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  1. I am listening to a New Releases random radio and a song just came on from this album called "Total Freedom". I had heard it halfway through before i was like "Wow, this is good, who is this?" Turns out to be Andrew WK off this album.
  2. #1 The Browns will continue to be a joke until they get a good QB. As long as they're making solid decisions over it (Barkley seems like one) then I say keep going for it until you hit someone good. One of the smartest moves I've ever seen was the year that Redskins went after RG3, and after they got him, they end up drafting Cousins later on in the same draft. So many people criticized that move since they just gave away a lot to get RG3, but it turned out to be a genius move when RG3 fell flat. The Browns should do something similar in get insurance for Barkley. They have an okay defense, they have some good weapons in the air, they really need the QB to be a 8-8 team. I say go all in for it as much as possible.
  3. I hope he goes to the Vikings just because I'm concerned he's going to go to the Broncos. It seems like the ideal setup for him there, and I don't want him potentially interrupting a finale to Brady and the Pats long dynasty in the AFC. If not the Vikings, the Cardinals. I think he's the next tier up of quality ahead of Teddy B. I think we've seen most of what you're going to get from that guy. Reliable, consistent, but also an Alex Smith style game manager. Not sure if he can ever truly take over a game and lead from behind type of thing on a regular basis.
  4. Thanks for the info. Either way, they're not around, but it's cool to have some sort of 'closure' with a band I really liked. Red Right Return and Nox Aeris are still awesome to go back to to this day, they hold up well!
  5. @American_Idiot I'm really sorry for what you're going through. No one should have to. The whole country is going through it together to some degree, but it's obviously much harder for those that are in the area. I definitely have this feeling of being nestled away from most of the country's population in Central Maine, that's for sure. Not specifically to AI, but to all: I wrote some ramblings on my Facebook page, but since we're discussing the shooting here i thought it might be relevant. "Whenever there's a mass shooting, we always talk thoughts and prayers, gun control and mental health. The conversation's results are the same: Nothing changes. There is something that we can do RIGHT NOW to bring changes: STOP saying the murderer's name and STOP sharing their faces. Stop glamorizing them and giving them the fame that they desire so badly. Instead, focus on the victims of these murders. Talk about the heroes who stepped in front of bullets to save their friend. Talk about the lives they've left behind. Glamorize each and every one of these lives, not the one who took them from us. I know this is a silly analogy, but the concept is the same. There used to be a problem of streakers running onto fields during sporting events. They wanted fame and to get some laughs. So what did the networks do in the blink of an eye? They all came together and said they would stop showing the streaking. Now, when someone does it, they take the camera off them and show the commentators. They only resume coverage when that person is gone. The amount of people streaking during events has gone down dramatically since people know they won't get notoriety. DEMAND this same concept from our media for mass murderers. It's not a perfect fix, and it will not stop the problem completely, but I think it will go a long way in reducing the amount of these people that are seeking fame. There are many cases of where these pieces of shit murderers have publicly discussed the fame you get when you do it, and they know what's to come, long after they cowardly (most of the time) kill themselves. DON'T GIVE IT TO THEM."
  6. Yawn
  7. RE: Gronk retirement prediction "MMQB's Albert Breer believes "Rob Gronkowski’s rumblings about retirement are real." According to Breer, Gronk has "been responsible with his finances," so walking away early is not as big of a financial concern as it might be for other players. Gronk is also a veritable star who reportedly is looking into an acting career once his playing days are finished. We still think it is likely Gronkowski returns in 2018, but considering the beating he takes each season and the options available to him, it is not surprising he is at least thinking about walking away." http://www.rotoworld.com/player/nfl/5729/rob-gronkowski I saw somewhere else that the rumor is Gronk has spoke with both Sylvester Stallone and The Rock and they've encouraged him to go into acting, that compliments the acting comment from above.
  8. Digging in. Listened one time. I need way more listens to have an accurate gauge on the quality, but my first initial reaction is that I like the more guitars/instruments and a little less electronic that they've done on this one. The balance seems good.
  9. You make some good points here, it wouldn't surprise me if that was true. But what's the fun in a safe prediction? I just look at a lot of athletes and coaches like politicians who do a ton of double-speak. So, I don't necessarily believe them when they say certain things. Like, even if Bill was going to retire, I don't think he would EVER say anything other than he will "Absolutely" be back next year, prior to the season ending. I mean, he's the "We're on to Cincinnati" task at hand guy. That has spilled over to Brady and others. I don't think they're going to announce their plans too ahead of time. But, conversely, maybe Brady goes the Derek Jeter/Kobe Bryant route and notifies us of his final year and does a victory lap final season. Dunno.
  10. I think so. My approx guess at retirements: Gronk: 100% Brady: 50 to retire/50 to not Bill: 75 to retire/25 not
  11. Is that even a question at this point? I thought it was 99% guaranteed with all of the friction this off season, and now with the super bowl benching I think it's all but a certainty.
  12. Benching Butler feels like one of those "Going for it on 4th down" feelings. You either do it and succeed and you're a genius, or you do it and fail and everyone second guesses you. Since our defense was getting bled out all night, it's hard not to second guess and say "Jeez, could he have made an ounce of a difference?" but I go back to my saying I always say: In Bill we trust.
  13. 2 minutes and change left to go, with Brady getting the ball back, one timeout and the two minute warning, I said to my family "This is a guaranteed Patriots win unless there's a crazy turnover." Argh Happy for the rest of the league that hates my Pats and wanted someone else to win, though.
  14. Gronk officially cleared
  15. Yeah - with that being said, when's the last time (or how frequent is it) that teams make huge attempts down the field with seconds to go and actually pay a consequence? What are they going to do, intercept a 50 yard bomb and take it 99 yards for a pick six? Seems so unlikely. But the reward of going for it seems good. Pass interference play leading to one one more play, TD, etc. I don't know why they're so damned reserved.