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    Here's what the ex-members of From Ashes To New are up to.
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    The first release from Awaken I Am with their new lead singer.
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    New Convictions song! Hope For the Broken out June 1st.
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    Always love an Our Last Night cover. I like it better than the original a lot of the times.
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    When they first put preorders up it said estimated release was late July. When midnight crisade came out the official release date was announced as June 8.
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    I don't think you were being sarcastic. 
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    I made a snort of amusement. Bet Okoye regrets wanting that Starbucks now.
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    I actually forgot about that. I guess I just found it that hard to believe that I blocked it out.
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    You are literally the first person I've ever seen say this. Congratulations.
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    Did we watch the same movie? I think if nothing else this movie showed that Scarlet Witch can be OP when she needs to be.
  12. Lucas gave reputation to pen in Avengers: Infinity War SPOILER discussion   
    1. I maintain that it doesn't change what happened for multiple reasons, starting with the fact that the characters themselves don't know that it's not permanent and thus their reactions and hardships are still genuine, and ending with the fact that this is all fiction anyway, and if you can't take yourself out of your cynicism and put yourself inside the character's shoes then I feel like all stories might as well be meaningless.
    2. Sorry, my wording was odd. I know it wasn't Weaving, I meant I was surprised the Red Skull was put in the role of a guide to the Soul Stone, because it sure makes sense to put an ego-maniacal Super-Nazi in charge of an Infinity Stone. Why not?
    3. Pretty sure it wasn't coolant, but I get what you mean. I think from a storytelling perspective it's meant to be a shocking, jarring scene that makes you think Stark is done, and obviously it was effective. It puts Strange in a position where he has to give up the Time Stone to save Stark's life, and to Thanos it looks like Strange is trying to protect Stark, but I think Strange has a plan that he's putting into effect here, that probably relies on Stark being alive and relies on Thanos getting the Time Stone in a way that's believable to him. Like Strange said, it was the only way...
    4. Well to be fair, she still isn't Mary Jane. They went on record after the film came out as saying it was just a nod to Mary Jane, not saying that Michelle is replacing Mary Jane. I guess we'll have to wait for the next Spidey movie to see where this goes.
    5. I don't get why you don't like Shuri as everyone I've spoken to about Black Panther thinks she's great. The thing is, bear in mind she's grown up in a society with unimaginable technology gifted to them by vibranium, so she's learned and had access to things that no one on the outside could possibly have seen. It's only natural that she'd come off as smarter than Banner or Stark because they haven't had the experiences she has with the tech Wakanda runs off from. That's not to take away from her natural intelligence, but just to put some perspective on it.
    6. Well I doubt Ant-Man And The Wasp will end with him in house arrest as it sounded from the trailer like that's how he is at the start of the film. I imagine not long after Cap broke him out of the Raft, he and Hawkeye made their deal for house arrest and that's where this movie starts off. It's possible that the movie may even run partially concurrently with Infinity War; maybe Ant-Man and company escape Thanos' finger snap by being in the Quantum Realm at the time, cause most of the movie is supposed to take place in that realm. It would be interesting if anything they discover in that realm becomes a key point for how Avengers 4 gets resolved...
  13. Lucas gave reputation to pen in Avengers: Infinity War SPOILER discussion   
    So I saw Infinity War this morning before work. It was amazing. I can't really process all of my thoughts so I'll just respond to everyone else and hopefully that'll sort out my thoughts in the same measure.
    One thing I really liked about Josh Brolin as Thanos is that he absolutely sold Thanos as a character that could be sympathetic in one moment and a total dick in the next. Case in point, after Wanda kills Vision, he comforts her briefly, sympathizing, just before he turns back time against Wanda's protests, kills Vision himself to get the Mind Stone, and then discards Vision's husk of a body like a candy wrapper.
    When he killed Gamora, I totally believed his sadness over sacrificing her even as I also believed Gamora's protest that Thanos will never understand real love. But the problem, dear Gamora, is Thanos believes it's love. That's apparently enough for the Soul Stone. Then again, any stone that would choose THAT particular gatekeeper isn't maybe the best judge of character...
    I knew the finger snap was going to happen because it's a major part of the comic storyline and I'm glad that's how the movie ended, although I didn't expect them to show who vanished in this movie. Even though it's obvious all those people are coming back, I felt for the characters in their desperation. Bucky calling to Steve in confusion, Okoye stunned as T'Challa vanished, and oh man, Peter and Tony... that was difficult.
    I don't understand people who say that when a resurrection happens it undermines what happened before. It doesn't change what happened. The person still died, the people involved still dealt with the loss and the aftermath, and that's interesting and touching. Someone coming back doesn't take that away because the characters don't know that's going to happen, so it doesn't make what they're going through less genuine. I just don't get it.
    I say that because I absolutely believe Gamora is going to come back. She's too important to the Guardians as a character, and I feel like we're going to find out something about the Soul Stone and what it does that will allow Gamora to return. If she ends up being dead for good, I will be legitimately surprised.
    I like the White Wolf bit only because the White Wolf is an actual character in the comics and it's interesting that they're apparently folding that character into Bucky, or at least using him to nod to the character. It's interesting that you feel similarly to how I do about Falcon and Bucky but for opposite reasons. I actually just don't think Stan would be great in a leading role, although I'll admit, I actually don't know him from anything other than these movies, so I'd be happy to be proved wrong. But I just think he's better off as an ensemble piece than as a leading man.
    I was shocked as well that he returned, but more so at the role he returned to play. I've read in articles people pointing out that he seemed to vanish after Thanos took the Soul Stone. I wonder, if that was his entire purpose for being in the present, now that the Soul Stone is with Thanos, what happened to him? Does he just stay there for all eternity? Was he sent back to Earth? It's not clear if the Red Skull we saw was even a man anymore, or just a phantom, kept alive solely to fulfill his destiny...
    But I secretly hope he's still around to return as I also feel that we have too much ground left to cover with the Red Skull, and he's too major of a villain to simply have thrown away so carelessly. I'm very pleased that we finally got to see some closure of sorts to that dangling plot thread.
    I honestly thought they were going to kill him off right then and there. I thought when Thanos stabbed him, that was it. I'll be real though, I breathed a sigh of relief when Strange made his deal. I just hate killing off characters and forever discarding them to never be used again, so I'll take any reprieve. There's still Avengers 4...
    I thought the Peter Dinklage reveal was total blueballs. He's been a secret cast member for so long with an undisclosed role only to find out he's playing a dwarf king BUT WAIT! THERE'S A TWIST! He's a GIANT dwarf king!
    He also sounded bored, but then again I feel like Dinklage sounds bored in a lot of his roles outside Game Of Thrones. At least when Tyrion sounds bored, it makes sense in character...
    I'll also take this time to state another blueballs for me was finding out that Hawkeye's "secret mission" they've been alluding to all these months as the reason he wasn't in the trailers was a total lie, and he just wasn't in the movie cause he took a house arrest deal, same as Ant-Man. Why not just tell us that he's not in the movie? Is that really a spoiler? It feels like lying to your audience is a worse move, but (shrugs).
    At the end of the movie, Tony and Nebula remain on Titan (with no clear way to get home), and the only heroes left on Earth are Cap, Black Widow, Banner, War Machine, Okoye, M'Baku, Rocket, and Thor.
    Presumably Hawkeye, Ant-Man, and Wasp are also untouched since they're gonna all be in Avengers 4. Unless that was a lie too...
    I'll also take the time to say that I don't believe Vision won't come back in some format. The hope of Shuri rejiggering his brain to not need the Stone was too great to simply leave it as an unfulfilled MacGuffin. I feel like worst case scenario, we'll see Shuri use what she was able to do in this movie to maybe rebuild Vision, but he won't be the same as he was before. That's what's happened in the comics, and it would be interesting (and somewhat heartbreaking) for it to happen here. If now that he and Scarlet Witch have solidified their relationship, he comes back as a completely different Vision that isn't the Vision she remembers... we'll see though.
    All of that is untrue. Thanos uses the powers of the Reality Stone and Time Stone on multiple occasions. The only ones he doesn't really use are the Mind Stone, since he gets that last, and the Soul Stone, because we still don't know what that actually does.
    The Black Order was definitely not weak or underpowered, and none of them were taken out in a straightforward fight. One got sucked out an airlock by Tony and Spider-Man using subterfuge, one got blowed up real good by a well placed Hulkbuster missile from Bruce, one got thrown in the air and shredded with a blade ship by Scarlet Witch cause she's OP like that, and the last got stabbed in the back by Vision. None were simply beaten to death, and the only reason people made any comments about under-powering is because of the one scene where Cap, Falcon, and Black Widow tag team two of them and manage to severely wound one to the point where they retreat. I found nothing wrong with the scene.
    As for Hulk, he was only disappointing in the sense that he barely showed in the movie, but that was done for story reasons and I think it'll lead to interesting things come Avengers 4. He showed up at the start where he was severely beaten by Thanos, and then refused to come back out when Bruce tried to call him. Between Thor: Ragnarok and this, I feel like we're leading to a direct confrontation between the two as they try to get back on the same page. But Bruce himself had some pretty badass moments even without the Hulk.
    Anyway, one other thing of note I want to mention about the movie before I close this posting is that I find interesting the number of times in the movie where heroes were asked to make sacrifices, ultimately followed through, and were denied by Thanos. Star-Lord being willing to kill Gamora per her request only for Thanos to turn the laser into a bubble-gun. Wanda killing Vision only for Thanos to undo the sacrifice and take the Stone for himself. It does make me wonder if Thanos' own sacrifice, Gamora, will be robbed from him in some way come Avengers 4... maybe Time Stone shenanigans?
    It's going to be a long year waiting for Avengers 4. And also waiting for Captain Marvel to find out what's so special about her that makes Nick Fury page her just before he disintegrates? How will she tie into things? And the Ant-Man movie coming out in July, I'm wondering how the events of that movie link up with this one? They're supposed to be exploring the Quantum Realm in that film, so what if they somehow avoid Thanos' finger snap by being in the Quantum Realm at the time? What if that plays into Avengers 4 somehow and how they get out of Thanos' crazy hijinks? I feel like Avengers 4 may be heavy on the time travel shenanigans, but we'll see.
    i will say that right now, the only death that I'm reasonably certain is permanent is Heimdall, for a bevy of reasons. Even Loki I'm still not sure about, just because I can't believe Loki would sacrifice himself like that without a plan. And he's become so good at cheating death, that I can't imagine him not doing it again.
    But man, that scene where Thor is just in total despair and Rocket is trying to be a captain... the feels. So many feels in this movie. The utter despair of everyone, Quill, Wanda, Thor... and then after Thanos' finger snap, where everyone vanishes, and all Tony can do is break down in silence on Titan while Cap just sits in shock and I think he says "Oh God"? Or something along those lines. This was easily the bleakest Marvel movie to date. I'm so anxious for Avengers 4 to see how this all ends.
    Okay, now I'm done talking. For now.
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    New single out today.
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    New album Better Luck Tomorrow out now.
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    I just think there's a distinction to made between sexually-charged or sexualized and sexual objectification. She's definitely made songs (and apparently videos) that fit the former description, but I don't think that means coming up with different ways to say "I want to fuck her" in literally every single discussion about her that comes up isn't creepy or at the very least very fucking annoying. A more becoming "she's hot" or something less aggressive wouldn't get a hard time.
    Lest of all, this is a thread that has nothing to do with those videos, but an upcoming single that it turns out isn't sexual in nature at all. It's just "I want to fuck her", every time she's brought up, following a history of making creepy statements and being given shit for it extensive enough that I'd guess he's just doing it to troll at this point.
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    well it's a good thing the album is out on June 8 then
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    Nick's video died I guess, so posting the official one.
    Pretty cool song; nice southern rock vibe. I'll be checking out his album.
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    In no way, shape, or form was his question antagonistic. What the hell is wrong with you.
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    If Pen’s question is antagonistic, I’ve been antagonizing people my whole life.  
    Breaktheagony I think you may need to look that word up, because nothing about that statement seems aggressive to me.  Your suggestion to change the phrasing is just ridiculous, putting in “you’d like to happen”, isn’t making a difference.  It’s still the same question.  He’d get the same  answer from it.  I think you’re trying to make mountains out of mole hills. The only antagonizing that happened was you inferring that Pen was a douche.  
  21. Lucas gave reputation to pen in Shim (Ex-Sick Puppies Vocalist) Reveals New Song   
    Firstly, I wasn't talking to you, so I'll let DD decide whether my wording offends him or not.
    Secondly, you're the last person who should be giving this kind of advice.
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    The wait is over.
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    That song fucking slaps! Holy shit, I want this whole album right now.
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    "Son of Robot"
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    For the fans of the ballads: