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  1. Apparently their drummer left the band Aug. 8th.
  2. New album coming soon (no details yet beyond the first single below).
  3. Surprised nobody had posted about these guys before. Dropped their debut back in July and it's really great. Another great discovery for 2017! Released: July 14, 2017 1. Fake Fiction 2. Monstrous Things 3. New Face 4. Speak Softly 5. Just Exist 6. Believe 7. Honestly 8. Who We Are 9. Waiting 10. One of Us 11. Without You 12. Unannounced
  4. I suggest putting an end "vote date/time" in threads to avoid confusion going forward.
  5. You started it late, so that becomes my problem and thus killing off your own rule. Ok then.
  6. CT. Doesn't mean that I didn't vote in time. It opened on a Thursday morning and I voted on a Wednesday night, 6-1/2 days after it opened. Your rules say they are open for a week. Weeks are seven days last I checked.
  7. Exactly what I was thinking. The album is pretty solid, though I will say for me it sounds a little bit too samey after a bit, but I think further listening helps with that.
  8. Nice new track from Capsize released today:
  9. Drippy! 01. Heaven 02. Half 03. Anyone Else 04. What’s Wrong 05. Walk Alone 06. Same Soul 07. Winter 08. No Mercy 09. Separate 10. Nola 1
  10. I call bullshit on my vote not counting for Citizen Zero. It was opened at 11am on 8/10 and I voted on 8/16 at 11pm, which leaves about 12 hours left.
  11. @jgohawks here's another new song!
  12. Comes out September 22. 1. Wonderful Wonderful 2. The Man 3. Rut 4. Life to Come 5. Run for Cover 6. Tyson vs. Douglas 7. Some Kind of Love 8. Out of My Mind 9. The Calling 10. Have All the Songs Been Written? 11. Money on Straight 12. The Man (Jacques Lu Cont Remix) 13. The Man (Duke Dumont Remix)
  13. Might be removed soon:
  14. Solid track there.
  15. 'Play Dead' drops September 8th. 1. Hit Parade 2. Pixie Oaks 3. Stroll On 4. Break The Fever 5. Nuisance 6. Placed On Hold 7. Everything's New 8. War 9. Achilles Heel 10. Marching To The End
  16. Quickly removed.
  17. Ah! Great explanation, sir. And that does ring a bell about Obama now that I think about it, but it was for a purpose to get legislation passed as you said. Cheeto isn't doing anything but trying to push more hate into the political landscape. I get where you're coming from there for sure w/ Pence. He's definitely a nutjob, so he may be enjoying being somewhat of a puppet master behind the scenes while Big Orange is making the necessary distractions. I agree, definitely would still take him over what we've got now. I think other countries are somewhat understanding still for the most part, but how much damage will he do if this continues another 3+ years; can we even come back from it? I feel like the partisan divide is as big as it's ever been based on said reactions of his followers. We definitely need to get rid of "Fake News". I swear the guy is incapable of a rational thought and putting together a sequence of words that isn't absolutely ridiculous. Like seriously, can he have a test for dementia or something? But I digress.
  18. On another note, is it ordinary at all that a sitting president < one year into his term is having these rally events, and doing 'campaign ads' basically? I just do not remember that at all from Bush or Obama... like he has to keep stirring the pot to stay relevant for his followers to stay interested or something so he needs to give them face time instead of golfing err being the president and getting some shit done.
  19. Cheetoh45 has really outdone himself this week. I feel like we must be getting closer to more people dropping ship from supporting this dipshit. I guess one good thing out of this Charlottesville thing is that is distracted him from the DPRK stuff for a while and things have quieted down on that front for the time being. It's still awful that he basically reneged on his whole statement from Monday almost immediately and now David Duke is thanking him on twitter. It is great that those two business advisory councils disbanded due to the CEOs dropping like flies and just proves that people cannot rely on his instability to make any net positive for their businesses, livelihoods, or obviously as a leader. The best days are ahead when hopefully Mueller and Co. get some indictments going for this orange fuck and we get rid of him. Granted, I'm not too excited about Pence running the place either. I'm sure I've missed conversations around some of that already, but I can't catch up on 14 pages of discussions very quickly since I've been a little preoccupied these days and not on the forums as much since the end of the year.
  20. Alright, so this is probably my favorite discovery of 2017 so far. These guys are from Seattle and dropped this debut s/t album back on April 28. I'd say it sounds little bit like a not as scream-infused version of Shreddy Kreuger meets 32 Leaves. Release Date: April 28, 2017 1. Road Less Traveled 2. Wellspring 3. Seed to the Sower 4. Shelter 5. Wishful Thinking 6. Sun Never Sleeps 7. Birthright 8. Condescension 9. Inevitable 10. New Horizon
  21. That's rocking. They're going on a co-headliner tour w/ Red and Otherwise as well!