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  1. That's exactly what I was thinking. It's actually kind of a theme on the reddit thread for this song. Really not bad, but it doesn't sound like Underoath.
  2. It drops on April 13th, no announcement on a single though. She will opening for Skillet on their upcoming tour, then hopping behind the kit and performing with Skillet. I've never heard of a musician doing something like that before.
  3. That one actually sounds decent. Maybe this album does have a little potential.
  4. His debut album was horrible, but this EP is actually kind of good. Really good. Maybe even better than HU's new album.
  5. Brees is staying in New Orleans and getting a substantial new contract to boot.
  6. Couple of things...the band has stated that this is basically going to be an EDM kind of album, i.e. like the single. The Kickstarter for it looks like it probably is not going to be funded in time. My interest in this project is diminishing, mostly because of the dramatic shift in genre. "Find Dreams" is fairly good, but I don't think I'd enjoy a full album of that type. Here it is on Youtube:
  7. Jamie, I think number three is probably the best scenario for the Browns. Cousins is a proven talent and field general. Barkley has a hell of a lot of potential and could really tie that offense together.
  8. As a Skins fan, it kills me to see Cousins leaving. He's the best QB we've had in a long time and hopefully Alex Smith can provide just as much consistency. I agree with Koldes that Denver would be a great home for Cousins. On a different note, how about Saquon Barkley? Dude's an absolute monster. I'm thinking he lands with the Giants at #2. You guys see anyone else interesting at the combine?
  9. The party king has returned!
  10. Well that sucks. I certainly would've been interested in seeing them live.
  11. That lineup with them doesn't pique my interest at all. I kind of doubt they would play much of anything from the first three albums. Maybe "Kings and Queens" or "Hurricane".
  12. This is one of the most fascinating bands I think I've ever stumbled upon. An absolutely unique concept for a band. The throat singing in particular is just awesome.
  13. Holy shit these guys are back! The new song is incredibly good. Album release is on May 4th. Definitely going to be an AOTY contender.
  14. Yeah, I knew they'd been distancing themselves from it for a least a couple years now. It's still kind of jarring to me though.
  15. Really good, but I'm not sure I'd call it great. Far from their best cut. Maybe it just needs more spins to sink in fully. The use of profanity is quite surprising from these guys. It almost goes without saying, but I don't think they're a Christian band anymore.