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  1. They’ve never been that. Why would you want one of the most melodic vocalists in hard rock to dwindle himself into being just another metal act?
  2. Ooooo I can’t wait to listen to this. Thanks for the summary Pen!
  3. They released a “Re-Cut” EP with re-recordings of six songs. Most of them end up sounding like a recording of a live studio performance, so pretty meh. If anything it sounds like Default songs with a slightly twangier voice. “Let You Down” was a huge improvement though.
  4. I think it’s lame but the cash he was offered must be insane and hard to say no to. I think the match itself is gonna be pretty sad to look at, I can’t get used to his bald head. I also think that these overseas shows are gonna kill any hype that big shows like Royal Rumble or WM will get because these cards are basically just as big as those shows. Oversaturation is no good.
  5. Woah nice! I felt they’re leaving some great potential singles on their latest album but these two new songs have been fantastic.
  6. Give me an album full of ballads if that’s what they’re gonna come up with. Very very nice.
  7. I’ve never even considered the Looney Tunes not being part of Space Jam 2. For kids the Looney Tunes was the appeal to Space Jam, not Micheal Jordan. I don’t think they change that.
  8. Holy shit, this is random. These guys were awesome. There should be a “band that only release one awesome album in the early 2000s” tour. Give me some Acroma.
  9. Apple makes Beats so if you’re looking for some headphones that work perfectly with an iPhone, that’s your best bet.
  10. Also, I’m a stickler for names, it annoys me that they skipped the 9. Also, what the hell does the R stand for in the XR.
  11. Over the head AirPods? How would that work? AirPods, by the way, easily the best apple product in the last 5 years. My only complaint is that they’re easy to lose, but that’s a me problem.
  12. I never got around to listening to this album for whatever reason but in the last couple of days heard “Infra-Red” while waiting in line at a gas station and “The Mountain” on NBA 2k19. I got to listen to this shit, these songs are awesome! High quality 3DG work here.
  13. If HBK is coming out of retirement they ruined the final punchline for their promo from last Monday. HBK said he has never come back solely out of respect for the Undertaker. He could have just finished the promo by saying something like “well maybe I don’t respect you anymore.” If they end on that cliffhanger you set up two things 1. Makes people think he’s gonna involve himself in the match with Triple H 2. Makes people think one final HBK vs Taker match is coming. Instead it ended all awkward and clunky.
  14. Eh, what a buzzkill.
  15. Surprised Dallas would go for it considering how successful he’s been with the Country stuff. Then again, you can clearly hear a Default vibe behind all that twang on his solo stuff, so maybe he just enjoys the rock stuff more? His country stuff is about a million times better than any of the Aaron Lewis stuff. Aaron seems like such a phony to me.