still can't pick a winner between albums, but I think the big discrepancy on which songs we all fell in love first shows how diverse this album is and the wide appeal it can have to each person who listens. What I do know is that I HAVE to see them again soon. Still one of the best concerts I have ever been too. That should be dope!
  9. This has me excited to give this a listen.
  10. So this totally slipped my radar until I saw they are touring with see that. This album is definitely solid. I love Long Way Home and Tusk and Bone so far after one listen.
  11. Well looks like I better look ahead to another Red concert in the near future, these songs are killer
  12. I miss downplay
  13. This album is GOOD
  14. Loving it, no sophomore slump here what so ever. Sounds a little bit different but I am totally fine with it: the experiments and electronic auto tune is well done in my opinion and used at the right times to make a unique sound. Fade in/fade out is emotional as hell like you all have said. I actually just moved back in with my dad for awhile who is starting to get up there in age so it really hit home for me as well. Can't pick other favorites yet but will totally be revisiting this a lot this weekend and come back and post some favorites.
  15. This and Nothing More is one hell of a music weekend!