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  1. I've been listening to this a ton lately. If this was a full length album it would easily be my AOTY, but nonetheless, it's definitely my favorite release this year. I've liked all their covers a lot, but their originals were hit or miss. This EP is the best stuff they've ever written.
  2. There is also a new song out there called Go To War, that is a lot better than Don't Stop IMO
  3. I'll give you that, but Chad said that Stone Sour didn't exist until after Slipknot, as a result of him trying to show more of himself. Which is not true at all.
  4. New album Concrete and Gold out September 15th 1. T-Shirt2. Run3. Make It Right4. The Sky Is A Neighborhood5. La Dee Da6. Dirty Water7. Arrows8. Happy Ever After (Zero Hour)9. Sunday Rain10. The Line11. Concrete and Gold
  5. I've met Corey Taylor, one of the nicest celebrities I've ever met. And I think it's funny Chad said, "Corey had to start Stone Sour so he could take the mask off so people would know who he was" or something like that. Stone Sour was a band before Slipknot bro....
  6. Just heard these guys, and this song for the first time....holy shit. Huge fan of this, sounds like BMTH
  7. Well, I was gonna listen to this until Chad Kroeger told the media that Stone Sour is basically a shittier version of Nickelback, now I'm too salty
  8. New side project from Josh Todd and Stevie D of Buckcherry. Debut album coming this September This song is dope
  9. I've always though the Long Road was a great album. From what you guys are saying about this one, I'm going to give it a shot.
  10. Out today. @xeph @NinjaNick101 you guys will definitely dig this
  11. That song is a banger! These guys should be waaaay bigger on rock radio in America.
  12. Interesting what Jason Hook just tweeted: "Feeling liberated after a long cancerous painful toxic useless anchor has been cut from my legs #thrilled #movingon #gofuckyourself"
  13. What's even weirder about that is Westfield Massacre now has Sean Nichols from Quiet Riot as his replacement.
  14. Looks like after saying there was nothing wrong, and Ivan was still in the band yesterday, Tommy Vext will now be the singer for the remainder of their tour