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  1. I have tickets to the show in Lincoln...saw BB's set list from the first few shows and they aren't even playing Red Cold River
  2. I still go to tons of shows, buy merch, and buy music on Vinyl or CD (have Spotify to listen digitally)....I guess I'm still old school in that I've never given up any of these things even though some of them have become less and less popular. I'm okay with a band decided to only make music and not tour, but for someone who still enjoys the heck out of the energy of a live show, I would hate for this to become a trend.
  3. Loving both of these songs. Can't wait for the whole thing.
  4. Enjoyed Amaryllis minus a song or two, but really didn't care for Threat to Survival...first Shinedown album that I didn't purchase upon release, would love for this album to be more old school sounding.
  5. This whole thread makes me think of good posters who used to be on here all the time talking music. Just doesn't happen like it used to.
  6. 1. Stone Sour - 'Hydrograd' 2. Neck Deep - 'The Peace and the Panic' 3. Nothing More - 'The Stories We Tell Ourselves' 4. Papa Roach - 'Crooked Teeth' 5. Ded - 'Mis An Thrope' Honorable mentions: Wage War 'Deadweight', Knuckle Puck 'Shapeshifter', Our Last Night 'Selective Hearing EP', Seaway 'Vacation'
  7. This album is really good. I'm probably in the minority that likes Danny's clean vocals over his screaming.
  8. So Tom Morello has apparently heard some of the new Tool album. And recently Danny Carey was asked if we could expect the album to finally come out in 2018, and he said “Definitely”......I’m not holding my breath, but this is exciting.
  9. These are acceptable complaints, but I'm talking about people complaining about the rock bands. Not real complaints, but an example is like "why is Chevelle playing this year. Why can't it be Seether" then next year they are like "Why is Seether playing, we want Chevelle."
  10. These guys have been nominated or 3 (!) Grammy awards! -Best Rock Album -Best Rock song (Go To War) -Best Rock Performance (Go To War) Awesome to see how far they’ve come.
  11. It's funny every year people complain about these lineups no matter who it is. There are only so many bands in the rock and metal genre...I'm just curious who they expect to be in these lineups?
  12. I'm sure most of you are familiar with the popular YouTube star drummer who does all the rock covers.....welll she's releasing her first album with a kickstarter. The best part of this news is, Sahaj Ticotin from Ra is producing, writing, and singing on the entire record. Having him involved has me intrigued. From Ra's Facebook page:
  13. New Real Friends song:
  14. Seeing one of the song titles was "G.O.A.T" is enough to take a hard pass from me.
  15. That Metallica album was so good, their best in years....but that Thrice album was unbelievable. Still gets listens from me over a year later.