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  1. Looks like Carolina Rebellion is changing their name to the Epicenter Festival, and moving it to Rockingham, North Carolina. Wonder why all these US festivals are changing their names? If I’m not mistaken, there’s one production company that books and runs most of these am I right on that? Either way, I’m curious if they are just trying to rebrand so they can book different bands.
  2. Unless something else comes out that surprises me, I think my final top 5 for the year is: 1. The Wonder Years - ‘Sister Cities’ 2. Dance Gavin Dance - ‘Artificial Selection’ 3. Architects - ‘Holy Hell’ 4. The Story So Far - ‘Proper Dose’ 5. Beartooth - ‘Disease’ Honorable mentions would be Underoath, Breaking Benjamin, Senses Fail, Light the Torch
  3. I don’t think we had a thread on Oli Herbert’s death, but it’s starting to take a strange turn. First, a few days ago his wife made a public statement after his cause of death was revealed saying she was “happy” with the results which is an odd thing to say. Now there is a Facebook page called “Justice For Oli” who alleges that his wife had something to do with his death. A quote from them: #BREAKING: Oli Herbert’s Death is being looked into as possible murder after being ruled an accident. His wife is suspected of playing a role in his death. ‪Oli Herbert’s Will was changed one week before he went missing. His wife, Beth, and her friend are suspected to have forged his will. ‬
  4. Buckle your seat belts for this one...
  5. Holy Hell Track List 1. Death Is Not Defeat 2. Hereafter 3. Mortal After All 4. Holy Hell 5. Damnation 6. Royal Beggars 7. Modern Misery 8. Dying To Heal 9. The Seventh Circle 10. Doomsday 11. A Wasted Hymn
  6. This song is so good. Better than I expected honestly...and heavy as shit.
  7. Playing a show in Tampa with Underoath(!!), and who knows what else:
  8. I liked both the Afterman albums quite a bit, and I even thought The Color Before the Sun was a nice change of pace, and a pretty good album overall....but this album is their best since Good Apollo. Fantastic.
  9. Beginning to end, this is their best album yet IMO.
  10. Take Me As You Please is so good! By far my favorite track
  11. This album fucking slaps. It’s got some classic pop punk songs we’re used to from them, but it’s also got some very diverse experimental tracks that really stand out, and makes the whole thing not so samey. Take Me As You Please might be a top 3 favorite song all time by them.
  12. Holy shit that was great. Can’t wait for the album.
  13. Need that DGD cover of Semi Charmed Life right now.