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  1. I haven't posted much myself the last couple of months either. I always see a thread a work and say "ooh I wanna respond to that later when I have some free time" and then I end up forgetting. It sucks, but I imagine that's how things are for most guys here. I know in the grand scheme of things we are all "strangers" but there's a nice little group of guys here I felt I "grew up" with and I do like checking in on them every once in a while, which is why I hope the forum sticks around. That's why I asked about Andrew, he's historically been one of the more active users and now he hasn't logged in in a month, so I was just curious about him.
  2. He was awesome in college, he fell because he's apparently a douche off the field. He's easily the best RB in your roster right now though, you'll love him.
  3. I gotta say the first episode of the new season was kinda.....meh. Starting to feel like they're just going in circles. Still hoping for the best for the rest of the season though.
  4. I know pretty much everyone is all grown up now and can't post as much as we used so there's a lot of people who haven't posted in a while, but where the hell is @Andrew? I haven't known him to take a hiatus like this before. Anyone have him on social media or something, everything good with him?
  5. Excited to see McCaffrey in the NFL, hope Carolina is creative enough to use him as more than just a 3rd down back. I'm so jelly. Jelly about Fournette too.
  6. Really like American Dreams and Help. I'm excited for this one, the production sound tiptop...
  7. Decent little ballad, their last album had a couple of ballads that are better than this, especially "Satellite" which is great.
  8. I've also enjoyed their recent work more than their earlier work. As for this song, it's catchy, so it gets the job done. People just need to temper their "rock" expectations for this band. They're a pop band now, it is what it is.
  9. Man that sounded horrible. My favorite thing this band has ever done is the abrupt and awesome ending to "Tonightless" halfway through the song. Just keeps going and going. Still sounds awesome.
  10. Read this earlier, fantastic article. Humanizes him a bit but still doesn't nearly let him off the hook. There will never be a good explanation to whatever the hell Hernandez became but this article is as good as it's gonna get.
  11. Wasn't it on Talking Smack that Ambrose and Corbin had their "shut up" "no you shut up" "no you shut up!" exchange? That was awful.
  12. Strowman looks way more imposing and powerful than Corbin ever has. Strowman can beat the shit out of people and make it look believable. Corbin looks super sawft compared to him. Not to mention looks, which is arguably the biggest key for a monster heel. Strowman has put himself in fantastic shape while Corbin still looks like a dude they pulled off the street. If Corbin can shave off his terrible hair and bulk up a little that would go a long way to make him look more legitimate. Oh and also, never let him speak again.
  13. So the whole point of the Styles-Shane match was that AJ felt disrespected because he never received his one on one WWE title rematch. AJ was so mad that he put Shane's head through a window. So now that AJ is a "good guy", his character is ok with having to earn a US TITLE match, and is perfectly fine being left out of a 6 jabroni number one contenders match for the title he was obsessed over. Man, fuck WWE.
  14. And AJ is number one contender for the US title...
  15. A Six-Pack Challenge with Luke Harper, Erick Rowan, Sami Zayn, Jinder Mahal, Mojo Rawley and Dolph Ziggler will take place on this week’s WWE SmackDown. The winner will earn a future title shot at the winner of the “House of Horrors” match between Bray Wyatt and WWE Champion Randy Orton hahahahahahahahaha