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  1. The Word Alive for the win
  2. Very solid album. Digging Everytime We're Together, Home, Song on Fire.
  3. I bought Dayshell and loved it. I checked out Thrice from the library and returned it the next day. Was not impressed at all
  4. GGD made a good album but I Prevail made a fantastic album. One of my favorites still.
  5. Evans Blue just hasn't been the same since Kevin left. Definitely going with BSC in this one.
  6. There is no way Parabelle should lose this. Probably the best independent band in Music today.
  7. Finally a new album which will surely be a contender for AOTY
  8. Like both of these CD's, Its a win either way.
  9. I liked the Rev Theory album but Through Fire put out the better album.
  10. Then yes I will probably be forced to purchase it digitally. Keeping my fingers crossed however.
  11. Cd is amazing and been digging it a lot. I'll be seeing them at Liefest this year and I'm guessing that when they do Rocks Not Dead its going to be insane
  12. TFK all the way. Honest is the best song on the album.
  13. TCTT put on an amazing album. Never have liked Weezer and never will
  14. Even thou I have yet to get the SafetySuit album because they have yet to release it on CD, I will vote for them. One of my favorites
  15. Can't think of a time I would ever vote for Green Day. By far Adelitas Way had the better album