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  1. All but three of my orders were cancelled, apparently the limit is 3. It keeps going in and out of stock with the new ones they're throwing in from people who ordered too many.
  2. Well all my orders are getting cancelled now haha
  3. For anyone wanting one I highly suggest you follow this twitter feed and follow notifications: i got a tweet as soon as it started. Next time I'll see if I can post a link here. I missed out of last year's NES so I was hell bent on getting one of these this year.
  4. Sorry
  5. Haha I put in like 8 orders before it went out of stock. Let's see how many go through.
  6. I've made the drive a couple times and have found many others that agree that driving through Oregon is the fucking worst. I hate it.
  7. Sky is clear as shit here and I just walked outside and it was soooooo tempting to look up. I just saw some shots of how it looks in Oregon, it looks bad ass.
  8. Geez, I've never seen someone hate eclipses more than this guy.
  9. I thought the match was good but the wrong man won.
  10. Pretty much none available around my area's Craigslist. I'm guessing the hype is greater up north is much greater. We're only getting about a 75% coverage here.
  11. hmmmm, really? I need to Google this...
  12. So I'm an idiot and waited until the last minute to get some eclipse glasses and now I can't find any anywhere
  13. I had to turn my TV way up to get a good sound. Is that what's wrong with yours or is it out is sync?
  14. Just gave in and watched it. Worth it.
  15. I think it's more likely they turn Ambrose on Rollins than a full on Shield reunion but I'm better neither happens. Expect 50 matches between Ambrose/Rollins vs Cesaro/Sheamus from now until the Royal Rumble.