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  1. Just heard the new song, love it. Much better than the first single off the last album.
  2. Boogie is a huge malcontent at this point so it's not a horrible time to move him but man you gotta get way more than what they did. Just read the 2017 pick is top 3 protected too, so it's even worse.
  3. I can't believe the Celtics didn't make a run for him. He has chemistry with Thomas and they need a superstar. All those picks aren't getting anywhere.
  4. The Sacramento Kings refuse to be replaced by the Cleveland Browns as the worst franchise in sports. Fucking idiots.
  5. I must say, that seeing a bunch of shadows gets me all excited. Reminds me of when it first came out.
  6. I ended up catching all of them except the region exclusives back around November and haven't played since (I have been playing Pokémon Moon however). But I'll probably dabble a bit with it and see what I can catch around my office or around my house, but the days of actively going out and searching are long gone. Besides it's raining like a motherfucker, I couldn't even if I wanted to.
  7. So I guess this was co-written by a huge pop songwriting duo. Spin, while not saying the song is bad, accuses them of basically selling out for the charts.
  8. Loving this song. I like that the pace is different than their usual first singles.
  9. I can roll with this, I'm very excited for it now. I felt like Hunting was heavy for the sake of being heavy. I don't like when bands force it.
  10. I like this song but this does not sound like LP at all. Meaning Chester barely even sounds like Chester. It's an odd choice for a first single. If I had to pick I rather have a "pop" album than a "heavy" album like the one they gave is last time. I wish they'd find a middle ground though, seems like they've had trouble deciding what they want to be since M2M.
  11. Man would it be awesome if they actually main evented WM. No chance but a guy can dream can't he? I hope WWE doesn't do the thing where they give away this match three times on Raw before they get it on at Mania. They need to stay patient.
  12. Oh this is just perfect.
  13. Ehhhh Corbin still sucks. Has "fake tough guy" written all over him and it seems like most fans still see that. I'm a Strowman guy. They've sold me on him. Also something that makes a lot of sense but they probably won't do: Joe vs Styles Interpromotional Match. Joe is basically a Stephanie goon, and Shane can promise Styles a title shot if he beats Stephanie's guy.
  14. Guessing it's just a Fox thing. God knows they had to take it out of McGinest's hands after he kept cussing like a sailor.
  15. Yeah most players don't get to go out like Elway. Brady had his chance to top that tonight but passed on it. We'll see. I'm just scared of a Manning-like sudden tip off. Who knows maybe they just hang on to Jimmy and let Brady play this next year out and then we see the change.