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  1. WHY IS THIS EVEN CLOSE. DGD's album was awesome!!!!!
  2. I've only listened to 10 albums this year.....(not a lot out that has interested me...although I have about 8 in the queue) 1. Dangerkids - _blacklist 2. Papa Roach - Crooked Teeth 3. Misterwives - Connect the Dots (this one is moving on up for me though...) 4. Palisades - Palisades 5. Seether - Poison The Parish 6. Starset - Vessels 7. As Lions - Selfish Age 8. The Classic Crime - How To Be Human 9. Deaf Havana - All These Countless Nights Honestly a great top 9. I'd be happy with the above list if the year ended today.....oh right.....I've listened to one more album....I try to forget. 10. Linkin Park - One More Light.
  3. Takeover was one of the best events I've seen in a long time..... Bates vs. Dunne was easily MOTY for me thus far (I've only been watching WWE/NXT this year, I know there are better matches out there). ***** The ending had me heartbroken. My favorite tag team in the biz even before they were called DIY. I just loved them for their technical prowess. Their friendship was genuine and it just was a relationship that worked. The heel turn was probably one of the most hurtful for me as a fan. I'm super excited to see their matches to come.....but dammit do I really want to see them reunite at the end when they get called up.
  4. I saw them open for Panic at the Disco and they were fantastic. I was talking about them more than Panic, and Panic is great live. This was in March, and I've been obsessed with them since. I'll dig into this after Papa Roach, but I know from the single release 'Drummer Boy' is amazing.
  5. TLDR; He's not leaving. Just going to create a secondary band when he's not touring or recording with FFDP (See: Stone Sour....FM Static).
  6. Thoughts on the album from you sir? You're in this club too.
  7. Delightful
  8. That pop. That was the most I've marked out in years. Holy crap.
  9. I like how protected the Apron Powerbomb is though. It's his super finish.
  10. Shane McMahon brought his A game.
  11. I liked the album. It's an 7/10 for me. I don't know if I've ever really heard anything of this genre before. It's definitely got a Christian overtone to it, but it keeps throwing me off that its as Indie and light as it is. I liked "Royal" cause it really switched things up in my opinion with a little grunginess to it. Nothing too memorable...but a really good album to have as background. I don't regret listening to it!
  12. I've never heard of these guys. This was really good.
  13. New Orleans WR Brandin Cooks to New England Patriots for First Round Pick (#32).
  14. I like this album a background music. The way it started out was super poppy and I was digging it. It mellowed out a bit which made me sad, but she always brought a unique sound to each song which I appreciated. I'm not a big fan of Hide and Seek. I did listen to this song once when I heard that this is where the Jason Derulo song came from. I was disappointed back then, but i appreciate it a little more. This is definitely the type of artist I've grown on now that I couldn't listen to like 5+ years ago. Definitely a unique artist and I may come back for more later. Thanks for the share Andrew.