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  1. Well now, this was something I thought would be worth coming back and posting about but I was beat to it. I can not wait for this. Demon Hunter is one of my all time favorite bands and I always buy the packages/bundles they create. The two bonus tracks titles sound very promising as well.
  2. Omar is Andrews right hand man, so yes, you do have power Omar. And as far as me still being here i'm not here like I once was for the very reason I brought up. This site has strayed away from music and become more of a wrestling/gossip/movie/who's hotter than who crap. If DD were to leave there would be almost no music updates or conversations. It's sad what this site has become.
  3. I found it ironic he deleted the tantric stuff considering how nasty most of his conversations could get with koldes. But hey, tunelabs been going down in flames these last two years why not see how bad it can really get by giving him and Omar complete power over the forums.
  4. They have been mentioned here before, but I am glad that I am not the only one keeping an eye out on this band, that MMG album is fucking awesome. Sadly it won't be a full fledged album though =(
  5. It's got some pretty nice solos on it, well worth the 12 bucks on iTunes
  6. Solid song, that solo was pretty neat.
  7. Lots of people would argue guns isn't guns with just axl.......
  8. because then it wouldn't be submersed
  9. Submersed wont happen, two members haven't played music since the band split and two are in other bands. Just last week I saw Whitlock respond to a fan that submersed would never happen again. As far as new singer, I'd only be fine if they brought back hamby. But more realistically I'd say Dustin lowery will be the guy. I'm sad about Donald leaving though, the reason ee is one of my favorite bands was because of how tight they all were with one another.
  10. Clip today, full song will be up tomorrow and the album will also be called "Ghosts". I love me some Thornley!
  11. St. Paul And The Broken Bones are standing at the top of my list so far. And I honestly don't think anyone outside of a well done Flaw album, or Joe Bonamassa are going to come near it. But this year has so many records coming out that I plan on getting so we shall see.
  12. Liked the last two more because they had more heavy tracks that blew my mind. So I agree the album needed more songs like "Cross To Bear" (Which the drums are fantastic on) "Artificial Light" was a good choice for the first single, and "Death" was a pretty cool intro song. Aside from the first three tracks mentioned - The Last One Alive, I Will Fail You & Gasoline are fantastic cuts that hold their ground with some of Demon Hunters best songs. This is their only album that I didn't really enjoy the bonus tracks though, so I feel a little bad about dropping $40 on the album and only getting a patch instead of the cool posters they gave out last time.
  13. I loved the first two albums, even liked parts of his solo album, this however. Not. At. All. =(
  14. I finally bought it, not as "heavy" as I was expecting. I don't understand all the comments about it sounding the same. Outside of their first album I think this is my least favorite, and I don't think this album really sounds like much from their past, it really is a departure from the last bunch of albums. My favorite four and stand outs are Take Out The Gunman Jawbreaker Hunter Eats Hunter Twinge (interesting last track) The first three tracks I listed are more along the lines of what is their "sound" so of course they stood out as my favorites. Will have to give it a bunch more time to pick the other songs apart but this is what my first take is on the album.
  15. I really like the new feel on "One Life" having the piano and strings, my favorite on the album for sure is "Black" though. Little disappointed in the new tracks, but even more disappointed in the lack of Clint's involvement on background vocals. Clint is a damn good back-up vocalist and he shines on tracks like Xmas & Angels, which is why I thought they would have used him as a bigger part for this album but they didn't. Can't wait for my poster to come in the mail though!