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  1. You’re underestimating how fickle LA fans are...
  2. This band has been shit since the albums after Enigma anyway. Hard pass
  3. More so than the Patriots? That’s interesting.
  4. Being at home and (hopefully) having shitty weather are the equalizers. All things neutral the Chargers probably beat more often than not. But I’m optimistic.
  5. Give Strowman the award for the worst promo of the year already. No one is beating that.
  6. Teams I’m rooting for power rankings: 1. Pats 2. Chargers 3. Colts Everyone else can go fuck themselves.
  7. I gotta say Funkhouser and Mean Gene dying to start off the new year does not give me much hope for the rest of the year.
  8. Indy over Houston Chargers over Balt Philly over chicago Sea over Dallas
  9. I like Cousins and loved the move when it happened, and still think it can work out but if you wait out 2 years the whole defense is gonna be old and over the hill. This is their window and they have to work with Cousins.
  10. I’m really loving new one from The 1975.
  11. They’re actually going in that direction on the actual Nintendo games too. On the new Switch game you just throw balls at the Pokémon, that’s it, no fighting whatsoever. That’s how you level up.
  12. So they botched Ambrose already huh? That was quick.
  13. The Styles-Lesnar match had the exact same format as the Bryan match. I was just hoping for a different ending, I foolishly thought they’d give Bryan the win during the match. Haven’t been that invested in a match in a long time.
  14. Just wanted to say Daniel Bryan is amazing. That is all.
  15. Love AJ but I never thought I’d be this happy to see him lose the WWE title. He needed a change, big time, moreso than Daniel Bryan.