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  1. Release Date: September 28, 2018 1. Greatness or Death 2. Disease 3. Fire 4. You Never Know 5. Bad Listener 6. Afterall 7. Manipulation 8. Enemy 9. Believe 10. Infection 11. Used and Abused 12. Clever Looks like the first singles, released at the same time on July 24, will be Disease & Bad Listener.
  2. Release Date: July 20, 2018 1. Take Me to the Disco 2. Numb 3. Tourniquet 4. Tear Me to Pieces 5. Jealous Sea 6. The Death of Me 7. Some People 8. Done 9. I'm Not Sorry 10. Little Black Death 11. Funeral 12. Constant
  3. They've posted a pair of teasers for a new single (and possibly the album title) on Facebook. The new song "Coming For You" is apparently going for adds to radio on January 30, 2015, so we may hear some new tunes from these guys very soon. Looking forward to it myself. I figure they'll have a new album out late spring/early summer. It's being produced by Bob Rock, who did their last two albums.
  4. Comes out July 27, 2018. These sound awesome stripped down like this.
  5. Release Date: June 29, 2018 1. Leap of Faith 2. Over It 3. Letting You Go 4. Not Dead Yet 5. The Very Last Time 6. Piece of Me 7. Under Again 8. Gravity 9. Coma 10. Don't Need You (2018 Version) 11. Breathe Underwater 12. Breaking Out 13. Crawling
  6. Japanese Bonus Tracks are on YouTube.
  7. New single, "Ghost" is out there for streaming everywhere and here: Suspect that it's a first single for a new album, so put me on board the hype train for new tunes. This is instantly one of my favorite tracks of the year as well.
  8. Great song!
  9. What Pen said. That's literally the first line of my post.
  10. New one-off single it seems. I like it!
  11. These guys are putting out some great new stuff:
  12. Self-titled album now coming out September 21. 1. The Armour You Own 2. The Real You 3. Change 4. Running Out of Time 5. We Own the Light 6. Heartline 7. Ladders for Leaders 8. Trade Places 9. Say It Won't Be Long 10. Home Here's another single:
  13. New single below. It's a bit different for them... New album should hopefully be announced soon.
  14. New single below. New album will drop in November.
  15. "Believe" is also out there. I like it better than i liked "Infection," however both seem to have some weird issues with production for my ears I guess. Seems off.
  16. "Vice Wave" was solid. I'll get to checking this out at some point.
  17. Deftones Vertical Horizon Atomship Disturbed Audioslave Soundgarden Finger Eleven Imagine Dragons MUTEMATH Shreddy Krueger The Classic Crime Underoath Dangerkids Starset Thirty Seconds to Mars Wovenwar A Day to Remember Dropping Daylight Papercut Massacre Life on Planet 9 People In Planes Staind Monks of Mellonwah For comedic effect: Butthole Surfers Anal Cunt
  18. New album drops July 27, 2018. First single "Uncomfortable" is below. 1. Black Vultures 2. Skulls 3. Uncomfortable 4. Buzz 5. Do Not Disturb 6. Conflicted 7. White Dress 8. Painkiller 9. Heart of Novocain 10. Vicious 11. Killing Ourselves to Live 12. The Silence
  19. Missed this I guess. This is pretty damn good from the three songs I've listened to above. Definitely hearing the Candlebox vibes on it, but with like a heavier Alter Bridge sound. Will be checking out the entire album.
  20. Release Date: July 13, 2018 1. No Less Violent 2. Adrenaline 3. Black Flame 4. My Revenge 5. More Than Mortal 6. Knife of Gold 7. The Age 8. Stormbringer 9. Overcast 10. Peacekeeper
  21. Love that kind of BTS look into the creation of that song. So fucking good. Chino's voice just gives me chills in this, too.