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  1. Lucas gave reputation to Andrew in Tillian (Dance Gavin Dance) New Solo Music   
    Acceptance Speech - 2013
    Material Me - 2013
    Instant Gratification - 2015
    Perfect Enemy - 2015
    Mothership - 2016
    Patient EP - 2017
    Artificial Selection - 2018
    The Skeptic - 2018
    This dude's work ethic is fucking insane.
  2. Lucas gave reputation to Chris. in Tillian (Dance Gavin Dance) New Solo Music   
    New album “The Skeptic” out 9/28
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  8. Lucas gave reputation to Kalt in Disturbed online poll   
    I was going to vote HEAVY but they want an email address, so fuck 'em.
  9. Lucas gave reputation to NinjaNick101 in Disturbed online poll   
    They should've gone with the third option: cover.
    IMO, I like my Disturbed heavy.
  10. Lucas gave reputation to pen in Disturbed online poll   
    Interesting approach, but they have to know ballad won't win.
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  12. Lucas received reputation from RainbowDragon in General Discussion   
    11. Definitely agree with this one and I think it should be even higher (lower?) on the list. I've always found their food mediocre and overpriced for what you get for fast food options. I'd rather have Wendy's.
    9. Funny, I just had JJ's yesterday for lunch, but my little check-in app I use told me I hadn't been there since last September, so basically I eat there once a year on average it'd seem. It's pretty good, and you get a lot of sandwich but again it was like $11 for a sandwich, chips, and large drink. Ouch. No wonder I haven't been in 11 months.
    7. Agreed - garbage and overpriced. I hadn't had it in a while and got it delivered a few months ago and I felt like they left half my food or something because it was such a small portion; which is weird because I think restaurants like this used to be able to sell you on their larger portions to perhaps take home for leftovers or whatever and it seems they really cut back lately.
    6. Surprised to see this one so high (low?) on the list. I like B-Dubs a lot and used to go almost weekly, but just haven't been able to get there. I will say I love their wings and they're not too overly priced, but other stuff is too high like this one salad I like a lot is like $12 by itself, so that's kind of crazy and probably another subconscious reason I've not been going as much lately, too. But the food IS good and mostly worth it for the atmosphere. I get to-go a lot, though, so that's another thing where it feels over-priced probably if you don't get the experience of the TVs (and also it's dead ass summer sports lull right now so nothing to go watch).
  13. Lucas received reputation from NinjaNick101 in New Twenty|One|Pilots   
    Pretty different from the first two tracks. Short and sweet, too, but it's growing on me.
    Here's the album track list:
    1. Jumpsuit
    2. Levitate
    3. Morph
    4. My Blood
    5. Chlorine
    6. Smithereens
    7. Neon Gravestones
    8. The Hype
    9. Nico and the Niners
    10. Cut My Lip
    11. Bandito
    12. Pet Cheetah
    13. Legend
    14. Leave the City
  14. Lucas gave reputation to pen in Got (Movie/TV) News   
    I agree. And using the script is a fair enough compromise if Disney chooses not to wise up and rehire Gunn. I will say I don't envy the guy who takes over, cause that will be one tense set.
    I also love the joke article of Disney hiring Jose Gunnberto: Gunn with a fake mustache. If only. 
  15. Lucas gave reputation to pen in Got (Movie/TV) News   
    No one is actually defending the jokes, and nothing Roseanne said can be construed as a joke, but let's explore this a bit.
    Do you like South Park? Did you know one of the first episodes (maybe even the first) was about a child being anally probed? Does that mean Matt Parker and Trey Stone are pedophiles? I mean, they must be, right? Cause they wrote about a child being anally probed.
    That's the logic being used against James Gunn by morons and alt-right trolls, and yet South Park went on to become not just popular, but iconic in pop culture. I guess the whole world must be made of pedophiles.
  16. Lucas gave reputation to Ruiner II in Got (Movie/TV) News   
    Because making jokes about rape isn't the same thing as being an actual rapist you fucking bellend. It just makes you distasteful about a serious subject. Where being a racist, makes you a racist. There's your difference. 
    And you know I doubt you're actually stupid enough to not be able to make that distinction. You'd do well to really think about this argument you're making and realize that you're more interested in being on a certain side than actually arriving at your own conclusion. We've all been there at one point or another. 
  17. Lucas gave reputation to pen in Got (Movie/TV) News   
    Also there's a huge difference between someone claiming they're going to make a version of The Giving Tree where the tree gives the protagonist a blow job and someone directly calling a real person an ape.
  18. Lucas gave reputation to TaNbULL in Got (Movie/TV) News   
    James Gunn's were from a decade ago, and he had already apologized for these in the past, and acknowledged they were in poor taste. Disney hired him after the tweets were made (I don't for one second believe they didn't vet him before hiring him.) Roseanne's were made more recently, which means she's still that same person.
    Gunn being fired basically says that it doesn't matter if you've grown as a person, you will still be fired for the person you were 10 years ago. Especially since he had already apologized for these in the past.  
  19. Lucas gave reputation to pen in Got (Movie/TV) News   
    Exactly. It would be different if Gunn's comments were current. Hell, I'd even be more understanding if this was caused by people who were legitimately offended, but it wasn't.
    It was deliberately dug up from the bowels of the Internet by people coordinating a deliberate attack on someone in response to his political stance; people who have not only said far worse more recently, but in seriousness, and not as an attempt at shock humor.
  20. Lucas gave reputation to Relic in Retina former 32 leaves   
    He also has another project that I shared a while back called “MEND” with some of the guys from 32. Not sure if you’ve listened to that but in case you missed it.
    the full length should be out later this year.
  21. Lucas gave reputation to breanna. in General Discussion   
    How are Hardees and Carl's Jr. ranked differently?
  22. Lucas gave reputation to Relic in Retina former 32 leaves
    Everyone should give this a listen. It’s the former 32 leaves singer Greg’s new project.
  23. Lucas gave reputation to BreakTheAgony87 in Meg Myers - 'Take Me to the Disco'   
    "Tear Me To Pieces" is such a badass song!
  24. Lucas received reputation from Vigo in Halestorm - 'Vicious'   
    Definitely been a difficult album to really get into. I still haven't made it all the way through it as after about six songs I get bored with it and listen to something else. That pretty much says it all.
  25. Lucas gave reputation to Nixon in TL FF 2018   
    boom. created. join. 
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