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  1. Paul gave reputation to It's Harty! RUN! in General Discussion   
    Screw 14. Auntie annes is great. Not many places actually do fresh pretzel so I get one probably half the time I see one. 
  2. Paul gave reputation to heldjc in Like A Storm - 'Catacombs'   
    Yoooooo, totally agree this album is phenomenal! I love the heavier approach this time around.
  3. Paul gave reputation to Andrew in Got (Wrestling) News   
    Also let's keep in mind that Miz is also in the MITB match and Miz and Bryan's first face to face encounter in the ring again should not be in a multi-man clusterfuck match.
  4. Paul gave reputation to Lucas in General Music Discussion   
    Always love an Our Last Night cover. I like it better than the original a lot of the times.
  5. Paul received reputation from jmg05005_v2.0 in Breaking Benjamin - Ember   
    If this was an "issue" I don't think we'd have an intro/outro for the last two albums. Even with a 42 minute limit, they could have fit in two more 3-4 minute songs on this album by taking out the intro/outro.
  6. Paul received reputation from Kalt in Blackmailing Charlie. Conning Henry. Shanghaiing Dixie.   
    Plot twist.
  7. Paul gave reputation to BreakTheAgony87 in Possibly New Breaking Benjamin.   
    You cannot tell the difference between Keith, Jasen and Ben....stop your talking.
  8. Paul gave reputation to Nixon in Blackmailing Charlie. Conning Henry. Shanghaiing Dixie.   
    What is up all you motherfuckas???
    Miss the shit out of y'all.  Well, some of you.  Glad to see not everyone has vacated.  Makes me feel better about paying the electric bill to keep the lights on around here haha.  
    Life, has been busy as shit lately here, so I'm sorry I'm not around that often.  
    Let me take this opportunity though to tell y'all...this "Sumner Roots" album is going to fucking rule.  Better than ANY music I've ever created before in the past.  Stoked to share. 
  9. Paul received reputation from pen in Three Days Grace - 'Outsider'   
    There are bands that I’ve come to love over the years because of their lyrics touching my heart and/or relating in some way. Three Days Grace has NEVER been that band to me, but I’ve always looked forward to them having a catchy rock song with some good to great hooks to mindlessly jam out to. I thought they missed out a lot of that in Matt’s debut album.
    With all of that said, I think this was a very good Three Days Grace album. Do I miss Adam? Yes. But these were songs that I could actually imagine 3DG of old performing and I think it filled a void I’ve missed from them. Almost every song was at least good and I enjoyed it quite a bit. Will this be an AOTY at the end of it all? No. But I had fun listening to it and I plan to hear it again soon.
  10. Paul gave reputation to Ruiner II in Got (Wrestling) News   
    So that was the best WWE match in at least three years, right? Maybe more? 
  11. Paul gave reputation to Andrew in Got (Wrestling) News   
    Almas v. Gargano has a shot at best match in NXT history and was certainly the best WWE match in at least a couple of years.  Only thing that matters this weekend.  Holy shit.
  12. Paul received reputation from NinjaNick101 in Possibly New Breaking Benjamin.   
    No longer in leak territory. One of my favorite songs they’ve ever made. The new lineup and having them help write has added so many layers to their work. I love it.
  13. Paul received reputation from NinjaNick101 in Possibly New Breaking Benjamin.   
    No longer in leak territory. One of my favorite songs they’ve ever made. The new lineup and having them help write has added so many layers to their work. I love it.
  14. Paul gave reputation to Mike in 2018 NFL Playoffs   
    Thanks! I'm proud to report that I did not have a heart attack, but it was close there for a while. Best Vikings win I've ever seen and probably the best finish I've ever seen from any of my favorite sports teams. My voice is starting to come back now after all the screaming at the end.
  15. Paul gave reputation to Mike in Got (Movie/TV) News   
    Has anyone signed up for MoviePass? I was incredibly excited when I heard about it but wanted to wait a while to see if it was too good to be true. Well after many months of nothing bad happening, I decided it was the right time to sign up. I went to my first movie last week and it worked perfectly. I chose my movie on the app, went over to the kiosk to buy my ticket and used the MoviePass card to pay for it. My theater rewards card even still worked and gave me points. Piece of cake. If you really want to be cheap, don't buy concessions. You can go see a movie without paying an penny. It's awesome.
  16. Paul gave reputation to 2ndkrueger in Possibly New Breaking Benjamin.   
    man if you know about somewhere on the net with more than the preview on instagram, you gotta share ! ;P 
  17. Paul gave reputation to Lucas in MM2017 Final Four: Metallica vs. From Ashes To New   
    I usually agree with you on most stuff, but I mean...c'mon now...
  18. Paul received reputation from Lucas in Got (NFL) News   
    We’d love to have you @NinjaNick101....
  19. Paul gave reputation to Andrew in Help me create the ULTIMATE TUNELAB PLAYLIST   
    Re: The 90's, because I am by and large tired of THE CLASSICS.  Isn't a rock radio station alive where you can listen to the rock of the 2000's without also getting liberal sprinkles of "Smells Like Teen Spirit" and "Killing in the Name."  I wanted this station to be a tribute to the "Tunelab Era," not just the music we all love, or frankly we could open it up further and further back.
    This board was founded in the name of newer bands and that's what brought most of us here.  I think we've all told our stories of how we got to Tunelab, whether it be from reviews of Evans Blue or Hurt or Janus or whoever.  I want us all remembering that and not getting dragged through the same nineties repeats I'm sure a lot of us are tired of hearing on the radio.  I want this to be a fresh playlist that has no peer.
    Re: 2011-2017, I just wanted a stopping point at some point because I also want nostalgia to play a decent part in putting together the playlist.  As time goes on I can see opening up a few more years in that block, I just wanted to contain it to a pretty precise period for the moment.
  20. Paul received reputation from Andrew in Help me create the ULTIMATE TUNELAB PLAYLIST   
    I don't get why people wouldn't pay for Spotify....such a good investment.
    Anyways I started to add some stuff...I'm out to Vegas tomorrow night, but I'm definitely following this and hope more people get on board.
  21. Paul gave reputation to NinjaNick101 in Got (NFL) News   
    Thanks. I'm open to joining your league if you have no other options.
  22. Paul gave reputation to Andrew in Spider-Man: Homecoming   
    I think part of the problem is that a lot of people have put Spider-Man 2 up on a pedestal the same way we've done with The Dark Knight (both very good films but also more flawed then their legacies let on).  It's an excellent film, but to be fair, so is Spider-Man Homecoming, and I think we should focus less on comparing them and just let this new one breathe instead of holding it up to an impossible legacy.  Marvel have created the best first Spider-Man film ever here, and let's not forget that many times the second go-around is the best one.  Spider-Man, The X-Men, Captain America, Wolverine, Batman, all had first movies that were surpassed by the greatness of their second.  For Homecoming to even draw comparisons to Spider-Man 2 without the benefit of a first true film to build on is a very flattering comparison.
    A great base has been established here and Spider-Man's got nowhere to go but up because he's in the hands of a studio that really KNOWS the character.  And I can't overstate enough how important it is that we've finally got a truly great casting choice in the red and blue, plus a good supporting cast too.  As good as the Raimi movies are, Maguire's timidness and Dunst's just overall terrribleness will always be a mark against them.  We don't have to worry about Tom Holland the same way at this juncture.
  23. Paul gave reputation to heldjc in General Music Discussion   
  24. Paul gave reputation to pen in Stone Sour working on a new album   
    I don't hear any difference between these songs and the ones they were making before, unless doing the concept album thing has made it so they can never do a straightforward rock and roll album without backlash. 
  25. Paul gave reputation to Lucas in New Normandie Music   
    New single, "Ghost" is out there for streaming everywhere and here:
    Suspect that it's a first single for a new album, so put me on board the hype train for new tunes. This is instantly one of my favorite tracks of the year as well.