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  1. I don't think it's their weakest but I'm glad I'm not alone in being a spot underwhelmed by Mothership. I definitely think it's their worst album with Tilian, but I'd probably stick Death Star and DBM2 under it.
  2. Oh also, Baby Driver is fucking great.
  3. Comes out tomorrow specifically, but y'know, preview screenings. As for why tomorrow, I haven't a clue.
  4. Yeah I definitely agree that he was never written particularly well and sort of just existed to be a creepy jerk, but there's a lot of writing flaws in the late Office seasons. Most important for me is that he was damn funny and I'm glad he's gotten the chance to shine more on Silicon.
  5. Oh well in the case of DKC2&3 I'd would just think it's pretty clear they probably didn't want to do any double dipping.
  6. He's really good in this, of course, but I thought he was super funny as Gabe too.
  7. Seeing Baby Driver tonight, excited to see the best director in the game back at it. Yeah I said it
  8. Dream Course is a pretty dope multiplayer game, and that seems to be a big draw of this particular system what with coming with two controllers and everything. None of the other Rare games could have been included because Microsoft has the rights to all that shit.
  9. Strongly disappointed by the lack of Chrono Trigger but that's still an amazing package
  10. Man that sucks, their new song totally rips. Hope Mikey lands somewhere as he's definitely the highlight of the band. Though I guess the rumor going around is that the breakup is Mikey-related. If that's the case I hope he gets his shit sorted and THEN lands somewhere.
  11. Only Mike could get so riled up about a video game developer's light-hearted shit talk and miss the irony that he says worse shit about women wrestlers on this forum every day.
  12. I miss Flower already
  13. Mauro only works like one date a month and doesn't have to work with JBL. Makes plenty of sense to me.
  14. Wouldn't be surprised if the Lord & Miller thing isn't similar to the Edgar Wright situation with Ant-Man. Really creative and idealistic filmmakers may not be the best match with "stick with the formula" Disney.
  15. The dashcam footage from the Castile murder has been released. Yeah I said murder, that's what this shit is.