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  1. There are bands that I’ve come to love over the years because of their lyrics touching my heart and/or relating in some way. Three Days Grace has NEVER been that band to me, but I’ve always looked forward to them having a catchy rock song with some good to great hooks to mindlessly jam out to. I thought they missed out a lot of that in Matt’s debut album. With all of that said, I think this was a very good Three Days Grace album. Do I miss Adam? Yes. But these were songs that I could actually imagine 3DG of old performing and I think it filled a void I’ve missed from them. Almost every song was at least good and I enjoyed it quite a bit. Will this be an AOTY at the end of it all? No. But I had fun listening to it and I plan to hear it again soon.
  2. No longer in leak territory. One of my favorite songs they’ve ever made. The new lineup and having them help write has added so many layers to their work. I love it.
  3. ....I like this version.
  4. And the music video
  5. AC/DC Founder and Guitarist. Unfortunate.
  6. I don't get why people wouldn't pay for Spotify....such a good investment. Anyways I started to add some stuff...I'm out to Vegas tomorrow night, but I'm definitely following this and hope more people get on board.
  7. Just seeing all the names show up in this post already shows how much of an impact he had on us. In middle school I didn't really listen to much music. Enter 2005, my first year of High School. I got hooked on a lot of bands after finding Hoobastank for the first time. Linkin Park was one of the first I followed up on because I knew they were part of this rock genre that I was really into. They were the first band I actively seemed the catalog of. Admittedly only Hybrid Theory and Meteora. I grew to become super excited for their new albums because you'd never get the same thing twice. A Thousand Suns was one of my favorite albums in college. I have some "best of" artist playlists, and my favorite one is Linkin Park because of how dynamic it is. They were my favorite band for a long time, and I think they probably have the best catalogs of "my bands". I always take a real or celebrity death and listen to music. Admittedly it's usually music that makes me really sad or angry, depending on how I feel at the time. I've never really had an artist's death effect me like this. Scott Weiland made me really sad, but only because of his two Velvet Revolver albums, not-so-much Stone Temple Pilots. Chris Cornell didn't have much of an effect on me either admittedly. I attribute it to my age....but I guess I never would figure a top-5 band for me would come to a sudden end (in their current incarnation.). They've been on top of my bucket list to see a concert....but I never wanted to go because the venues they'd play at in Denver were too large for my tastes. Talk about a big regret. Thanks for everything Chester.
  8. We’d love to have you @NinjaNick101....
  9. My new favorite Marvel movie.
  10. WHY IS THIS EVEN CLOSE. DGD's album was awesome!!!!!
  11. I've only listened to 10 albums this year.....(not a lot out that has interested me...although I have about 8 in the queue) 1. Dangerkids - _blacklist 2. Papa Roach - Crooked Teeth 3. Misterwives - Connect the Dots (this one is moving on up for me though...) 4. Palisades - Palisades 5. Seether - Poison The Parish 6. Starset - Vessels 7. As Lions - Selfish Age 8. The Classic Crime - How To Be Human 9. Deaf Havana - All These Countless Nights Honestly a great top 9. I'd be happy with the above list if the year ended today.....oh right.....I've listened to one more album....I try to forget. 10. Linkin Park - One More Light.
  12. Takeover was one of the best events I've seen in a long time..... Bates vs. Dunne was easily MOTY for me thus far (I've only been watching WWE/NXT this year, I know there are better matches out there). ***** The ending had me heartbroken. My favorite tag team in the biz even before they were called DIY. I just loved them for their technical prowess. Their friendship was genuine and it just was a relationship that worked. The heel turn was probably one of the most hurtful for me as a fan. I'm super excited to see their matches to come.....but dammit do I really want to see them reunite at the end when they get called up.