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  1. 05/23 Stryper And on the maybe list Gin Blossoms Warrant
  2. I'll give it a better listen to it at work tomorrow but just from first impressions listening to it my car, pretty solid outing. "Get Up" is a great track I have heard so far. I bought my copy at Wal-Mart to get the 2 additional tracks "Headcase" and "ANWTD (A New Way To DIe) and they are both pretty good as well.
  3. So far: 1. Stryper - God Damn Evil 2. Slaves - A Beautiful Death 3. Steel City - Fortress 4. W.E.T - Earthrage 5. Station - More Than The Moon 6. From Ashes To New - The Future 7. Escape the Fate - I Am Human 8. Milestones - Red Light 9. Breaking Benjamin - Ember 10. Jason Aldean - Rearview Town 11. James Christian - Craving 12. Perfect Plan - All Rise 13. Blood Red Saints - Love Hate Conspiracies 14. Three Days Grace - The Outsider 15. Of Mice & Men - Defy
  4. Listened to this on Prime the other day and was really impressed. I loved Bulletproof and was not disappointed in the rest of the album. May have to go back and re-start my Godsmack collection. Had the first album twice and got rid of it. Maybe the third will be the charm
  5. This was one of my favorite albums of last year. Absolutely fantastic album.
  6. Well they weren't Fearful of signing them. Here's to another great album by them.
  7. Stryper - God Damn Evil From Ashes to New - The Future W.E.T - Earthrage Breaking Benjamin - Ember Grand Design - Viva La Paradise Disciple James Christian - Craving Vega - Only Human
  8. Totally looking forward to picking this up tomorrow. I really liked Human and am a fan of Matt Walst so I have no doubt that this will be a winner.
  9. Got my copy in the mail yesterday but haven't had a chance to really listen to it. But I know its a great album based on what I have heard. This is a very good band. Really enjoyed both the other releases to.
  10. Definitely their best album since Home School. Worse part about the CD is that it is only 9 tracks. Really digging Vibes and Tell Me.
  11. I'm one of those who actually like this CD. It has grown on me and spin it pretty regularly. Even like Po Mouth, catchy as all get out. Then again at my age I'm not as picky as I was when I was younger so the musical change doesn't bother me to much.
  12. I really dig this CD. I really didn't listen to them til the last album and instantly became a fan. This album is great. Not a bad song on the album.
  13. I got it the day it came out so I've had it awhile. Really good album.
  14. Give me a full length CD over an EP any time
  15. I really hope they make a full length CD. It is very good.