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  1. Well that was different
  2. Watching the debate last night the problem is there aren’t many candidates that can bring across people that are simply sick of having Trump make a ass of himself. The impeachment is just going to rally the base and even further divide things. I’m a conservative but man am I tired of seeing Trump make idiotic comments. He has done a lot of good things with what he has been able to actually put into action, but the bad things are hard to overlook. Honestly Yang is easily my favorite candidate from the Democratic Party. He killed it last night whenever he was given the chance to talk. I agree with almost everything he had a chance to talk about, and really enjoyed listening to him on Joe Rogens pod cast. He’s the only candidate on the democratic side that isn’t making it all about Trump, and taking what Trump has been trying to improve and expanding on it. Being a special education teacher his response about special needs individuals was such a breath of fresh air. I hope he continues killing it on the debate floor, but I don’t think there is anyway the party let’s him be the candidate.
  3. Can never go wrong with more Gemini!
  4. Appreciate it dude!
  5. Totally agree with it.
  6. Did a search and I don't think this has been posted.. what a good song. Now give me a full length please!
  7. Gone through a lot the past year and a half in my personal life. Let’s just say losing a serious girlfriend and changing your job to one where you are surrounded by alcohol at the same time can take its toll. It took me longer then I would have hoped to realize how it was changing me, but these songs really helped me reach that realization and get through it. One for each mood. I know a lot of us don’t post like we used to on here(getting old sucks), but really hope everyone’s doing well! Even if I might not post much, a ton of stuff you all post really helps when my mind starts to wander back to the dark side. Appreciate you all
  8. More More More!
  9. From their album ‘Perdida’, out February 7th, 2020.
  10. I just wish Valve would come out with another Day of Defeat mod for Counter Strike, or port it to Xbox like the OG xbox. Put so many hours into those games back in the day. Still have Day of Defeat from 2002 or whatever since my PC can actually run it haha
  11. Liking the second one much more then the first
  12. So glad you posted this. I saw them with Tremonti and Sevendust and hadn't even heard of them, they were phenomenal. So much energy and some really good hooks/guitar riffs. Totally forgot their album was coming out and finally did when I saw you posted this and it did not disappoint. My personal favorite
  13. I heard this come up on my release radar and my first thought was "who is this? Not a bad song". I'm sticking by that but nothing amazing from them, it's crazy I couldn't even recognize them even with how much I have seen them/heard them over the years.