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  1. At this point I’m happy with ANYONE but the Pats.. but I’m rooting for the Saints to take it all. I think Saints/KC would be a real fun superbowl.
  2. That being said never hurts to let Nixon know again I definitely appreciate you doing that for us. It was weird how much I kept checking for it to come back, and itmade me realize how often I do check here for new news both musically/gaming/shows etc. Even though I lurk a lot this is basically my Reddit for news most of the time since it’s not blocked by my work filter and helps me keep up with stuff 😂
  3. You talking about the Cyclops mission? That one took me forever too but it really helped me understand the combat system after I finally beat it. It’s also better if you sneak into the area because then the guards aren’t as close all at once. It was definitely frustrating but looking back it really helped me grasp the importance of mixing dodges, blocks, heavy, light, and special moves. Don’t give up on it because it quickly became one of my favorites of the year after getting a few more hours in.
  4. This is some good stuff here.. came up on my youtube and luckily gave it a click. A little Killswitch/Tremonti vibes
  5. @Mike are you still watching Ray Donovan? In my opinion this season has been awesome.
  6. The fact is you can’t watch any news channels anymore, Fox is too far conservative on their info and CNN/MSNBC is too far liberal for the most part. If you watch anything you are still ill informed about it all if you trust anything either of them say. This is why I hate the way the country is going because I can’t see anyone meeting in the middle anytime soon on any decisions, and the news channels aren’t helping (this issue, and the rest of the elections). Yes trump is an idiot we all know that, does he have some good things he brings to the table? For sure.. but the separation in the media is making the country go to shit and making people even more sepperated
  7. And don’t get me started on the shit show in Cincinnati. Mike Brown is losing the entire fan base here and I don’t know why he stands with Marvin. It’s absolute joke he is still the coach. If he isn’t fired by the offseason there might be a mutiny.
  8. By far one of my favorite new bands. This album is fantastic
  9. The headliners for this are fantastic. I’m praying that BMTH and SOAD are on the same day because I’m most likely just getting tickets for SOADs day. Still hate that they expanded to 3 days but it’s whatever. Prices are near $400 so if I want to go and have the whole experience (drinks, food trucks, etc) all day I can really only justify going for one day and I even have friends that live in Columbus still. That’s the one thing I will always hate about big festivals, and the fact that most of the time it means the bands that I want to see that go there don’t usually make it to Cincinnati for awhile.
  10. 😃
  11. My body is ready
  12. 21 pilots at all? I enjoy the song but its not the Trapt I remember
  13. A Wasted Hymn is sooooo good.
  14. Yep, don’t know how they do it. Another banger from them. Can’t wait to give it some intense listens this weekend. I totally agree and I’ve only been able to listen to it while getting ready for work and in the shower so far.. luckily I don’t need an incognito tab while I’m in there hahaha wtf idk why it added that face.. made it seem a ton different. stupid mobile