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  1. It's Tomas worse than Greinke. At least you can argue Zack's worth the money. Yasmany's just a big fat money eater. We're still under league average in terms of payroll, and considering we need to extend Goldy soon we never had a chance at J.D. except for maybe a one year deal. Sucks.
  2. I wish the Diamondbacks had money
  3. He's baaaaack
  4. Apparently he didn't know either Way to go, Bill, you crusty curmudgeon.
  5. It's not normal but it's not abnormal either. You can find shitty fans of any team doing shitty stuff all the time. Huge fight between Raiders and Niners fans Two White Sox fans attack a Royals coach Canucks fans riot after losing Stanley Cup Giants fans throw snowballs and knock out a Chargers equipment manager Oh, and there's the death threats Bill Buckner and Steve Bartman got from Red Sox and Cubs fans respectively. The only thing one fanbase has in common is that they all cheer for the same team and they're all humans. Generalizing people by what team they cheer for is ridiculous, there's literally no commonality outside of the jersey on their back. Oh, and while you're sitting here bitching about Philly fans, a ton of apologetic ones were donating money to Mike Zimmer's charity to make up for the select minority of their fanbase who they felt were disrespectful. Blaming a whole group of fans for one stupid minority is ridiculous.
  6. I mean I think they're entitled to act the underdog a little when they won most of those games with a guy not named Nick Foles. tbh you just sound bitter your team got smoked. All teams have shitty fans, I've seen plenty from your fanbase, but I don't hold that against them. Bless the Philly fans for their distinct character and the sweet meme videos we get out of their joy.
  7. I mean I personally don't have one on my list, which isn't to say he's bad because plenty of amazing wrestlers don't have one. One of my faves ever, Eddie, doesn't have one in my consideration. I don't think Bryan wrestled one in WWE and he was the best worker they had for three or four years. I think Kurt wrestled a lot of damn good matches but never an indisputably, perfect, iconic one. My WWE 5* Matches Steamboat v. Savage - WM3 Bret v. Austin - WM13 HHH/Austin v. Jericho/Benoit - Raw 01 Michaels v. HHH - Summerslam 02 Lesnar v. Undertaker - No Mercy 02 Benoit v. Michaels v. HHH - WMXX Michaels v. Undertaker - WM26 Punk v. Cena - MITB 11 (Potentially) Almas v. Gargano - Takeover Philadelphia I mean shit, you look at that list and I've got three Triple H matches and I'm a vocal advocate against Triple H as a great wrestler. Five star matches are as much a perfect storm of various factors as they are wrestler talent, and he was in the right place, right time a few times. Kurt I don't think ever was, though two of his Benoit matches are very close and I'm quite fond of his WM match with Eddie.
  8. Meltzer is practically a parody of himself at this point, but it's nice to see the match get another well-deserved accolade.
  9. How are people seriously so dumb that they continue to think Rotten Tomatoes is somehow biased against DC movies?
  10. Blake Griffin headed to Detroit
  11. Almas v. Gargano has a shot at best match in NXT history and was certainly the best WWE match in at least a couple of years. Only thing that matters this weekend. Holy shit.
  12. If he really wants a politics free league he should just cut the national anthem all together. Never made a lick of sense before sports games as is.
  13. Vince making an announcement in an hour and a half.
  14. Persona 5. My GOTY runner-up.
  15. Yeah and we did the same thing to them just last year. Close game at halftime and we chucked that prayer up that got us another touchdown. Then creamed them in the second half. Can't ever rule out the big momentum swings you can get from stuff like that.