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  1. Well, we're 5 episodes in, and to this point, they haven't really shown much reasoning to believe that the shooter would have been Russell. I guess the only thing that paints him to be the shooter/hired the shooter, and I'm basically grasping for straws with this, is that they've shown how he absolutely refuses to change and become better. So he's basically capable of anything, like destroying his dad's model airplanes. So maybe he's not nice to Gamby (like creating the file of who could have shot him) but it's all just manipulation. Although, at the same time, they haven't really shown actual progress at who the real shooter could be, so maybe in lieu of doing that, it defaults to Russell?
  2. I think I know which side I'll be on!
  3. Great song. Made me sad, though.
  4. I love this album a lot. I've listened to it close to 10 times now over the past few days, and it gets better with each listen. Run, Make it Right, The Sky is a Neighborhood, La Dee Da, Dirty Water, Arrows, and Sunday Rain are all gems and top quality songs, in my opinion. They have the perfect level of variation and strong quality that I'm looking for. T-Shirt, Happy Ever After, The Line, and Concrete and Gold are just okay, nothing too spectacular. Concrete and Gold is really close to being great, but I found myself really bored and drifting to sleep by it, a few changes could have made it better. This and Nothing More are really the best two hard rock albums of 2017. I'm honestly surprised and delighted to love this album so much considering I haven't loved some of their earlier stuff (other than the radio hits and a few misc tracks) and Wasting Light. This might not be their best album ever, but 20 years deep and with the state of hard rock music, this is an awesome album. 7 top quality tracks is good enough for me.
  5. After one listen, I connected with it much more than Sonic Highways or Saint Cecilia EP (after a few listens of each). I'm gonna give it a few more listens and see where it is for me.
  6. Decent version with Jacoby. It fit okay into the song, but not too great. I think Johnny is anti-shirt. Like.. at all times. I guess if I had his physique I would be as well!
  7. I haven't listened to a second of this yet, for some reason it is in my "I want to go in 100% completely fresh" albums. Can't wait.
  8. 2/2 for me, especially Still Alive. Same style as their previous stuff but with a couple of added elements to keep it fresh.
  9. Then they'll realize that at least I'm still giving them a chance, when millions of people have moved on from their style of music completely and refuse to even listen, and realize I'm hardly the problem. I'm also not sure how they'l have single tear(s) from their eyes!
  10. I'll check it out. Any variation or is it standard active rock style formula?
  11. He has watched you fade in... ...you will watch him fade out. When the grip leaves his hands... I know you won't let him down!
  12. Maybe my sensitivities to tone are just more calibrated than yours. Don't feel bad. Haha
  13. You and I will have to just agree to disagree, my friend!
  14. <broken record response about being optimistic but wanting variation>
  15. After only a couple of quick listens, I am happy with this album. It's about as good as I could have asked for. S/T had several gems like Christ Copyright, Ballast, The Matthew Effect, First Punch and such. The rest of the S/T was very strong, but not quite "gems" for me. I would say TSWTO is similar in quality to the rest of S/T, without any of the songs being true stand out gems other than FI/FO. That's not an insult, just a compliment to the strength of those few gem songs on S/T. After just the two listens, I think this is my 2nd favorite harder rock album of the year behind Starset. Gonna keep listening more, but overall I'm happy. I'm hoping I missed a couple of soon-to-be favorites due to a couple brief listens. *Edit* As I type all the above, I'm listening to Tunnels, which I realize is a hell of a song.