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  1. And now WCW is out of business. Casual followers care about the bottom line because they want to see their favorite product do well and not just snuff itself out with bad ideas.
  2. 1. The Plot In You - 'DISPOSE' 2. Everything Else
  3. We were a dumb team, we're trying to become a less dumb one. The Greinke deal, the Miller trade, and signing Tomas were all part of the last administration. Our new GM realizes we need to rebuild and that's what we're doing. Goldy had one year left and was going to walk next year, this was the only way we were get any more than a comp pick for him. Considering we already lost Corbin, and we're gonna lose Pollock, this team's window has already closed. One more year of Goldy wouldn't have meant a thing. It sucks, and it's been hurting me for days, but it was the right thing to do. We've gotta rebuild our farm system and get Tomas and Greinke off the books before we're gonna be competing again. It's tear-down time.
  4. I still play this by the way and there's a great event this weekend to snag a bunch of rare/cool Pokemon pretty easily if you don't have them yet. Good weekend to get back into it, and if you friend me up I'll send you some gifties too.
  5. To be completely fair, Let's Go is designed as a spin-off of the main series. There is no reason to think mainline Pokemon games will stray from battling at this point.
  6. The problem is you blamed Spacey's victim instead of Spacey himself for being a creepy little worm who dug his own grave and ruined his own show.
  7. lol I can't believe you un-ironically said this. It's called empathy, idiot.
  8. You are just every flavor of asshole
  9. Even though Bryan has already been very good since his comeback, with solid TV matches against AJ, Big E, and others, and his PPV feud with The Miz, that match really felt like the coming out party of "Hey, I was hurt, but I'm still the best in the goddamn world." Like geeze what a match. It's nice of Brock to prove he's still got the touch too, even if it's been damn near a full year since we've seen it. But Bryan was the star and WWE would be smart to stay behind him on this heel run. He's proven without a shadow of a doubt that he's still the best damn thing in wrestling.
  10. Am I missing the obvious failure of WWE tonight?
  11. This album is so dirty I can only listen to it in incognito mode. Can't believe a year ago I wasn't sure we'd ever get another Architects album and here we are listening to another absolute slapper from them. Hope they never hang it up, they've got the touch.
  12. Glad it was the former and not the latter. Really good take.
  13. Way better than their Bruno Mars cover from a few years back. I was dead on with my assessment, that song suits them really well.
  14. The Charlotte/Becky match was definitely one of the best matches of the year, and I think all told this was the best main roster PPV WWE has had, even with a lackluster main event (cause really, which WWE show hasn't had one of those in 2018). The battle royale was a blast, the opening match was the fan service it was expected to be, and there were three legitimate great matches in the MYC final, and the NXT and Smackdown women's title matches. The six woman tag wasn't great but at least had some storyline purpose to it. Evolution a smashing success if you ask me. Biggest black mark on it is WWE having the gall to advertise Crown Jewel during it. Surprise surprise.