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  1. This album fucking slaps. It’s got some classic pop punk songs we’re used to from them, but it’s also got some very diverse experimental tracks that really stand out, and makes the whole thing not so samey. Take Me As You Please might be a top 3 favorite song all time by them.
  2. Holy shit that was great. Can’t wait for the album.
  3. Need that DGD cover of Semi Charmed Life right now.
  4. Band called Belmont released their debut album last month, they have a few EPs I recommend as well:
  5. Shocked this has been out a week, and we don’t have a thread on it. I enjoyed this album a lot, way better than The Poison Red IMO.
  6. Tracklist: 01. “Empty Batteries”02. “Chaos and Earthquakes”03. “Fix This”04. “Crashing”05. “Passive Aggressive”06. “Dodge Your Destiny”07. “Wheel Against Will”08. “Milestone”09. “Feel The Way I Feel”10. “Position One”
  7. They are going in the same route as Linkin Park, just evolving and changing into a completely different band than their first few albums. I realize it’s the nature of the internet to complain about everything, but I don’t get why fans of their older sound don’t just move on and go and listen to Suicide Season
  8. Their fans of the old old stuff will continue to whine, but I think this shit slaps
  9. New album “The Skeptic” out 9/28
  10. These guys go the same route as Breaking Benjamin does and just stick the same formula every record....the problem is Breaking Benjamin do a better job of making it sound fresh. I agree with others that hopefully this album has a little more change of pace in it...such as maybe some more industrial stuff it. Overall the track isn’t bad, but these type of records from these bands I used to love usually get a few listens before I move on to something else.
  11. This billboard went up in London over night. The logos in the top corners are BMTH’s. Also, there is a website in relation to this billboard that was found that has a countdown for August 21st. Hopefully its a new album. That’s the Spirit grew on me quite a bit, but I wouldn’t mind a return to Semperternal sound.
  12. Isn’t he the same guy who a few years ago got into trouble for talking to underage girls? I was curious was Tilian was tweeting about.
  13. This album is really solid. I enjoyed the hell out of their first one, but this one is a step in a good direction. I’m getting a lot of early Silverstein vibes with this one. @xeph @NinjaNick101 @Lucas @pen I think you all would enjoy this album.
  14. Release Date: July 20, 2018 Track List1. Inside Out2. Shade3. Nothing New4. Old Soul5. Controlled Burn6. Don't Open Your Eyes7. Crown Shyness8. Silence9. Undermine10. Love, Hate, React, Relate