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  1. Yep, great track. PS: Thanks for the upvote! You were my 1,000th one.
  2. Leaked on Saturday apparently (albeit it's low quality), so that's the first leak I've seen in a while that is earlier than just a day or two. I can't wait to dive into this.
  3. Release Date: March 23, 2018 1. Wishful Sinking 2. Find Yourself 3. Melodramatic 4. Feeling Low 5. Cutthroat 6. I'm Over Being Under(rated) 7. Sleepless In Phoenix 8. Keep Me Close 9. Sakura Blues 10. Welcome Home
  4. Really awesome track here. Can't wait for more!
  5. Good stuff, looking forward to hearing more. I've heard that song a few times I guess on Octane in the past and didn't realize he was releasing a solo album.
  6. The full song drops tomorrow! It's of course already leaked on the interwebz if you wanna go find it bad enough.
  7. Listened to this a bit passively this afternoon while getting some work done and it definitely has a nice 90's alt rock vibe. Good enough variation for the most part. Pretty solid find!
  8. 1. Dirty 2. God Bites His Tongue 3. Medicated 4. Unforgiven 5. Sickness 6. Cheers 7. Risen 8. Moments 9. Not Original 10. Descend 11. Life Deceives You 12. The Truth
  9. Sounds pretty good from what I could tell!
  10. Her voice reminds me a little bit of Lynn's from PVRIS at times. This is a fantastic album.
  11. You always find the good unknown shit, Andrew. Immediately all in on this. Good stuff/find! *immediately adds album to library*