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  1. Release Date: January 18, 2019 1. The Ending 2. Renegade Music 3. Not the Only One 4. Who Do You Trust? 5. Elevate 6. Come Around 7. Feel Like Home 8. Problems 9. Top of the World 10. I Suffer Well 11. Maniac 12. Better Than Life
  2. Digging this newest song the most out of the four released so far.
  3. Lots of big news stories hitting lately from the Mueller investigation. Cohen pleading guilty and sentenced to three years just for the initial stuff found with more likely to come I suspect. Federal prosecutors have Trump in campaign and finance violations at the very least. Then the Butina guilty plea today. And then unexpectedly this inauguration fund investigation popped up today as well: The pins are slowly starting to fall. Ready for the next one.