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  1. I modded my SNES Classic to give it about 100 total games and it's the greatest machine in the history of the world.
  2. Rumor has it Disney is meeting with James Gunn
  3. Because he doesn't hate Russia, his campaign worked with them. And Russia obviously helped him win because he's a puppet who will be soft on them and open the door to more invasions of our democratic process, as he has been.
  4. Why are the great singers always the biggest dicks. Okay maybe not Wes.
  5. Discord can do all this as well, for the record. Has a highly intuitive mobile app. I'd be open to trying Slack if we come down on it, but per usual Harty is dead wrong. Discord is super simple to use, particularly if we're just doing a 10 man fantasy league and not maintaining a gaming community of a thousand people.
  6. I'm good to go. If we're looking to leave the mothership we should try and get some people using Discord.
  7. The one-two punch of "Some People" and "Done" are the highlight of this for me. Really good record though.
  8. I really disagree. You can argue Croatia had the better first half but they had no answer for France after halftime. You could see France was pressing way better even with a one goal advantage when they could have played defensively, and they barely gave Croatia any good looks at all. It's telling that their only goal of the second half came off a keeper miscue and not a defense breakdown. France played the way they did the entire tournament, absolutely stifling defense. To be honest I thought they were heavy favorites after the round of 16 and never changed my mind. They looked head and shoulders above the field for most of the tournament, but maybe it just wasn't flashy enough. They played incredible fundamental soccer.
  9. lol I dunno how you say this about a team that won by two and it would've been three if not for a simple mental lapse. France wasn't on point in the first 45 and still led 2-1. They dominated the second half. Absolutely the best team on the field today, though Croatia played their hearts out.
  10. Only nine songs and half the album is already out? Laaaaame. Guess we should be thankful we got a second album at all.
  11. Least it's only one year. Might actually be the best thing for Lebron. The Lakers can almost certainly get Kahwi next year if they can't do it this offseason and no way the Warriors can keep this group together much longer. Everyone just take a year, acknowledge the Warriors are winning, and the rest of the teams can work on their plan for next year. This season is gonna blow though.
  12. Really excited my dude Grandson got a shoutout on this album. If y'all liked the production on "Running From My Shadow" and like some electronic music you've gotta check his stuff out. It fucking bangs.
  13. Debut album released earlier this year. For fans of strong, emotive rock vocals, not necessarily for those looking for thought-provoking lyrics. Also do some great covers.
  14. This song fucking rules