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  1. I'm really not feeling this one. Nick, you were so right about those chipmunk vocals. They're extraordinarily grating and don't add anything to the song.
  2. I'm not crazy about it either. Nice catchy tune, but just isn't quite clicking for me. However, I am still kind of interested in hearing the rest of the album.
  3. New single just dropped today. Album releases May 12th.
  4. It's a decent cut. All three rappers contribute something different to the song, which is obviously a great thing. However, like the last two songs, I'm feeling quite ambivalent about this one as well. It seems like banal to me, as if LP isn't maximizing their potential on this album.
  5. Potential AOTY right here. The singles were awesome.
  6. I've been eagerly anticipating this release. This is definitely gonna be a bad ass listen.
  7. Gave this a few spins today and it's just fantastic. Easily one of their best albums and the most diverse. This could very well be my AOTY for 2017.
  8. Just received this bad boy in the mail. One of the perks of preordering. I'm stoked beyond words that I finally have it.
  9. AOTY material obviously.
  10. Really solid after one listen. This was definitely a pleasant surprise.
  11. This is one of their best lineups in years. GWAR, Alestorm, and Goldfinger alone make this worth it. Although I'm kind of disappointed that Goldfinger isn't gonna be at the stop closest to me. When in the hell am I gonna get another chance to see them?
  12. I think that's about right. I nominated a few bands I thought might make the cut, but didn't because they're virtually unknown.
  13. Yeah, I'm picking up a bit of that as well.
  14. I think they're referring to "Battle Symphony". I got exactly the same vibe from it. Not a bad tune. I wouldn't call it great either though.
  15. Does this mean every album under 5 votes missed the cut? If so, there are a lot of great albums that didn't make it.