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  1. I’m really loving new one from The 1975.
  2. They’re actually going in that direction on the actual Nintendo games too. On the new Switch game you just throw balls at the Pokémon, that’s it, no fighting whatsoever. That’s how you level up.
  3. So they botched Ambrose already huh? That was quick.
  4. The Styles-Lesnar match had the exact same format as the Bryan match. I was just hoping for a different ending, I foolishly thought they’d give Bryan the win during the match. Haven’t been that invested in a match in a long time.
  5. Just wanted to say Daniel Bryan is amazing. That is all.
  6. Love AJ but I never thought I’d be this happy to see him lose the WWE title. He needed a change, big time, moreso than Daniel Bryan.
  7. Heel Daniel Bryan WWE champ! I can’t believe they wasted that on a Smackdown.
  8. I enjoyed the album but ultimately a lot of the songs do end up sounding like B-sides from their last album.
  9. Speaking of Sasha in one of those promo videos they did to show how “emotional” all the girls are about the PPV she put out this gem: “We didn’t earn it, we TOOK it.” Haha what.
  10. I also skimmed through it. My first thought is whoever runs Botchamania just got hours of material to work with, particularly from botching hall of famer Sasha Banks. My goodness she is terrible. The last woman standing was really good. Didn’t pay too much attention or care about anything else. There was one moment in the last woman standing match where Charlotte was swinging a giant kendo stick ringside and almost hit the shit out of the fans, that would have been funny.
  11. The Fox Sports Go app is free. Pretty sure the NBC one is free too if you rather stream that one.
  12. Your best solution might be to have a cable box plugged into one TV and have the other TV plugged into a Roku, Amazon Fire or even your XBox and stream one of the games.
  13. Mike you don’t seem like the type who would clamour for heavy metal songs with hard riffs and crazy solos. I took you as the type who just likes catchy stuff. Who would have known you’re such a music snob.
  14. I loved the ending. People complaining about the timing are the same people who complain that WWE doesn’t do anything ballsy anymore. That was one of the best things they’ve done in years. Also, I have officially soured on Strowman. The constant turning back and forth is annoying and I find him generally cheesy now. I’m a mcintyre guy now.
  15. They’ve never been that. Why would you want one of the most melodic vocalists in hard rock to dwindle himself into being just another metal act?