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  1. You umm gotta link on how you do dis?
  2. I saw some youtube video that had some dude recording a call into that 800 number and then there was a teaser clip after like a six minute wait and some other random stuff in it with the new logo, etc. Interesting and exciting! Always need more BMTH. I bet they'll switch gears a bit again on this one. Seems like they might be doing some kinda concept album given the marketing like this. Can't wait to hear.
  3. Only had friends with the systems so didn't play them much. Probably played more Sega then anything. I didn't have any gaming systems as a kid besides a PC when I was like 8 or so. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  4. Yeah I tend to agree. Not a lot of games I am super familiar with on either one, to be honest. And I suck at Mario Bros. platformers lol. I got so frustrated the first time I played.
  5. Checked it out last night liked that even more than the Retina EP I think. "Indifferent Eyes" was the standout track for me, too!
  6. Oh nice! I didn't know about that one either. Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to more music from either/both projects!
  7. Solid track there.
  8. Pretty different from the first two tracks. Short and sweet, too, but it's growing on me. Here's the album track list: 1. Jumpsuit 2. Levitate 3. Morph 4. My Blood 5. Chlorine 6. Smithereens 7. Neon Gravestones 8. The Hype 9. Nico and the Niners 10. Cut My Lip 11. Bandito 12. Pet Cheetah 13. Legend 14. Leave the City
  9. Yeah, this rocks, man. I am so glad you shared it. It really is a solid EP and I agree with those as my favorites so far as well as the closing track "Sunder".