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  1. Looks like Big Cass might be on his way to the DL too.
  2. For a main roster talent this would be a killer but considering it's NXT, this won't change a thing. She'll be ready to go for the next Takeover.
  3. Well she's also been bad, yes, but everyone's bad right now. There's no place for workrate in 2017 WWE.
  4. Maybe it's just cause she's been booked like absolute shit since she got called up so she's no longer an endearing and empathetic babyface.
  5. This event is horrible
  6. I'm willing to eat crow on Corbin, he's made nothing of his push and he can't even get heat against John Cena anymore. They handled the MITB stuff poorly but I think it's the right time to depush him and hope the lowcard motivates him to improve his stuff.
  7. Oh yeah, dunno how I forgot that shitshow against Sting. Another black mark. Though to Hunter's credit it's mostly bad because of overbooked schlock and not really his performance.
  8. Yeah Triple H at WM is legendarily bad, in fact it's a huge blemish on a guy who likes to pride himself as one of WWE's biggest stars ever. Granted, he was in one of the five best WWE matches EVER with HBK and Benoit, but it's a pretty clear outlier on his resume. Outside of that he's got three all time duds, against Jericho, Orton, and Reigns (all good workers with good WM matches under their belt), only one of his three matches with Taker is worth watching, plus he's got that classic Booker T burial in there, and some boring shit with Sheamus and Lesnar. Shoutout to his Bryan and Cena matches which are both quite good but he's had a lot of straight up BAD Mania performances, and there's not many WWE legends you can say that about.
  9. Yeah and that was one of the worst Mania main events ever. Jericho was on one of the hottest streaks of his career in terms of quality matches and Trips managed to tank him in back to back matches. He also had shit feuds/matches with RVD and Kane and closed out the year by somehow pulling an atrocious three match set out of Shawn Michaels. Their Summerslam classic is the only part of 2002 that isn't a total blight. Granted his 2003 was also legendarily bad, but Trips was much better in 2000 by contrast. In fact I'd say 2000 was one of his best years. Arguably the best Iron Man match of all time with The Rock, super underrated match with Benoit at No Mercy, his amazing series with Foley at the start of the year, and much better matches with Jericho than in 02. Not to mention his character was much fresher then.
  10. 2002 was maybe the worst year of Triple H's career, lol
  11. Heath Slater bout to win the Universal Title.
  12. I'll just get the DVD when it comes out
  13. Yeah Chemical Plant 2 is one of the best levels in the game.
  14. We just gonna gloss over that they announced new music to go with this?