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  1. Release Date: October 20, 2017 1. Notorious 2. Ready for War (Pray for Peace) 3. Trapped 4. Tell Me 5. I Want You 6. You're Not the Holy One 7. Real World 8. This Goes Out to You 9. Vibes
  2. Well, this looks hilarious. Too bad I don't have Prime. :\
  3. Just a little too generic for my tastes these days on this one. It's not bad, just doesn't have anything to stand out.
  4. Sounds like the album may be done already from the way I'm reading it. So hopefully that's good news over what the new album news we've heard from Cold is. Interested to see how they sound after all these years and see in what ways the producer pushed them to evolve in any way.
  5. Dangerous Summer making some new music: Self-titled album comes out January 26.
  6. Release Date: October 20, 2017 1. Degenerates 2. Pet Names 3. Chaos in Motion 4. Where the Mind Wants to Go 5. Symphony of Skin 6. Sleepwalker 7. Escapism 8. 111 Winchester 9. The Sound of Breathing 10. Silver Tongues (feat. Tilian) 11. Where You Let It Go
  7. Got a few listens in of this one this week finally and I am pleasantly surprised how good it is. Probably a top 10 or maybe even higher for me this year. Super good.
  8. Release Date: October 7, 2016 1. Sinking Me 2. Tradition 3. Never Here 4. Sleepless 5. Carry the Weight 6. The Love You Let Too Close 7. Follow Me Home 8. The Wolf and the Sea 9. Vein 10. No Place Like You 11. Into the Gray
  9. Pretty solid, lighter jam for them.
  10. 3/3 for me.
  11. Well to be fair the first song posted is older one off song not on the album. The new single is solid though.
  12. Dave Sardy is producing the album due out next year.
  13. After repeated listens this song is now stuck in my head constantly and I love it. The way he ends really is an earworm for some reason. "Fuck the doomed, you're on your own!"
  14. "Ghosts" is out and about on the interwebz and it kicks ass after a mellow/slower start to the song; builds quite nicely.
  15. Damn that was brutal to see.
  16. Release Date: September 8, 2017 01. This Is Not The End 02. Stronger 03. Dying Without You 04. Silence 05. I Will Not Fade 06. Remember The Memories 07. Pages Of The Past 08. The Light 09. Sleepless Nights 10. In My Sight
  17. Release Date: July 14, 2017 01. Last Looks 02. Retrograde 03. Lost Positives 04. Ghost 05. Aquamarine 06. Mirror Box 07. Demons 08. The Afterglow 09. Cut And Run 10. Secret's Safe 11. Whiplash 12. Wake Up
  18. Pretty much my thoughts, too, might be a buzz track for sure. Usually they put out something a little more hook-y for radio purposes at some point. Maybe we'll get that soon w/ an album release date.
  19. Unless his name is Trump.
  20. I usually agree with you on most stuff, but I mean...c'mon now...
  21. It's pretty okay. Didn't have a real hook or anything to really pull me in.