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  1. I’m think with progressing technology and whatnot there should be some decent “do it yourself” tools musicians can use to produce decent sound music themselves without the need to spend big bucks on an producer.
  2. PS5 taking 15 hours to transfer all my PS4 shit. Yay.
  3. Heard this Goo Goo Dolls song the other day and really liked it. Looks like they’re releasing a whole Christmas album this year
  4. Good Sevendust album but I often wonder where the melodies they had in Animosity and Seasons went. They brought them back for a bit in Cold Day Memory but mostly it’s been catchy but not as catchy as it could be. Kudos to them for still churning out records though.
  5. Yikes! I haven’t really been checking this thread in years because I imagine it’s basically someone posting a link of something stupid Trump said and Mike/Harty figuring out how to defend it. But I saw Andrew’s comment and didn’t know if he was joking around so I went back and read... Wow! Yikes!
  6. “Again” is a great tune. Stopped listening to these guys on their last couple of releases.
  7. I wouldn’t want to besmirch the excellent formatting Lucas does for his album threads.
  8. All these album threads for new albums and there wasn’t one made for the best album to come out this week. Needtobreathe 🔥 🔥 🔥.
  9. Saw some clips on YouTube. They basically copied the NBA’s idea of having fans being on different little screens in the “audience” except theirs looks messier and shittier because everyone’s background is different. The NBA made to where it looks like there’s actually people sitting in seats. its basically the Raw/Smackdown stage and setup with screens all over for the audience. Still awkward as fuck. So much for the “innovation” they were touting. ill take what AEW is doing over this. They’re way better at making it feel as close to normal as possible.
  10. How is it 2020 and all these bands still can’t come up with decent production. This sounds like a mess.
  11. Good article on why hiring Zack Ryder was a shitty move for AEW: Agree with every word. I’m a huge AEW fan, easily the most I’ve enjoyed wrestling in a long long time but I cringed when I saw Zack Ryder.
  12. AEW should combine the money their paying for all these WWE castoffs and throw it at CM Punk. Roster is getting way too big and these castoffs don’t exactly move the needle.
  13. Yeah that’s the thing, I’ll be honest I heard snippets of a handful of songs and actually tried to hate it but I’ve always liked their soft songs so I enjoyed most of what I heard. I might have to give this an honest shot.
  14. Just saw a tweet that they sold 600 copies on their debut week 😂 🤣
  15. Agreed, Bill let Brady down in the Eagles Super Bowl. But that was three years ago. Bill has covered for Brady’s decline the last two seasons with amazing coaching, particularly on defense.