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  1. I've got gotten to it yet, but every single review so far I've seen is saying it's a big letdown and I'm scared it's going to suck.
  2. Not the typical posts in this thread, but I felt compelled to share this. Strong message, good song.
  3. Or watch live here:
  4. Looks sharp. The tabbed guide is really slick and a big improvement.
  5. I cracked this album open and have gotten only two or three songs in, but it's pretty solid so far.
  6. Apparently their drummer left the band Aug. 8th.
  7. I suggest putting an end "vote date/time" in threads to avoid confusion going forward.
  8. You started it late, so that becomes my problem and thus killing off your own rule. Ok then.
  9. CT. Doesn't mean that I didn't vote in time. It opened on a Thursday morning and I voted on a Wednesday night, 6-1/2 days after it opened. Your rules say they are open for a week. Weeks are seven days last I checked.
  10. Exactly what I was thinking. The album is pretty solid, though I will say for me it sounds a little bit too samey after a bit, but I think further listening helps with that.
  11. Nice new track from Capsize released today:
  12. Drippy! 01. Heaven 02. Half 03. Anyone Else 04. What’s Wrong 05. Walk Alone 06. Same Soul 07. Winter 08. No Mercy 09. Separate 10. Nola 1
  13. I call bullshit on my vote not counting for Citizen Zero. It was opened at 11am on 8/10 and I voted on 8/16 at 11pm, which leaves about 12 hours left.