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  1. Lucas gave reputation to Kalt in Adema - Original Lineup Reunites... Again...   
    So, I finally got around to uploading one of the last songs Adema played that night:  Close Friends.  They did a really great show...this was the only full song I managed to get.
  2. Lucas gave reputation to breanna. in Fall Out Boy - Mania   
  3. Lucas gave reputation to pen in Shinedown - Recording New Album   
    I find Amaryllis half good and half lackluster, while I find TTS pretty decent on the whole. Neither compares to their first three, but they're still pretty listenable.
  4. Lucas gave reputation to Kalt in Possibly New Breaking Benjamin.   
    So the only discussion we're allowed to have now has to be 100% giddy goat or nothing at all?  No wonder the active users around here keep falling off.   It's an uninspired song with a bad title.  Sorry I don't fall in line with the feet kissing some people have for BB. 
  5. Lucas received reputation from Kalt in Vertical Horizon - The Lost Mile   
    Comes out February 23. I honestly didn't know these guys were still together/around. Color me interested at least. Hopefully we'll get a single in the next few weeks.
  6. Lucas gave reputation to MU_BeastMode in Possibly New Breaking Benjamin.   
    Posted to the Breaking Ben IG account tonight.
  7. Lucas gave reputation to MU_BeastMode in A Perfect Circle - New Music (Dun Dun Dunnnn!!)   
    “Headphones ready,” gotta think another song. 
    Edit: Disillusioned seems to be the song name.

  8. Lucas gave reputation to Tilley in A Perfect Circle - New Music (Dun Dun Dunnnn!!)   
  9. Lucas gave reputation to breanna. in Slaves Album 3 In Progress   
  10. Lucas gave reputation to jgohawks in Allele - new song clip   
    In case you were still waiting...
  11. Lucas gave reputation to breanna. in General Music Discussion   
    The latest from Another Lost Year.
  12. Lucas gave reputation to breanna. in General Music Discussion   
    More new Too Close To Touch
  13. Lucas received reputation from Koldes in RED - new album 'Gone'   
    ah dammit, the search got me on this one - I blame the shitty search engine  
  14. Lucas gave reputation to PlentywoodVineyards in Tremonti [2018]   
  15. Lucas gave reputation to NinjaNick101 in Our Last Night- 'Selective Hearing'   
  16. Lucas gave reputation to Relic in Chevelle - new album   
    These guys don’t rest and I love it!

  17. Lucas gave reputation to Koldes in Nothing More- 'The Stories We Tell Ourselves'   
    So happy to see Go To War getting attention. It's my 2nd favorite song off the album, but, it's just such a timely and relate able song. I don't know if this is obvious, or if I'm seeing what I want, but I've likened it to our political discourse where we're always fighting against each other instead of for each other, etc. Very timely and close to the heart. 
  18. Lucas gave reputation to jman3000 in The Next Four Years of American Insanity   
    I don't think the tax reform is going to actually be implemented. Once mid-term elections happen, plus an impending government shutdown, plus the potential for impeachment or indictment of more members or Tiny Hands himself will nullify this. If the GOP loses their majority vote they won't be able to do anything. Plus the senate bill has to be reconciled with the house, which hasn't been done yet. I also don't understand how it's appropriate for a bill to be amended and passed in the span of a few hours where not every person can review it. That is insanity and the GOP becoming desperate because this is the last thing they could possibly get passed because everything else has been a failure for them. 
  19. Lucas gave reputation to NinjaNick101 in Of Mice & Men - In Studio   
    This one is excellent.
  20. Lucas gave reputation to Omar in Got (NFL) News   
    Second time you use the word peanuts in the last 5 minutes. You hungry?
  21. Lucas received reputation from jgohawks in I See Stars - 'Treehouse'   
  22. Lucas gave reputation to BreakTheAgony87 in Story of the Year - New Album 2017.   
    Yep, that's the shit right there!

    Teaser 11 is really good too.  I caved and pre-ordered the album from PledgeMusic.