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  1. He's been easily one of the best Indie workers of the last five years. He's leaps and bounds better than he was when he started in WWE. Though the Hardys can fuck right off please.
  2. That Oscars ending was un-fucking-real.
  3. Drew Galloway is leaving TNA. Come home.
  4. The sense of entitlement is disgusting. Do you think Linkin Park should just be forced to make the music over and over for 20 years because it's what their fans want and anything less is a betrayal of their trust? The band does what the band wants because they're fortunate enough to have worked hard and made their dreams come true, and the entitlement of some asshole fans to bitch about how the band betrayed or turned their back on them is sickening. If you don't like it, then don't support it, but don't make LP the villains for making music they're passionate about instead of just making the same bland shit for the rest of their lives. If anything that video up there proves their adoration for their fans. They don't have to answer to anyone but they gave all you nerds a bit of fan service and you turned it into some sort of negative bullshit.
  5. Unfortunately I think Linkin Park's problem is that a lot of their "fans" don't care about THEM
  6. Seriously? That's fucking junk. There's like no rhyme or reason to any of the changes they made. The chorus is so fucking bad and the hook is not the "problem" with the original. Call me when Our Last Night does one.
  7. I really think this might beat Phantoms for me and it's so rare I find that a band comes back from a long hiatus and manages to recapture the old magic.
  8. Really loving this song
  9. Well that was fucking dope
  10. Please come back
  11. Lynn y u do dis
  12. 20. "Traitor" - Cavo - 'Bridges' For too long have Cavo been underappreciated by the active rock community. Though their debut had a smash single, the 2009 record had plenty of stronger tracks than "Champagne," and Cavo doubled down on their quality with a stunning sophomore effort a few years later. With two albums of under-the-radar greatness in their rearview, Cavo firmly cemented themselves as rock's best kept secret with the sneaky good Bridges. Though it's a bit more down-tempo overall than their previous works, it's a rewarding record with some really strong tunes tucked into, chief among them being "Traitor." With a traditionally strong Cavo chorus that drills its way into your head with emphatic lyrics rather than an easy repetitive hook, "Traitor" is a song that doesn't take low road to success, and it also doesn't take the easy way out in the music department. The verses are minimalist with a teasing guitar just ready to run hog wild, and while it doesn't quite get the chance to shine like it wants to, the song does ultimately get to a really funky bridge that's downright Incubus-esque. Bridges isn't Cavo's best work, but tracks like "Traitor" made the wait well worth it for a third record, and definitely left me wanting for Cavo's fourth journey. See Also: "Get Away" | "Straight To The Bottom" Further Research: "War Within"
  13. 21. "Woke The Fuck Up" - Jon Bellion - 'The Human Condition' The strong-voiced Jon Bellion rose to fame by writing an Eminem hook and featuring on vocals for a Zedd song in the years leading up to his debut release. On songs like "Woke The Fuck Up," Bellion fuses his penchant for hooks with his unique lyricism to create a candid, bombastic mid-album track that also strikes at my weakness for random profanity. Here, the profanity isn't QUITE random, as Bellion's hook describes the stunning revelation where he realizes how foolish he's been regarding a relationship, or in his words "Last night, I woke the fuck up." It's a strongly relatable, and again quite candid, song that is really driven by it's somewhat minimalist feel and a hook that, albeit repetitive, is a sheer pleasure to take in again and again. This song went toe to toe with his lead single on the album for a spot on this list, and "All Time Low" is certainly a must-listen for fans of this one, but this song is where Bellion most shone on his ecclectic and fascinating debut. See Also: "All Time Low" | "Overwhelming"
  14. 22. "Take It All Back 2.0" - Judah & The Lion - 'Folk Hop N' Roll' Much like last year's entry from Stephen, this is a song that I heard too late in the year to give strong number one consideration, but I was happy to slot it into a low spot on the list because of how much I loved this song in the last month of the year. "Take It All Back 2.0" is, as the title suggests, a revamped version of the original "Take It All Back" which was a fun folksy alt-rock tune that got the doors blown off by this smoother, bouncier version. Judah & The Lion's Folk Hop N' Roll is a mostly inconsistent and at times plain and boring record, but you'd never know that by just hearing this one song, which is a huge breath of fresh air on the alternative format and just a fun and interesting song in general. True to the name of their record, it combines Mumford and Sons-y type folk alternative and blends it with some inspired hip hop esque sound, creating a chorus that's maybe the most sing-a-long friendly of the year and an epic crescendo where the song descends into pure folksy madness in it's final minute. This song is a blast, and I hope this band takes more lessons from it going forward.