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  1. Lucas, everyone knows the rule that we post stuff in the upcoming album thread until the album comes out, then all new stuff goes to that Album Discussion thread. Poor form man, poor form!
  2. Decent album but not great. I think IMC knew that "Next Life" and "Beautiful Mind" were their two strongest tracks which is why they're at the beginning. The rest of the album is average, maybe slightly above average. But it lacks a certain something that M+M had. Each song on that album felt extremely different from one another, with sound and material - but they all came together to meld into one album so great. This one has a little less variation, and similar subject matter. It's good, and I'll come back to it from time to time, but it's just not amazing. I knew that it essentially wouldn't be able to be as good as M+M, so I've done a good job in my mind simply comparing it to other current modern rock coming out and not past work. I'd give it a 6.5/10.
  3. So happy to see Go To War getting attention. It's my 2nd favorite song off the album, but, it's just such a timely and relate able song. I don't know if this is obvious, or if I'm seeing what I want, but I've likened it to our political discourse where we're always fighting against each other instead of for each other, etc. Very timely and close to the heart.
  4. Yup...Any thoughts on this album that this thread is about, though?
  5. Looks like In My Coma's sophomore album finally came out. I missed it, a couple months ago. Their first one, 'Magnets & Miracles' is one of my top 10 favorite albums from the past 15 years, it's amazing. I'm prioritizing this one to check it out asap. I hope it's even half as good as the first. Here's a couple tracks from the album I saw on YT
  6. Seahawks lose Kam Chancellor for the year after losing Richard Sherman. Two big blows to their D.
  7. That's a totally accurate and fair point. I think my point was true, but yours is bigger, more encompassing the same argument, but just not limited to TL rock bands. Good thinkin'
  8. Once they found the mask in Lee's car, I know it was Abbott. Lee was way too smart for that placement, and she was just by the car minutes before. And then I realized how much she hated him. They did it in a pretty cool Fatal Attraction way. I was so happy to see Snodgrass defend herself and kick Abbott's ass, I thought it was going to need to be Gamby to come in and save her, but they broke the traditional storyline and had her take care of herself. Definitely sad to see Lee go, he was a cool, terrible, mean spirited character. I enjoyed the serious. Can't recommend it and say to people "You HAVE to check this out" but good. Not nearly as good as East Bound and Down, but still enjoyable.
  9. Cool record! Never heard of these guys before. I just listened to it once through and enjoyed a lot of what I was hearing. There's only a couple brief moments in "The Game" and the ending track "Yes-Man" that get a little too unclean for too long, for my tastes. Other than that, I love how hard they are. Pretty damn good variation and melodies as well. I can hear the Korn and Nothing More similarities, too. "Funeral Party" reminds me a little bit of the 5% of Hollywood Undead songs that are awesome and not corny and lame. The "Two faced bitch you had it coming" in the background is like HU. I've been kind of disgruntled recently with the state of harder rock music not having enough variation for my tastes, so I've been listening to a lot more indie stuff which can vary more - this album makes me happy. Gonna check it out more for sure.
  10. More evidence of the upcoming blue wave that I'm predicting in Nov 2018... Oklahoma just elected a lesbian to office in the same Oklahoman district that Trump won by 39 points. Not only that, but in 2016 they had 32,000 people come out and vote, predominately for Trump, but last week only 4,437 people came out and vote. It's so much easier to come out to get your guy into office, but once he's in there, and he has to start governing, we see the support fall off a cliff. Same thing happened to Obama between 2010 and 2014 or so, Dems lost over 1,000 seats across the country after he won. People thought he'd be the savior they needed and then checked out after he was elected. It's a dumb concept, considering if you have your guy in there, he needs people to work with to be able to actually make things happen. In 2010 when Obama had a majority he was able to pass the ACA and other things, using his support. To date, Trump hasn't passed one piece of legislation regardless of the majorities he has everywhere.
  11. @Ruiner or @Omar did you watch the ending?
  12. That's 90% correct! The other 10% is that he has one of his little lackeys running to replace him, a woman named Mary Mayhew. She is basically LePage and Trump 2.0 as far as policies and beliefs go, but, she is even more dangerous because she's a soft, well spoken person. Still just as much of an asshole, and was responsible for the DHHS here in Maine "unlawfully spending" (code word for fraud and SHOULD be illegal) $12-$13m in money. https://www.usnews.com/news/best-states/maine/articles/2017-11-09/maine-dhhs-misspent-funds-but-will-likely-not-face-penalty
  13. Agreed! There's just something about the nostalgia effect, too. And the first couple albums is "what they're supposed to sound like". Often I will get introduced to a band that has 3-4 albums out, I hadn't heard of them during the first three. I hear the 4th, and that's the one I love. The "first three aren't so great" in my eyes, more often than not. I did enjoy those albums listed, too. I would say Foo's is #1 and then Red beats the rest. I think they're more of a fair comparison. For sure.
  14. I agree with just about everyone here on the analysis that this isn't Red's best album. I enjoyed it a lot, but it's not their best. But, I would go one step further. None of our favorite bands from the late 90s/early 2000s who are on their 4th, 5th, 6th or more albums are going to put out their best album in 2017. It just isn't going to happen. It's is a different day and age and times have changed. I think a more apt analysis or comparison would be Red's Gone vs 10 Years' Ghosts vs Seether's Poison the Parish vs Foo Fighter's Concrete and Gold vs Papa Roach's Crooked Teeth, as opposed to say, Red's album 1 vs 5.
  15. Now you've got me started... A few months ago, my piece of garbage Governor LePage noted that black guys are the ones who come up to Maine and "people of color are the enemy." He then said that the black men come up from southern states and "impregnate our white women." He then said that we should be able to perform vigilante justice and kill these drug dealers. Around that time he called up a Maine legislator, drunk, and called him a "socialist cocksucker" and said he wished it was 1825 so he could duel like they did back then, putting bullets between his eyes. Yup, threatening to kill a political opponent! This is only the tip of the iceberg. John Oliver did a piece on him a while ago... 364 days you piece of shit.