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  1. Yeah that ending killed it. Ambrose is gonna be the most hated guy since Ciampa. The timing was perfect, I got no problem with blurring the lines of real life and fiction for this. If you don't think all three Shield guys signed off on it, you're nutso.
  2. First "Bohemian Rhapsody" and now this. Brendon really is the king of sacrilegious covers.
  3. This show looks fucking incredible. Wish I was anywhere close to Florida.
  4. I thought Venom was awful, myself, and definitely deserves the score it has. Just an absolutely terrible script.
  5. This one's a banger. They could have definitely gone way more pop after how well Blurryface went for them but I think they stayed true to their own brand of weirdness and might have made a better album out of it. Pleasantly surprised.
  6. My theory is that HBK wanted to come back for a match with Bryan or Styles or something and the WWE agreed as long as he'd give them a shitty token DX match in Saudi Whogivesafuckia. Time will tell if I'm correct, I have to think as big a fuss as HBK made of retiring "the right way" that he wouldn't be doing this unless he badly needed the money or was getting something out of it otherwise.
  7. If it can pass a vote this December, hockey is officially coming to Seattle. Also happy opening day nerds.
  8. Two of your complaints are my only big ones. A. The stealth missions suck. Not only are they a bad change of pace that exist only to pad the runtime, but they're not even particularly challenging or novel. Most of them are "crawl in straight line, trigger object, crawl past guard." They epitomize the fault of a lot of modern AAA games, which is the idea that a game has to be so many hours long even if some of those hours are painfully average, as opposed to a really fantastic 6-8 hour game. The "meat" of Spider-Man is a 9-9.5 tier game, but the stealth missions are pulled straight out of a five. B. The random crimes aren't bad as collectibles, there's just too many, especially when the third act adds ten more to each district. I was doing a great job of keeping up through the first two acts just by ducking over to take care of any crime as I was swinging around to my other objectives, but once the prisoner and Sable crimes popped up toward the end it was just too much hassle to swing through every district and wipe out such an immense density of challenges. They were really close to nailing the balance on these, just think there were a few too many, and the lack of variety really started to show towards the end. I wouldn't have minded a few more silly Spidey errands in their place like catching balloons and delivering pizza in Spidey 2. If they just had some short, change of pace stuff in place of all the crimes I think it would have made them less of a chore toward the end. My only other gripe is just a QoL thing. I wish the challenges had implemented a quick "restart" button on the pause menu when you know a run is going to shit and just want to start over, and that the load times were better when retrying a challenge. I ended up giving up on mastering them all just because there was no quick and easy way to replay the tougher ones many times in a row. I loved the JJJ stuff. Thought it was a perfect interpretation of that character for the modern era.
  9. Yeah boy, don't I wish.
  10. I am curious if you'd find it different playing it today, with the benefit of more years of game design wisdom. Not to deride your opinion but I think we all have feelings about things from when we were kids that no longer hold up.
  11. It's pretty much EXACTLY as collectathon-y as Mario 64, especially the first Spyro. Primary collectible (Stars/Dragons), and currency collectible (Gems/Coins). There are a few dragon eggs as well but they're essentially just side quests. Mike, I come from a place of extreme bias, but Spyro's always held up a lot better than some of the others of that era. It controls relatively well to this day, and I imagine the remaster will really enhance that. I can't say how fun you'll find it in 2018 playing for the first time but you should at least check it out if you liked games like Mario and Banjo. I will argue to this day, perhaps my hottest of hot takes, that Spyro the Dragon is a better game than Super Mario 64, though certainly less influential and important, and obviously greatly benefitted from Mario paving the way. Spyro would not be possible without Mario 64, but I think it took the Mario base and improved on it.
  12. What the heck man you're missing the three best Insomniac games.