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  1. 15 songs, 78 minutes....I’m hard. The Unheavenly Creatures Tracklist:01. Prologue02. The Dark Sentencer03. Unheavenly Creatures04. Toys05. Black Sunday06. Queen Of The dark07. True Ugly08. Love Protocol09. The Pavilion (A Long Way Back)10. Night-Time Walkers11. The Gutter12. All On Fire13. It Walks Among US14. Old Flames15. Lucky Stars
  2. Looks like the album is titled “The Unheavnly Creatures” preorder info here:
  3. Corey’s voice on this got me excited for new Slipknot.
  4. Still using backing tracks to lip sync some of the choruses it looks like. They used to be so great live 10 years ago.
  5. Got a listen through on this...really like it. These guys are best of the best with these new wave of pop punk bands.
  6. At this point, there’s no way thing thing lives up to it’s hype, does it?
  7. Listened to this three times today, and it’s as good as anticipated. The melodies and clean vocals by Tillian are such gems in this album.
  8. Haha shit...yes. I hit post and it didn’t go, so I did it again, not thinking it went twice
  9. Their last album was phenomenal, I hope this one can come somewhat close to following up.
  10. “The Grey” first single. Band also signed with Epitaph Records
  11. Shit, that’s on me lol. I didn’t even search to see if we had a thread already.
  12. Not confirmed, but this may be the album cover....if so, this song is the title track.
  13. hoooooo boy
  14. It was confirmed back in April these guys were working on new music....looks like we are getting another concept album, which I’m here for.