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  1. I bought the CD after hearing the song This Is Goodbye. It is a really good CD. Recommend it.
  2. One of my favorite bands to come out of the 90's (certainly better then the stuff coming out of the Pacific NorthWest). I'm looking forward to getting this just as soon as they release it on CD. I think it'll be hard to top Opaline but from what I have heard, I like
  3. Just pre-ordered my copy. Looking forward to listening to it.
  4. True but I don't think John is "kissing the rings" so to speak. I think its a good tour for them and I'm sure that Skillet will have the best performance out of all the bands.
  5. yes that to
  6. In case you hadn't heard, James Durbin of American Idol fame (and pretty good debut album a few years back) has landed the lead singer gig for Quiet Riot. The band has a new album coming out with a different singer (Sean Nichols) but replaced him with James recently.
  7. John Cooper did an interview where he actually credited Corey as being a good tour mate. Said they were treated well by Corey.
  8. Really like this album. Pieces and World on Fire probably my favorite but no bad songs on it. I was right, sons band better than dads
  9. Came across them today and really liked it. Almost bought it, but pre-ordered the new Stephen Pearcy CD instead. Will definitely be buying this one
  10. Going to be getting this one when they release it on a physical CD. I came across them today and liked what I heard
  11. I'll be picking this up tomorrow. All I know is, Son's band is so much better than Fathers band.
  12. Will probably have to wait till Monday to get a better chance to listen to it at work. I bought it yesterday and listened to it on my way home and liked what I heard. I also bought We Came As Romans so I was sampling that as well. All I know is, Starset doesn't make bad songs so I fully expect this to be a great album
  13. 1. Disciple - Long Live The Rebels 2. The Defiants - S/T 3. Palace - Master of the Universe 4. Cruzh - S/T 5. Skillet - Unleashed 6. Sixx AM - Prayers for the Blessed 7. Nordic Union - S/T 8. Failure Anthem - First World Problems 9. I-Prevail - LifeLines 10. Parabelle - The Kill Plan 11. Crowder - American Prodigal 12. LoCash - The Fighters 13. The Radio Sun - Outside Looking In 14. From Ashes to New - Day One 15. Michael Sweet - One Sided War
  14. Heard Void on Octane the other day driving to work. I liked that track. Almost bought the CD but haven't yet.
  15. Had never heard of this band and then I stumbled onto the song Walls. Bought the CD based on what I heard and must say it does not disappoint. Becoming a fast favorite of mine