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  1. So the xbox game pass has become one of my best investments over the past few months. They have had several great titles that have been added like Warhammer Vermintide 2, Oblivion, State of Decay and Shadow Complex remastered. Warhammer was an awesome surprise game for me, its a blast with friends. If you liked Left for Dead you'll love it.
  2. Pumped!
  3. Want want want
  4. This is really good! I hope that more people have gave this a listen because I agree with Pen, this album was pretty dang epic
  5. Release Date: 6/20/2018 1. VALLEY OF THE KINGS 2. RAMSES 3. NEW REALITY 4. COME ON TO ME 5.TRACE OF LIGHT 6. SEDONA Pretty dang solid EP from these guys
  6. Meh..
  7. LOLLLLLLLLLL the NBA is such a joke.. Golden State just got Boogie on a 1 yr deal
  8. Yeah that was really solid. Still going to miss Bridge to Grace, but this is some really good chill music.
  9. It also doesn't help that when we do have young talent, the MLS isn't good enough for the players to stay here and improve (although it is getting better). All the young talent goes overseas and a majority of people in the US aren't able to even see the talent play most of the time outside of national friendlies.
  10. Yeah should be interesting. Now Lebron has his hench men to piss off Golden State with him and McGee. Plus its pretty funny that the Cav's basically made this possible by taking Nance and Clarkson. Talk about the ultimate chess move..
  11. Haha right? Gonna be interesting to see if they can land Kawhi though.
  12. I am finally starting to catch up on some new music since it's summer and stumbled on these guys. Wish I would have saw this thread sooner.. this song particularly stuck out for me.
  13. Lebron breaks peoples hearts in Ohio once again, going to LA.. 4 years 154 mil. At least he fulfilled his promise but it doesn't help how much this sucks.
  14. Agreed, can only hope that this world cup inspires more love for soccer here in the US. It really hurts seeing all these teams contend from a far but hopefully the young talent can be inspired by what has happened this world cup. I would rather miss one world cup and wait for success/contention in the future then be in it and be embarrassed each game.