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  1. This was very very good. Almost as good as A Spark to Believe.
  2. This was my favorite Red album in a long time. I loved the heavy elements to it, and I think Michael Barnes voice just keeps getting better and better.
  3. After hearing the amazingness that is the three singles, this is my most hyped up album of the year.
  4. Thanks New Zealand.
  5. Who cares, it’s something new and exciting and we now have an awesome match scheduled for Sunday.
  6. That was quick...
  7. Amazing song. Might be their best.
  8. Sound of Silence was one of their most popular and mainstream songs ever, at least for almost 15 years..... I think they’d *like* to capitalize on that in some sense......but they won’t have anything nearly that successful, so they might as well go heavy.
  9. Guys!!!!! Listen to this album! It’s AMAZING! They manage to go a lot heavier with this album and it fits them so well without feeling like a different band. Check this out please!!! 10/10
  10. While this doesn’t touch their first three albums on first listen, this is easily their best album since Sound of Madness. Pyro and Evolve are gems.
  11. Really? I though all things considered the setlist they performed last night is kinda....lacking.
  12. Holy Foo Fighters. This is GREAT.
  13. I LOVE this album by the way. I consider Breaking Benjamin one of my favorite bands, but I don't really re-listen to them that much just because there has been a lot of "same-y" sound from them after four albums. "Dark Before Dawn" was great originally because we got NEW stuff by them, and it was awesome to get stuff from them after all these years. But three years later and all I really come back to that album is "Hollow" and "Ashes of Eden" because they feel unique. With the addition of the new members, their songs feel three-dimensional now. Or at least way more so than before. Everything has layers to it. I love the addition of way more screams in this album, and it just feels like they've developed a new sound, at least for this album. I wish they would experiment with a different tempo in their music from time-to-time, but if this is the direction they are going, I can't wait for future records to come. Favorites: Blood, Feed The Wolf, Tourniquet, Torn in Two
  14. If this was an "issue" I don't think we'd have an intro/outro for the last two albums. Even with a 42 minute limit, they could have fit in two more 3-4 minute songs on this album by taking out the intro/outro.