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  1. The Wonder Years, Underoath, Breaking Benjamin, Shinedown, Sevendust, The Story So Far (possible), Beartooth (possible), A Perfect Circle
  2. Just heard the single on Octane. Pretty good, sounds better than a lot of Kill the Flaw. I’m surprised they still haven’t released this officially yet.
  3. Yeah it was their legal team.
  4. I know this. I was just making a joke about Metallica suing people in the past for stuff like this. The tribute bands and what not.
  5. “Sham Pain” is such a FFDP song title. Also, I hope Metallica slaps them with a lawsuit for the album title.
  6. Excited to hear it. Surprised they announced a new album but haven’t officially released a single to hype it.
  7. Read today that Joe Barresi is producing. Interesting.
  8. Pretty good. Sounds like something off the last album still, but still anticipating the rest.
  9. So they’ve been posting some teasers, and the URL of their site has “March 7th” in it, making everyone speculate a new single and album info coming tomorrow. Something funny I’ve discovered though, is that they sent out some mail to random fans that has an address to somewhere in Philly with the date 2/27/18 on it. And below it is some instructions how how to Shazam a yellow exclamation point teaser they posted yesterday. Now the funny part is, a lot of bands have been doing this lately, sending out teasers and clues in the mail for their fans to decipher, and most do. But I scoured the internet and cannot find one person who did that, and it got me thinking, are Shinedown’s fans not sophisticated, deep thinkers as say a band like The Wonder Years who did the same thing? Or say Brand New who also did that?
  10. Can’t wait! Album of the year 2037!
  11. I enjoyed that as well. I’ve heard this one was gonna go in a different direction than the last few, which I’m not disappointed in the least bit. It’s good to see some of these older bands ditch the cock rock lyrics for some more mature stuff. Looking forward to the whole thing.
  12. I forgot they signed to Rise Records, they just announced a tour with Memphis May Fire and Fire From the Gods. I’ve been listening to more Metalcore type bands the past few years compared to bands like Sevendust, it’s kinda weird to have them both mix together now. Another example being A Day To Remember touring with Papa Roach.
  13. “All I See Is War” out May 11th.
  14. I got a ticket this morning for the floor, waited in line in the site for 45 minutes until it finally gave me a chance to get some. 150 bucks for one ticket. Already seen some reselling on Stub Hub for 300-500 bucks a ticket.