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  1. I stopped paying attention for a few rounds and was pretty stunned to see them make it this far. I Prevail as well. tbh they're really not too bad as nu-metal relics go but I'd never have 'em in my top four. Like them a lot more than Metallica though, so here I am.
  2. Yvonne Strahovski (Nominated by David) Olivia Wilde
  3. New general politics thread until we have a President who isn't an assclown
  4. No pitcher was surviving that game intact. Both of those offenses are too good and were ripping the ball all night. Our best reliever gave up two homers (after hitting a triple, in his defense).
  6. Guys I've had it with not having a good place to find that music we all knew and loved for so long, so I've taken matters into my own hands. I'm gonna slowly start putting together a playlist featuring all of the shit we listened to that brought us here. I want the hits, from guys like Three Days Grace, Shinedown, or Staind, but I also want the deep cuts from those bands only we ever knew about. I want Janus, I want Deepfield, I want Joan Red, I want Dry Cell. That's where you dudes come in. I got started on this tonight but I don't know all of the tunes we need and neither do any of you. But together, TOGETHER MY FRIENDS, we can make the ultimate collection of the music we loved for ten years. All of the hard rock, the pop punk, the alternative. Couple ground rules, just to make sure we don't make it too lopsided. For now, let's stick to stuff from 2000-2010 No more than 5 or 6 songs per band to start, see what's been added from that band before you go contributing Don't delete anyone's choices: I'll do a little clean-up here and there in case someone decides to add an entire album, or some Kanye West, but mostly, just let people contribute what they think belongs. I want this to be EVERYONE'S Tunelab Time Capsule. Have some fun. Add the singles you never get tired of, or those obscure late-album tracks that no one but you knows. I've never made a collaborative playlist before so I hope this works. If not, I'm sure we'll find out soon enough. Give me a hand, y'all, let's make this thing great. I got started tonight just browsing through my library but there's a lot more work to be done.
  7. I got a SNES. Yay.
  8. And what about the people they're protesting for? Not even getting into the assumption that because they're rich they've never been prejudiced or discriminated against which is just fucking silly.
  9. I feel sorry for all the little snowflakes bothered by an inoffensive, peaceful protest by a bunch of minorities who just wanna be treated like everyone else.
  10. It is I, defender of WM 19, here to stand up for this great injustice. Let's do a rundown. Hardy v. Mysterio: Best cruiserweight match ever at Mania (were there even that many?). Solid story, fun spots, quick sprint. Good opener. Undertaker v. Two Big Dudes: Worst match on the show but tbh it's not even THAT bad and at least it's pretty quick with a fun run-in from a talentless jerkoff. Far from Taker's worst Mania match because, dude, have you SEEN that atrocity with Giant Gonzalez? I'd take this over the overlong boring shitbrawls he has in his first two Triple H matches too. Women's Triple Threat: Passable but not noteworthy, basically the best you can ask of an 2000's Women's match in WWE. Triple Threat Tag Match: NOW it's getting good. Five awesome wrestlers, and Rhyno, having a super fun match. Easily three and a half stars, if not more. Show's picking up. HBK v. Y2J: Need I say more? Show-stealer, awesome match, would be best of the night on most PPVs but not this time. HHH v. Booker T: Okay the ending sucks brutally but this is still one of Triple H's less offensive Mania matches and despite HHH's history with momentum killing, the show manages to stay strong through this match. Hogan v. Vince: Now is where I start really taking issue with your opinion. Hogan's "CLASSIC" at Mania X8? That's a crowd-made classic. It was an average match with a hot fucking crowd. You know what this was? An AWESOME street fight. Vince knows how to take a beating and this match may have the best reason for Hogan to come back to WWE. Watch it again with fresh eyes, this match is a blast. Rock v. Austin: Forgotten match? For you, maybe. This is the best of the Rock/Austin series because it feels intensely personal, and unlike their WM X7 encounter, it isn't marred by an offensive and nonsensical booking decision. These guys always brought out the best in each other and this is the best Rock/Austin match bar none, in my opinion. Not even to get into the emotional aspect of this essentially being the swan song for both guys. Brock v. Kurt: Obviously awesome, we all know that. No Wrestlemania is awesome top to bottom but this show is consistently good to great, has three MOTY candidates in it plus an all time street fight. Only Wrestlemanias 17 (overrated but still a good show), 21, and 30 are in the same atmosphere as this one.
  11. What really sucks about WWE's tunnel vision is that they had an organically over powerhouse that the fans are ready to love and instead they fed him to the beast just to keep Plan Roman on track. Both main events sucked last night to be honest. Brock/Joe was a substantially better match than Brock/Strowman.
  12. Finally returned to my home PC and remedied the issue. Apologies to anyone who was subjected to the new Nothing But Thieves album by mistake.
  13. More info coming soon, presumably
  14. Bruh you got your variation on the last album. The more this is like OB&R, the happier I will be. Stoked.
  15. I want you to know that however long it took you to type that post, I took a pathetic fraction of it to disregard it and type this response
  16. Probably accidentally added some stuff to that instead of my 2017 playlist. I'll sort it.
  17. Because no one gives a shit but you
  18. Saw these guys open for Seether, was a really good show. One of the few bands that I think sounded noticeably better live than in the studio.
  19. On it. You can return the favor by listening to MY pop album of the year, Dua Lipa's sensational debut. That goes for the rest of you too.
  20. Paramore is certain, the other two are flexible.