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  1. They don't do a good job making you care for anyone except the two main characters. Like everyone else seems like major filler.
  2. My god that was a horrible horrible scene. Kevin Harlan said it best, and just like that the season can change.
  3. I binge watched this show this weekend while I was down with a back injury and while it isn't quite as funny as I hoped it would be, I still really like it. I think it's fairly obvious it's gonna end up being Russell, the dude is a nutcase. In the promos for the show they always put in "the final semester", is this gonna be the last season? If so then I think it's even more obvious it'll be Russell.
  4. I really like it. Maynard sounds a little different/off though. It sounds like someone doing a great Maynard cover.
  5. This album is fantastic.
  6. He said he needed the space for games. I was gonna suggest he should have bought a harddrive just for his music but I imagine Pen's music is way more massive than mine.
  7. Funny you should say this because I realized last week that I haven't updated my music library in a long long time. The last mp3 I have downloaded according to my recently added is Needtobreathe's last album and that came out last year I think. I have basically just added the music I wanted to my Google Play library right on the app. It's just so much more convenient than waiting for iTunes to get it's shit together and sync my devises. I haven't gone to the extent of deleting my mp3s because I don't need the space but my digital library is getting more and more outdated by the way. Which is kinda sad to me because I used to have a certain reputation to live up to! I can't even remember the last time I visited RIP or funkysouls.
  8. God I saw that whole sequence last night. Even after Panama scored there was still zero sense of urgency from the US. Those bums didn't deserve to make it.
  9. Might be prisoner of the moment but that tag team title match is one of the best hell in a cell matches in a long long time. What a fucking match!
  10. Ha you can't even notice it unless you pay close attention.
  11. Ok, I think we should make it work pretty easily then. A big portion of the league are West Coasters so you and Phobes being able to do a late draft is great. BTW, we still have three spots open everybody, if anyone wants to hop on now is the time.
  12. Hello everybody, I'd like to get a head count to see if anybody would be interested in a fantasy basketball league. This is not going to be a "Tunelab" league because I know we don't have enough interest for a Tunelab-only league. I am hoping to set up a league with some of you guys if you're interested plus some friends that have been wanting to do one. Right now we have 5 confirmed, including our very own Phobes. So I am hoping for 5 more people and if there's more than 5 interested then shit we will make it a 12 man league. This will be a money league, but nothing too crazy, it will be something like $20-$25 bucks. Let me know!
  13. I can't say I'm super into the music of his era but Free Fallin' is one of my favorite songs of all time.
  14. I’ll let you know exactly when but the plan is around a week before the season starts. What’s your general availability?
  15. Yeah I don't see how a Tunelab regular doesn't know about these guys. They were basically what Nothing More is now to this website.
  16. For anyone that wants one, follow this guy: He posts stuff as soon as they go up. I've gotten my shit because of him, I've had him for notifications for like a month haha
  17. I've been reading Target is the place to go because they are pretty much selling all of their stock in stores and not doing online orders. I wish I could have gone but I start work at 8. My only options were Best Buy who were supposedly handing out tickets at 7 and letting you go in later in the day to purchase it but there was already a freakin line at 10 PM.
  18. keep refreshing. It’s been going in and out of stock since midnight last night. Was able to get one more.
  19. Rock/Austin in WM 17 is far and above my favorite match ever. It was the absolute climax of the attitude era.
  20. I don't disagree with this take. In fact I think the best take I've heard on this so far is from Shannon Sharpe. Worth a listen.
  21. No Andrew, all of the athletes were born millionaires. All of their family and friends are also pampered millionaires.
  22. Ohh Mike, please shut up.
  23. uh, is Strowman a face no? Or was Enzo was still a face and he is just a huge douche? either way I need a 15 minute Strowman vs Enzo street fight please
  24. Can’t you just tell them to not watch? Jesus, some people.
  25. God the end of Raw was great. Say what you want about Enzo but at least people care about the division a little now and it’s so satisfying to see him get beat up.