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  1. Heat making a strong run to sign Ray Allen
  2. salemzorro's gonna like this: Bucs looking to sign Dallas Clark
  3. great. a Big Show heel turn means a Kane face turn
  4. if Berkman's out for the season, Cards's chances of repeating go down the drain
  6. i also agree that the draft lottery is a stupid concept. get rid of it
  7. this is a really good commercial
  8. Omar [^]: The sound you hear is half the league dialing Van Gundy's phone number. Charlotte could be one of them
  9. Stan Van Gundy and Otis Smith both gone from Orlando
  10. kyle1020 [^]: Damn Spurs nearly gave me a heart attack. But we won! Hooray! Onto the Conference Finals we go! Pacers are deeper than the Heat, but the Heat's stars really brought their A-game today. I think the Pacers still can win this series but they simply cannot let Lebron and D-Wade go off like that again for the rest of the series. if that happens, Pacers will lose.
  11. honestly, I don't wanna see another Cena/Show feud.
  12. Robin Gibb of the Bee Gees passed away after lengthy battle with cancer.
  13. Ivan Menjivar will now face Mike Easton at UFC 148.
  14. it's now gonna be Faber vs Barao for the interim Bantamweight title at UFC 148. it was just announced on TUF Live. I'm picking Vick and Pichel to fight in the finale.
  15. ChosenOne [^]: Sad day in baseball with Kerry Wood's retirement. As a lifelong Cub fan who bleeds Cubbie blue, he will be missed. a tremendous pitcher. Cooperstown-bound, for sure