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  1. Wow, some pretty good reviews here. I need to stop slackin.
  2. I listened to this a couple of times at work, it's basically the best thing that I could have hoped for from an early 2000s active rock band in 2018. Very pleased with it, gonna keep listening to really gauge it. I think it's their best thing since SoM, with a few absolute gems coming off Amaryllis.
  3. Meh. Similar to most of what's on their 2nd album. Good, but, meh.
  4. I was concerned after the first minute, thinking his production and style had nose dived, but the rest of the song was great. Kind of a tricky build up! I couldn't care less about charts or sales of SP or Shim's solo.
  5. Breaking Benjamin was once my single favorite band. They have fallen from grace for me, since those days. They are the epitome of rehashing and remaking the same album and songs over and over. As much as it hurts to say it 'Ashes of Eden' and 'The Dark of You' are the only truly unique, special songs they've done since 2009. Each individual song or DBD and Ember can stand on its own as a 8/10 quality song, but together, the cohesive albums are just forgettable and the definition of formulaic. It stings to write such a strong criticism of a band I used to hold on such a high pedestal, but it's just the way I see things.
  6. Hahahaha
  7. Thanks man, I'll give it a try. Adding it to the top of my list right now.
  8. I was just thinking about these guys and if they were still around. Interested to see what they've got left.
  9. Awwwww. Someone in the league is making cheerleader changes, and it's not just completely removing them because they're 100% worthless and pointless? Damn. So close.
  10. This makes me so happy. This is exactly what I want. The idea of future LP, but more music from Mike without pushing into LP right away with moving on w/o Chester, or replacing him decisions need to be made, etc. It's what I need for my soul. And of course, on a less selfish note, I hope it helps him. I like that he has emphasized "My album" instead of "solo album." It's a little less "Oh my god, LP is over" and a little more "He's just doing this for himself." I teared up a little bit listening to a couple of these. I kind of feel like I'm there with him experiencing this loss a little bit.
  11. I enjoyed it. I'm not a fan of too much falsetto by any singer for too much of a song, this is right about my limit. Great tune though.
  12. I'm really happy with both songs. This is the most excited I've been about new Shinedown in a while. My hopes are high.
  13. I am listening to a New Releases random radio and a song just came on from this album called "Total Freedom". I had heard it halfway through before i was like "Wow, this is good, who is this?" Turns out to be Andrew WK off this album.
  14. #1 The Browns will continue to be a joke until they get a good QB. As long as they're making solid decisions over it (Barkley seems like one) then I say keep going for it until you hit someone good. One of the smartest moves I've ever seen was the year that Redskins went after RG3, and after they got him, they end up drafting Cousins later on in the same draft. So many people criticized that move since they just gave away a lot to get RG3, but it turned out to be a genius move when RG3 fell flat. The Browns should do something similar in get insurance for Barkley. They have an okay defense, they have some good weapons in the air, they really need the QB to be a 8-8 team. I say go all in for it as much as possible.
  15. I hope he goes to the Vikings just because I'm concerned he's going to go to the Broncos. It seems like the ideal setup for him there, and I don't want him potentially interrupting a finale to Brady and the Pats long dynasty in the AFC. If not the Vikings, the Cardinals. I think he's the next tier up of quality ahead of Teddy B. I think we've seen most of what you're going to get from that guy. Reliable, consistent, but also an Alex Smith style game manager. Not sure if he can ever truly take over a game and lead from behind type of thing on a regular basis.