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  1. I'm fucking gutted about this:
  2. But wait, there's more...
  3. Hydrograd out June 30th 1. YSIF2. Taipei Person/Allah Tea3. Knievel Has Landed4. Hydrograd5. Song #36. Fabuless7. The Witness Trees8. Rose Red Violent Blue (This Song Is Dumb & So Am I)9. Thanks God It’s Over10. St. Marie11. Mercy12. Whiplash Pants13. Friday Knights14. Somebody Stole My Eyes15. When The Fever Broke
  4. Former singer of Jamie's Elsewhere, but I'm sure you both know that
  5. This is really good. Better than everything on the last album.
  6. Out today.
  7. New album "XVIII" out June 2nd as Nick posted. They also are now on Rise Records. And new song:
  8. But that acoustic intro is so fire though. It's so haunting, reminds me of Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd.
  9. Yeah I don't get how anyone thinks this has to do with a new album. It's clearly an amphitheater, San Bernadino to be exact, and June 24th is right in the midst of their US tour this summer. And the date is right in the middle of the California shows.
  10. Never thought I would be interested in a FIR album, but all the singles have been solid. So I'll definitely check this one out.
  11. Everything I've heard off this album so far has been really good. Excited to listen to all of it.
  12. Part of a deluxe edition of Around the World and Back, which is an awesome album that we surprisingly don't have a thread for. (Or at least couldn't find it) The deluxe is going to have some new tracks like this, a few acoustic, and a full length DVD.