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  1. New record 'Phantoms' is out in two weeks. Here's some songs.
  2. Time to stop sleeping on these guys cause of their name. This shit slaps HARD and is an AOTY contender for sure. Don't watch their videos at work.
  3. Foreword Mystery Knukles Anaraak E.M.O.J.I.Q.U.E.EN Vivacious Reminiscent Delight Neglect Spotlight Locals Maverick Relationships
  4. Outside of the internet I don't really surround myself with twats like you.
  5. Trump was offered a bill of what is estimated to be 20 billion for the wall early last year but turned it down. The wall is purely a political stance for him. He's used it to play the victim for two years and you and his dumbfuck base have bought it hook, line, and sinker. Democrats want border protection but they don't want to give in to this child who doesn't even give a shit about anything in this country. They have offered money time and again for border security, and Trump had control of the government for two years if he really wanted it that badly. He didn't, because for him it's easier to swindle his base by painting the Democrats as bad guys trying to stop his one great campaign promise from coming to fruition. It's not even a significant issue. Illegal border crossings have been decreasing for years and most harmful illegal substances and wannabe terrorists have come from overseas, not Mexico. Border security is important but it's not a 20-billion-dollar-wall important.
  6. Or just go do some fucking reading
  7. Yeah Apex Legends fucking rules and I'm as anti-EA as it gets these days. As bummed as I initially was to not get Titanfall 3 I'm totally cool with this instead.
  8. Probably the best moment in recent D'Backs history doesn't happen with the DH. I love pitchers batting.
  9. As someone who drinks a lot of water I am very in favor of this. I missed the crafting of Stormbreaker first time I saw Infinity War.
  10. Alright I'm coming down on the side of really liking this. "heavy metal" isn't my fave song musically but I like the self-awareness of it, and I'm big up for "mother tongue" but maybe I'm just a sucker for a good love song and a sickeningly sweet pop hook. "i don't know what to say' is a bomb closer, even if they use that killer loop maybe a few too many times, and I just can't say no to the hooks on "in the dark," and "sugar honey ice & tea." I also really like "ouch" musically as an interlude, and I get that it's supposed to be super bitter, but I just wish that 'fucked the devil' line had been reworded because it's a bit too on the nose and corny for my tastes. Love the "Follow You" callback though.
  11. They delivered that message for me. I guess if ratio of unique words if how you view lyricism, I can't stop you, but art is rarely something you can quantify with statistics. That's on you, I'll let you have it though cause the whole art is subjective thing, though it sounds to me like you just legit didn't actually put any care or concern into the lyrics and decided to come up with a quick way to explain why objectively the lyrics were bad. Ten tracks before you hear an instrument other than drums, though? Listen again, man. I know you've listened to 'Jumpsuit' a lot since you've been taking it to task so much, how do you not hear that absolutely THUNDEROUS bass line? That's track one homie, and it's one of the most obvious uses of other instruments on the entire album. 'Chlorine' has a lot of obvious bass as well, and the also pretty obvious piano line going on in the chorus. Track four. There's OBVIOUSLY piano all over 'Neon Gravestones' and it's at this near halfway point of the album I'd be curious where this assertion even came from, cause that's track five. 'The Hype' gets back to the heavy bass lines, the ukulele kicks in in the back half of the song, oh and there's fucking STRINGS at the end. That song alone has a full handful of non-synth instruments in it. That's track six. Bass is back in 'Nico and the Niners' as well as the ukulele and even though it's not an instrument I'm just gonna take a shot at the 'basic music' argument and point you to the fact that this song at one point uses its vocals and drums backing track and REVERSES it for the back half of the song for Tyler to rap over. Most of the popular bands around here haven't done anything that weird and creative in their entire careers. I did half the album off the top of my head and I could do the rest but I don't wanna make that statement look TOO stupid. Also where did you get those numbers cause I know you didn't just sit around and do that math yourself.
  12. If you wanna have a real talk we can have a real talk. You say the lyrics are 'thoughtless.' Can you actually describe what any of the songs on the album are about? Are you even aware it's at least partially a concept album? Did you know 'Neon Gravestones' is about how pop culture glorifies suicide and Tyler's own struggles with the urges to take his own life? Would you say those lyrics are "thoughtless" and without "soul" as you've said in this thread?
  13. Given this a few listens, think it's a nice step forward from their already solid EP. It's a little straightforward radio-rock in some spots, but they do it well ("Inglewood" is real nice), the lyrics have a proper amount of angst for our modern day RATM, and the little /3 interludes are real nice sprinkles of letlive. Solid album, setting a high bar for the genre in the early 2019.
  14. You're actually not, and that's why I'm not even trying to have a serious discussion with you. Though the irony of this fifth grade insult coming after you say I'm being unnecessarily rude is definitely the new highlight of the thread after your pathetic mic drop.
  15. You're not? You can leave at any time, I don't know why you're so insecure about it. I don't feel like I have to. I really liked it, and as previously mentioned, I'd be happy to talk about it with anyone who actually has interesting things to bring to the table but your empty and meaningless criticism doesn't qualify. As also previously mentioned, you're not worth the discussion.