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  1. This is really good. It's a somewhat different sound for them with the electronics and works quite well.
  2. Fairly good. Kind of a Twenty One Pilots sort of feeling to it. I've seen comments in various places about this being part of an EP, but nothing official to confirm that.
  3. Really solid. I don't remember Ronnie's rapping ever being so good.
  4. I thought this was very good and quite different from Korn. I particularly enjoyed the variety of influences and sounds. Standouts are: "Happiness", "Walk On By", "Basic Needs", and "What It Is".
  5. This thing is fucking amazing. Easily AOTY right now. Stand out tracks are "From The Sky", "A Dying Machine", "Throw Them to the Lions", "The First The Last" and "Take You With Me".
  6. Really good. It's quite intriguing to me that all members returned. I'd like to believe they've reached a place of forgiveness and understanding with Tim. However, it could simply be to fulfill a contract obligation.
  7. I'm not completely surprised that Tim would start this thing up again. He probably has an entirely new lineup around him; I can't see the former members wanting any involvement.
  8. Vocalist has some of the goofiest stage moves I think I've ever seen. I really dig their sound though.
  9. These guys are back in action. Not sure if an album is to follow. EDIT: Looks like someone already beat me to it in another thread.
  10. These guys are all kinds of awesome things. New EP coming soon.
  11. Long time since this band released anything. I don't know if this is a one off or a lead up to an EP or album.
  12. Weird title, but an awesome new single. I believe they have an album on the way.
  13. Certainly some good news here. They've gotten back together (kind of...slightly different lineup) and released a new single with an EP to come soon.
  14. They have Eli and they ostensibly see quite a lot of potential in Davis Webb. Also, they had many other needs. Most notably at RB.
  15. Some of my favorites thus far, in no particular order: Cane Hill - Too Far Gone Avatar - Avatar Country Breaking Benjamin - Ember Myles Kennedy - Year Of The Tiger Vexes - Ancient Geometry