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  1. Definitely their best album since Home School. Worse part about the CD is that it is only 9 tracks. Really digging Vibes and Tell Me.
  2. I'm one of those who actually like this CD. It has grown on me and spin it pretty regularly. Even like Po Mouth, catchy as all get out. Then again at my age I'm not as picky as I was when I was younger so the musical change doesn't bother me to much.
  3. I really dig this CD. I really didn't listen to them til the last album and instantly became a fan. This album is great. Not a bad song on the album.
  4. I got it the day it came out so I've had it awhile. Really good album.
  5. Give me a full length CD over an EP any time
  6. I really hope they make a full length CD. It is very good.
  7. Picked it up on Friday. I'll give it a better listen tomorrow when I go to work. I like Painless for sure and from what else I have heard in driving around listening to it, it's pretty good. If you don't like just made the list.
  8. So album #2 with Marshal Dutton as the vocalist dropped awhile back, and man is it a good one. This band has never really let me down as far as the music is concerned and I still play all their CD's on occasion. This new one finds 11 more songs that are all good. No filler on this album. Among my favorites are Burn It Down (which starts as ballad an proceeds into a very good hard rock song), Long Gone, & Remember Me. But honestly there is not a bad track at all. Highly recommend.
  9. There should only be one band to Prevail in this matchup
  10. If there was any Justice...For All, From Ashes to New would win this easily.
  11. Gavin can dance right on out of the tournament because Sick Puppies released their best album
  12. There really is no loser in this round.
  13. This should be the round where we collectively say good riddance to Metallica. No way is their album better than Unleashed or even a better band than Skillet
  14. I've just recently gotten into both of these bands. Both put out good CD's. I like MMF slightly more so I'll toss them a vote
  15. I Prevail was definitely way better.