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  1. They played a show here last week and I completely missed it even happening until the day after it happened. Pumped for this though!!
  2. I downloaded it yesterday and have been playing a bit. Only about an hour in but it seems pretty good so far, but it isn't blowing me away like I hoped that it would. Have to spend some more time with it before i decide if I want to buy it or not.
  3. Cavs pick up Larry Sanders pending physical. Bogut released.
  4. So last nights episode.. holy shit. Talk about a fantastically put together piece of art.
  5. Nice! I'll be sure to check it out when it hits Spotify. Really enjoyed the few songs in this thread.
  6. When does it come out for non-pledges?
  7. Just got caught up with the past two episodes. This show is the bees knees.
  8. Played literally all night after work yesterday, probably around 5 hours or so with 3 friends. We beat the main missions then we turned the HUD off except for a few little things like the crosshairs, etc. That changes the game COMPLETELY. It is the most realistic thing I have ever seen in a video game both graphically and also gameplay wise. We didn't even change the difficulty and it made it 20 times harder. If you have some friends that really want to get into the game I recommend giving it a shot.
  9. Ayeee ditto dude I had no clue.. just jumped to the top of my listening list for the weekend.
  10. Song sounds good to me! Seether is one band that does sound very similar with their songs through out the album, but always mix it up enough to keep it enjoyable. Then they always throw in a few songs on each album that blow you away. One of the reasons they are one of my favorite bands (Shaun Morgan's vocals are also a big part of this)
  11. Pretty good! Winter and The Crown were my two favorites for sure from this, especially Winter.
  12. That must be recent then, because you can tell it is the same guy on that album and these songs.
  13. By far my favorite song from the new album.
  14. So many new songs out today.. can't wait to get home from work. This is going to be my first one I give a listen to for sure
  15. Yep been listening to these guys for awhile.. same main singer as the band Fire From the Gods. Really good stuff