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  1. You are the worst, man.
  2. Sorry to hear it man, that blows.
  3. I thought MGK's response was good, but not as great as everyone is making it out to be. About 25-50% of it was pretty soft and not that biting. About half of it was pretty awesome, though. Giving Kamikazee a first listen today. I was definitely disappointed by the last two albums, hoping this is good.
  4. Not a fan of the acoustic version of Starlight. It misses a certain dramatic building up that the crashing drums can have in the regular version. I agree though that I'd love some new Starset at some point, I have listened to the first two albums an absurd amount!
  5. That's probably true. I suppose I'm thinking selfishly when I say I value an album around 10000x more than a concert and I don't appreciate concerts much anymore. That's not necessarily caring for other fans or LP's income, but, it's where my mind goes as far as the quality or strategy of an album.
  6. They shouldn't add anyone. Have the other band members do light vocals from time to time, have Mike sing more (obviously) and do a heavier number of featured guests on the songs. Bam!
  7. I love this album! It's a very sneaky good quality album. The first 6 songs (excluding Watching As I Fall) are hard for me to get through or appreciate on a consistent basis. They are very clearly Mike dealing with Chester's passing and his life being in ruins. I like listening to those songs when I want to connect with Mike or Chester, but they are very emotional, and hard for me to get through. They are also very, quite on the nose about Chester instead of more ambiguous and relate-able to the average listener. I don't listen to them often. After the first few songs, the album really picks up and becomes a little more accessible and are the songs I want to listen to on repeat. Watching As I Fall, Crossing a Line, Hold it Together, Make it Up As I go, Running from my Shadow, World's on Fire, Can't Hear You Now, are all really awesome songs. I can feel the Chester impact on them, but it's not as direct. They could hold up on their own for people who have never even heard of Linkin Park. I love the fact that two of my current favorite artists (K Flay & grandson) are featured on two songs, just makes the album better for me. This is exactly the album that I wanted, and more than I could have ever hoped for after Chester's passing. I get to connect with Mike and relive the pain when I want it, but I also get a piece of Linkin Park (Mike's influence in LP after listening to this is quite obvious) without a direct Linkin Park revival or replacement of Chester that could be disastrous. Overall, I'm very happy with this. The album means a shit ton to me, and it's just a damn good album.
  8. I have always loved his voice and will always love his voice, but, damn, I am bored by this EP. To me, it sounds exactly like 32 Leaves stuff, and very sleepy boring like most of the Codec stuff. My #1 complaint about this type of music is a lack of variation, and this singer's projects are kind of the epitome of that.
  9. Super super late response, but... your'e damn right
  10. Wow, some pretty good reviews here. I need to stop slackin.
  11. I listened to this a couple of times at work, it's basically the best thing that I could have hoped for from an early 2000s active rock band in 2018. Very pleased with it, gonna keep listening to really gauge it. I think it's their best thing since SoM, with a few absolute gems coming off Amaryllis.
  12. Meh. Similar to most of what's on their 2nd album. Good, but, meh.
  13. I was concerned after the first minute, thinking his production and style had nose dived, but the rest of the song was great. Kind of a tricky build up! I couldn't care less about charts or sales of SP or Shim's solo.
  14. Breaking Benjamin was once my single favorite band. They have fallen from grace for me, since those days. They are the epitome of rehashing and remaking the same album and songs over and over. As much as it hurts to say it 'Ashes of Eden' and 'The Dark of You' are the only truly unique, special songs they've done since 2009. Each individual song or DBD and Ember can stand on its own as a 8/10 quality song, but together, the cohesive albums are just forgettable and the definition of formulaic. It stings to write such a strong criticism of a band I used to hold on such a high pedestal, but it's just the way I see things.
  15. Hahahaha