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  1. Some new Halsey w/ Yungblud featuring Travis Barker (yes, that Travis Barker and drums are obviously him and awesome as always). I figure @Andrew will dig this jam and others may as well.
  2. Some new Of Mice & Men tunes.
  3. Album 5 from these guys comes out in a month (March 8, 2019)! Pre-orders are up on their site. They deserve their own thread vs. lumped into the mix on General Music Discussion. The first single "Demons" is streaming all over the place, though an official video isn't up on the YouTubes yet.
  4. Artist says May–July. Reality: October-ish.
  5. You never know for sure, as ESPN has a story that says they are still waiting for counter offers, but this seems more like a solid decision to back out. We'll see.
  6. Wow, that's terrible news for the Wizards and Wall. Lakers apparently bowing out of trade talks for AD.
  7. Btw, don't sleep on this album. It's really good stuff.
  8. Release Date: February 8, 2019 1. Givin' Up 2. Don't Cry 3. Cautious 4. Get Back Up 5. So Bad 6. Help You Out 7. Xo 8. Hell of It 9. Comfortable 10. Iw2dwy 11. Wait, Stay
  9. This ^. If we're now resorting to math to explain why an album/song isn't good, then I raise my white flag. You're right, Harty, you win. 🙄 I'm done arguing with this asinine reasoning. That's like saying a paper you wrote back in high school or college with a bunch of filler words to meet a word minimum for a teacher/professor is objectively somehow better than something much more simplified and straight to the point. Not exactly apples to apples comparisons there, but you get the point (or maybe you don't). As Andrew says here, art (music) is subjective for everyone. I'm not going to change your mind if you don't take the time to invest in and read more about the songs'/lyrics' meaning by typing more paragraphs in a forum, and you know it won't change my mind as I've already expressed how I feel. I never said this was some groundbreaking masterpiece of an album, it just happened to hit the right spots and convey the messages I wanted/needed to hear in 2018 and that's good enough for me to rank it highly.