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  1. Never been more happy, this team is finally playing to their potential and I couldn’t be happier that our GM went all in this year. Been waiting for some good playoff hockey here in Ohio, and I’m definitely going to try to make it to a game next series(or at least the bars around the rink). Talent wise their has been no reason this team was playing poorly, but since they’re playing up to their potential now I don’t see any reason why they couldn’t beat any team considering how they manhandled Tampa.
  2. Was just about to post this. Sounds REALLY good, like possibly the best since old EB. Very heavy at parts. Hope they continue with some kind of tour in the future because I’ve yet to see them live.
  3. Hahah whoooooops, got them mixed up while I was typing 😂
  4. This instantly went to my most anticipated when I saw this. Looks like Leto might be the real deal
  5. Such a good album! Did not disappoint
  6. what do you guys think about Google’s new “console”? Personally, I’m always skeptical about the streaming game services. If anyone could pull it off I figure it could be google though.
  7. I don’t.
  8. This album is so good wow.. not what i expected but in a good way
  9. https://loudwire.com/sixx-a-m-four-new-songs-greatest-hits-collection/ 4 or 5 new songs for their greatest hits collection. Always down for some new Sixx!
  10. Hell yes! Perfect time, I’ll be seeing them live for the first time on Monday with Sevendust, who I haven’t seen in years. Super excited.
  11. Good stuff!!!
  12. I know the Grammys might be a after thought here, but I still think they really messed up by not having Vinnie Paul in their memoriam.. they stay true to their leaving metal/rock out of their “honor”.. do you all think this is leading to the decline of Rock/metal? Because if people forget the reasons we all love it how are new people going to understand it or listen to it?
  13. Totally forgot this came out, with the bitter old coming the next few days I’ll be sure to check it out
  14. At this point I’m happy with ANYONE but the Pats.. but I’m rooting for the Saints to take it all. I think Saints/KC would be a real fun superbowl.