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  1. pen received reputation from Lucas in Seether - 'Poison the Parish'   
    I listened to this a few days ago but hadn't had a chance to really comment until now. I only listened to it once, but my initial feeling is this.
    First, I'm at a loss as to why anyone who likes Seether disliked the last album as I felt almost every song on that album was a huge jam and encapsulated all the best aspects of Seether.
    Unfortunately, I don't feel the same about this album so far. I do get what Seether was trying for in recapturing the aggressive sound of their first two albums and ridding themselves of the more alternative sound they came to embody, but I feel like that was the wrong choice, as they wallow way too much in the aggressiveness with very few detours to balance it out. It makes the album feel very samey and not many of the songs stand out.
    I think it was a mistake to relegate "Misunderstood" to the deluxe version. That is the exact kind of song they should have had a bit more of on the album proper to balance out the heavier numbers. I realize their eagerness to dive back into the elements that their former label pushed them away from, but I'm worried they took away the wrong message from that time. I'm just hoping their next album is a bit more balanced.
    I do reserve the right to update my opinion though as I take more listens. Maybe it will grow on me. Chevelle's last album initially felt unvaried to me as well and I've grown to appreciate it a lot more than when I started, so I hope this does the same.
  2. pen gave reputation to Ruiner in The Leftovers   
    That's the guy I was telling you about. 
  3. pen received reputation from Lucas in Linkin Park Update On Album #7   
    I really like Mike's vocals on this. Is it just me or do his vocals get stronger with each album? 
  4. pen gave reputation to TaNbULL in Dishwalla - Juniper Road   
    I listened to this last night. I thought it was great.
  5. pen received reputation from Lucas in Fall Out Boy - Mania   
    This is what I wanted to come back to. I think the way they see themselves is as straddling genres. Not quite rock, but not quite full pop, full stop.
    This interview with Wentz about the song adds to that perception. And for what it's worth, they recognize that Young And Menace is out there and say it's the weirdest song of the album, although whether that's true or not, I guess we'll find out. But he's so right to say that making those kinds of songs is necessary. A band can't be afraid to experiment because that's how interesting things blossom and how they grow as artists.
    I was also reading their Wikipedia article today and around their hiatus and reunion, the impression I got is that when they reconvened they made a deliberate attempt to break down the band and rebuild from the ground up. The shift to a poppier direction was deliberate. And frankly that was the whole point of the My Songs video, where they burn away their past.
    As for why they should still be considered rock, rock is a vast enough genre to include both Coldplay and Metallica and just because FOB chooses to dabble in other genres doesn't mean the core of their approach isn't still from a rock perspective. To me the energy embedded in this song, that's making a rock song out of a pop song. Rock is sometimes about more than instruments. 
  6. pen received reputation from Nixon in The Leftovers   
    My eagerness to discuss this show with Mike has been steadily declining as I've read through this conversation.
    Anyway, I'll add that the opening to Season 2 with primitive man is thematically linked to the show and not the kind of thing that's going to get "explained ", because there isn't really anything to explain. 
    The International Assassin stuff was not "fake". For starters, he wasn't in a "coma". He died. We see from this episode that his death and rebirth is profoundly affecting all of them. Hell, Kevin even asked Michael if he told them about the hotel and Michael said it seemed important. Kevin offhandedly told Tommy about killing Patti in the hotel like it was a real thing that happened. They definitely are not glossing over these events.
  7. pen received reputation from Ruiner in It's That Time Again...   
    So here's the deal. I finished gathering all my intel but at the end of this week I'm going to be out of town visiting family, so it doesn't really make sense to start this up until I return. Also I want people to be aware that this going to be starting so they can participate, so I figure I'll give it a couple weeks time so people can get their ducks in a row.
    Therefore, Wednesday, May 24th is when we will begin.
  8. pen gave reputation to Andrew in General Discussion   
    Yeah that.
    No but real talk I just sort of challenged myself to unplug for a while and leave behind the strong bindings of the internet.  I learned a lot about myself a person, and by that I mean I read more books and played a ton of Zelda.
    Anywho it's good to be back I guess.
  9. pen received reputation from Ruiner in General Discussion   
    And a stray brick put you in a coma before you could reset it?
  10. pen received reputation from Lucas in 12 Stones Return   
    So are you.
  11. pen received reputation from Ruiner in It's That Time Again...   
    So here's the deal. I finished gathering all my intel but at the end of this week I'm going to be out of town visiting family, so it doesn't really make sense to start this up until I return. Also I want people to be aware that this going to be starting so they can participate, so I figure I'll give it a couple weeks time so people can get their ducks in a row.
    Therefore, Wednesday, May 24th is when we will begin.
  12. pen received reputation from Ruiner in General Discussion   
    Fun fact: When you said origins I thought you meant these were actual bands, and after my above post I started Google searching and now I realize you mean origins as in where the names come from. Fun stuff.
  13. pen gave reputation to Mike in Got (Gaming) News   
    Looks like I'll be the one reporting to you. 
  14. pen gave reputation to Ruiner in The Next Four Years of American Insanity   
    Stephen Colbert is anything but a jackass. Mike, of all people, jumping on an outrage bandwagon over "non-PC" comments is hilarious though. 
    And there's COUNTLESS stories of people who would've been totally fucked without the Affordable Care Act, nothing political about. You've just got the who the bad guys and good guys are made up in your mind, whether you want to admit it or not. Otherwise you wouldn't be pretending to be offended by "cock holster" as an insult.
    EDIT: for anybody curious, here's Colbert's monologue that has people in a tizzy. It's worth watching, because it's actually really good, and provides context for the insults that caused the controversy:
  15. pen received reputation from Paul in Stone Sour working on a new album   
    Call me old fashioned I guess, but all I really want sometimes is some loud heavy aggressive music with an anthemic chorus to enjoy and/or sing along with in my car or at night after or during a hard day at work, and I can always rely on Stone Sour for that. If I get more than that that's great, but ultimately I am satisfied with the songs I've heard so far because it meets my criteria. I'm also still confused about what the issue is with the specific lyric "It's all downhill from here, motherfucker" unless it's just simply that it's a cliched line, which it might be but cliches have frankly never really bothered me. All I care about is execution and the song to me, executes.
    That's not to say I don't understand where you guys are coming from but damn, the vocabulary used to express said criticism is something I'd expect more for, I dunno, the Insane Clown Posse? Or just something that's more objectively awful rather than something that's just average?
  16. pen received reputation from Lucas in Fall Out Boy - Mania   
    I really hope you don't take offense to this, but to me this level of thinking for a music fan is quite honestly selfish and at its worst, toxic. You may not like the direction they've taken but to claim that they're stabbing their fans in the back is the same as saying "You should only make music for me".
    This is original stuff. It's creative. It shows they're willing to take risks, and you may not think so because you're comparing it to other pop music, but the fact that this is ruffling your feathers so much shows that it was a risk, and they did it anyway, because it was the music they wanted to make.
    From my perspective, I think the verses are meaningful and the chorus is energetic, and I still see no difference between what they've done on the chorus here and what BMTH did on "Can You Feel My Heart", although whether that means anything I guess depends on whether you like that song or not.
    And while we're discussing other people's viewpoints, for a counterpoint check out the thread on where Jason Tate takes a ton of people to task about this song in his usual vitriolic manner. He makes a lot of great points. But the bottom line is if you don't like the song, that's fine, but to be angry and upset? At the end of the day, the band doesn't owe their fans a particular style of music. They owe it to themselves to make the kind of music that they want.
  17. pen gave reputation to Ruiner in Got (Gaming) News   
    I've definitely dabbled before but it was mostly Pokémon and some SNES stuff on Android in high school. It's pretty dramatically more exciting on a decent laptop with a controller, turning in a non-bastardized and even improved experience when accounting for the DS4 being a way better controller than the ones in the 90s.
  18. pen received reputation from Chris. in Rise Against teasing new music?   
    It's definitely new music. I meant to post this earlier today but now's as good a time as any.
    Here, reports that Rise Against sent out a link through their mailing list.
    The link is this.
    Now, entering the password "wolves" provides the date 04/20, which is tomorrow, which is when folks believe all the details of the album will be announced. 
    However, if you're impatient...
    Denizens of deciphered all the coding already and the album title is Wolves, and the other sentences decipher to...
    (3:37) Wolves
    (3:13) House On Fire
    (3:48) The Violence
    (3:03) Welcome to the Breakdown
    (3:32) Far from Perfect
    (4:12) Bullshit
    (4:09) Politics Love
    (3:40) Parts Per Million
    (3:19) Morning Amerika
    (3:50) How Many Walls
    (3:40) Miracle
    Is this the full tracklist? Dunno yet. Is this the right track order? Dunno yet. Take it for what you will.
    Also, is suggesting a June 9th release date.
    And that's the waaaaaaaay the news goes.
  19. pen received reputation from Paul in Alt-Music Club: Too Close to Touch - 'Haven't Been Myself'   
    So I'm playing catch up and I thought skipping over the last two weeks would be cheating in a way so I'm starting with this album, and I just want to say I'm glad I didn't skip it because this was an immensely wonderful experience. The band reminds me of along the same lines of recent Emarosa or Cove-fronted Saosin and that last song, "Eiley", really hit me hard with the subject material. Very emotional. Beyond that really enjoyed the whole album, but cuts that stood out to me are "Crooked Smile", "Translate", "Miss Your Face", and "Inside Voices". "The Art Of Eye Contact" also had an interesting R&Besque vibe.
    Adding this band to my library at my earliest opportunity.
  20. pen received reputation from Bladenit09 in The Next Four Years of American Insanity   
    And while I'm at it, you don't win arguments by being more of a dick than the other person. Slow your roll.
  21. pen received reputation from Kalt in A Perfect Circle - New Music (Dun Dun Dunnnn!!)   
    I understand skepticism but I highly doubt they would've signed a new label deal if they weren't planning to deliver on an album. I also doubt the label would've signed them if there wasn't a promise of new music.
  22. pen received reputation from breanna. in Alt-Music Club: Too Close to Touch - 'Haven't Been Myself'   
    I totally listened to My Epic on Spotify, so that shouldn't be a problem.
  23. pen received reputation from Lucas in All Time Low Signs With Fueled By Ramen   
    So RateTheMusic had me take a survey on three songs from this album, although they didn't say who the artist was or the song titles. Is it sad that at first I was wondering if I was listening to Linkin Park?
    Anyway, I figured out it was All Time Low cause the second song was Dirty Laundry. The first song though I'm guessing was Life Of The Party, which was really good, honestly. Very energetic and strong chorus, and frankly it does have an LP vibe in a way. And the last was probably Good Times, which was a decent enough ballad albeit maybe a bit cliched. At any rate, I'm looking forward to this album based on what I heard. Should be good.
  24. pen gave reputation to RainbowDragon in Got (Movie/TV) News   
    Also way too much Aquaman, a character lots of people think is lame and stupid. I see they tried to make him a "badass" to remedy that but its not like it will work ya, know ?
    Come on @MikeI know you think Superman is lame but you really think Aquaman or Cyborg is that much better, man ? Jason Mamamia isnt even that good an actor.
  25. pen gave reputation to RainbowDragon in Got (Movie/TV) News   
    Without Superman, Green Lantern, or Martian Manhunter it seems that something is missing and empty when I watched it. Sorry but thats how I felt. Even if you dont like those characters you have to admit they are sorely needed.
    I dont see how seeing Flash is a big deal since you can see him on a weekly tv show and Quicksilver who is similar was in 3 X-Men movies! Makes seeing Flash less special IMO.
    Still dont like Cyborg, CGI suit, sorry.
    No money shots of the villain unless I completely missed it.
    Other than those complaints it looked ok. Nothing mind blowing or no WOW moments. No Lex Luthor was the best part because the guy who plays him doesnt fit the character.