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  1. Woah, I'll never look at Xavier Woods the same again haha, baybeh
  2. The burning of the house was stupid because I don't understand what terrible thing Bray did to Orton to have Orton burn his freakin house down. And Orton is supposed to be the face here? Ha. Even the fans think the whole thing is stupid, listen to the cheers AJ gets the couple of times he's mentioned how stupid it was that Orton was being rewarded for being an arsonist.
  3. just as poppy but I'm digging this one a lot more. Should have maybe been the first single. Heard "Heavy" on pop radio and it was pretty droning, don't see it doing that well.
  4. I wouldn't say he's an Edelman clone because Edelman can't take the top off the defense like he can. He's going to be a gadget player for them in that when they run the no-huddle he can line up in the slot, on the outside, or even at half-back. Hogan and Edelman are good at what they do but are only good at what they do, Cooks can do both. Edelman is getting pretty up there in age too, so he'll eventually replace him. i do find the Belichick infatuation with him a little weird though, never would have imagined he'd give up those draft picks for a WR.
  5. I see a lot of people making a big deal about this. Thought Bennett was pretty meh last year, especially with the opportunity given to him once Gronk got hurt. Its cool that theyre finally going outside the farm to help Rodgers but I don't see Bennett making a huge splash there.
  6. Pats get Cooks and don't have to give up Butler!!!! watch out bitches.
  7. He sucked last year and he's always hurt. Didn't exactly enter free agency with a bang. And that is why he only took a 1 year deal, he needs to play way better to get the deal he wants.
  8. Jacksonville's defense is gonna be great next year. Only problem is they're probably gonna find themselves in the same spot the Broncos/Texans were last year. maybe they should get Romo...
  9. Texans just gave away a 2nd round pick to make room for him. Looks like they're the lead contender. A lot of shit happening today!
  10. Yeah but at least last year had an excuse, everyone was all fucked up and hurt. This is just a terrible job by the WWE.
  11. This show was caca. Skipped 95% of it.
  12. Just heard the new song, love it. Much better than the first single off the last album.
  13. Boogie is a huge malcontent at this point so it's not a horrible time to move him but man you gotta get way more than what they did. Just read the 2017 pick is top 3 protected too, so it's even worse.
  14. I can't believe the Celtics didn't make a run for him. He has chemistry with Thomas and they need a superstar. All those picks aren't getting anywhere.
  15. The Sacramento Kings refuse to be replaced by the Cleveland Browns as the worst franchise in sports. Fucking idiots.