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  1. So far Odessey, Kart, and Pokken Tournament. Freakin games are rarely on sale so I have to be patient with it. Can’t wait for Super Smash Bros, it’s really the main reason I got the console.
  2. Yeah I ended up returning my NES Classic. I still have the SNES, but I honestly barely play that too. Cool novelty but not a lot of saying power for me. i did purchase a Switch last month though, which is GREAT.
  3. I like it. Have always liked his work.
  4. Don’t remember how many bench spots we have but the starting lineup is: QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, TE, FLX, FLX, D.
  5. Nice! Joined. Thanks for setting that up Nixon.
  6. I will say I don’t really feel all that strongly either way so if it’s gonna cause issues then I’m good with just keeping it the same. We should decide which direction we are going with as far as the group chat goes though and from there we can start doing stuff like setting up the draft and picking our keepers/draft spots.
  7. I don’t care about kickers just testing the waters on what people felt about that extra flex spot.
  8. There’s still a pay-in, it’s $30 if we stick with what we did last year. Speaking of last year, the big change was that we removed the kicker and added a flex. How did you guys like that? I’m a little meh about it particularly because if you get hit with the injury bug you’re more or less fucked because of how bare the guys on waivers were. Anyone else feel this? Or are you guys cool with it?
  9. Chris, Lucas thinks you’re completely forgettable. There, we have created a new rivalry.
  10. Would you be interested?
  11. He’s already in! Haha
  12. Oh nice didn’t even know he had album coming out! Love me some Daughtry.
  13. Other question is are we dropping Jamie’s players back in the draft pool or does the new guy get to inherit them for his keeper?
  14. Jamie is gonna piss away Todd Gurley! I’ve been texting him making a last ditch effort to convince him but it doesn’t look good. And yes if we are looking in-house for a replacement it should 100% be Harty if he wants it. Everything questionable thing he’s done or said on the forum aside we should not forget that the guy is literally the OG member of the league and generally makes the whole thing a lot more fun. Let’s face it, this league has needed a heel for a long long time.
  15. Update on the other three. Got a hold of Phobes and he is in. I have Jamie’s number and sent him a text early yesterday, no response whatsoever. And GB I have no way to contact other than the forum so hopefully one of you guys have him on social media.