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  1. The songs they released prior to the album release were decent. I'm assuming people are concerned about the album being too pop? I can see Pvris riding that pop line, and if they cross it by even a hair, I could see people being turned off.
  2. Upon a first (working, highly distracted) listen, this is really good. December's ending definitely had some Red vibes and the guitar breakdown towards the end of Reversal reminded me of Chevelle. So I can see those comparisons. I can hear the 10 Years reference as well because the lyrics aren't obvious and beat you over the head with simplicity, and the music is kind of moody, dark, serious type of stuff. I haven't listened to Demon Hunter in order to compare - although I have heard that their latest album has little unclean vocals, maybe I should give that a try. The other albums I hear a lot when listening to this is Sleepwave's 'Broken Compass' and CrashScene, almost like this is a sequel to their S/T album CrashScene. I can also hear a little but of Wovenwar and Heartist in the vocalist's tone. All four of these albums I just listed are some of my favorites from the past few years, so that's a good thing. I think this album is going to be one of my higher ranked albums in the year. Definitely high up as far as hard rock goes - I need to listen to it more and learn it, but it definitely has everything I'm looking for, especially the hard aggression and borderline vocals without ever crossing the unclean line, along with some really good variation as xeph advertised! No song has the same beginning or the same end. For example, Hallejulah's ending is him yelling with a hard stop, and then right into Infinite Winter's soft opening with delayed vocals. I'm not sure why more hard rock bands don't do this variation often anymore. The little bits of echoing vocals, little bit of pianos, some light electronics on this really give it this edge of variation that I like.
  3. Sweet, adding this to the top of my queue in addition to Hundred Suns per xeph's recommendation.
  4. You had me at the word variety! Okay, well, that was the last word you said, but you had me with it. Shooting it to the top of the queue, I need some hard rock and I need some variety. Thanks man!
  5. Well, if there's one positive thing that came from a Nazi killing an American soil this past weekend, is that it potentially lead to a major Nazi now out of the White House. Bannon is gone. Some are saying he attempted to resign a week ago, some are saying Trump's full of shit saying he fired him. Brietbart, Bannon's site that he said is basically there to push an alt right (white supremacist, racist, Nazi) agenda, is on FULL MELTDOWN MODE right now against Trump. Calling him a traitor, a Democrat, mad at him, etc. Get your popcorn ready, folks. This season of The Apprentice is great!
  6. Right - but if Jamie can't swim, due to the heaviness of the plate, it would just make it equally as hard for someone else to swim and pull him. The same gravitational science would apply to someone trying to help him. It's not really a big deal, it's just kind of sloppy and I think they could have addressed it a hair more. I brought this up to my wife who said "In a world of magic and zombies and dragons THIS is what you care about?" My response was "Although those things are sci-fy, they still have rules of math and science to regulate them!"
  7. I thought the same thing - they had to have swam underwater a really far way away to come out without being seen - so at first he's sinking due to the heavy armor, now he can swim forever under it? That's a little sloppy, but not too big of a deal.
  8. I don't post my blog here too much since I try not to self promote here, but this is an exception since it's directly related to the convo. Here are my thoughts on removing the Confederate/white supremacists statues
  9. It's all about money. There are campaign rules in place where when you are running for election (2020) you can mark a lot of stuff as campaign events, rallies and commercials - so you can write off a lot of the costs and do fundraising and stuff. That's one reason why he filed for re-election the day after this inauguration. His companies are still making tons of money off his own "re-election campaign" since his campaign events need to use businesses to get their needs met... wonder which businesses they'll use? Obama did tour the country for like a year or more after getting elected, but almost every single event was about the Affordable Care Act because he was pushing to get public support for it. You know, that whole "passing legislation" thing that some Presidents try to do. I am not confident that he ever will. The other day was a really good example of why. When he came out and didn't denounce the Nazis, they were all happy. The next day he came out and shit talked them, they just said "Oh, Trump HAD to say that, he was getting pressure, he doesn't mean it." They do this same thing for everything - anything bad is because he's doing the whole "wrecking of the establishment" that they want, and anything they perceive as good is good. Nixon resigned in disgrace and even shortly before then he had upper 20s approval rating. Trump's supporters do not have any values they hold dear, so if he does something "bad", they don't care, because Trump did it. If Bernie Sanders came out and took 1million from Wallstreet and said "You know, I don't want single payer anymore" he wouldn't be my political hero. Trump supporters do not care about anything else other than Trump pissing off liberals. If he does that, it's a win. I really, really hope I'm proven wrong. I am a very staunch critic of religion and Pence is about as right wing of a fundamentalist "we should electrocute gay teenagers back to being straight" type of nutjob that I'm scared of. Although plenty of good has come and can come from religion, he is the direct representation of everything that I hate about religion. That said, I would welcome him with open arms compared to Trump. In my view, Pence can get all of the legislative, Christian fundamentalist shit I don't like right now, through Jeff Sessions and Betsy DeVos and pushing Trump to do what he wants. I just want our President to stop being a national embarrassment - other countries think we're a joke. I want "Fake News" to go away. I want the symbol of America to actually be someone who can hold attention for more than 3 minutes at a time. The list goes on and on - but for an agnostic atheist guy like me, I dream of Pence!
  10. I agree, Andrew from 13 hours earlier
  11. My heart hurts every day. I don't know if it'll be early through impeachment or resignation, loss of 2020 election or at the end of his 8th year, but the day that this man is no longer my President will be one of the best days of my life.
  12. Looking forward to hearing what they can do, but, honestly my hopes aren't too high. I'd love to be proven wrong and have them put out a killer album.
  13. I'm not sure that he gets any of games removed, the (fairly new) rules are pretty cut and dry at 6. My guess, and I haven't seen anyone corroborate this, is that he would appeal and they can't get it resolved in 3 weeks so they push it until next year. Dunno.
  14. Sammy Watkins traded to Rams, Jordan Matthews traded to Bills. Damn, with Sammy's healthy, powerful game last night I finally wanted to draft him in FF. Not anymore, not as early that's for sure.
  15. That was really beautiful indeed - somehow just a standard acoustic slower song, but it was really unique. I think it'll really help break up the album well.