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  1. So was Hellyeah's. It might even be their best album to date.
  2. These guys always put out excellent material. If you're into symphonic black metal such as Dimmu Borgir, Carach Angren will be right up your alley.
  3. I honestly can't tell if these guys are voting for Phantogram or against DP.
  4. It should certainly be interesting. Especially since Trump is behaving quite defensively in advance, even threatening to live tweet.
  5. That sounds fucking amazing. I'm so stoked to hear new stuff from these guys.
  6. These tracks are gnarly. Definitely gonna check out the album.
  7. Fantastic. Can't wait for the album.
  8. This might be the best metalcore release of the year, Demon Hunter notwithstanding.
  9. I've been excited for this one for quite while. Hopefully it's just as awesome as the last album.
  10. Didn't just punch him. Body slammed him as well.
  11. This match up really hurts. Really tough draw for Katatonia, who put out a great album in their own right.
  12. His Fort Minor album is amazing. It does have quite a few features, but I think at least some of that material shows he could nail an album on his own. That being said, if LP were to go in that sort of direction, having features probably would enhance the hypothetical album.
  13. This album is really kind of amazing. Maybe AOTY by the end of the year.
  14. I think it's fairly good after a couple listens. Kind of hit or miss as some of these songs are clicking with me while others just feel banal. "One More Light", "Battle Symphony", and "Talking to Myself" are the ones that stuck out the most.
  15. This album is amazing and It just might be their best release to date. For one thing it has the highest production quality I think they've ever used. Standouts: "Necessary Evil (feat. Jonathon Davis)", "Untouchable", "570", "Eternally Yours", and "Voices".