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  1. Some quality games this week, that's for sure. Glad Washington/GB, Denver/NY, and SF/Seattle are all at different times. Though I was interested to watch Minnesota/Chicago. I kind of figured Suh would be suspended, $100k is a pretty big fine though.
  2. I'm not sure about you anymore...
  3. I am seriously loving 2013, it's ridiculous. I can't even begin to keep up. If you filter down my list to just rock/metal this album is at #5. Behind Steven Wilson, NIN, Karnivool, and Sigur Ros. Noted! Maybe I'll give it a visit tonight and post my thoughts.
  4. Blah, rough week. I had originally picked the Bears and changed my vote last minute. Should always go with my gut I guess... my gut also said go with the 49ers, but couldn't go against the Pack. Would have felt wrong. :/
  5. New Tool? Nothing new there, band has been working on that forever. New APC? They've been saying that for years and have admitted to having some finished songs. Whatever, don't care until a release is in my hands.
  6. Holy shit I finally listened to this album and it's fantastic. I know, I know... took me long enough even with all the hype you guys brought for it. Really solid release. It doesn't crack my 2013 Top 10 after a first listen, but it's sitting at #15 right now.
  7. Holy fucking difficult. Went with Thirteenth Step (some personal connections to that album) but could have easily done Seasons. Not even going to begin to go over all the albums missing from the poll... 2003 kicked ass.
  8. Just joining in and saying congrats... plus this is fucking awesome. Props. Someone proposed on stage during the last Shinedown show I saw and it was pretty awesome.
  9. Wow, Armin is the only main stage act I'd be interested in. Friday you'd find me at the Deep End and Full On stages. Saturday would be Pete Tong and maybe Fool's Gold to see A-Track or AraabMuzik. Sunday would be Dirty Bird, Trance Addict, and Mad Decent. Gotta say, while I'm sure the production and camping will be fucking amazing and worth the cost. alone... I'm kind of glad I didn't buy tickets this year based on the lineup. The lineup just does so little for me. Ultra and EDC destroyed it. That said, can't wait to hear how it goes and I really hope it's stupid successful so they do it again (and even bigger).
  10. Fucking pumped as I love the Dred. US never got a release of their last album (Union Black) though and that has been pissing me off. This album better get a proper US release (and tour). I am dying to see them live again. I was so used to seeing them 2-3 times a year in Central Florida and now it's been YEARS since they've toured the US. Going through major withdraws, easily one of my favorite rock bands to see live. So much fun.
  11. Wait, you mean I finally get to buy an Eye Empire album that isn't a re-release? Sign me up!
  12. One show with that lineup under the Family Values name? Talk about pathetic...
  13. Jameis Fucking Winston. I'm hoping the defense improves quickly, though performance wasn't surprising given how much new stuff they've installed with the new staff. Clemson will rip apart that defense FSU fielded against Pitt. I agree on holding judgement and not drinking too much koolaid... that said while Pitt has far from a great defense, it should have a decent defense this year. They had a decent defense in 2012 (perhaps inflated by division) and returned a number of starters from that squad from what I read before the game. I was surprised at how poor their secondary was given it was considered good last year and returned talent there. I think Jameis is the real deal, but I need to see him play a lot more football before I go nuts like the rest of the Seminole Nation.
  14. I'm not remotely a Pirates fan but I'm very excited for the team and their fans. Must be a huge relief to snap that absurd streak.
  15. Hook me up with an invite, got the Yahoo one but it seems we're moving to ESPN? Alrighty. Been a bit busy lately so doing my normal disappearing act, but you know I'm good for keeping up with Pick Em. ^__~