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  1. Lucas gave reputation to breanna. in General Music Discussion   
    New Versus Me featuring Eric from I Prevail
  2. Lucas gave reputation to revlongoo in General Discussion   
    I'm curious as to whether you've ever shared a picture of yourself?
  3. Lucas gave reputation to pen in Fall Out Boy - Mania   
    Totally opposite opinion on this, but I'm a sucker for a good high note and I think Patrick's are executed well here. Also don't really get the criticism about the fast chorus as I think it has a lot of energy as it is and I'm not sure what slowing down the chorus would accomplish. Sorry man, you know I hate disagreeing with you, but I do. I think I'm really going to love this album as I've enjoyed all three tracks released so far.
  4. Lucas gave reputation to Kalt in Nothing More- 'The Stories We Tell Ourselves'   
    Picked up the album at the show last night.  Solid, for sure...going to have to decide what my favorite is but I think it's "Who We Are" for today.
  5. Lucas gave reputation to TaNbULL in Nothing but Thieves - 'Broken Machine'   
  6. Lucas gave reputation to NinjaNick101 in Thousand Below   
    Here's another one:
  7. Lucas gave reputation to pen in General Discussion   
    On the one hand, I caved in and did overtime since we only had one closer on staff tonight.
    On the other hand...
  8. Lucas gave reputation to pen in General Discussion   
    I'm currently at my workplace breakroom on my day off mooching off their AC and power. I even got a free meal out of it! Refusing to do overtime though. It is still my day off. 
  9. Lucas gave reputation to American_Idiot in General Discussion   
    I forgot to update here since the storm was over as of yesterday morning. I fared just fine. My house somehow never lost power despite getting about 90-100 mph wind gusts. Many trees and power lines are down all over the area and 75% of Florida as a whole has no power.
    Spoke to pen yesterday and unfortunately he still does not have any power at his place up near Orlando. However, he's ok. Just dying of boredom and dealing with having no a/c isn't exactly the most comfortable as you could expect when it's in the 90's and at 100% humidity. Hopefully he gets his power back very soon.
  10. Lucas received reputation from xeph in General Discussion   
    I haven't posted about it in a long time as it has been consuming my life the last several months and thus why I was not on here much since the fall. But I finally won full custody of my girls today. I'm pretty humbled by it finally being ruled in my favor. 
  11. Lucas received reputation from Koldes in Got (NFL) News   
    Y'all talking about this one?
  12. Lucas gave reputation to Mike in Got (NFL) News   
    Tony Romo seems like one of the nicest people in football (right up there with my man Larry Fitzgerald). I hope he loves his new job and enjoys great success in it.
  13. Lucas gave reputation to xeph in Being As An Ocean - 'Waiting For Morning To Come'   
    That's because we didn't know it was coming out at all until recently. Equal Vision held up the release for so long the band just said fuck it and bought the rights to the album like a month ago and announced they were self releasing it
  14. Lucas gave reputation to NinjaNick101 in Red Jumpsuit Apparatus - The Awakening   
    New RJA song is here and it's awesome.
  15. Lucas gave reputation to Koldes in Got (NFL) News   
    What a crazy game last night. That right there is exactly why I love the NFL. It's so damn unpredictable. And as a Tyreek Hill fantasy owner, I'm very happy. 
  16. Lucas gave reputation to pen in Got (Movie/TV) News   
    At first I was like "What is?" and then I was like "God dammit."
  17. Lucas gave reputation to NinjaNick101 in The Used - The Canyon   
    Their seventh album The Canyon out October 27th. This is their new song:
  18. Lucas received reputation from NinjaNick101 in New Foo Fighters   
  19. Lucas gave reputation to Vigo in Tech Talk   
    Finally got my desktop setup and on ethernet I'm pretty much a million times faster than my computer is capable of even utilizing:

  20. Lucas gave reputation to RainbowDragon in Got (NFL) News   
    Red Sox stealing signs scandal is stealing the spotlight away from the Patriots in the Boston media. Its fucking September, Im done with baseball, I want to hear mostly Patriots talk/discussion not Red Sox crap. The only reason the scandal is big news is because New York is involved. Duh. Its gotten more traction than Pats/Chiefs this week. No one on radio and tv is even talking about the Chiefs, how good they are or arent lol.
  21. Lucas received reputation from NinjaNick101 in Sleeping With Sirens - Gossip   
  22. Lucas gave reputation to Embee in Possible New Secret and Whisper   
    Nothing firm, and not news per se, but there are definite indications that there could be a new Secret and Whisper album coming. First there was this interview with Jordan Chase (Jordan is great, the interviewers, not so much, IMHO), from a couple of months ago, where he hints/states that they have been talking about doing a new album. The bad news (for me) is that he says this will delay the next Shreddy Krueger album.
    Then, about a month ago this came up on the Secret and Whisper Facebook page. Encouraging signs in my book...except for the delay in the new Shreddy Krueger album.
  23. Lucas gave reputation to NinjaNick101 in The Next Four Years of American Insanity   
    I'm disgusted that DACA will be rescinded in six months. Say hello to expensive California produce. Middle fingers to President Dickhead.
  24. Lucas gave reputation to pLuizZz in General Music Discussion   
    Two "Spoken" songs (audio only) from the upcoming album "IX" out on September 8.
  25. Lucas gave reputation to heldjc in Got (Movie/TV) News