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  1. I’ll enjoy the season immensely.
  2. I would like to take back this statement. Lebron must be fuming right now. Woooooow.
  3. Craziest move so far is Lance Stephenson being LeBron’s teammate.
  4. Yeah that would be a tough out. I thought they were gonna pull off a Leonard, George, and Lebron big 3. That would have been pretty close to knocking off the Warriors. as is though, 18/19 Lakers = 17/18 Cavs.
  5. Strange that he’d want the Warriors to whoop his ass even more times per year...
  6. Same. I miss melodic Nonpoint, but that’s so far gone and I’m not sure their vocalist can actually pull it off anymore. Voice is sounding rough. Literally...
  7. If anyone (still) wants the NES Classic:
  8. I’m a spoofer and play on my iPad once in a great while. I was legit for a long time and spent a lot of money on it but ever since they killed being able to play while in a vehicle, playing legit was not feasible anymore. I know, I suck.
  9. He takes himself waaaaay too seriously. The guys from the Le Batard Show accidentally made fun of him and he had a bitch-fit on Twitter and complained to the ESPN bosses that they were being mean to him. He complained about all the ESPN newcomers getting shows because he claimed he was better than them. Worst, he’s the type of guy who re-tweets compliments and has shitty comebacks for the insults. He sucks.
  10. I really really really don’t like Coachman. And it’s mostly because of how much of a douche he was on ESPN.
  11. Not sure if this has beeen posted yet but I just got this video in my recommendations: The song has been out since January and is the first single to their new album of the same name due out this Summer.
  12. I should correct myself, I said wrestling sucks right now, but I was talking about WWE. I saw Okada and Omega, that was amazing.
  13. My god, I just wanted to come in here and whine about how terrible wrestling is right now. I just got home from work and went through a 3 hour episode minutes. Everything is so bad.
  14. Been trying to listen to this but the first 2 songs are so great I keep repeating them.
  15. This album grows on me with every listen. At first I shrugged it off because it didn’t meet my unfair Seasons/Animosity standards but I went back to it and every time I have I like it more than the previous time. Im gonna try to listen again to Kill The Flaw because I remember shrugging that one off too and I have given it maybe one or two listens ever.
  16. WWE is only getting a ton of money because live entertainment is the only thing people will tune in for live as it happens. For most other stuff on TV they will DVR the show or wait till it’s on Netflix or something. That’s why all the sports leagues are getting ridiculous money even though the ratings aren’t necessarily getting higher. It’s everyone else’s ratings that have completely gone down the shitter.
  17. Wow I remember dreaming of the day SD or Raw would be on one of the big networks because we couldn’t afford cable and UPN always looked awful. It’s finally happening, this is huge for them. I can easily see SD getting more viewers than Raw. I’m surprised it’s as close as it is to begin with.
  18. I constantly find myself not really caring about wresting, I mostly watch out of habit. I’ve been watching for almost 25 years now, it would be weird not to watch. Besides I DVR both shows, I can basically watch both shows in under an hour by skipping the shitty stuff. There was a span in the mid-00s that I basically gave up on keeping up aside from watching the Royal Rumble and WM. Between WM 21 and the CM Punk promo that brought me back, I can remember very little. Cena and Batista as the big two was a huge meeeeh.
  19. Madlen. Tunelab Hall of Fame. Collision course.
  20. You’re right, I did enjoy that tremendously. They made Big Cass look so damn bad that I’m pretty sure a lot of it has to do with him still being in Vince’s doghouse. Joe probably gonna beat his ass too. Joe’s promo tonight just reminded me how great of a face he can be. He talks like WWE wishes Reigns talked like.
  21. Speaking of squash matches, whatever happened to those? Why does every single match have to have three finishers/false finishes when a guy like Rollins fights a guy like Mojo Rawley. A nice 3 minute beat down would be nice when the top guys have matches with jobbers. I know they have time to fill but man does it make PPV matches seem unimportant when TV matches regularly get more airtime.
  22. Oh I’m not attacking your opinion I just think you’re the first guy I’ve ever seen love Animosity but not like Seasons as much. It’s a pretty unique opinion because I think most people would say out of their whole discography Seasons and Animosity are the most alike. I will give you that’s Seasons is bit more melodic but I think that’s where our opinions will differ because I LOVE melodic Sevendust.
  23. Seasons and Animosity are easily my top 2. I remember loving Home, Cold Day Memory, and Next so those are my next 3. The rest I have to go back and listen to but I don’t remember being super into the latest ones.
  24. Man I don’t know how anyone can have Animosity and Seasons that far apart.
  25. But he is bigger than losing clean to a mid-carder for life?