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  1. This album is monumental, and I'd say it's easily one of the best ever in metalcore. It absolutely rivals the best work of AILD, KSE, and Underoath. I implore you all to give it a listen, Phinehas put out an extraordinary record.
  2. This album is great and I really enjoyed it, although it's certainly not their best effort. Standout tracks for me are: "Still Alive", "Losing Control", "Coming Apart", and "A.I.".
  3. It's worth noting that the lead singer was formerly Amaranthe's male lead vocalist. I'm excited to spin this album a few times myself.
  4. I'm sure Koldes is already infuriated about these revelations by Donna Brazile. If democrats and the DNC intend to be successful again, they need to address their leadership. Wasserman Schultz did an awful job as chair, especially given her highly unethical (but apparently not illegal) interactions with the Clinton campaign.
  5. This album is great and I certainly appreciated their experimentation in a few songs. The most noteworthy tracks here, aside from the singles are "Decoder", "Promise Me" and "Two Hands".
  6. Having given this a couple listens, I think it's kind of a mixed bag. There are some real gems here ("California Dreaming", "Renegade", "Bad Moon", "We Own the Night"). On the other hand, most of the other tracks are either forgettable or just awful. I really hope these guys find their roots again, because this album and the one that proceeded it are mediocre. 6/10
  7. Quite easily one of their best songs ever. I thought it was an interesting touch that the lead singer isn't the king, but more of a jester.
  8. I'm not gonna hold my breath either, although a new album from them would be awesome.
  9. I actually hadn't realized they released this thing until about five minutes ago. Given that a thread didn't exist for it yet, it seems like it slipped by most everyone here. Anyway, I think it will be the solid kind of record these guys usually put out.
  10. Received my copy in the mail today. I'm very eager to give it a bunch of listening.
  11. The new album, "Dark Flag", will be released on November 17th. The two singles they've put out thus far are incredibly potent, especially "Know Death; Know Forever".
  12. I have no idea how he finds the time to put out music. More to the point, I'm enjoying this album quite a bit right now.
  13. He put out a lot of great work in his time and "Free Fallin'" is one of my all time favorites. May he rest well.
  14. Well, I might have to make a trip back to dear old state.
  15. Gave this a handful of spins. Very good album. You guys shouldn't sleep on this one.