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  1. Only nine songs and half the album is already out? Laaaaame. Guess we should be thankful we got a second album at all.
  2. Guys I've had it with not having a good place to find that music we all knew and loved for so long, so I've taken matters into my own hands. I'm gonna slowly start putting together a playlist featuring all of the shit we listened to that brought us here. I want the hits, from guys like Three Days Grace, Shinedown, or Staind, but I also want the deep cuts from those bands only we ever knew about. I want Janus, I want Deepfield, I want Joan Red, I want Dry Cell. That's where you dudes come in. I got started on this tonight but I don't know all of the tunes we need and neither do any of you. But together, TOGETHER MY FRIENDS, we can make the ultimate collection of the music we loved for ten years. All of the hard rock, the pop punk, the alternative. Couple ground rules, just to make sure we don't make it too lopsided. For now, let's stick to stuff from 2000-2010 No more than 5 or 6 songs per band to start, see what's been added from that band before you go contributing Don't delete anyone's choices: I'll do a little clean-up here and there in case someone decides to add an entire album, or some Kanye West, but mostly, just let people contribute what they think belongs. I want this to be EVERYONE'S Tunelab Time Capsule. Have some fun. Add the singles you never get tired of, or those obscure late-album tracks that no one but you knows. I've never made a collaborative playlist before so I hope this works. If not, I'm sure we'll find out soon enough. Give me a hand, y'all, let's make this thing great. I got started tonight just browsing through my library but there's a lot more work to be done.
  3. Least it's only one year. Might actually be the best thing for Lebron. The Lakers can almost certainly get Kahwi next year if they can't do it this offseason and no way the Warriors can keep this group together much longer. Everyone just take a year, acknowledge the Warriors are winning, and the rest of the teams can work on their plan for next year. This season is gonna blow though.
  4. Really excited my dude Grandson got a shoutout on this album. If y'all liked the production on "Running From My Shadow" and like some electronic music you've gotta check his stuff out. It fucking bangs.
  5. Debut album released earlier this year. For fans of strong, emotive rock vocals, not necessarily for those looking for thought-provoking lyrics. Also do some great covers.
  6. This song fucking rules
  7. Indian food is totally top tier and you're doing yourself a disservice by missing it. Mexican is my fave too though.
  8. The Starbucks CEO said several years ago that he wants the company to always provide a hospitable environment to everyone, not just customers. It is very much against the creed of the company. If you ever stepped outside of your parent's basement you'd know that people go into cafes and coffee shops like Starbucks and Panera all the time to do homework or read or whatever their heart entails and purchases are very rarely if ever required, though obviously encouraged.
  9. As I recall that argument was more about how you still believe homosexuality isn't scientifically proven and defending bigoted people for their equally willful ignorance. Per usual I like how Mike would rather accept his own fictional spin on a story than just read the fucking news. Did I say I like it? I mean it's stupid and I wish he'd grow up.
  10. I'm not okay with the bigotry behind it, but yes, I supported their right to do it. And I'm not saying Sarah was at all rude to the restaurant service, I'm just saying she is generally a rude and shitty person. No response to the Starbucks thing that you clearly didn't read up on?
  11. You didn't read anything about that at all, did you? One of them wanted to use the bathroom, and was not allowed to because they didn't purchase anything. Another customer was allowed to. Failing that, they were also there to hang out and wait for a friend of theirs who they were meeting there, when the cops were called on them for not purchasing anything. There were eyewitnesses present who had been there for hours without making a purchase and did not have the cops called on them. There were no reports of them acting out or causing trouble in any way. And in case you're not familiar with it, Starbucks, like many cafes, will generally allow you to enjoy their premises free of charge as long as you don't stay too long or take away space for paying customers. This has since become a company-wide policy since the fallout of the incident, but yes, when WHITE PEOPLE are allowed to sit for hours without consequence but the cops get called on BLACK PEOPLE who just want to use the bathroom and meet a friend, that deserves an uproar. As for Sarah Sanders, fuck her basically. Businesses always have the right to refuse service, especially to rude, deceitful, heartless cunts.
  12. I still play with some degree of frequency. Caught a Shiny Kyogre the other day. 1422 9105 4113 if any of y'all want a friend.
  13. Alright well the two only barely had a match. Bryan went through a war with Big E and Joe, got laid out by the Bludgeons, and then it was Miz's turn in the gauntlet so he ran out, hit the SCF, and it was over. It was no different than a backstage attack in terms of advancing story. They had nothing resembling a real match, and it was a great way to build heat into the feud after Bryan explicitly went out of his way to shit-talk Miz earlier in the night.
  14. I'd hardly call what they did a waste. It just added fuel to the fire. Did you actually watch it?
  15. Big Cass released. Smackdown now an A+ show.
  16. Blessed enough to see Erra, I See Stars, and Dance Gavin Dance last night.  DGD blew me away.

    1. Lucas


      You lucky dog. I would love to see all three. I hear I See Stars is also excellent live?

    2. Andrew


      I See Stars was probably the least excellent of the three but still pretty good, especially when they played some New Demons stuff.  Unfortunately the set was mostly Treehouse-centric which didn't make for the most bangin' set.

  17. I think the idea I like most that I heard was to "suspend" Johnny for attacking officials, give him a few weeks off, have Ciampa challenge and defeat Black at the next PPV, and then blow this whole thing off with the rubber match for the title, preferably in a Cell, with Johnny finally going over and becoming the champ. Has the potential to beat Sami's title win as the biggest in NXT history if they do it right.
  18. Gargano/Ciampa is a better series than Okada/Omega and I dare anyone to change my mind
  19. Well when you're like me and your best gaming buds live in LA, Boulder, and Houston respectively, online multi is kind of a big plus and the reason I didn't play much of the OG Overcooked.
  20. Thank god this one has online
  21. Nintendo only ever takes E3 half seriously these days because they prefer to release info at their own pace through Directs. I'm not surprised they used today mostly as a Smash showcase.
  22. Smackdown's been pretty decent but I dunno how anyone can stomach Raw right now.
  23. They showed much more gameplay after the conference was over. What they showed was clearly intended to be a very cinematic excerpt from the game because that makes for a more appealing presentation.
  24. Spider-Man looks so fucking good.
  25. I've always sort of considered it since weekly shows started running and I imagine that's the close to the general consensus. I don't think it's about making sure new guys have all the records, it's more just a matter of giving the new guys a record within their reach. No one is ever gonna beat Bruno, Pedro, and Hogan's reigns because they came at a totally different time for the business. It's no different than the NFL differentiating between Super Bowl titles and the NFL Championships that predate it.