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    Unofficial video of "Medicated".
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    If Josh Allen's draft stock is hurt by the leaking of Twitter quotes from when he was a teenager 6 years ago, the night before the draft, that is SO dumb. It'd be one thing if there was some sign of racist behavior over the last few years, but to me, it's pretty clear he was just a 14 year old emulating hip-hop culture (quoting Rick Ross lyrics, for god's sake), and hadn't gotten the memo yet that white people saying "n***as" can be construed as more hurtful than it is paying tribute and showing that you're one with black people. I'm sure many white kids had to learn that black people prefer we don't use that word, even if we're quoting their music that we like, that we're not honoring hip-hop culture in doing that. If that's the worst thing Josh Allen ever did in his life, man is he a good kid!

    I'm just concerned about his (lack of) accuracy and the fact that he didn't dominate lesser competition with his cannon and his athleticism. Modern internet journalism is dumb. It's all about the sensationalism as opposed to the TRUTH.
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    Before listening to this album, as I have done this year, is listen an artist's whole discography to see the progression  that been made over their career. Listening to their self-titled and "A Beautiful Lie" were freaking fantastic. I mean I may even give "A Beautiful Lie" 5 stars and name it one of my favorite albums of the 2000's. I still liked "This is War" a good amount and to a lesser extent "Love Lust..." didn't seem awful to me, but yes a step down from the previous three.
    Maybe because I saw so many bad reviews of the new release, it lowered my expectations? Overall, I might honestly like it better than "Love Lust..." Sure. It's nowhere as good as their earlier material and they did pretty much evolve into this sound with each album as they now included some hip-hop and electronic music into it, but I'm not disappointed. I really expected this to be overall an indie pop album with the complaints and seeing the bands that they're touring with, but I still hear some partial rock-influence in their music. 
    Also, remember that horrible reaction that I gave "One Track Mind?" While I don't really like the song, it's not anywhere close to as bad as my first impression. I'm actually interested to see where they go from here. Overall, I'll give after a first listen, a 3/5.
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    Beat me to it.  Like the second best tight end in football isn't a threat.
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    They have Sammy Watkins now. And Travis Kelce.
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    The first album sounds even more like them I'd say based on what I've heard on this one so far (the songs above). That's kinda their shtick is bringing back the numetal/rap-rock that LP no longer does. 
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    @Chris. ^
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    Just for you
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    It's all about the music, man.
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    ...and then his grandchildren unplugged the modem and we never saw him again.
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    Remember when Veritas came back after like 3 years just to vote in the final round of Music Madness? What a tweest!
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    Oh what I was saying is people can’t complain about the supposed “limit” their label places on them when Ben doesn’t even go up to their limit. So really we should be thankful of their label if this limit really exists because Ben seems to be fine doing the bare minimum and we might get an 8 song album out of them if they leave their label. 
    I’ll take as many songs as they can throw at me, I don’t have a preference as long as it’s good.
    I just don’t think people should be whining about these so called limits set by the label when Ben doesn’t even bother writing 12 songs to match the limit. 
  21. Lucas gave reputation to Omar in Breaking Benjamin - Ember   
    Well frankly it’s dumb to complain about how limiting their label is considering Ben himself has limited himself to 10 songs and two bullshit intro/outros for the last handful of albums. Maybe we should be thanking their label for forcing them to have 12 songs so we can at least squeeze 10 legit ones out of Ben every album cycle.
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    Release Date: April 13, 2018
    1. Lyra
    2. Feed the Wolf
    3. Red Cold River
    4. Tourniquet
    5. Psycho
    6. The Dark of You
    7. Down
    8. Torn in Two
    9. Blood
    10. Save Yourself
    11. Close Your Eyes
    12. Vega
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