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  1. He’s bahahahahaack
  2. That’s a terrible idea...
  3. The Owens/Zayn/Shane/Bryan storyline is literally the only storyline I’ve cared about in the last 6 months because for me it felt obvious that they were building up to Bryan’s return at Wrestlemania and I’m glad it’s going in that direction. I’ve thought all along it would end up being Shane vs Bryan but after what happened last week it seems obvious that it’ll be Bryan and Shane vs Owens and Zayn. That match is not ideal but I’ll take any Daniel Bryan match, I’m just happy to see him in the ring again. Heres hoping he is indeed coming back though and that WWE isn’t just planning to give fans some blue balls. Ive sat through hours of shitty Smackdown to see his mediocre and sloppy comeback storyline and I hope it’s not for nothing.
  4. This album is fantastic.
  5. Keenum to Denver. I feel like Cousins to Minnesota is a forgone conclusion. Good on them for not getting complacent. Rodgers won’t break his collarbone every year, gotta keep getting better.
  6. But aren’t they repeating Heavy Heavy Heavy Heavy in the background of the chorus? If that’s not what they’re saying then you’re right it’s even. Even then, the catchiest line in the song is “it’s about to get heavy”
  7. Oh and one more thing, anyone else think this should have been called “Heavy”. I’m not usually a stickler for song titles but which how much they say the word you’d think they’d go with it.
  8. Happy to report this song has grown on me a ton with more listens. I’d put it right there on the level of “Cut the Cord” which I really liked and thought was the best song off their last album. I can see this one being played over sports highlight packages or being a Wrestlemania theme song or something like that.
  9. Not sure if this has beeen posted yet but I just got this video in my recommendations: The song has been out since January and is the first single to their new album of the same name due out this Summer.
  10. Same here. Enjoyed it, but hoping for better, or at least different, on the rest of the album.
  11. Unfortunately I feel for the most part their best material has been when he’s in a “dark place”. However they still make great music and a “bad” Blue October is better than most other band’s “best” for me, so bring it.
  12. Oh yeah, they even have the Chevy commercial guy in there randomly. The song is awesome too.
  13. Yup...which is why I don’t think I’m gonna be as into their new stuff and most people here. The songs are good, it’s just meh been there done that.
  14. I agree with this. The song itself isn’t all that great but I guess I just appreciate that they showed a little bit of effort to not just go through the motions again.
  15. Heard "Get Out" the other day on my way to work, excellent song.
  16. Haven't been super into the last two albums, particularly the latest one, so I'm hoping they rope me back in but I have a feeling they are going to continue leaning more on the metal side than the active rock side.
  17. Woah, I actually really really like it. I feel like its been a decade since I enjoyed a Godsmack song but this is a pleasant surprise. More of this please.
  18. Agreed with everything you said except I think the match will probably end up being pretty good. Their styles mesh pretty good and their WM31 was really really good and people don't remember that because it got overshadowed by an awesome cash-in by Rollins. Although if Lesnar is on his way out of the company there's always a chance he half-asses the match like the first Goldberg match. Speaking of Rollins, it seemed like fans were FINALLY willing to buy him as a top face and it seems as though WWE killed all that momentum by not having him win the Chamber match. I know it was probably a long shot but I think Rollins winning was the way better move. Reigns is who he is, a win vs. Lesnar does nothing for him, but a clean win for Rollins over Lesnar would have probably catapulted him to the very top. Instead he's back to being a boring upper mid-card guy.
  19. Funniest thing I’ve seen on WCW:
  20. For me the most shocking this about yesterday is how desensitized everyone has become to gun violence. I heard about it as I was driving home from work so I turned on the local news as I sat down for dinner to see if there was anything new. There was no mention of it until the last minute of the show where they said "we will have more details at 11". And I know the local news is not the best place to look for national stories but you'd think a school shooting with 20 people murdered would be a blip on the damn radar. Sadly, I personally do not get shocked when I hear about mass shootings anymore. There's initial grief for the victims and their families but then you move on to the next one. I think this how it is more most people, the media and politicians included. We will have a day or two when people get the courage to say something and then boom it's over next. Everyone will eventually give up because nothing is ever done and mass shooting will officially be an American way of life. I personally gave up any hope for change after Sandy Hook. Sandy Hook should have hit the country the hardest, we are talking about dozens of little kids who are beyond defenseless. But not only did nothing get done, every once in a while you hear some loon talk about how it was all staged by the government.
  21. I have an LG OLED tv and it is consistently better than any of the newer 4K TVs that people seem to be buying.
  22. Yeah, they had massive backlash. As a matter of fact I checked on my Google Music app and don’t even see Ascend. Maybe they’re pretending it never happened? I actually like Ascend...
  23. Agree to disagree. As far as disrespecting Peyton, I’ve said multiple times that I think he’s the 2nd best ever, so it’s not coming from me.
  24. I never said anything about Manning’s Super Bowl W-L record. I said he has way less rings (and SB appearances) than Brady and you can’t say Manning has had to play with crappier teams either. Both guys have had to carry their teams and had their teams carry them at different points of their career, and Brady has been unquestionably more successful and better when it counts. It’s been a while since I’ve had the Manning vs Brady debate because most people conceded it, especially after what Brady has done the last 3 to 4 years.
  25. He's played in some pretty great teams and only has 2 (or more accurately, 1 and a half), so no.