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  1. I got two strikes from AT&T for downloading before I got a VPN, and they haven't so much as sniffed me since then. Could be a coincidence, but VPNs are generally regarded as the definitive way to pirate safely. The one I linked you is among the most recommended and easiest to use as well. I understand being nervous but this is the way to go if you don't wanna cut the pirate cord, so to speak.
  2. Nut up, pay for a VPN, and get back to torrenting.
  3. The Russos have generally been very good at nailing the tone of their movies so I'm not particularly concerned about IW being too jokey.
  4. So weird that these guys are actually back. Here I thought throwing pennies in mall fountains never worked. New song rocks. Hope there's an album soon.
  5. Yes people definitely showed they want less of that by making it the most popular and profitable Thor movie yet.
  6. I don't make these very often so you know it's good when I do. This is a cool af record from a band that hasn't been mentioned around here. Female-fronted rock, musically a bit samey, but they've got some amazing hooks. If you listen to "Low" and don't wanna check out more, I've got nothing for you.
  7. Jordy will be missed but his greatest strength is his psychic connection with Rodgers. His hands are still good but he has no speed or separation anymore and his contract simply wasn't worth what he was bringing to the table. Packers need someone younger and faster than him right now. Wouldn't be surprised if he becomes the next great Packers receiver to fade on another team.
  8. New general politics thread until we have a President who isn't an assclown
  9. lol you're such a fucking idiot
  10. Bullshitting, gotcha. Let me know how life is outside your bubble whenever you actually leave it.
  11. It's amazing to me how Gontier managed to mask his own generic angsty lyrics for years to everyone who thinks they suck so much more now. Like seriously, the first song most people probably fell in love with was I Hate Everything About You. Take off the nostalgia goggles and just look at the lyrics on that piece of work. This band is no better or worse than they've ever been, people have just allowed a vocalist change to suddenly give them a very critical ear to a band they gave a pass for years.
  12. I just fell into a copy of Secret of Mana as well as Lost Sphear and Dissidia, so I'll probably work on some of those soon.
  13. I'm planning to cover most or all of them in time. I've got a SNES Mini of course so VI won't be hard to get to.
  14. Overwatch: Two years later and it's still by far the thing I play the most. Blizzard is constantly updating and balancing so the game never stops being fresh, and every game brings its own quirks and fun moments that keep it among the most addictive experiences of my life. I wouldn't hesitate at this point to call it one of the best games ever and one of my favorites of all time. Bayonetta: Picked this up for Switch and am replaying it before jumping into a replay of two. It runs perfectly on the Switch, even in handheld mode, and is just as fun as I remember it being. Same goes for Donkey Kong Country Returns, which I'm playing again on 3DS in anticipation of the soon-to-be-rerelease of Tropical Freeze on the Switch, one of the best modern platformers. Final Fantasy VII: I never cared for turn based battles in my youth and as I've come around to the concept I've finally gotten to playing some Final Fantasy games. I started with I and IV and loved both and now I'm finally stepping into the 3D age with one of the biggest games of all time. I've been comfortably playing it on my Vita and while I'm only an hour or so in, I'm looking forward to this much-hyped experience. Finally I'm also dipping my toe into Rainbow Six: Siege on PC, having finally picked it up on the most recent Steam Sale, and dabbling in Dark Souls III from this month's Humble Bundle. Not much to report on either but they exist in my circle.
  15. Trump said very candidly during a meeting the other day, “Take the guns first, go through due process second,” in support of gun confiscation from people deemed unsafe to have them. This very seriously goes against most of his base who are vocal second amendment advocates and NRA junkies. Twitter and his subreddit, among other places, erupted with drama in response. The comments were even on video so they couldn't even paint this as "fake news."
  16. Well and the funny thing is, a reasonable opinion for Trump is still tainted by ludicrousness (the "Due process be damned" part), but it's hilarious that he so clearly said it without even thinking, as he so often does, and for once even his followers had no response. Unfortunately the news cycle isn't really holding him to it and the White House seems happy to not mention it again.
  17. Make the drive down to Springfield and the drinks are on me
  18. No question in my mind that I'm going to this.
  19. I listened to it once and really liked it, but I've had a hard time tearing myself away from The Plot in You and Slaves long enough to really dig into it. Either way it's always nice to have these guys around.
  20. And describing someone by the color of their skin isn't racist or offensive you dumb piece of shit.
  21. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes
  22. Oh Jesus stop being such a snowflake and grow a pair.
  23. Wow you have it so hard
  24. lol what the hell did they even say to him that you considered so offensive?