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  1. On a serious note, idk if you are a fan of this band or not, but I suggest you take a listen to this.
  2. I'm absolutely in love with this album. Probably my album of the year. Just solid from start to finish. My favorites are Parachute, The Grand Delusion, Don't Wait, and In Bloom
  3. Out now. I've been waiting all summer to hear this....and it features an absolute banger with guest vocals from Sam Carter from Architects.
  4. Uhmmmm where can I hear this
  5. Excited to hear it. I saw them back in June opening for Muse and both were excellent live.
  6. "Super-noooo-va-caine, you're dead as dead can be, you won't feel a thing. You won't feel a thing. Sleeeepwalking, you're dead as dead can be. You woooon't feel a thiiiing" That chorus tho...
  7. Good shit right here:
  8. Whole thing streaming right here:
  9. Nice man! I just went to Warped last week.
  10. This album fucking rips! I've been patiently waiting for its release, and it does not disappoint.
  11. Their last album was really good, heck all their albums are always solid. They don't reinvent the wheel every time, but they manage to put it solid fresh sounding albums without using a different formula.
  12. Burst & Decay an acoustic EP from the Wonder Years releases Sept 22nd Burst & Decay features seven Wonder Years songs, taken from their past three full length albums, fully re-imagined and presented in a new, quieter light. 1. A Song for Ernest Hemingway 2. There, There 3. Coffee Eyes 4. Cardinals 5. Don't Let Me Cave In 6. Dismantling Summer 7. You in January I preordered the vinyl, the one I got is limited to only 1,000 copies. But I think others are available. I'm excited to hear this, even though it's old stuff. These guys are one of my favorite bands.
  13. One of the best songs in the EP
  14. I've got a few listens in on this, and this album bangs. I feel like this album is from 2000 and got lost until now. Takes me back to buying Korn, and Slipknot albums. Very old school Nu-metal sounding. These guys can become huge.
  15. Seriously, this: