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  1. Well they are releasing 'Surviving' on October 18, 2019, anyways. First single is "All the Way (Stay)" below. 1. Surviving 2. Criminal Energy 3. Delivery 4. 555 5. One Mil 6. All the Way (Stay) 7. Diamond 8. Love Never 9. Recommit 10. Congratulations
  2. Official "The Hunted" music video:
  3. Interesting timing on this... Source:
  4. Another solid jam. I just love Adam's voice, can I just say that?
  5. 'Overcome the Darkness' (part two of the latest record) is supposed to be released November 8, 2019. Here's the first single "The Beaten Path".
  6. Anyone given this a listen yet?
  7. New Silent Season and it rocks!
  8. Solid jam and a bit lighter fare for them.
  9. Release Date: September 20, 2019 1. Burn to Emerge 2. Blinded 3. Shaped by Fire 4. Undertow 5. Torn Between 6. Gatekeeper 7. The Wreckage 8. My Own Grave 9. Take What's Left 10. Redefined 11. Only After We've Fallen 12. The Toll It Takes
  10. I listened to this one this morning while I mowed and it really didn't stick w/ me on first listen (granted I was obviously distracted, too). Will need a few more to get into this one. "Telekinetic" was definitely the strong standout on my first play-through, too.
  11. Definitely like what I'm hearing so far, but it'll take a few more listens to really get into this as it's such a lighter tone compared to their old stuff. The heavier stuff is my favorite, but I respect the more ballad-like stuff in here. "Systems Fail" was a standout for me, too, and "Without You" also was a nice jam.
  12. Agreed, these guys are rocking it. I frankly forgot about them until this post, so thankful for it.
  13. Good stuff thus far.