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  1. Pretty much none available around my area's Craigslist. I'm guessing the hype is greater up north is much greater. We're only getting about a 75% coverage here.
  2. hmmmm, really? I need to Google this...
  3. So I'm an idiot and waited until the last minute to get some eclipse glasses and now I can't find any anywhere
  4. I had to turn my TV way up to get a good sound. Is that what's wrong with yours or is it out is sync?
  5. Just gave in and watched it. Worth it.
  6. I think it's more likely they turn Ambrose on Rollins than a full on Shield reunion but I'm better neither happens. Expect 50 matches between Ambrose/Rollins vs Cesaro/Sheamus from now until the Royal Rumble.
  7. A handful of new Curb Your Enthusiasm episodes leaked too. Though I'm sure it's real easy to avoid any "spoilers".
  8. Yeah I figured. Sooo tempting. I'll probably give in and watch after work.
  9. Have you caught a glimpse of the quality? Is it like full on HD?
  10. What I'm mostly worried about is accidentally running into spoilers on Twitter or something. I'm afraid to even look at my feed.
  11. Man I'm tired of shit leaking. I've been trying to stay legit and make every Sunday an "event" with some nice food and shit and these leaks are a huge tease to a recovering addict.
  12. Tyrion just *assumed* Jamie survived too. He mentioned they Jamie would listen to him about setting up the meeting. They've been a little sloppy this season because the pace is super fast but that's ok. I'll allow it.
  13. I actually thought this would happen with Joe last month. I think it's time for Heyman to move on, Lesnar has made him stale.
  14. That's how the NFL rolls. Give a hard suspension that will look great to the public eye all the while knowing an appeal is coming to make it more reasonable. Though after reading the letter the NFL sent him, Zeke does sound like a piece of shit.
  15. Let 'em Burn is the best hard rock song I've heard in many many years. It's a fucking banger.
  16. My money is on him being a prisoner too. GOT doesn't do off-screen deaths. If he was going to drown, we would have seen it.
  17. It's the shitty production guys, just say it! When I heard their first single was going to be a b-side they had released 5 years ago I knew it wasn't gonna be any good. Which is a shame because I thought their last album was amazing.
  18. Anybody here wear adidas Ultra Boost? Got a pair as a gift and Oh. My. God. It is like walking on a marshmallow.
  19. They should have ended the match after Strowman threw an office chair like a baseball to a charging Roman Reigns' face. That was amazing and hilarious, great sell job by Roman.
  20. Anybody been this playing lately? I hadn't played it since the Gen 2 Pokémon were released and got really bored of searching for those quickly. However I've been playing quite a bit lately because of the Legendary Raids that have been happening. I work in a government building that literally has 4 Pokestops and 3 gyms without me having to get out of my office and a ton of people gather up for the raids a couple of times a day and it's been fun joining up with them. So far I've caught Lugia, Articuno, and Moltres. Hoping to catch Zapdos at some point this week. I believe that these are the only legendaries they are planning to release for the time being so I'll probably go on another extended hiatus but it's been fun having the nostalgia of last summer.
  21. I feel like the media has overpushed the whole "Kap is a bad QB" thing too. Mike Florio has even said it felt like propaganda. If you look at his stats last year, he was actually very effective and efficient. Don't get me wrong, I don't think he's all that great, but I think a lot of people think he sucks because the media has gone out of their way to have a take like you just did.
  22. Because they've never liked each other. When they were talking about Arya's list I was trying to think back if Arya has ever put her in the list haha. What a depressing reunion, Bran has become such a dick.
  23. Dragons! I didn't notice how short the episode was because of how much stuff happened in it. It was amazing. Because of the faster pace I think this season will easily become my favorite yet.
  24. The thing of it is that he's better than a lot of team's STARTERS. You can't tell me a team like the Jets can't use him. He's absolutely getting blackballed and it's total bullshit that he is, but on the other hand I'm with you, so sick of hearing about it. Let it be a lesson for a NFL players. You can beat your wife, be involved in a murder investigation, be a racist shit, fight dogs, just never stand up for minorities and disrespect 'Merica.