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  1. New general politics thread until we have a President who isn't an assclown
  2. New album coming soon.
  3. I saw it. It was okay.
  4. Guys I've had it with not having a good place to find that music we all knew and loved for so long, so I've taken matters into my own hands. I'm gonna slowly start putting together a playlist featuring all of the shit we listened to that brought us here. I want the hits, from guys like Three Days Grace, Shinedown, or Staind, but I also want the deep cuts from those bands only we ever knew about. I want Janus, I want Deepfield, I want Joan Red, I want Dry Cell. That's where you dudes come in. I got started on this tonight but I don't know all of the tunes we need and neither do any of you. But together, TOGETHER MY FRIENDS, we can make the ultimate collection of the music we loved for ten years. All of the hard rock, the pop punk, the alternative. Couple ground rules, just to make sure we don't make it too lopsided. For now, let's stick to stuff from 2000-2010 No more than 5 or 6 songs per band to start, see what's been added from that band before you go contributing Don't delete anyone's choices: I'll do a little clean-up here and there in case someone decides to add an entire album, or some Kanye West, but mostly, just let people contribute what they think belongs. I want this to be EVERYONE'S Tunelab Time Capsule. Have some fun. Add the singles you never get tired of, or those obscure late-album tracks that no one but you knows. I've never made a collaborative playlist before so I hope this works. If not, I'm sure we'll find out soon enough. Give me a hand, y'all, let's make this thing great. I got started tonight just browsing through my library but there's a lot more work to be done.
  5. I think you would be challenged to find any band or artist that puts out a certified classic by the time they're six, seven, eight albums deep, and usually that only comes from a fairly dramatic reinvention. This is not just referring to our beloved Tunelab rock, but really throughout all of music in all genres. I think if you were to look at any publications list of the 500 or 1000 best albums ever, you would see most of those records fall in the "Albums 1-4" spectrum. It is true that at this point in an artist's career that unless they've significantly altered their sound, they're not gonna have a lot of new and groundbreaking stuff to deliver anymore. Important perspective to keep, for sure.
  6. How awful, always loved Halladay.
  7. WK12. Jericho v. Omega.
  8. Well, Imagine Dragons, but they're a bit of a different breed.
  9. I hadn't checked out that Red album yet and didn't realize they'd covered that song. That's coo, it's a jam.
  10. I mean if I had to be more clear and say "I'm sure there were a few examples," I guess I should have but as evidenced by that article they were also crucified. The consensus among the media and social networks in general has undoubtedly been in defense of Rapp and not of Spacey.
  11. Aside from that one example, I've seen him getting crucified from just about everyone, especially the left wing. This isn't like when the right wants to condemn Harvey Weinstein 8 months after they elected a sexual predator into the White House, there's no hypocrisy here.
  12. You really dissing on the dudes who just dropped two of the best games of all time in one year? Nintendo bashing is so 2016.
  13. Kudos to everyone for another year of not cocking everything up.
  14. Lost gem PSA: The stellar Streetside Symphony album, 'The Curse', is still up on their bandcamp and is a free download these days. One of my faves albums that no one should miss out on.
  15. I'm guessing Mike's dead from excitement.
  16. I mean A, They're better, and B. no one who was bashing them in that thread is in this one. and C. shut up.
  17. Maybe because it was, in fact, a fractured ankle.
  18. Do you mean the people posting here, or the meaningless consensus of other people on the internet? Because if it's the latter, I'm shocked it took you this long to come to the consensus that a music site with no front page and a board with 20 members has no footprint on the music world.
  19. What does this even mean?
  20. Five minutes into the season and Gordon Hayward absolutely just broke his leg. Awful.
  21. I stopped paying attention for a few rounds and was pretty stunned to see them make it this far. I Prevail as well. tbh they're really not too bad as nu-metal relics go but I'd never have 'em in my top four. Like them a lot more than Metallica though, so here I am.
  22. Yvonne Strahovski (Nominated by David) Olivia Wilde
  23. This is really fucking good