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  1. Going with the one I have the CD and have heard. Still waiting on SafetySuit.
  2. Only because I have not yet heard/got the new Cavo, I will go with OM&M
  3. Really like Battles it's a good CD. But I will go with Hands Like Houses as I liked it just a tad bit better
  4. I Prevail but Lacy's CD is great to.
  5. This should've gone to Parabelle in a landslide. Soooooo much better
  6. Man, tough one. I'll throw a vote BSC's way but there is no loser in this round
  7. Never had heard of the Color Morale, heard Walls and immediately went out and got the CD, Good Stuff
  8. I'll vote for Skillet, however, Nine Lashes put out an amazing album.
  9. LLTR was absolutely one of my favorite albums of last year. This band never disappoints. Cant compete against songs like Erase and Empty Grave
  10. Great comeback album by Decyfer Down.
  11. The Word Alive for the win
  12. Very solid album. Digging Everytime We're Together, Home, Song on Fire.
  13. I bought Dayshell and loved it. I checked out Thrice from the library and returned it the next day. Was not impressed at all