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  1. Had to come share this with y’all. We might have our music video of the decade already in 2020. Interested to hear more from this band. They’ve been around a few years, but just got this new singer.
  2. Don’t get on here as much anymore, but I had to login to say this album fucking owns.
  3. Listened through multiple times over the weekend, really dig it Nixon. Btw, are we ever going to hear the story behind why it was delayed? I thought I remember you saying somewhere that someone/something delayed the album coming out, or am I wrong?
  4. Need to listen more times before giving an overall opinion, but 7emptest is a fucking banger.
  5. Where did you find this info?
  6. Okay song....I definitely expect better ones on the new album. Them signing with Fueled By Ramen scares me a bit though.
  7. This one is out in the wild, and holy shit does it rip. I enjoyed the Grey Chapter, but this album blows it out of the water. Lots of experimental elements in it, really gives them new energy.
  8. Released August 9th, 2019 Tracklist: 1. Insert Coin2. Unsainted3. Birth Of The Cruel4. Death Because Of Death5. Nero Forte6. Critical Darling7. Liar’s Funeral8. Red Flag9. What’s Next10. Spiders 11. Orphan12. My Pain13. Not Long For This World14. Solway Firth
  9. Goddamn this is album is going to be good
  10. Fear Inoculum comes out Aug 30th
  11. Maynard is going to be on Joe Rogan’s Podcast tomorrow, to quote: “ This Monday @mjkeenan will be on @joerogan to discuss how @eddiebravo has been the subject of the @elonmusk brain chip research this whole time. Also making some long awaited announcements. You should look into it.”
  12. Looks like that announcement Monday is probably for the second Dia de los Deftones festival which is why it’s Roman numeral 2
  13. Deftones are teasing something for Monday
  14. New Neck Deep