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  1. He forgot to thank Durant for getting the fuck out of his way.
  2. LaVar Ball, a man who has more charisma in his pinky than 99% of the roster is coming out next. Let's see if WWE manages to screw him up too.
  3. Potential is the key word. As nice as the counting numbers have looked for Towns and Wiggins, analytics say these guys haven't been all that great. These two have to play to their potential and they need to get themselves a nice little point guard who can play with them. Rubio played a lot better towards the end of the year, but he's gonna be super pricey for a guy who can't shoot a lick.
  4. Hi Kyle!!!! I miss you! I am with you, I was disappointed in Smoke + Mirrors as well. I went back and listened to their whole discography as I often do whenever a band releases new music and I still find a lot of songs from that album merely meh. This album was a return to form and dare I say might be better...
  5. This album is fantastic.
  6. Look Chad Kroeger obviously has a big ego that makes him sound pretty delusional but guys like Corey Taylor has been shitting on his hand for over a decade, mostly of pure envy, are we really going to hold it against him if he has an axe to grind? Corey has said some dumb shit too, and it's one of the big reasons I've never fully gotten into his music. He seems like a douche too.
  7. Every now and the some of you guys seem to back some wrestler that leaves me dumbfounded. Now it's Baron Corbin. I'm guessing that's when happens when the standard is so low now. This dude would be Mideon back in the day.
  8. I'm just copying and pasting straight from google images. Just find a nice picture of Draymond with his Quickie shirts. That's all it is.
  9. Try this one
  10. Don't disagree with this. They killed AJ by turning him face, I knew it soon as they did it. AJ has always been a bland face and a dynamic heel.
  11. Ugh, but Rollins is still so bland. When Seth freakin Rollins is your cover boy, you know you have problems. And yes, it should have been AJ. It's looking like it'll be Nakamura vs AJ at Summerslam and AJ will surely take the L there. What an underwhelming Sophomore year for AJ compared to his amazing Freshman season. Also, it has to be said, from what he's done in WWE, take away the entrance from Nakamura and he is super duper meh.
  12. The only album I've disliked from his band is Here and Now. I really dig this one too.
  13. Mike are you seriously trying to say Mahal isn't on steroids? GTFOH.
  14. Was waiting for a good quality picture and this is the best I found. Here you go sir:
  15. Somehow I have had a demo of this song for like 4 years now and I wasn't impressed by it then. I was hoping better production would make me like it better but it sounds almost as bad as the demo. Meh.