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  1. Nothing's gonna change and you're crazy to think it will unless AEW really starts putting pressure on them or Vince dies
  2. Well Endgame just beat what Avatar made before it's re-releases so I guess they're just playing fair now
  3. I mean they did pretty obviously add the end scene when they realized this was the last one. There was just no way to do a full on fresh storyline that really wrapped up everything up by the time they knew it was the finale.
  4. They didn't know Dark Phoenix was the swan song when they started production on it.
  6. And Titanic. And Star Wars. And Gone With The Wind. And almost every major box office champ ever.
  7. I mean, Sony isn't at E3....
  8. Little content trickles are definitely the best way to hold a player base. Overwatch and Fortnite have kept a stranglehold on multiplayer gaming by constantly having new events and content to come back to.
  9. lol I officially pulled the plug on WWE after that MITB fiasco. Between their inability to consistently book anyone, the way they're completely out of touch with their fanbase, and the stomach-turning Saudi deal, I've never cared less about this company. Even NXT isn't worth the investment because it means supporting them and all the stars I love there will just become diluted nobodies the second they hit the main roster. I'll be watching the indies all summer and tuning into AEW on day one. Praying they can get a good product going. Double or Nothing was a good start.
  10. Totally fell in love with these guys after their last album. Don't sleep.
  11. Yeah the Rockets cleaned up their series first but the Clippers have played wayyyyy better than the Jazz did in their series. Utah basically rolled over and died in at least two of those games that they had a chance to win. Still got the Warriors in the next round.
  12. Goddamn this is good. These dudes have been lowkey ripping for a while and they seem to be really hitting their stride right now. Lots of great hooks coming from them.
  13. The real solution is to just make like a lot of other wrestling companies and make Mania a two day show.