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  1. Lost gem PSA: The stellar Streetside Symphony album, 'The Curse', is still up on their bandcamp and is a free download these days. One of my faves albums that no one should miss out on.
  2. I'm guessing Mike's dead from excitement.
  3. I mean A, They're better, and B. no one who was bashing them in that thread is in this one. and C. shut up.
  4. Maybe because it was, in fact, a fractured ankle.
  5. Do you mean the people posting here, or the meaningless consensus of other people on the internet? Because if it's the latter, I'm shocked it took you this long to come to the consensus that a music site with no front page and a board with 20 members has no footprint on the music world.
  6. Five minutes into the season and Gordon Hayward absolutely just broke his leg. Awful.
  7. I stopped paying attention for a few rounds and was pretty stunned to see them make it this far. I Prevail as well. tbh they're really not too bad as nu-metal relics go but I'd never have 'em in my top four. Like them a lot more than Metallica though, so here I am.
  8. This is really fucking good
  9. No pitcher was surviving that game intact. Both of those offenses are too good and were ripping the ball all night. Our best reliever gave up two homers (after hitting a triple, in his defense).